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  1. Hey guys, I’m sure there must be a list somewhere that sums up the rule changes from M2e to M3e... is there?
  2. I just got back from Adepticon, comfy back at home relaxing with a coffee after a weekend of enforcing the Guild's will. It was my first Adepticon and I had a great time with my Guild. (I also played Bolt Action Doubles, but we did terrible.) I just wanted to share my lists and collect some of my thoughts on the event. I was a bit rusty going in, but i was playing crews i loved, my cards were hot, and i managed to fluke into 3rd place for both Henchmen Hardcore and the 2E Sendoff (also defaulted to best guild, as Duncan won best overall so the runner up guild got best guild). --- For Henchman Hardcore i ran; Hopkins- Debt to the Guild, Disrupt Magic Witchling Handler 2x Witchling Stalkers - slingshot stalkers and capitalize on the burning. Glass Cannon. Started off rough vs Snowstorm but pulled a draw. Due to a pairings hiccup we ended up rematching r2, and I brought Snowstorm down with a lucky Stalker, a pulled a win. Rounds 3 and 4 were solid wins vs Neverborn (Aeslan and Candy) which i had really good matchups against. Got to one of the top tables then got bodied by the Ryle + Peackeeper + Proxy + Effigy list that won the event. Was a ton of fun overall. Second place was a meme TT list with a huge focus on pushing. Sensei Yu, Monks, etc. -------- For the sendoff tournament i just ran 2 crews that I was familar with and enjoyed playing. Lucius, Hoffman, Lucius. The Lucius list for r1 and r3; Lucius- Deep Pockets, Secret Assets Scribe Dashell- Arrest Him Brutal Emmissary- Brutal Conflux Witchling Thrall Hunter 2x Riflemen. - my double bubble list with lots of ++ flips, i picked Dash because he is big for the rifles and i like summoning Guards which benefit from all the bubbles. The Emissary's heal bubble (on a tome trigger) is also nice when paired with Devils Deal. --- My Hoffman list was pretty basic for r2; Hoffman- Field Mechanic, Improved Harness, Pneumatic Upgrades Attendant Sidir - By Your Side, Debt to the Guild (should have been Promises but i grabbed the wrong upgrade!) Peacekeeper- Numb to the World Guardian Hunter Watcher - Sidir adds a lot to Hoffman's crew, especially if you take Promises. By your side lets him swoop in and save the Peacekeeper if things get dicy. And cyborg Sidir is neat. --- R1 guard the stash, Lucius v Leveticus and Riders crew. Lucius did well here. The Riflemen did a good job keeping his Riders from being too aggressive turns one and two, letting me secure the middle with my more melee elements. Second turn was lucky and let me slap [-][-] on Leveticus right away, and Lucius did a good job tanking him when he wasn't under Governors Aurhority by spamming soulstones and Devils Deal (which were healed by the Emessary's Aura). Hidden Sniper was also punishing for his Waifs... it was a tight game down to the wire, until the Hunter tagged the Hodgepodge Effigy on the last turn with a harpoon and prevented a score. Victory to Lucius by 1 point. --- R2 headhunter Hoffman v Marcus. I was pretty lucky here as my opponent was admittedly not familiar with Hoffman and focused too much on the Keeper. We clashed in the middle and my opponent was able to take an early lead, but about midway through the game his crew's back broke and i was able to clean up and start scoring in a big way. A black joker damage flip on the Peacekeeper let Marcus escape and score full points on Entourage, reducing the gap. Victory Hoffman by 2. --- R3 Symbols of Authority, Lucius v Marcus. I was most worried about this one, as i wasnt thrilled with the Strat or the Schemes. I was up against a horde leaping Marcus crew where almost all of the crew had leap and was running circles around me. My victory here was a pure fluke. Halfway through the game my opponent realized he had misread one of the schemes he selected and that his list wasn't actually eligible for that scheme... capping him at 7 points (which he scored easily). I managed to squeak out 8 (by millimeters). My opponent was a great sport, probably the best sport. It was difficult to watch someone make such a heartbreaking mistake, (as his opponent no less), and on one of the top tables, but he took it in stride and played an excellent game with what he had left. Special mention to my Witchling Thrall who spent the game as a 9 point scheme runner. Victory to Lucius by 1. ---- 3 wins was enough to squeak into 3rd Place overall, despite my low differentials, which was an awesome experience and I was incredibly proud of my purple mostly metal guild, i had good luck throughout the event (i think i burned off all my bad luck off rolling dice in Bolt Action), and all three of my opponents were awesome players and people. Malifaux has a great community and it was an amazing experience to be a part of it. Duncan won the event for the Guild, but I didn't get a chance to see any of his crews, so cannot comment there, i do know he did Sonnia, Sonnia, Lucius. Outcasts got second, cannot comment on those crews either. It was cool seeing the Guild secure two of the top 3 spots. For everybody who was out in Chicago this weekend, thanks for making it an incredible experience, and i am glad i got to meet more of this awesome comminity. Thanks for reading my musings and hope to see more of you guys in the future!
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to an Ophelia tactica and discussion thread! What does Ophelia do and why would I take her? Ophelia is, in my opinion, the most versatile master in gremlins. She provides outstanding movement and support to her crew through her many zero actions, upgrades and auras which will be discussed later, she is also the hardest to kill gremlin master because of a fantastic stat line, defensive trigger, healing potential and ‘Plink!’ ability, in my 2 years of playing her I’ve only had her die once. She’s also no slouch when it comes to damage dealing either, when it comes to alpha striking Ophelia is the first choice. Her native attack, while having a low base damage, is very likely to hit and her upgrades provide some high damage options. Front of Card Abilities and Stat Line Ophelia’s stat line is as follows Df 6 Wp 6 Wd 12 Wk 6 Cg 6 Ht1 This is a pretty standard stat line for a master but what pops out is a high walk, a height of 1 and a lack of weaknesses. Her high walk not only increases how fast she is but also increases her crews movement as most of her support abilities revolve around her position. A hieght of one has its advantages and disadvantages but is good for hiding her if you need to, as previously stated though, her stat line is solid Ophelia has 4 front of card abilities Df/Wp Masks:Second-Loudest Squeel Ophelia’s squeel states that after taking damage, she may push 4 inches in any direction. This is mostly used to push out of engagements and to deprive the second attacks of charges as she can push outside a charging models melee range. This squeel also doesn’t specify taking damage from an enemy model meaning simple duels and your own models can trigger this, shooting Ophelia to make her move where you want her to is an option and can play into one of her upgrades but more on that later. ”Shoot High Boys!” Gives Ophelia a 3’ aura that states that friendly models within the aura don’t flip for hieght 1 models when shooting into enganents. While this isn’t as good as ignoring engaments, it is a fairly large aura that can be used when Ophelia is in and outside of melee. This obviously boosts the shooting ability of your own crew but I like it while using Ophelia as a road block while having a model within 3’ but not engaged to shoot in. Companion States that whenever another friendly model ends its activation within 6’ this model may immediately activate. This ability is part of what makes her so good at alpha striking but also lets your crew finish off models without giving your opponent a chance to react. ’Plink!’ States that whenever Ophelia takes damage, she may discard an upgrade to reduce the damage by 1. While this doesn’t sound like an efficient use of her upgrades, once we get to her totem, you’ll see how easily she can get her upgrades back. This is largely what keeps her alive for so long and specific upgrades coincide with this ability. The front of her card gives you a very good snapshot of what she’s all about and some of her themes. A solid, consistent master with offensive capabilities and crew support that won’t stay down. Back of the Card The back of Ophelia’s card seems a bit barren with only a single attack a fistful of tactical actions but like the front of her card, it’s all simple, effective and reliable The Rough Riders The Rough Riders are Ophelia’s only attack action and have a range of 12’ but can be used in melee at 2’. They’re shoot 6 with an in-built +flip meaning they’re very likely to hit, unfortunately her damage is only 2/3/4 but she does have a ram trigger for ‘Thinkin Luck’ which deals 1 damage to Ophelia but boosts the damage to 4/6/8 which is extremely respectable. While the trigger isn’t built in it’s very easy to be flipping 3 cards to hit because of one of her 0’ actions coming up making it likely you’ll hit a ram and with a control hand and stones you can devote resources to guarantee to ram. Ooo, A Girl! The first of her 0 actions and an extremely potent one at that! This 0 action pushes any friendly model within 8’ into base contact with you! For most models, that’s almost 2 so worth of walking! This action is extremely important when talking about alpha striking which will be discussed later but also for removing models from places they don’t want to be, wether it’s pulling frank out of a set up or pushing Burt out of dodge this action is great offensively, defensively and for denial. With My Eyes Closed! Her 2nd 0 action is gives her a +flip to all attack actions for the rest of the turn with the stipulation that when declaring that action, your opponent can choose the target as long as it’s an enemy model and a legal target. On face value this may seem bad, giving your opponent the choice is never a good thing because they’ll always do what’s best for them but there’s some tricks to make it worthwhile. The first trick I like to use is to use the 0’ then declare a charge against a model I want gone, a little known fact is that a charge is not an attack action, it’s a tactical action that generates 2 1ap attack actions on a single target. This means is that your opponent doesn’t get to choose who gets charged because a charge isn’t an attack action and even if you’d be engaging multiple models by doing so, attacks generated by a change can only be used on the model declares. Another way around it is just to get into melee with a single model because they’d be the only legal target. This action is very important for raw beat face Ophelia which will be discussed when we get to different play styles and it’s how you flip that third card on the Rough Riders discussed earlier. Reload! Her final action is a 1 action that lets her attach any of her named upgrades. I have used this before but only when I’ve been in really tight spots because when we get to her totem you’ll see that there’s a much better way to do it Upgrades Ophelia’s upgrades are a large part of how she plays as upgrade cycling he’s become an even bigger part of her playstyles thanks to her wave 5 upgrades, I’ll first go over her names upgrades and then onto the general faction upgrades Jug Rocket (1ss) The Jug Rocket upgrade gives Ophelia an attack and a 0 tactical action. The attack action is namely, the jug rocket which is a shoot 6 gun that does 3/4/5 damage. The higher damage track is already reason enough to use this weapon over the Rough Riders but the attack also ignores line of site! I’ve been able to kill those small, important models who are hidden behind buildings, forests and other models with extreme ease thanks to this upgrade. The only downside is that after using the attack action, the upgrade is discarded but it isn’t as bad as it sounds as you’ll realise when we get to one of her new upgrades The 0’ action it provides is called “Your Turn!” And places another friendly Kin model within 2’ of Ophelia anywhere within 8’. An upgrade coming up gives Ophelia Instinctual and it’s common for an alpha strike Ophelia to walk, pull a model with Ooo, A Girl! then fling it another 8 with Your Turn!, that’s absurd movement for no cost whatsoever! It’s also important to note that it is a place and as such ignored terrain, keep in mind when a sniper is giving you trouble! My Threatening Gun (1ss) Her second upgrade also provides an attack and a 0’ action and boy the attack action! The Threatening Gun is a shoot 6 with a built in ram, range 12 attack action deals a solid 3/4/6 damage and forces the target model to take a TN 13 horror duel, not too shabby! It has a ram trigger is for ‘That’s a Big Gun!’ which forces all models within 2’ of the target to take the same horror deul but keep in mind it is ALL models, friendly and enemy. Just like the jug rocket the upgrade is discarded after the attack but is, in my opinion, the attack to use if you aren’t in melee. The upgrade also provides a new 0 action “Move It!” which lets a Kin model take an action with the stipulation that any flips resulting form the action take a -flip. I use this mostly for taking walk actions and interacts but a fun trick is to give this to Sammy who can make Ophelia shoot as her in built + cancles our the -. Hooch Igniter (1ss) This upgrade is the most situational of her 3 guns and gives her an attack and a 1ap tactical action. Her ‘Hooch Igniter’ attack is a sh6 with an in-built ram that deals 1B/1BB/1BBB and has an in built trigger to give everyone damaged burning+2. Situational, but a good pick for a bunched up crew because of just how many blasts you can get off the severe damage. Just as the other guns, you discard the flamethrower after using it. The tactical action it gives is ‘Move and Burn!’ Which gets rid of the slow and paralysed from all Kin within 10 in exchange for a bit of burning. You’ll use this action 1 in every 30 games but by god it will win you those games. It’s important to note though that is is just Kin models but this will still save you against pandora. Metal-Lined Coat (2ss) Is the first of her wave 5 upgrades and gives her instinctual and says that when you Plink-off the upgrade it reduces 2 damage. Instinctual is fantastic for Ophelia and is extremely important for the alpha strike playstyle so you can pull, them throw a model. It’s also just good to have around and in a way gives her more ap in a game. Fantastic Useless Junk (1ss) The second of her wave 5 upgrades has a lot more words on it than the first and supports the upgrade cycling abilities while providing free movement, healing and scheme markers. The first thing the upgrade does is give all other friendly Kin models in play an ability called ‘Something to Remeber Her By’ which states that at the start of their activation, they may push up to 6’ towards a friendly junk marker in play, if they end in base contact with the marker they may heal 2 damage and you may place a scheme marker in base contact with the junk marker, then discard the junk marker. Now, you may be asking what these junk markers are, the second ability on the card says that whenever Ophelia discards an upgrade that she may put a junk marker anywhere within line of sight. I can’t understate how good this is, free movement, healing and markers for the cost of doing what you do anyway. Note that the model isn’t placing the marker after coming into contact with the junk meaning that it can still be placed in an engagement making schemes like dig graves a breeze and gets around insignificant. The way the timing works as well means that you can go reckless, then push essentially healing it back. My typical alpha strike is to walk or be lured by trixie, use Ooo, a Girl to pull frank 8, use Your Turn to throw frank 8 then shoot an enemy model with the Threatening Gun and drop the junk marker 6’ in front of Frank. I’ll go into more detail about alpha striking later but when Francois activated he will have gotten 24’ of free movement and that’s mental. Dirty Cheater (1ss) Dirty cheater states that whenever Ophelia cheats fate during her activation that she heals a wound. This is a good upgrade to take because with all the plinking, Ophelia tends to be taking a lots of 1 damage. Why I don’t take this though is because she needs the slots for other things, she can get enough healing from other sources and I prefer the upgrade on other models but if you do take it, I understand why. Liquid Bravery (1ss) Liquid Bravery gives Ophelia a 0 action and stubborn which means that enemies targeting her Wp are at a -flip to do so. The 0 action ‘Down the Hatch’ gives all friendly minions with 10 of Ophelia +1 Wp. This upgrade is an auto-take against neverborn and ressers who want to mess with your head! Stilts (1ss) Stilts boosts Ophelia up to ht2 which is whatever but also says that she can discard the upgrade to take no damage from a melee attack. I find this a bit overkill but it is good insurance against red jokers and being discarded does mean it plays into her upgrade cycling. The main problem here is that I prefer this on another model. Quality-Mash Liquor (2ss) Gives Ophelia a 1 action to heal a model within 2’ 1/2/3. Not terrible but not worth 2ss and a slot, especially if you’re using useless junk and a slop hauler. Team-Work (1ss) This upgrade can go on any Kin model and gives a 1ap tactical action that lets you push 6’ into an engagement then push a friendly model up to 6’ out. I’ve played around with this upgrade a bit on various Kin models and have found it useful on Francois to push Ophelia out of engaments but now that Useless Junk is out and the crew has squeel, there are better ways of getting Ophelia and her crew out of engaments, not to mention her 0 actions Totems Ophelia has 2 very good options for her totem, I’ll give an overview of each and tell you my thoughts on which you should take. The Young LaCroix The Young LaCroix are 2ss totems of which you can take 3. Straight off the bat, if you hire these guys with Ophelia you’ve spent 6ss and have half a crew, this means Ophelia can actually support a very elite crew. The Young LaCroix are so important to Ophelia because they have a 1ap action to attach an Ophelia upgrade if they’re within 6’ with the conditions that they can’t attach more than one of an upgrade and you can’t go over the limit of 3. This is your main way of giving Ophelia her upgrades but if the young are within 6’ of Ophelia they can also use any attack actions on her upgrades at a -2sh. By focusing and picking my targets correctly, I’ve killed so many models that a 2ss model probably shouldn’t have with a threatening gun. The Young also tend to survive as they usually stay towards the back and their ability ‘Small Target’ gives them -flips to shoots at them. So these totems are extremely cheap, you can take 3, they can give Ophelia upgrades as a simple 1 action with no Ca and can use master attacks at a disadvantage. Old Crankey This old man the the gremlins generic totem and some people swear by him, as @Finalscene says: “Ophelia is the master I use him with the most. I tend toward the young LaCroix for when I need activation control or when I'm running kin-heavy lists, but old cranky is great with in his own way. In a game where I feel like Ophelia is going to be targeted, he comes with me for the wp buff, df + and the ability to gain ss when I kill models with Ophelia (she's very good at taking a hefty model a turn, compared to Wong blowing up large amounts of small models, or Mah chasing scheme runners) this extra ss a turn let's me play Ophelia a bit more recklessly since I can plink 2 dmg with her upgrade and then ss prevent any dmg that's leftover. He's also a great choice to bring when Sammy is in the crew because he can cycle a card with his 0 and she can get a free cycle as well. The main problem I find with him is that he telegraphs where I'll move my kill model since I have to move old cranky there first. Ophelia doesn't have this problem since she can ooh a girl to pull him to her side.” So which totem should you take? Personally, I recommend always taking the Young LaCroix. The merc totems are trash with Ophelia and I think tha old cranky is good but leaves you 2 activations down and means you can’t equip upgrades meaning that you have to pay for all of them, you can’t make liberal use of the great attack actions on the upgrades and you also leave Ophelia more vulnerable because you won’t have the upgrades to always be Plinking and won’t have the junk makers to heal. Frequently Taken Models The following are models requently taken in my Ophelia crews and the rolls they play, I’ll also give you a sample list that can act as a base for your list building. Francois LaCroix Francois is an 8 stone killing machine. His main claim to fame is having a sword with built-in dumb like for a stupid 4/6/10 damage track. Being a Kin model and having Companion he is usually Ophelia’s other half when it comes to alpha striking. Even if you don’t plan to alpha strike, he’s still a solid model and worth the stones every time. I like to put stilts on Francois because with a df4 he’s usually getting hit but another trick is that you can ditch the stilts to not take dumb luck damage when you hit that severe. Raphael LaCroix Raphael is another Kin model who recently got put down to 6 stones. This was a mistake. There is no reason not to take Raphael with a solid gun with dumb luck, armour, htk and much more wounds than he should have. I like to use Raphael to gobble up scheme runners and take on bigger models if I have rams in hand. When he gets hurt, he can go reckless for free and gets a + to damage flips. I like to take dirty cheater on him because healing models with armour is extremely efficient and reckless gives you more opportunities to cheat. Pere Ravage Pere makes me giggle. Pere is a blaster/bomb/meme machine and in my experience he’s used in 1 of 3 ways. The first way is as a bomb as he has the ‘oopsie’ action on the back of card to which makes everyone with a huge 6 inches take a high df duel or take 5 then he takes 5 and on the front of his card he deals an automatic 4 damage to all within 2’ when he dies. If everything goes off you’re looking at 10 damage to all within 6’ and 14 to all within 2’, the main issue with this is that ‘Oopsie’ needs a suit but besides that Ophelia has no issue transporting him and I have won games on turn one. The second way I use him is just as a blaster and for 6 stones he’s pretty good at it. He has a solid melee and shoot attack that all have blasts and his shoot attack has a much-loved trigger on it called ‘stupid’ in a ram. This trigger triples the damage of the attack but kills Pere afterwards but a damage track of 2/3b/4bb going to 6/9b/12bb is no joke and I have killed masters with this, a great use of the red joker or high ram if you get it in hand. The last way to use him is a roadblock and objective holder, it’s not that he’s tough to kill but people down want to go close to him and he’s got a good wd count. Pere is just fun, take him Trixibelle Trixibelle is largely a control model with her main action being her lure. This lure pushes enemies away but pulls friendlies their charge. I use Trixi in the early to help some of the slower parts of the crew speed up as Ophelia’s crews are generally fast ones. Mid and late game she is usually shooting, pushing enemies away and messing with scheme markers. Slop Hauler The slop hauler is s fantastic model being credited as having one of if not the best heals in the game and can make this durable crew stupidly tough to chew through. He’s not bad in combat either as both his melee and gun lowers the targets df to 4 making juicy targets for the Young LaCroix Burt Jebson A classic melee model that can pass attacks off to the more durable and healable Kin models around him. This is usually where my second dirty cheater is going so he can heal back his reckless. Burt also has a decent gun that can keep firing as long as the masks keep flowing and combos well with pere as he has an action that forces models to bunch up Banjonistas I like taking a couple of banjonistas with Ophelia because they cover one of this crews only weaknesses which is armour and speed the crew up even more. Their banjo music is a Ca action with no projectile icon that has a host of good triggers and ignored armour. They also have a great front of card ability that says when they activate, all friendlies within 6’ May push up to 2’ giving everyone a bit more moment early game but can disengage models mid and late game. Sammy LaCroix Sammy is another Kin model that is uses cast actions to debuff enemy models making them not able to walk or charge, force horror duels or not let them use triggers. Sammy can also summon stuffed piglets and remove enemy scheme markers. I mostly use Sammy to keep the parts of the enemy crew that aren’t being Ophelia-d and Frank-d busy. Sammy can also take a master upgrade and I like to give her the Threatening Gun as it’s a great once off attack and can be used to obey Ophelia. The only drawback is that if Sammy holds it, Ophelia can’t which is something to consider. Whiskey Golem Plain and simple I love the Whiskey Golem. He’s a walk 6 nimble fellow with armour and a built in defensive trigger that ends people’s activation if they can’t pass a huge tn 17 wp deul. He’s also another min damage 3 model who has multiple triggers to heal. He’s everything the Ophelia crew wants, fast, deadly and almost unkillable Fingers Fingers is the bomb when it comes to anything involving interact actions. Though expensive, he’s an extremely fast scheme runner who can interact while engage, doesn’t let enemies interact within 6 and has a squeel that triggers after resolving, a must have for Symbols of Authority Lenny While not as good as he used to be I know some people do take him but I have my gripes with him. He’s a slow beater that provides damage reduction and free rams to non leaders within 3. He’s great if you need to bunch up but I find that he goes down too easily and is a bit expensive, I could have a whiskey golem. One interesting trick is that he can toss Ophelia saving a master ap or 2 but I can find better uses for 9 stones. The First Mate The First Mate is an interesting model who’s based armour getting rid of enemy scheme markers. He has a trigger on his leap to discard a marker and when he does he cycles 2 cards and gets armour+1, oppressive in certain pools. Taxidermist As @Finalscene says, the Taxidermist is also a decent beater since his ml has a built in trigger which gives him a + on damage. He can also summon off of corpses (there will be plenty in my usual killy Ophelia crew) which is just more activations which all masters love. He finds a spot in most of my lists. Iron Skeeter As @Finalscene says, Iron Skeeter leans the crew even harder into alpha striking; I often use Ophelia to launch pere forward into the main clump of enemies while using iron Skeeter to taxi Francois, Burt Jebson, or Raphael after models away from the main group while also giving fast. This makes whichever model I taxi able to have 4 AP(reckless and fast) while being close enough to attack immediately. Its also a great idea to take the upgrade, poorly-handled explosives on him because he can give pere a condition to make him explode even more when he dies. Alsogives an attack action which can drop scheme markers off friendly or enemy models. This can help Sammy LaCroix summon stuffed pigs offenemy scheme markers more consistently. Merris LaCroix Thanks to @Davie and @Finalscene for this contribution: Merris might lack offensive potential, since she exclusively deals indirect damage via burning (+3 per shot, which ignores cover though!) but she is a great scheme-runner. She has flying, reckless and is Kin. You can drop 3 Scheme-Markers in a single activation with her: Push to a Junk-Marker, drop a Scheme-Marker, move, drop a second Scheme-Marker, move, use (0) Bombs Away and drop a third Scheme-Marker. If you activated her with reckless you can even add another Move or Shoot to that! Once I scored enough VP with her I like to use her as distraction piece and place her close to enemy models. Once she dies, she puts burning +4 on everything around her in a 2-Inch Pulse. You can also use her (1) Gremlin Cunning to stack your deck, although I somehow never seem to find a Situation to use this. And last but not least: she will protect your other Models from Blasts and Pulses in a very huge 6 Inch-radius. Playstyles Ophelia is an extremely versatile master who can change gears easily and fill any role your crew so these are in no way the the only ways to play Ophelia. Please leave any other playstyles below Alpha Strike A favourite crew build is an alpha strike list that aims to dive the enemy lines and kill one or two models on the first turn. Ophelia’s movement tricks and her and franks companion ability facilitate this because of how fast you can dive you can get in the targets face and companion doesn’t let your opponent react. Another trait of an alpha strike list is a high activation crew so you can catch the opponent out activated. A big decision in alpha strikes list is how far you want to commit to it, I usually just throw in Ophelia and Frank but an iron skeeter with Burt to boot is a great addition. Here’s a sample full-dive list 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 4 Pool Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Francois LaCroix (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Iron Skeeter (6) Banjonista (5) Banjonista (5) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Gun Line An Ophelia gun line makes use of her ‘Shoot High Boys!’ ability and Lenny’s auras to put the hurt on the enemy crew while having some survavable models do engage the enemy crew thereby denying them cover. Here’s an example list: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 3 Pool - My Threatenin' Gun (1) - Hooch Igniter (1) - Hide In The Mud (1) Old Cranky (4) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Lenny (9) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Survivor (4) Kin A Kin list focuses on the Kin models to make the most of their synergy and the useless just upgrade in an aim to win by outlasting and being more effiecent than the enemy crew. Here’s an example list: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 5 Pool Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) - Team Work (1) Sammy LaCroix (7) - My Threatenin' Gun (1) - Dirty Cheater (1) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Banjonista (5) Slop Hauler (5) GG18 Schemes and Strats Being so versatile, Ophelia can generally do most schemes and startagies but here’s a breakdown for each strat and scheme Strategies and Paired Schemes Public Execution and Eliminate the Leadership: Ophelia and her crew are my go-to for public executions because they can put out heavy damage while being able to heal and reduce most hits they take. Ophelia is fantastic in eliminate because of how survivable this is and this is also a great scheme to take for a first turn alpha strike Ours and Guarded Treasure: The Ophelia crew is good at Ours for the same reasons they’re good at executions but when you add on top her heavy positioning support, this is crew becomes my first pick for ours. The crew is also henchman and enforcer heavy because of the and with the free markers from the junk, guarded treasure is easy. Supply Wagons and Guarded Treasure The Ophelia crew, while not my first choice in wagons, is still very strong in it. They have the movement to both accelerate and intercept the enemy crew but lack the large bases. For this strat, I recommend bring the whiskey golem and pere for cart pushing. See above for guarded treasure. Ply for Information and Surround Them The Ophelia crew is fine at Ply, it’s movement helps get close to the enemy before they can get to you and the crew can easily kill models with the condition. The crew doesn’t really have any tricks other than that though but Ophelia is always solid. I recommend either a Zoraida or Som’er crew for Ply. In the other hand, the high movement of the crew makes Surround fairly easy and depending on the scheme pool it’s a good pick Symbols of Authority and Punish the Weak: While not my first choice Ophelia’s movement and large threat range make her very competitive. She’s not bad at it at all but I’d rather play Zipp or Zoraida. Ophelia is fine for punish the weak as her and frank can chop any minion or poen up with ease but the presence of the Young LaCroix mean it’s a good pick against her Numbered Schemes 1. Cover Breakthrough: as a rule of thumb, the Ophelia crew is good st anything to do with scheme markers in specific places because of Useless Junk and this is no exemption. The crew also likes end of game schemes as the crew likes to focus on killing stuff for the first couple turns. 2. Dig Their Graves: Useless Junk let’s Kin models easily drop markers in range and then kill the model which they are also very proficient at. 3. Set Up: another great market scheme aided by the fact that Ophelia crews usually have above average activations. Just be careful you don’t kill your target! 4. Hold Up Their Forces: gremlins in general are good at this scheme but I’d rather just kill anyone in front of me and this can get problematic late game. It’s fine but if there’s something better I’d pick that instead. Also, high activation crews like us are good picks to hold up because of our model count so keep that in mind if this is in the pool! 5. Undercover Enourage: gremlin masters in general are good at this and being another end of game scheme where Ophelia has to be alive and in the right position, she’s good at it. 6. Inescapable Trap: another marker scheme but I don’t like it as much because it requires multiple enemy models to be in position which we can’t control well 7. Show of Force: Ophelia crews are usually henchman and enforcer heavy making this a good pick. 8. Search the Ruins: an ending game scheme that can be done almost passively with Useless Junk. I love it! 9. Take Prisoner: I’d rather he be dead. We have enough movement, it’s fine 10. Take One for the Team: as a general rule, don’t pick schemes that depend on your opponent. When I play Ophelia, most of their crew is gone by turn 3 leaving not much to kill my sucker. It just needs things you can’t control to happen, next. 11. Recover Evidence: this scheme isn’t a marker scheme but we’re still ok at it, we can easily kill models denying it but I feel that there’s usually better options. It’s fine. 12. Vendetta: considering how easily it is to alpha strike with Francois, this is a good but risky pick. This scheme is dependant on enemy models, so choose with discretion 13. Public Demonstation: requires 3 high cost minions. We have great 4 stone minions but there are just better choices. First-Purchases for a New Player and Suggested List Hey there newbie! So you’ve decided to start with Ophelia, great pick! I usually suggest Som’er or Ophelia to new players as simple masters with a lot of depth and a really good crew box. Since you’re new, we’ll assume you’re on a budget of about $100. If you want to buy a second crew box I’d HIGHLY suggest the somer crew box as they compliment each other really well. Lenny is a fantastic model who combos amazingly with Ophelia’s crew and play style with free rams and damage reduction. Bayou gremlins are a faction staple who can work great for scheming and gun-lining with Ophelia. Here’s a sample list: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 4 Pool Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Lenny (9) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) If you want to just get smaller supplements, I’d recommend Burt Jebson as a solid melee model, slop haulers to provide some fantastic healing, and banjonistas to speed up the crew, ignore armour and dance around engagements. Here’s a sample list 50 SS Gremlins Crew Ophelia + 6 Pool Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Young LaCroix (2) Francois LaCroix (8) - Stilts (1) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Raphael LaCroix (6) - Dirty Cheater (1) Pere Ravage (6) Banjonista (5) Slop Hauler (5) Weaknesses of the Crew Ophelia is fantastic but just like anyone else she has weaknesses (though not many). Her crews first big weakness is against damage reduction, namely armour and incorporeal. This slows down what the crew does best and makes dumb luck less effective and more costly. A remedy is to always take at least one banjonista if you know damage reduction is coming or even if you aren’t sure. Her second weakness is that she wants Kin models around. This isn’t necessarily bad as most Kin are very good models but she does like that keyword an awe full lot. and that’s it! Ophelia has very little weaknesses which is another reason I like her so much. Good luck and happy hunting Kin! This tactica is a work in progress, if you want to add anything or think anything should be changed, please post below. Please also consider writing a tactica of another gremlin master of your own!
  4. Location: Game Shoppe Date: March 4th to 25th Time: 6pm Cost: $0 With M3e looming in the horizon, there is just enough time to run one last Shifting Loyalties campaign before it is gone. The Final Campaign will be a 3 month shifting loyalties campaign broken down into one month chapters. Players are free to use their crew from the last chapter or start new using the late start rules. This campaign will use all the basic rules for getting started as in the rulebook. All encounters will be story encounters, as they will also be gone once M3e is out. Players will get to pick locations and that will give you the list of story encounters you can play. The following optional rules will be use: The Plot Thickens (the weekly event), Individual Events, Stay Dead. Get those crews ready for one last adventure.
  5. Hi Wyrdos! I'll be organizing a tournament of M2E, feel free to come! When? 16th of February, starting at 11:00 am Where? In Montréal area (Longueil), at the Zakeda store (https://goo.gl/maps/1VMY72BGxNK2) How? Following the Gaining Grounds rules, 50ss and M2E, of course Why? Because we wanna have fun and play together Between all the people that come, we'll decide the events for the following months Link to the event with all the information: https://www.facebook.com/events/364738737411377/
  6. Background Recently I have had a lot of fun while playing Lilith. She is an all round maniac, who can tailor a crew to do any well in any scheme pool as well as change things up in game. This style of play appeals a lot to me. To have enough tools to think on your feet, react to the flow of the game, and leave the game plan for the better option if it present itself. Granted, nearly all masters (in my experience) can do this to an extent. Whereas the likes of Lilith and McCabe can do it more easily than for instance Rasputina or Lady Justice, who have slightly more carved out roles. Another word for what kind of masters I like might be "generalist", but that might be a bit too general of an answer for my taste. In so many words, I like a free flowing game where the master I play allows me to mix things up a fair bit. One master that I have not tried yet that seem to fit that bid is Jack Daw. The hanged man of Malifaux is a model that has been in my collection for some time. I started playing when 1.5 had one foot in the grave, and I really liked the model so I ended up buying it. The rules of him were not that beginner friendly, but I got to try him out a couple of times against a friend who did not like to be at the receiving end of Jack's mischiefs. Some months later when M2E were released, some ominous clues about Daw's return were also very apparent. Nurses, Crooked Men, Hanged, and Papa Loco (!), all had the Tormented characteristic, which they had not any use for then. Yet it was not sure if Jack Daw would be promoted all the way from a (not so humble) minion to a master, but I was getting my hopes up. Daw got his well deserved promotion, but I weren't too impressed with his rule set at first glance. A position I can gladly say I have departed from. During this spring I read a fair bit about Daw on the Wyrd boards, Rathnard's incredible blog (...), listened to a very good episode of Before We Begin about him, and two episodes of the short-lived podcast Tyne & Wyrd where he was discussed at great length too. What was apparent throughout all of these sources was three things. Daw's outstanding versatility, everyone seemed to have a blast playing him, and that there were plenty of philosophies of how he should be played. Some seem to prefer Jack in very specific schemes and strategies, while others take him more or less regardless. The sum of all the different opinions appealed a lot to me, and have led me to want to try Jack Daw out for a longer stretch. The project A common theme in the discussions about Daw is his learning curve and depth. To quote Rathnard (keep it pink! My emphasis): I remember a game at Gencon where it was the top of the 5th turn vs Nicodem. It was a game I was likely to lose (only barely) but looking at the board I felt as though the potential was there for Jack to pull some really jammy shit, push a bunch of models around and snatch victory from the Jaws of defeat. Unfortunately I just didn’t know him well enough to pull it off, so instead I stared at the board, utterly overwhelmed with the options available to me! The quote really made the final sale for me on Daw. I mean, who doesn't want to be able to pull some really jammy shit! Another thing that is pressing here is that Daw certainly seems to need some time getting used to. That is why I have decided to stick with Daw for a while and learn to play him properly. Currently I am aiming at only playing Daw until the end of September. Summer will get a bit in the way of the project in terms of getting games in, but hopefully Vassal can sort that out. So the span being June 3rd to September 30th (there is the scouting report for you). In the next post I will give a (lengthy) run down on Jack. The one after that well go through Jack's teammates for the coming months. I will also stress that any feed back is highly appreciated! Until next time / Tom PS. The definite form of "jackdaw" (you know, the silly looking bird) in Swedish is Kajan (indefinite Kaja), so I might just call him that. Come on lets make this a thing!
  7. I’ve been thinking about writing up a tactica on Titania as she’s my favorite master(especially after wave 5) and I’ve gotten a lot of games under my bealt with her, and with the recent release of wave 5 and her new upgrades I figured now was the time. So without further ado, let’s get started. Titania is a bit of a jack of all trades in that she has a bit of control, a bit of damage, and a bit of support, however, there is one thing she excels at, and that is taking a beating, so let’s go over a quick overview of some of her strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: Excellent durability, especially with Royal Indignation Good damage after a little bit of set up. Draining your opponent’s hand Controlling where your opponent’s models are and who they’re attacking. Most marker based schemes are very easy for her Weaknesses: Models with a high min damage, enforcers and up especially, largely ignore her durability. Models that gain some form of buff from you placing scheme markers Models that debuf or are resistant to Ca actions. Models that gain buffs against Undead You will always find yourself wishing you could take 1 more upgrade, so deciding which 3 to take will be hard. Now, let’s start with an overview of her card. The only non-station characteristics she has are Undead, so watch anything with a bonus to Undead models, and Fae, which let’s her be targeted by the tactical actions given by her Royal Indignation upgrade, and Primal Conflux, as well as allowing her to benefit from Taproot’s aura. Her stat line comes in at Df 5, Wp 7, 12 Wounds, Wk 5 and Cg 7. This already puts her over the curve for Neverborn masters in terms of durability, and she boasts an average mobility already. Abilities Impossible to Wound. Nothing new or exciting, but this makes her Df 5 hurt a little less, as most damage flips are going to be coming in at a anyways and that even when they’re at a straight flip, or those pesky models that can cheat in spite of s won’t be able to cheat against her. Flight. Also nothing new, she doesn’t have to worry about anything slowing her down or blocking her movement. The Thirsty Roots. Now onto something new. Enemy models that activate within 6 of her and in base contact with a friendly scheme marker take a Wp 13 duel or suffer 2 damage that can’t be reduced, and with her ability to generate scheme markers, that should be every enemy model within 6 of her, meaning your opponent is going to need to be ditching cards from their hand or taking some damage on average. Rejoice in Rebirth. Last but certainly not least, when another model places a friendly scheme marker with 6, Titania heals 2 damage. This is what really shoots her durability up to one of the best. Her entire crew box has ways to passively generate scheme markers, so she’ll be getting healed just for your crew doing it’s thing. Additionally, if you have her in a good spot, your opponent will also be healing her if they want to score their schemes which can force some tough decisions. Now, let’s take a look at her actions. A Wicked Silence. It’s a Ca 6 against Wp attack with a 2” range to drop a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model and deal 2 damage to them. No damage flip means you don’t have to worry about a black joker or wasting high cards on a damage flip, and you get a scheme marker to fuel her and her crew. It also has a trigger to push Titania up to 4” after succeding. Bloody Command. Another Ca 6(get used to that), but this time vs Df, and it has a 8” range. It has an unimpressive damage track of 2/3/4, but the triggers are where this action shines. Into Thorns is a built in trigger to discard up to 2 friendly scheme markers before flipping for damage to increase her damage by +1 per scheme marker. This turns her min damage of 2 into a min of 4, so with a little set up she can put the hurt on an appropriate model. Next we have My Loyal Subject, which lets you heal a friendly model with 4” of the target for 2/2/3. Nothing major, but any healing is good, and it can let her help keep her key models alive. Finally, we have the Deal With Him trigger. This makes her reduce the damage of her attack to 0, but it lets another friendly model within 8” and LoS of the target to push up to them and take a 1 AP attack against them. This has the obvious use of having a model with a better damage track hit them, as well as pulling your model into the fray, but it also has a use with one of her upgrades, which I will get there. That concludes her cards Attack Actions, so let’s take a look at her tactical actions. Both of these are (0) actions, so you’ll have to figure out which of the two you’ll want to do based on the situation. A New Harvest. Ca 6 again, with a TN 13, so you won’t reliably be able to top deck this, especially if you want to get the bonus. It’s pretty straight forward, it causes every model in 6 to take a TN 12 Wp duel or Titania places a scheme marker in base contact with them(hello Thirsty Roots). Now, a 12 isn’t hard to beat, but for every in the final duel total, you can increase that by 1. Now we’re looking at a 13 or 14, which models are much less likely to be able to just flip, and unless your opponent wants to give you fuel, that’s some card drain. The Queen Has Risen. Ca 6 TN 13, again with a 6” range. This action allows her to discard between one and three scheme markers within 6 to push a friendly model in range 2” for each scheme marker. A 6” push is respectable, and it lets her get rid of enemy scheme markers. That concludes a look at her base card, so now let’s take a look at her upgrades, starting with her 2 limiteds from wave 5, which greatly dictate her playstyle. First, we have Royal Indignation. If you thought she was durable before, this takes that and turns it up to 11 cementing her slot as the most durable master in malifaux. To start off with, this upgrade turns every living minion or enforcer model hired into her crew into an undead fae model, which allows them all the same synergies that Tiania gets as mentioned above, and you’ll want to be careful taking this into factions with good anti-undead tech. Next it gives her the ability Royal Indignation. Enemy minion and Peion models reduce all damage they deal to Titania by 2, and enemy enforcers and henchman models reduce all their damage by 1. This ability allows her to reduce damage done to her to 0. Additionally, this gives her a (1) tactical action to give any friendly fae model the Armor +1 condition so long as they don’t already have the Armor condition. Needing a 9 to go off, it’s not very reliable, but in a pinch you can throw that onto any of your important models, as most of your crew should be Fae. If you’re taking this upgrade you want Titania in the thick of your enemy crew gumming up the works and soaking up their resources. Next we have Pact With the Grave Spirit. With this upgrade Titania has 1 job. Kill the enemy leader. This upgrade gives her 2 Abilities. The Death of Tyrants. When she’s in a duel with the enemy leader she may add 1 suit of her choice to her final duel total when declaring triggers, and her attack actions deal +1 damage. The other ability, Autumn’s Corruption, means enemy models within 3 of her unable to heal or use soulstones. These abilites on their own make her excel at killing the enemy master, but it doesn’t end there. She also gains a (1) attack action, The Rot Within. Again at a Ca 6 vs Wp and a range of 8”, but this time it has a TN of 12 . This attack allows her to deal damage equal to the target’s missing Wds, up to a maximum of 4. And yes, her other ability can increase that to 5 damage. Normally, not having the suit in the TN would make this a little unreliable, but because you declare triggers before determining success, she will always have the suit when attacking an enemy leader. With no damage track, she is going to be taking out big chunks of of their Wds each time she hits them, and if she’s close enough to them they can’t even use their stones to prevent that damage. It also has a trigger to place a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they were killed, which is just more fuel for her. The downside of this upgrade is that you don’t have her super durability that Royal Indignation gives, and you are telegraphing what you want your master to do from the start. Next we have her normal upgrades. Audience With the Queen. This upgrade just gives her an attack action to place an enemy model in base contact with her. Again a Ca 6 vs Wp, with a TN of 13 you’ll usually need to cheat to get it off. It also has a somewhat disappointing range of only 8” so no pulling people from very far away. That shouldn’t matter after the first turn though, as she’ll be in her central position and ready to pull in anything she needs to. This action also gives her the trigger “A trophy for well… Me” which allows her to put a scheme marker in base contact with the model after succeeding. This is an upgrade that will go well with either of her Limiteds. Either pulling models in so that they have to waste AP to move, because they can’t even damage Titania, or getting models into the aura that Pact With the Grave Spirit gives her. Behold My Glory. This gives her a trigger on all of her attack actions, and it will be built in on every one except The Rot Within, called Behold My Glory. The gives the target the condition “She Will End Us All!” which forces them to discard two cards whenever they declare an attack action that doesn’t target Titania or it fails. Spread this around on models that you don’t worry about hurting Titania and suddenly your opponent is either wasting their AP or wasting their hand. This also has a nice synergy with Barbaros’s Challenge aura. TN 14 Wp duel to target anyone but Barbaros with an action, and discard 2 cards to attack anyone but Titania can mean your opponents big beaters aren’t going to be able to do anything without first using some cards. This pairs very well with Royal Indignation, as if you put this on minions then they will be unable to even damage Titania, and they’ll have to discard cards to damage anyone else. The Forest Claims All. This gives Titania an ability of the same name, that whenever an enemy model places a corpse or scrap marker within 4” of Titania, your opponent has to discard a card or Titania get’s to place a scheme marker in base contact with their marker, and then discard their marker. This has obvious uses against summoners, as you’re eating into their resources in both getting rid of what they can summon off of or getting rid of cards they would summon with. This can also be used to force your opponent into choosing to give you resources after killing one of their models or draining their hand. This upgrade will usually get passed over for something else, but should be near the top of your list if you think you’ll be playing against a summoner that needs markers. The Queen’s Champion. This is the last Titania only upgrade and this one doesn’t actually buff Titania herself in any way. While attached to Titania, whenever a friendly model kills an enemy mode with an Attack Actionl you may discard a soulstone. If you don’t the upgrade is discarded from Titania and is attached to the friendly model. Now, at a cost of 2 to start with, this upgrade could very quickly start costing a lot. But as I mentioned earlier, the trigger on Bloody Command to let another model attack her target can let you get Queen’s Champion on the appropriate model rather easily. While on another model, this upgrade gives 3 abilities. The first of which is just Armor +1. Next we have the eponymous ability The Queen’s Champion, which gives the model a to their attack actions. And finally we have Gifts to My Queen, which let’s the model place a scheme marker in base contact with an enemy model every time it damages them with an attack action. This includes Blast and Pulse effects that cause damage as part of an attack action. The best candidates for this upgrade are models that can get more attacks, like Nekima, her henchman Aeslin, the Doppleganger. Models with blasts like Hannah or Envy. Or models that will benefit a lot from the armor like the new wave 5 model Cyclops. Combine this upgrade with Malifaux Provides on any of them, and you can greatly increase their durability. Between Armor +1, and healing 2 from just damaging enemy models and using one of the scheme markers they dropped, your Queen’s Champion is going to be a rather hard model to get rid of. Now onto the only general Fae upgrade. Taproot. This gives all friendly Fae models with 10 a Df/Wp trigger The Forest Hides Us. After resolving an attack action against this model, it may discard a friendly scheme marker within 3” to push up to 3” in any direction. If you pair this with Royal Indignation then most, if not all, of your crew gains access to this trigger. Fae Models: Aeslin(9ss) The only Fae henchman, coming in at Df 5 Wp 7 9 Wds and HtW+1 she's no tank but she's going to eat AP or take a dedicated beater to really take her down, especially if she or someone near her has Taproot. Her abilities are The Curse of Autumn, which when an enemy model activates engaged with at least 1 model with that ability they make a Wp duel or gain slow, Casting Expert, and Wild Magic, which allows her to discard a scheme marker near the target when declaring an action to not have to randomize. Offensively she's very similar to Titania, possessing an identical A Wicked Silence, and Rot And Rend. Ca 6, range 1 or 10 for 2/3/4. It has the Into Thorns trigger just like Titania, A Darkness Falls which can give the target Slow after succeeding if they don't discard a card, Secrets Kept, which pushes the target 6" towards Aeslin after succeeding, and A Trophy For The Queen, which places a scheme marker in base contact with the target if they're an enemy after succeeding. She has 2 (0) tactical actions; Bound and Rooted, which make it so that friendly models within 6 can't be moved, pushed or placed by the actions, abilities, or triggers of enemy models until the end of the turn, and As Leaves On Wind, a Ca 6 Tn 12 action to discard a friendly scheme marker within 6" to put up a 6 to Ca actions for enemy models until the end of the turn. She has an average walk of 5 and charge of 6, so she's not going to be breaking any records, but she doesn't need to with a 10" gun and casting expert. Aeslin is a model you want to take to support your crew, as well as get some surprise hits in with Rot and Rend having a min 4 potential. She is especially good against Ressers, 10T and Neverborn, as those are the 3 factions with the most offensive movement tricks and most reliant on Ca actions. She's a good holder for the Taproot upgrade as well, because you will want her in a central position for her tactical actions which lets the most models be within the 10" to gain the Df/Wp trigger. She is also one of the models best suited for placing scheme markers to heal up Titania. Cyclops(8ss) The beater of the Fae. defensively they aren't great, coming in at only Df 4, Wp 5 9 Wds and HtK. Their abilities include, Frozen Heart, Cyclopean Raaaage! which gives them +2 to their Ml when 5 or fewer wds, and Foresight. Foresight is an interesting ability, because at the start of their activation, you can either discard a or to either heal 2 or buff the Rg of it's actions by 2 for the activation, which gives their attack an impressive range of 4" which when combined with their Cg 7 let's them really reach out and touch someone. Turning over to the back of the card now, we have the Mighty Spear as it's only attack action. Ml 5 vs Df, a range of 2 and 3/4/6 damage with the Skewer trigger on to give it + per in the final duel total to moderate and severe damage. They have 2 (0) tactical actions. The first is Ice Wall. Needing a 7 to go off, it's not something you want to be relying top decking, it puts up 2 Ht 5 blocking impassable 50mm Ice Wall markers in base contact with it. Unfortunately they can't be touching any other models or markers, so you can very quickly run out of space because you want a Cyclops surrounded by scheme markers due to it's 2nd (0) action, Frozen Runes. Now Frozen Runes is the real reason you take the Cyclops with Titania. For every scheme marker within 3", and yes this includes enemy scheme markers, you reveal a card then resolve an effect depending on the suit then discard the card. Deal 1 damage to an enemy model within 5", Heal 1 damage on a friendly model within 5", give an enemy model slow within 5" and discard the scheme marker, place another scheme marker within 5"(do not flip for this new marker), or your choice of 2 if you flip either joker. None of this requires LoS and there is no way to resist any of it happening. Overall, the Cyclops is a model that depends on risk/reward. Ideally you want it sitting below half health in the middle of a horde of scheme markers, but between being able to heal it at the start, guard it's approach with Ice Walls, get healing from Titania's bloody command trigger and potentially armor if you take Queen's Champion and feed it a model, and the obvious syngery in a Titania crew with Malifaux Provides it is a very manageable risk for some amazing reward. They work best in a pool where the opponent wants to be in a single location to get the maximum use out of Frozen Runes, but don't be afraid to take them anyways as a 3/4/6 damage track and on demand blocking terrain for 8ss is by no means a bad deal. Bandersnatch(5ss) The Bandersnatch is the odd one out of the Fae, as it has nothing related to scheme markers. Coming in at Df 5, Wp 5 and 4 Wds incorporeal, at first glance one might wonder why you would ever take it. The reason is that it should only be spending 1-2 turns actually on the table, and the rest of the game burried, as this model is all about hiding inside of another model and attacking from it. It has the Shadow Spirit and Shadow Hunting abilities, which allow it to activate normally and declare triggers while burried, and add the Ht of the model it is measuring range and LoS from when declaring an attack action while burried. To determine whom the Bandersnatch is drawing Range and LoS from, we need to look at its (0) Crawl Into Shadow attack action. It is a Ca 6 vs Wp, Tn 13 range 6 attack to put the Shadow Lair upgrade on the target and burry itself. The Bandersnatch will unburry in base contact with the target whenever the Shadow Lair upgrade is removed, or if the model with Shadow Lair is about to be removed. The Shadow Lair upgrade gives the model with it the ability that lets the Bandersnatch draw Range and LoS from it while declaring attack actions, and an ability to deal 1 damage at the start of the activation and remove the upgrade after it has taken 2 damage from that ability. It's other attack action is Grab. A Ml 5 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/3/4 damage track with 2 triggers, Snatch which pushes the target in base contact with the model that range and LoS for the attack was drawn from after damaging, and False Suspicion, which forces the target non-leader to take a (1) attack action against the model that Range and LoS were drawn from that is controlled by the Bandersnatches controller, and cannot declare triggers. Lastly, it has the (1) Dart Out tactical action, which just unburries itself in base contact with whatever model has Shadow Lair attached, and discards the Shadow Lair upgrade from them. The Bandersnatch is a curveball model. You can either have it hitch a ride in some of your own guys to pull stuff in and trigger abilities like Pounce or you can stick it in an enemy model for the free damage and to hopefully get some infighting going on, as well as mess with their positioning. It's also very good as your only minion in schemes where the opponent wants to kill your minions, as that is hard to do when you can dictate when the Bandersnatch is on the board to be killed unless they're willing to start killing their own models to get it out. Bultungin(5ss) A very mobile minion, with Df 5, Wp 5, Wd 6, Wk 6 Cg 7, it shines as a scheme runner hunter. It has the abilities Careful Hunter, when an enemy scheme marker is placed in LoS, it gains the condition Creeping Forward +1, which allows it to move +1" in any direction when the condition is removed, and Stalking Pounce, when this model ends a move or push that wasn't part of the Walk or Charge action, this model may discard a card to take a (2) AP attack action against an enemy model within it's engagement range if it discards a card. It's attack actions are (1) Brutal Knives. A fairly standard 5 vs Df range 2 that does 2/3/4 damage with an interesting trigger. After succeding, if the target reduced or prevented damage from this attack, take the (2) Savage Mauling attack action against the target. Savage Mauling is a 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 3/4/5 damage track, and a trigger to place a friendly scheme marker if the target was killed, and prevent any other markers or models from being placed or summoned as a result of the target being killed. Lastly it has the (0) action scavenge, Discard an enemy scheme marker within 2" to draw the top card of your discard pile into your hand. These are great shceme runner hunters between getting a free movement for them placing scheme markers and a decent attack. There is also the synergy of Titania using her Deal With Them trigger on one of these guys for a potential of 3 attacks if they have some way of reducing damage. Having a (0) action to just remove a scheme marker is also great, but it gives the added benefit of either letting you get a low card of your deck for the next turn, or picking that high card you just used back up. Rougarou(8ss) A beater minion that comes in at Df 5, Wp 5 Wd 9 HtK for it's defensive stats. It has an average Wk 5 and a good Cg 7. Its abilites are Fresh Meat, it can discard a friendly scheme marker within 3" at the start of it's activation to heal 2 or push 3", and Pounce. It's attack action, Wulfen Claws, is Ml 6 vs Df, range 2 with a 2/4/6 damage track and the trigger Crushing Strike, gain a for every in the final duel total. It has the tactical actions (0) Challenge of the Alpha, Ca 6 Tn 13, which forces all enemy models within 4 to pass a Tn 13 Wp duel or be pushed into base contact with the model, and a trigger to place itself in base contact with a model that passed the Wp duel after resolving all the pushes. This is a good way to reposition the Rougarou and/or to pull in some models and get some free attacks. It's second tactial action is (0) Howl To The Blood Moon, which forces a target model within 2" to pass a Wp 13 duel or the Rougarou can make a (1) attack action against it. In most cases it will probably be better to just use Challenge of the Alpha instead, but if there's a model that you really want to get an attack on that's within 2" that for some reason can't be pushed any closer to the Rougarou you have this as a backup plan. The Rougarou can make for a decent beater minon with its 2/4/6 damage track and potential for to the damage flip, as well as having 9 wounds and a 2 heal at the start of it's activation. Where it really shines is in combination with something that can abuse its pounce, either Barbaros or the Tooth as they both have a push built into their attack. The Autumn Knights(7ss each) I am grouping The Tooth, The Claw and The Thorn together as they are all similar. They each have Df 5, Wp 5, 7 Wds, with HtW+1, Armor +1 and Curse of the Autumn, as well as an average Wk and Cg of 5 and 6 respectively. They also each possess the (0) tactical action A Clear Path, this model may discard a card to push into base contact with a friendly scheme marker within 4". Where they differ is their attack actions, a different (0) challange attack action, which is a 6 vs wp range 8 attack to pull a model in.. The Tooth as the Blossoming Blade attack action. It is a Ml 6 vs Df with a range of 2 . It does 2/3/4 damage and can push the target up to 4" away. It has the triggers Brambles, when damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of a friendly scheme marker the damage flip gains , and the built in trigger A Trophy For The Queen, to place a scheme marker in base contact with the enemy after succeeding. Her challenge is the Challenge of Summer. It pushes the target it's Cg towards her, then the target takes a (1) Ml attack action against her that gets a to any resulting damage flip. If she is still alive after this, Tooth gets to hit back with a (1) Ml attack action. Tooth pairs very well with the Rougarou, because she can potentially trigger 3 attacks from the Rougarou. Additionally, her challenge is very abusable. Since it is Range 8, any model with less than a Cg 7 that has a 1" Ml attack could be pushed into her but not get the free attack, whereas she can hit them. Additionally, if they just don't have a Ml attack at all then her positioning doesn't matter in the slightest. Having A Trophy For The Queen built in let's her support Titania by healing her up with every attack she hits as well. Next up is The Claw. He has The Winter Spear, which is almost identical to The Blossoming Blade except it also has a 8 range, no push, and Brambles is built in instead of A Trophy For The Queen. His Challenge, The Challenge of Winter, just pushes the target into base contact. It comes with a trigger Winter's Chill to give them the condition Winter's Chill, this model suffers on all Df flips, unless they discard 2 cards. This is obviously a very debilitating condition that no one wants, so you can potentially eat up half of your opponents hand with a single (0) action and still push them 8" towards your crew, and against a Titania crew they will want their hand for all the passive Wp duels for being around your models. Last but not least is The Thorn. Her attack, Lashing Vines, is Rg 3 with a 1/3/4 damage track that ignores armor, and has the triggers Brambles and The Queen's Spies, after damaging if the target is within 2" and LoS of at least 1 friendly scheme marker, draw a card. Her Challenge of Spring pushes them up to 8" towards her and drops a scheme marker in base contact with them, giving her more control of where the opponent ends up and where you place the scheme marker. While her weak of 1 is bad, the fact that you can get a to her damage flip and it ignoring armor can definitely come in handy against some of the tougher nuts to crack, or you can just farm a weak model that you don't have to worry about for cards, and if you want to hit your own models for cards you're usually only doing 2 damage to them. Her 3" engagement range also gives the biggest range for The Curse of Autumn to force some Wp duels or slow. The Gorar(3ss) Finally we have Titania's totem. At Df 6, Wp 5 and Wd 4 it's nothing to write home about for durability. It's got a nice mobility with Wk 6, Cg 7 and unimpeded, but not for scheme running as it's insignifcant. What it has mobility for is its ability From Malifaux We Are Born. When a friendly Minion model is killed or sacrificed by an enemy attack action, if this model is within 6" of the center line, you may summon the model that was killed or sacrificed into base contact with this model, then sacrifice this model. This ability can be a nice kick in the teeth for your opponent when they finally put down that Illuminated, or Rougarou, or Autumn Knight. For attacks it has A Wicked Silence at a Ca 4, and The Serpet's Call. Ca 4 vs Wp at range 10, target model with the Slow condition gains Paralyzed. This can go very nicely with the ways your crew can hand out slow, and especially against most summoners, and can get some high cards out of your opponents hand as no one wants to let their model get paralyzed if they can help it. With it's Ca 4s, this guy is mostly taken just to be revived into one of your minions in the mid-late game, with its attacks just being coincidental bonuses when they happen to go off.
  8. So, I apologise for the delay for this and that it is not fully completed, sadly real life and uni work gets in the way :/ Still that said, its talking a fair amount of time to get things written up properly. Both the notes and simply typing up is taking a rather long time. Anyway, here is the first part of my tactica/run down for McMourning. It's mostly about the model's themselves with a bit of how they interact with one another. As a heads up I'll be adding to this post as I get chance with little extras and new entries for the missing models (basically for a while it will be a 'living' tactica). The models included will be McMouring, the Zombie Chihuaha, Sebastian, Rafkin, Nurses, Flesh Contructs, Rogue Necromancy, Guild Autopsies, Canine Remains and Mindless Zombies along with any relevent upgrades... And, if this goes well enough I'll have a look into doing the same sort of thing for Nicodem if people are interested in it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, McMouring and Co. are all about Poison. However you look at it he uses, abuses and makes your opponent cry with Poison and its slow but relentless damage. You will learn to love the Infect Trigger and the fact everything in your crew has it or has its equivialent. The other thing to keep in mind is that your crew has, at best, average Wp and Df at 4 or 5. This means speed, raw damage and healing/large Wound pools are your crews strengths. So with that in mind we can take a look at the models you will likely be using. Things to ask your opponent before turn 1 starts - How many Soulstones do you have? - Something you should always do but more so for McMourning as this will determine how much effort you should put into killing Soulstone users via poison (and Induction). Lower caches means your poison shenannigans will have a greater influence over all the enemy models. Do you have any condition removal abilities or actions? - If you plan to poison things then you need to know where the counters are. Either eliminate them entirely (preferably via Poison for a more humourous death.) If killing them is not as practicable them make sure not to stack large volumes of Poison on any given model. This will make removing poison a more trivial action until the fighting starts fully (usually turn 2/3). Do you have any Hard to Kill models? - This makes the model less of a target for Expunge. Avoid targeting these models unless no other targets are available and try to make sure the Expunge drops them to their last wound for the Poison condition to kill off. Do you have any models immune to condtions or poison? - Obviously this means do not bother attempting to kill them via poison. You'll have to kill them the old fashioned way! Dr McMourning So, if you look at his stats on the front of his card you will see that statswise everything is pretty average, except his Wounds which is the joint highest in the game at a fairly large 14. This means he can take a large amount of punishment before going down, especially when you look at his other defences such as Hard to Wound, Soulstone use and Organ Donor. That said, while durable, he is not invincible and should not be thrown in to the middle of an enemy crew, not lightly anyway. His cache is a fairly respectable 4 meaning he can spend most of his stones on his crew. That said I find running a pool of 6-7 stones is usually a good idea as you will likely need to share the pool with Sebastian. Sometimes you may find in some games you only need 4-5 and in other all 7, I play it safe and make sure I have plenty to work with. How you use your stones may vary depending on playstyle or opponent so it makes it difficult to suggest how to best use them. I usually find they are best saved for drawing cards and damage preventions. So, looking at his abilties Catalyst - This makes models take poison damage when they activate. Don't forget this as its a great way to get free damage on nearby enemies! Trick number 1 (With Moonlighting) - If you or your opponent have a model with 1 (or 3 near Sebastian) wound/s left, if you can, try to poison it and either let it activate or wait until the end of your turn and turn it into a free Canine Remains! This can be more amusing when you turn big models, Masters or other Canine Remains into a new Canine Remains. Trick number 2 - Use Catalyst to heal models with Embalmed or Mithridization. When they activate the poison damage will tick, thus healing them for a wound instead. - Be aware that this will burn through any built up poison or poison from embalmed very quickly! Trick number 3 - Poison is a great way around Hard to Kill, Catalyst gives you another chance to finish off such annoying models who are near death just in case you fell short with your attack and 1 point of poison damage just isnt enough. Precise - Allows him to ignore Armour and Hard to Wound A good thing to remember is that this works with ANY Attack Action and not just with his Surgical Impliment attack. This means Expunge will ignore any Armour that would otherwise save a model from it's typically lethal level of damage. Do not think that this makes McMourning an ideal hunter for anything with Armour, unless the target is heavily poisoned as his damage track is not that high. Instead, make sure the target has a large amount of poison sat on them and let them die to Expunge and poison. Hard to Wound - Gives a negative flip to damage flips. A nice defensive ability that usually means he can save his Soulstones for other things. Organ Donor - Allows McMouring to heal a number of wounds equal to the damage he inflicts with Ml attacks (max 5 wounds per turn). This is one of the main reasons McMourning is so resilient. When low on wounds attempt to engage an enemy and regain a few body parts and wounds from them. If you have Moonlighting, try not to kill the target but lower their wounds enough that Expunge will kill them. That said, don't get caught up on having McMouring try to heal himself if he is in no danger and still has most of his wounds. If he is already in combat thats fine but don't actively spend AP attempting to engage enemies purely to heal. Now on to the back of his card and his actions. Surgical Implements - A high Ml but a low/medicore weak and moderate damage spread. Has the Infect (poison +1 with a crow built in) and This One's Ready (Push into base contact with target, needs a mask) triggers. As mentioned before, this is how he heals himself while also spreading low levels of poison. When combined with his Evidence Tampering upgrade, it is a great way to have McMourning 'teleporting' around while also healing. While his damage track is only 2/3/6 when combined with poison 1 you can think of it as more like 3/4/7 or if Sebastian is near by 5/6/9 - The damage can be increased further but I don't wish to complicate things too much. Rancid Transplant - Target gains poison 2 and for every undead model within 3" the target gains another poison 2. Beware though as this will damage the nearby undead models. This also comes with the trigger This Ones Ready. Trick number 1 - When combined with the Skin Graft upgrade this can be used to poison the target ready to be Expunged but also will damage nearby enemy models as they are given the Undead characteristic. And don't forget this bonus damage is irresistable so if enough enemies are nearby use it on the target 3 times for maximum damage before Expunging the target. Trick number 2 - This allows McMourning to quickly build up a large amount of poison himself to Expunge rather than relying on other models. Most people forget the he doesn't need someone with Transfusion to help him hand out poison. Trick number 3 - This action has the This Ones Ready trigger, if you have a mask in hand and want to engage the target or move about the board while handing out poison then cheat in a high mask or card with a stone to push into base contact. This can give you an extra 3" of movement over a walk action ontop of the other advantages such as poisoning models and escaping unwanted combats. - Don't forget you can target friendly models if you wish to flee combat without the risk of your opponent stopping you. Trick number 4 - Should McMourning wish to quickly move around for a scheme (such as Entourage) and his normal walk isn't enough (and a Nurse isn't near by) then this is a great way to get around. You can use your own models as targets to fill in the gaps when an enemy model isn't quite in range. Expunge - Target suffers a number of wounds equal to the amount of poison on them (max 9 then drops the condition by 9). Also, you only need to equal the opponents final duel. Beating it by 5 has the same effect as beating it by 1, the full damage will still be applied. Expunge is the Yin to Rancid Transplants Yang. Clearly these two were made for one another. This is the (0) action you want to aim for each turn and make sure whatever poor model is Expunged, has enough poison (or low enough wounds) to be killed instantly by this spell. Trick number 1 - I only use this if no other option is possible but if your opponent has no way to remove the poison condition then Expunge is a great way to kill Hard to Kill models (that have 10 or less wounds). If you put at least poison n (n= targets number of wounds +1) on them then they are as good as dead. - This trick assumes there is no healing or condition removal which is why I only use it as a last resort. Injection - Pushes target upto its walk, gives it poison 2 then drops a scheme marker. A (0) action that is commonly overlooked (including by myself) and as you will see, it has a lot of uses! This is usually the (0) action I use the least but thats not to say it doesn't have its uses. If using Expunge turn 1 isn't possible then this is the (0) I look to, mostly just as another way to poison a model some more and get a little extra movement out of said model. This can be a useful ability to complete various schemes as it effetively allows McMourning to drop 2-3 scheme markers in a single activation - This is a great action for completing A Line in the Sand for example. Trick number 1 - This can be a useful ability to pull/push models into or out of situations. Had a model lured too far away and it's about to get jumped? Simply Inject it and have it push itself back towards your other models. It's a great way to catch opponents off guard as most people forget this ability even exists. Trick number 2 - Sort of an extention to the first trick but if you're opponent has Distract or Cursed Object you can Inject the model with the condition and move them out of combat so they can attempt to remove said condtion. Trick number 3 - Don't forget you can target Insignificant models as Inject isn't and Interact action, you simply drop a marker. This is also a good way to have 2 markers dropped next to one another should space/positioning be tight. Trick number 4 - This can allow a model to drop a scheme marker in the middle of a group of enemies or near the enemy master for schemes such as Spring the Trap or Plant Explosives while looking like you are attempting to engage said enemies. Trick number 5 - This can allow a model to quickly Deliver a Message rather than having to engage the enemy master and survive a turn to do so. So, onto his upgrades. Moonlighting - Can hire upto 4 Guild Guards or Lawyers, allows Flesh Constructs to be summoned via Expunge and Canine Remains via things dying due to poison nearby.... Simply put its a must take upgrade and a bargain at only 1SS! Abra Cadaver! Turns Expunge from a nasty spell to a downright dirty spell and pushes it into an even more powerful (0) action. The free Flesh Contruct from Living/Undead models is just a great bonus and why you want to be attempting to kill at least 1 target a turn with Expunge. Trick - This combines very well with the Skin Graft ability from Plastic Surgery as it will allow you to turn anything into a Flesh Construct. Road Kill Scholar is a nice passive ability that gives you a free Canine Remains for every Living/Undead model that dies due to poison. This combines nicely with Catalyst and Induction (from Sebastian) and should a viable target come up it gives the Zombie Chihuahua something to aim for! Plastic Surgery - Allows him to give models the Undead characteristic and to push upto 5" when he suffers damage due to poison. This is a situational upgrade and one I probably overlook more than I should do but it is a very useful upgrade in the right game. Skin Graft combines very well with the trigger Abra Cadaver! from Moonlighting (as described above). It also allows McMouring to damage enemy models with Rancid Transplant which would otherwise be immune to (again as described above). Thats the Stuff - A great way to move around for a single point of damage. If McMourning activates near Sebastian it can potentially allow him to push 10" in a single turn... Combine that with his normal walk and thats 25" in a turn... And he could travel even further with the right Rancid Transplant and Scalpel Slinging targets! Trick number 1 - This is a great way to allow McMouring to complete various schemes that require movement or scheme markers to be dropped as he can gain increased movement speed or can save more of his actions for dropping markers. Trick number 2 - This can also allow McMourning to push out of danger or away from models wishing to attack him or used short ranged abilties and allow other models to deal with said threats while he goes elsewhere. Trick number 3 - Should you also have the Evidence Tampering upgrade, this can allow McMourning to steal scheme markers at the end of the game with a cheeky last push denying precious VPs to your opponent and possibly claiming some for yourself in the process. This can potentially allow him to steal scheme markers 9". Evidence Tampering - Allows him to claim all scheme markers within 4" of himself at the end of the game and gives him access to his signature Scalpel Slinging action. I probably take this upgrade far too much and don't end up using it much either. Evidence Tampering lets him claim scheme markers allowing him to deny an opponent their scheme while possibly allowing you to complete your own. This also combines with the ability Thats the Stuff (as described above). Scalpel Slinging - A 6" ranged Surgical Implements attack action which is a (0) action, and don't forget he has access to both his Infect trigger and This Ones Ready trigger. This gives McMourning upto 4 attack actions a turn and another action that can allow him to move about the board without using an AP for walking. Spare Parts - While not specifically a McMouring only upgrade I feel it suits him more than most other Masters. This allows the summoning of Guild Autopsies and the powerful Rogue Necromancy. I have started taking this upgrade instead of Plastic Surgery but I haven't used it much. Both of the the following abilities require corpses which McMouring has very little interest in and so can result in the potential to summon a Rogue Necromancy fairly quickly. Of the two options only Masterpiece is worth spending a Soulstone on (for the crow). Good Enough for Governement Work would only be worth the Soulstone should you still have a fair few left turns 3/4/5. Good Enough for Government Work - Allows the summoning of Guild Autopsies, for a corpse, which allows McMouring to actively summon in additional significant models that doesn't entirely rely on enemy models. Trick number 1 - Brings in poison 5 ready for someone to Transfuse. Trick number 2 - This can allow McMourning to summon a model and then inject them to push and drop a scheme marker (especially useful as this would take him 3AP rather than 1AP and his (0). Trick number 3 (beta) - Allows for easy summoning of Sim-29 (who is still in beta) using up their poison. Masterpiece - Allows the summoning of the Rogue Necromancy at the cost of a (2) and 4 corpses. This allows McMouring to summon in a new beatstick. Given his lack of interest in corpses having 4 to spare will not likely be an issue nor will miss them. Don't forget you can place the model in base contact with any of the corpses, this gives the Rogue Necromancy a huge threat range given the base size and its melee range. Unknowable Pain - allows other models to push their Cg towards a model which damages it (requires a mask). Not something I would give McMourning and considering its limited use its not something I've considered much either. Decaying Aura - Prevents healing and damage prevention from Soulstones within a 4" aura A very strong upgrade but not one I have actually used on McMourning however it is a strong option and one to consider highly should you decide to play McMourning as a more Beatstick master. Transfusion - Tranfers poison from a model to the target... This is NOT something McMourning himself wants to be taking due to it being a (0) action and he already has 2/3 really strong options already. Possible ways to use McMourning. The Poison Bomber - Using Rancid Transplant (along with other models Infect triggers, the Horrific Odor ability from the Zombie Chihuahua and poison from Embalmed models) to spread poison to all enemy models and high levels of poison to 1 model each turn to be Expunged. This allows a ticking of 1-2 (or 3-6) points of damage each turn due to poison on any model targeted and that comes near McMourning or Sebastian. This damage combined with that that comes from Canine Remains and Guild Autopsies can quickly become too much for most crews and typically sees their models die very quickly. This method however does require some set up and should an opponent realise what you doing will attempt to counter this by focusing on Sebastian and/or McMourning. For this style I would take Moonlighting, Spare Parts and another upgrade of your choice along with a Nurse, Sebastian with Transfusion and Those Are Not Ours! and the Zombie Chihuahua along with some Canine Remains and Guild Autopsies. Possibly Rafkin with Decaying Aura or Transfusion. The Melee Beatstick - Mostly using Surgical Implement attacks and either Scalpel Slinging or Expunge to kill models up close and personally. This will require a cache of 6/7 to keep him alive longer and to make sure he has the right cards. You will likely want to keep high masks for when you need him to push into another target via Scalpel Slinging or Rancid Transplant should the target be further away or a possible Expunge target. Expuning a target also works for the Beaststick McMourning on low wound targets. Sebastian is still a great piece and worth taking to take full advantage of the poison that will still be getting handed out. Using McMourning as a Beatstick will draw a large amount of attention to him and so most Stones will likely be used to reduce damage in order to let him heal some of the damage and kill another model. For this style I would take Moonlighting, then either Plastic Surgery or Evidence Tampering or Decaying Aura or Spare Parts to taste. Sebastian would also be back with the same upgrades as would the Nurse and Zombie Chihuahua. Rafkin would be used with Decaying Aura should McMourning not use it. Canine Remains, Guild Autopsies and Flesh Constructs would fill the rest of the crew. Obviously theres somewhere in between the two which is where I feel lies his true strength. He can switch between the two quite easily and adapt to any given situation. My preference is to start with the Poison Bombing style and to slowly use him as more of a melee beatstick as the game prgresses and the number of models drops (thus making Rancid Transplant less effective). As such I usually take Moonlighting, Sebastian with Transfusion, Rafkin, a Nurse, the Zombie Chihuahua and Guild Autopsies and Canine Remains and other upgrades depending on the enemy faction and the Strategy and Schemes being played. Strategy and Schemes for McMourning; Overall very balanced with no real weaknesses. Strategies - McMourning can play equally well with all 5 of the Strategies but he has a particular fondness for Turf War due to the fact enemies have to come to the middle in a small area which allows him to maximise the effectiveness of his poison tricks. However this does mean you will likely need to protect Sebastian as this will make him a high priority target for most opponents. His weakness is Reckoning due to Poison kills not counting towards his crews kill count. Don't let your opponent use this against you! Schemes - Again McMourning can complete all of the Schemes without any real difficulty and has a fondness for those that require killing (Make them Suffer), scheme markers (A Line in the Sand or Plant Explosives) or movement (Entourage). However he does have issues with Frame for Murder (due to Expunge or Surgical Implements) and Deliver a Message (if playing as a Melee Beatstick). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sebastian As with McMourning, Sebastian has fairly average looking stats, including his wounds. However, don't overlook his Height of 1 (no pun intended!) this means he needs to be placed carefully to maximise his Catalyst and Induction abilities and to pay careful attention to anything with Devour. Sebastian is a model who is typically ignored by opponents who have yet to face him due to his lack of any direct level of damage, while those who have fought against him before will know the true level of damage he is capable of, that said he is an excellent choice for Bodyguard and having a Nurse stick close to him ususally results in him surviving most games, that said I find being slightly more cautious with him is a good idea, he is good but not that good! A good thing to remember is his small height means he can safely hide behind most other models taller than himself until his more destuctive abilities are needed. As a side note, I typically find myself spending most of Sebastian's AP simply moving into useful positions to make the most of Induction, Catalyst and Transfusion. Occasionally Under Cover if its appriopriate. Simply put Sebastian is typically all about passive damage (augmenting poison) rather than aggressive damage (i.e using his Bonesaw or Bloody Harvest) although this is possibly due to my style of play. His abililties; Catalyst - This makes models take poison damage when they activate. Don't forget this as its a great way to get free damage on nearby enemies! Trick number 1 (Usually combined with Induction) - If your opponent has a model with 1/3 wounds and at least Poison +1 (without Regen +1) it is usually best to walk up to said model and allow the model to kill itself when it activates (usually forcing your opponent to try and save it should said model be worthwhile). This is especially useful against more powerful/expensive models and if McMourning is nearby with the Moonlighting upgrade even better - Be aware that this will likely further increase the size of the target sign clearly aimed at him. Trick number 2 - Use Catalyst to heal models with Embalmed or Mithridization. When they activate the poison damage will tick, thus healing them for a wound instead. - Be aware that this will burn through any built up poison or poison from embalmed very quickly! Trick number 3 - Poison is a great way around Hard to Kill, Catalyst gives you another chance to finish off such annoying models who are near death just in case you fell short with your attack and 1 point of poison damage just isnt enough. Trick number 4 - This will allow McMourning (with Plastic Surgery) to gain a free push at the start of his activation (not just at the end of the turn) as Catalyst does not effect the model with the ability, despite being an aura. Hard to Wound - Gives a negative flip to damage flips. A nice defensive ability that usually means Sebastian can save his Soulstones for other things like damage prevention. Induction - This increases the damage from the Poison condition from 1 to 3. This does combine with Catalyst however the range on Induction is slightly lower and thankfully it doesn't effect friendly models, this means models unlucky enough to be caught in his Induction and Catalyst ranges can take upto 6 damage a turn from poison. Also don't make the mistake I did and miss off the word 'friendly' when reading this ability. Risk vs Reward - This ability has a risk/reward style of play. You can either run Sebastian into a group of Poisoned enemies to make them suffer damage upon activating. This increases the level of damage the enemy sustains that turn but usually makes Sebastian the number 1 priority and you will likely have to spend several Soulstones to prevent damage and have a Nurse heal him. The safer way is to run him into a group of Poisoned enemies at the end of a turn once they have all activated. This results in less damage in the short term but it will allow Sebastian to do more damage or board control in the long run. Unnerving Aura - If you take Unnerving Aura this will further increase his threat level and can promote either playstyle although moving him into range as soon as possible will likely result in most models dying at the end of the turn, should they be unable to escape his Aura's. Accomplice - Another model can activate after this model. Always a strong ability and should not be overlooked! Trick - This is a great way around crews with condtion removal. Should Sebatian be able to use Transfusion (assuming the upgrade is taken) to transfer a lethal level of poison to a target, using Accomplice on McMourning will allow him to Expunge the target before the poison can be removed. This takes some minor set up but for the most part shouldn't deviated too much from how you would be playing, the main difference is to not send McMourning too far up and to be more cautious with the model carrying all of the poison (making sure the enemy can't remove it before Expunging the target). Sebastian's actions; Bonesaw - A fairly standard Ml and damage track. Although it does have the Infect trigger built in. Trick - Should you hit the target, they will automatically receive the Poison +1 condtion as Infect doesn't need any damage to be inflicted. When you combine his damage track and the poison he gives out (when combined with Induction) his damage track is closer to 5/6/8 for his first attack. Should he get a second crow in the duel it becomes closer to 8/9/11 if the enemy has yet to activate and fails to move out of his Induction aura. This means Sebastian is no slouch in combat and can certainly dish out plenty of damage, although this won't always be the optimim way to use him. Under Cover - Puts enemy attack actions with the gun icon on a negative flip although it needs a 4+ of crows to use. Trick - Assuming you have the low crow (as spending the Soulstones is usually not worth it), have Sebastian move up and use this ability to help defend against incoming attacks, if possible behind (hard) cover to make sure Sebastian is safe (due to a double negative flip assuming if using hard cover). Don't forget that his lasts until his next activation so place him well! You want to be able to leave him there as long as possible. Be aware, using this will likely result in the enemy focusing their shots, thus negating Hard to Wound and the negative flip. This has the advantage of less attacks and AP spent elsewhere but means they are more likely going to be able to cheat their damage flip, possibly taking out an importantly placed model. Bloody Harvest - Enemies take a Df 8 + number equal to poison condition (on Sebastian) duel or suffer 4 damage. Max duel total is 17, although for most models this is high enough to be practically auto-damage (most models will need a 12+ to pass). Situational and needs some set up (as too little poison results in too low a TN for its victims) but can result in a lot of dead models if you or your opponent aren't careful as this effects both friendly and enemy models alike. Trick number 1 - Should McMourning be unable to Expunge a target that turn, having Sebastian use Transfusion on himself to stack the poison bomb onto himself (Poison will likely be between 8-14). And walking into a large group of enemies before using Bloody Harvest (or using it twice should he be already there) will likely result in 4/8 damage to all models in range. Trick number 2 - A continuation from trick 1. If Sebastian started his activation in a prime position to use Bloody Harvest once/twice and already had the Poison he needed. He can end his activation be simply attempting to Transfusion his Poison onto another model to avoid taking further damge himself. This can either be a Expunge target, or a friendly model with Embalmed/Mithridization. Sebastian's Upgrades and Upgrades to consider; Transfusion - Transfers poison from one model to another, including the caster. This is must take for Sebastian even though it is not his personal upgrade, it gives him a VERY useful and powerful (0) action that is good at catching people out due to the ability to double walk and Transfuse models upto 18" away. Also, you only need to equal the opponents final duel. Beating it by 5 has the same effect as beating it by 1. Trick number 1 - This can allow you to set up a target full of poison without using McMourning's AP to do so, ready to be Expunged. This is typically the primary use of this ability. Trick number 2 - This can allow you to pass around poison to a low wound model that poison will kill off, thus removing an enemy model and should McMourning be nearby, can allow him to summon a Canine Remains... This also works for friendly model's but targeting enemies is generally better unless you have a poor control hand. Trick number 3 - Sebastian can pass around poison to models nearby that are a threat and simply need reducing in wounds (3/6 depending on whether they have activated.) Trick number 4 - Allows Sebastian to pass poison around to help friendly models heal/stop friendly models taking poison damage. This also can be used to pass McMourning small amounts of poison to make furthe use of Thats the Stuff. This will usually be the lowest priority use for Transfusion, however it can be useful in the right circumstances. Those Are Not Ours! - Gives Sebastian a (0) action to sacrifice a friendly Undead model for a Soulstone and card. Also allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains from Corpses as a (1) action and a 6+ of crows. While not often used, this upgrade is usually taken as a 'just in case' style upgrade as it has a nice ability to help in various situations. Destroy Evidence - The (0) action. For a 5+ of any suit, this can be a nice little ability in a tight spot. I find it to be useful in 1 of 2 situations Trick number 1 - When playing Reckoning, if a friendly model is nearly dead, Destroy Evidence is a great way to remove the model and the opportunity for the enemy to gain any VP's from it's death. This works in a similar fashion to allowing a friendly model die to poison because of Catalyst. Trick number 2 - If you are on the last turn and either have no Soulstones left, no model to use Transfusion on, and the target will be of no use to the Strategy/Scheme, sacrificing them for a Stone and a Card can allow more damage preventions or + flips to duels etc. This can allow Sebastian or McMourning to complete/deny a scheme. e.g. McMourning gains another Stone to add a mask to an attack action for This One's Ready or Sebastian has another Stone to use for Damage Prevention. Mans Best Friend - Allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains. Again situational as it require a mid crow. Usually when using this ability I would only use 6-9 of crows (sometimes a 10) if I have them in hand (or I'll attempt to top deck it if no other options are available). Very rarely will I spend a stone on this spell unless turn 4 I still have 5-6 stones left and need more bodies for schemes. Trick number 1 - This can be a great way (as with all summoning spells) of throwing an opponent off a game psychologically. If they spend 2AP to kill a model and you simply bring it back with a 1 action. Provided only a moderate card is used this can be worth the Soulstone for the crow. Trick number 2 - Don't forget Canine Remains drop the defence of nearby enemy models and the majority of your crew attack against defence. Summoning in a new dog to walk up to an enemy (or 1 charging should they be poisoned) allows other models to target said model much more easily. Including (but not limited to) allowing lower cards to be used/cheated for Transfer and Expunge. Decaying Aura - Prevents healing and damage prevention from Soulstones within a 4" aura A very strong upgrade but not one that I feel really benefits Sebastian as much as it benefits McMourning or Rafkin (who has the strongest affinity with this upgrade). This will allow Sebastian's Induction and Catalyst abilities to work at full strength all the time however I have never been in a situation where I felt I needed it to be even better. Unknowable Pain - allows other models to push their Cg towards a model which damages it (requires a mask). Not something I would give Sebastian and considering its of limited use its not something I've considered much, other possible upgrades are of far more use. Unnerving Aura - Models that start and end within a 3" aura suffer 2 damage. This is oly recently something I have started to look at as a substitute for Those Are Not Ours! This means any model with the Poison +1 or +2 condition will suffer a potentially large® amount of damage for simply activating near Sebastian and should they attempt to kill him and fail, will likely result in their death. This is not an upgrade I have used yet but something that certainly seems like it could be good and a nasty surprise for anyone who forgets about it. Suffering upto 8 damage simpy for starting and ending an activation within 3" of Sebastian sounds fairly nasty. How practical this is in game is something I will need to test and update when possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Changes- Things to ask your opponent before a game (top of page), Minor Expunge update (mentions only equalling the opponents total is needed to apply full effects), Update to Strategies (Reckoning), Sebastian's entry. Minor change in formatting (hopefull a little easier to read). Hopefully this will be of some use to people. If it is please let me know and I'll make sure to get everyone else written up asap. If you spot any mistakes (which I have no doubt will be many) then please let me know. And if you have any suggestions of any kind (or want me to write about something in more detail) then again please let me know. I would really appreciate it as I would like this to become something everyone can use Next to come... The Zombie Chihuahua.
  9. Join us for a Holiday themed Story Encounter December 1st, 2018 Registration at 10:30 am, gaming at 11:00 Atomic Empire, Durham, NC Three rounds, fixed faction, using M2e rules (details available the day of) Come out and have fun, enjoy some gaming before the holidays and relatives get crazy!
  10. I've seen a few Tacticas here and there, but for my personal favourite master I've seen only threads with questions and ideas. I've been playing this nightmarish killer since he's been in Beta. I've tried my hand with and against every Master out so far, with the single exception of Shenlong, with this terror of Malifaux and I've learned quite a bit from it. So why not share my knowledge of this horror-bound "demon?" I'm talking about the elusive boy known as The Dreamer, of course! I'm hoping that everyone can learn at least something from this but my main goal is to try to help people be unafraid to try the Dreamer and perhaps pick him up as a permanent addition to their repertoire. A quick overview before we get more specifics! The Dreamer's Strengths - Large board control - Powerful summons and summoning - Extreme flexibility - Resilient master - Awesome flavour! (Seriously, his flavour is what got me into Malifaux. Props to Wyrd!) The Dreamer's Weakness - Every move requires consideration - Requires a largeish model pool - Hard to master - If you fight something that ignores incorporeal and/or defensive triggers, resilience gone. Now then, if you're still interested about him, let's get learning! The Dreamer Himself First thing to note is that, like a select few other Masters in the game, The Dreamer is first and foremost a control piece. I don't mean he can't do damage, as that is certainly not the case. What I mean is that a great deal of your control over fate is through The Dreamer. Fransico can still cut people in half without his sister and a Belle still has a Ca 8 without Seamus, but you'll find that your entire army seems to be made of molasses and glass without the blond boy from Earthside alongside them. Stats With a Df of 4 and only Wd 6 The Dreamer seems really easy to kill, at the very least easy to hit. You'll find, thankfully, it's actually a gigantic pain to take him down. His Wp of 7 means that Ca attacks will have a harder time hitting him. His impressive Wk 7 will allow you to easily maneuver him or, turn 4 or 5, have an unstoppable objective runner for those last few points. He also has a few less-noticed abilities: In not having any characteristics such as living, undead or construct he will be dodging quite a few hate from the ever-present Guild. His Ht 1 means you better put him in a good spot for line of sight because he's not seeing over anything, but it makes it ever easier to hide him away if you must. And he has a rather low cache of 3, so in order to take the full cache of 7 or even 6 it will cost you a Wicked Doll, two Daydreams, or an Insidious Madness' worth of models. Front-card abilities Incorporeal The easiest of his abilities to understand. It gives him a deceptively higher Wd pool than at first glance and the ability to move wherever he is needed with that high Wk of 7. Its only weakness is Ca actions but, thankfully, Ca actions are more likely than MI or Sh attacks to hit Wp. (Beware of attacks from Masters that do have Ca vs Df; Sonnia Criid, Rasputina, McMourning, and Nicodem as examples.), so he can rely on his high Wp to stave them off. Safe In My Bed This defensive trigger is automatic on his Df and only needs a if you're afraid someone is going to hit through his Wp. This allows him to discard a card to toss a successful attack against him off onto a friendly Nightmare model within 3''. Keeping chaff nearby, such as a Daydream and an Alp, allows him to kill them off in a manner similar to Collodi to keep him from being hit, keeping a high-regen model like Teddy or the nephilim twins to tank the shots and simply heal them off, or keeping the horrid Stitched Together nearby make him neigh-unkillable without some foreplanning. (More on them later!) Just be mindful, you're unlikely to have more than 3 cards to ditch to this ability: It isn't endless. (Note: This uses his final duel total for the modifiers, so if he flips a 7 [for a total 11] against a 17, tossing it off onto a Df 5 model won't force a on them. They're hitting on the straight they would've hit him on. But the new model takes the effects as if it had been the original target, ignoring The Dreamer entirely. As an example, if The Dreamer has Poison 6 when McMourning tries to Expunge him and he throws off the attack onto an unpoisoned Teddy nearby, your enforcer remains unharmed and McMorning doesn't have to take a Terrifying duel.) Pleasant Dreams Now we're cooking with gas! Whenever a friendly model activates within 6'' of your master they heal 3. Note that this doesn't say friendly Nightmare models, so if you find yourself taking a merc they still benifit from his pleasant dreams. This makes a lot of his army far harder to kill, from the Hard to Kill, Reactivating monstrosities the Stitched Together, to the twin Nephilim Lelu and Lilitu, to giving Teddy Regenerate 5. Key placement of The Dreamer is important to your success: Maximize your healing without putting him out of position. Release Nightmares Ah, the unique bit of the Dreamer, his duality. Every time he uses a summon he gains the condition Waking +1 that lowers his Pleasant Dreams healing by 1. If he gets Waking +3 he's no longer having any pleasant dreams and one more wakes him up, pulling him off the board. Right before he goes, though, his friend Lord Chompy Bits gets summoned within 6'' of him. We'll discuss the big guy himself later on, but the important bits of this interaction is another big place where foreknowledge will come in handy. Controlling when to summon, when to hold off and when to go all out to get out Chompy is important when controlling his pleasant dreams. Lord Chompy Bits can nix himself the turn he comes out as a (0) action, allowing a double walk to re-position himself before bringing the Dreamer back out in position once more. Release Nightmares removes all conditions from The Dreamer, not just his Waking, so if you're really scared of being Burned, Blighted or Poisoned you can wake up just long enough to get rid of them. You can use this to hide him if Assassinate is really pressing down on you. Wake up from the dreamland of Malifaux and just stay awake until the death of Lord Chompy Bits forces you back to sleep, then do your best to hide again in one or two turns (depending on your choice of limited upgrades.) A Fun Game of Cards: How The Dreamer influences Fate. The best strength of The Dreamer is how much influence he holds over his friends. Lets break down these abilites, shall we? Twist Reality With a decent Sh 6 and a solid Rg 12 or 1 The Dreamer can hit quite a bit with this nifty skill. It has a weak damage profile of 1/2/4 but its the triggers where this skills strength lies. If you nick a you get the powerful Unhinge trigger, paralyzing the target if it's Wp is 4 or less. This includes your decreases to Wp, so if someone with Wp 5 is within range of your Daydreams or a Weaver Widow's web marker, they're a target as well. You'd be surprised to find how easy it is to paralyze someone when all you need to do is tie them, especially with some (Ototo comes to mind) having a naturally low Wp (therefore requiring no setup before throwing the trigger at them. You can also push all friendly Nightmares their walk towards the target on a so long as they're already within 6''. Not game-endingly powerful, but useful. It makes for a nice alpha-strike before or after setting up for a strong Surrounded by Nightmares shot. Tucked In A (0) that lowers his Waking condition by 1, and being his only (0) action, means that he can naturally drop it once every turn. Unless your goal is to max out on Waking, get Lord Chompy Bits, then pop The Dreamer back out on the Tyrant's activation, use this every turn to drop your Waking and increase the healing from your pleasant dreams. Daydreaming Requiring a 7 of any suit to go off, this useful skill is his only printed summoning ability. A success gets you a Daydream within 6'', getting a 7 or better gets you the optional trigger to get an Alp instead. It also causes the Waking +1 condition, as both of his summoning abilities do. With the relatively low card requirement, getting new Daydreams for their Disturbing Whispers or Alps to gum up the tracks and throw out Slow isn't hard to do. Empty Night And here it is. That ever-present control that you were told so much about. Requiring a 4 of any suit to go off, as it comes with the prerequisite , and a range of 6'' you'll need to position yourself carefully to use this skill to its full extent. This skill hits Minions and Nightmares, just as any theme master can. Each suit gets you a different trigger: Journey, the automatic trigger, gets you a 6'' push and a free MI attack. That's 2 free AP you just handed out, provided you make use of it. You can push Teddy into combat and give him a free swing, push a friendly Lilitu out of combat and still let her use her Whip, the mobility of your army is astounding with the use of this skill. Everyone within 6'' of a model of yours needs to fear being in combat before they even know what hit them. Frantic gets you fast on the targeted model. Useful to remove slow from whatever you just summoned, giving your beater an extra swing, a caster an extra go, or you can throw it on one of the nephilim twins and the other will get it for free. Without a specific goal in mind, Frantic is simply another Journey, but with a twist. Stitches heals 2 on the targeted model. With this trigger at your disposal, your enemy better learn to drop someone in one go or nothing's going to die. Teddy can have 1 wound, activate, and after a few stitches he's good as new Just a Dream lets you remove a single condition on the target. Useful if you're trying to end Slow but not Whispers in Blood, or Poison but not Defensive. The real use of this trigger is the option to immediately take this skill again when you get this trigger. If you've got the tomes or the luck, you can just keep ending conditions one after the other. Nix slow on all of your newly-summoned models with 1 AP. Another useful trick is if you've got no cards to throw away on this and you flip a tomes, choose this trigger and point at whatever model you want, then just flip again. It basically gives you a chance to simply re-flip your card for this skill. Using this in tandem with your summoning allows The Dreamer to appear like a conductor, leading the battle exactly where he wants it to be. A Tantrum or Playtime: The Dreamer's Other Upgrades Like all masters, The Dreamer has a set number of additional upgrades that can be purchased by only him and one extra that may be taken by him or a Nightmare. Like The Dreamer they span the spectrum of damage to utility. Lying Down to Sleep: New Nightmares or a game with Lord Chompy Bits? Before we get into his other upgrades, I'll ask the question which decides quite a bit of your list: Which limited upgrade do I take? Your choice is between using Lord Chompy Bits to do your killing or bring new friends to the party. Dreams of Pain - 5SS For a whopping 5 stones The Dreamer has access to a specific set of summoning: Nightmares. It's similar to most other "Choose a Model" summoning: You start with a 6 and need a 10 :mask plus the soulstone cost of your named model. Shorthand is just add 4 to the soulstone cost and know what you're going to need to flip, cheat, stone or use your Daydreams to hit. If you want a Stitched Together at 6SS you're going to need to flip a 10 , for example. (Ratty has lovingly created a card with the prerequisite cards needed to summon using The Dreamer here.) If you do use a second source to get that and you also sneak a in there, you'll get a trigger that nixes slow from the newly made model, too! Once again, things aren't as easy as they seem: Your summoned friends come in at 1 wound and you gain the Waking +1 condition each time you dream a new friend. Manage them carefully, activate smart and his Pleasant Dreams will have them back to normal in no time. Just be wary, it is possible to summon two new friends, have one activate safely and the other die to a stray bullet. Such is fate. If you manage yourself well and keep models alive, you're opponent will be crushed beneath an never stemming tide of Nightmares. At the very least, it'll give them something to play with while you quietly sweep up all the objectives and make out like a burglar with your full 10 VP. Dreams of Pain is a solid choice if you need on-the-fly flexibility and movement control, in addition to a stronger support presence. If you did decide to go this route, feel free to read up on the New Friends section later on about summoning and your other tactics! Restless Dreams - 1SS As a sharp counterpoint to the expensive alternative, for only 1SS you give Lord Chompy Bits a quite useful ability: Melee Expert. Since the Tyrant is only a Henchman, this gives him 3 AP to work with on his turn and you'll be surprised how far it goes. Restless Dreams also adds the stipulation onto his shooting attacks, either from his printed card or his upgrade Toss and Turn, that they all now grant Waking +1 (provided that Lord Chompy Bits hasn't activated already this round, as to inhibit the shenanigans of activating with him, burying him after 3 attacks, bringing back the Dreamer who shoots 4 times and brings him back out for a second activation.) This means that is is far easier to get out Lord Chompy bits, rather than relying on many summons or sacrificing a Daydream and, well, relying on many summons. Restless Dreams is a solid choice if you need flexibility in starting models and a powerful, yet resilient, killer. If this is the route you choose, please read up on Lord Chompy Bits entry below! Otherworldly - 2SS The true draw of this upgrade is it gives The Dreamer the ever-powerful ability Accomplice. No more will you summon a model at 1 Wd and then pass turn to allow it to die before your pleasant dreams could heal it. Now you can summon a Stitched Together and chain activate to it to allow it to heal above its Hard to Kill before passing it off to your opponent. This also allows for some very powerful alpha strikes. Combine this with a hard hitter like Teddy an Empty Night's Journey trigger for three casts to give Teddy 3 free attacks, then chain activate to him to allow two, three or even four more. Combine with the Nephilim twins to keep them very hardy if you get the first turn. Heal them and give them fast (since both of those are shared) then chain activate to Lilitu to take Whispers in Blood 2 or 3 times. This puts them both at almost full wounds (between your Stitches trigger, her regeneration, your pleasant dreams) and with a double or triple positive on defense flips. It also gives you the tactical action (1) Playtime which gives the condition Playtime to a friendly model within 6''. This allows you to draw a card whenever that model deals damage. Once again, this condition is shared between the Nephilim twins, so applying it once lets them both have it. If you're scared for your life or simply want better cards t o cheat with, you can spend one AP to give this to the twins and let them wail on someone, which they were probably going to do anyway. Tantrum - 2SS This skill offers The Dreamer ranged expert, giving him 1 AP that he can spend on Twist Reality or the attack action this skill gives him, Surrounded by Nightmares. Free AP is never a bad thing. Surrounded by Nightmares is a Ca 7 resisted on Wp at a Rg of 8. The targetted model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3'' and line of sight of it. While this may not seem like much, the killing potential this offers The Dreamer is significant. Your models are quite hardy while your master is alive, and if your concern is one tanky model, prepare for it to be shred to pieces. Use your Twist Reality to draw everyone towards them, and then you have a high Ca skill that they can't cheat to lower the damage from or force negatives on. Even if they tie you, you do full damage, which will catch many people's foreplanning of guard. Your Daydreams both add to the skill's damage and lower their Wp to allow for an easier hit. Combine this skill with the Weaver Widow and anything in your way will fall quickly. (This skill is also a Wp based attack and will trigger Smell Fear on Teddy, even if it does no damage. Keep this in mind if you have nothing to do with that ranged expert!) On Dreaming Wings - 2SS This upgrade can be taken by The Dreamer or one of his Nightmares, however it is Rare 1, so you can't take it on both. The upgraded model gets +1 Wk and grants Flight to all friendly Nightmare models within 6. While you can take this on The Dreamer to give him a stunning Wk 8, he can't use the Flight he is granted, and while you want to keep your models within 6'' of him for his pleasant dreams, you'll be surprised how often someone trying to move forward to hug the everloving daylights out of an enemy they lose the ability to fly just before they get to the enemies they have to fly over. Instead, I find this upgrade useful on one of two models: Teddy or Coppelius. Giving Teddy wings allows him to fly right where he needs to be and start hugging everyone, it also gives him a respectable Wk 6 to get there on his own. The Stitched Together and other slower models will have an easier time following him with his wings as well and he makes for a good front line friend. On Coppelius you have one of the most powerful objective runners in the game. If you have Breakthrough on the table, or you're playing corner or flank deployment, consider this upgrade on Coppelius. You've got a Wk 8 model that can fly, is terrifying, and can take on almost any other non-leader model in hand to hand, after a few eyes of course. He can drop Alp friends as he goes if he starts picking up stragglers, but in reality, since you've been summoning new friends you don't have to worry about the 10 SS you spent on him. While you're busy killing, distracting or playing with the enemy, Coppelius is making off like a theif with your other 6 VP. Tying it All Up like a New Shoe Alright, you understand all of his new skills. But how would you use these in conjunction? Individual character interactions, things that are specific to a model not just The Dreamer's skills, will be mentioned in the New Friends section, but how would our little friend work up his tactics and start being the maestro of his playing field? We'll go through a sample turn later as well, so let's do a quick outline: Use your Wk 7 to stay in position to heal, out of easy target range. Never stray too far from a few bullet-shields and always keep a model within 3''. With Empty Night alone you can do a lot on The Dreamer's turn: Save it for as long as you can, especially if you're planning on being very summon heavy or planning a powerful charge with Lord Chompy Bits. Never leave The Dreamer at Waking +3. Either aim to top-out and get Lord Chompy Bits or save your actions for another turn. Positioning is key. You should always be happy with where The Dreamer is standing. Scheme markers are powerful things. Even without shenanigans, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can threaten objectives like The Dreamer. Stitches into a chain activate can save a lot of models from certain death. Always know when to let something die, never fight too hard to keep a summonable, even Lord Chompy Bits.
  11. 'Hi, So, I'm 4 games in with Zipp now - 1 club game last Monday and 3 games at a 30-player event yesterday. I have 3 more today in another event. I thought I'd start a thread on what I'm doing with him and his crew, the pool of models I'm using, and the schemes I'm choosing. How long I'll keep this up I have no idea, but it might be something to chat about. Crew pool! Firstly, I'm only running Zipp - single master - because he looks fun (he has an airship and can drop pianos on folks!!), so I have to make him work regardless of strategy and scheme pool. I have chosen to use a pool of models that I think work thematically together - but will admit that I don't have many models from the gremlin range and have been wanting to keep a tight reign on my spending on this project, so it's not getting out of hand. the pool currently stands at: zipp crew box (obviously) merris (because she also has a jet pack) sparks (to help earl out in engineering) burt and Gracie (I can see the braggart action hero and Zipp verbal battles, and his pet pig is s must if you take Burt IMO as they are a team in the fluff) gremlin taxidermist (ship's cook/doctor/ammo provider) stuffed piglets (pushing these over the side like the pianos is a mental picture that makes me giggle) pere ravage (ship's tactical officer) pigapult (since I can't arm the ship with cannons in Malifaux yet, this will have to do!) this model hasn't been built yet, I'll be doing that during the next week. trixibelle and McTavish (added as they were models I owned. Trixi at least is the crew's....entertainment. I can't think of a fluff reason for McTavish, but I like my proxy. Honestly, at this point I can't see myself using either, but I'll leave them in for now) I've not used everything yet. Still on the bench are: merris sparks pere ravage (and pigapult, Trixi, McTavish as described above) but I aim to fix some of that today in my second event with the gang. Set up! I'm going upgrade heavy so far. Zipp encourages this with his limited upgrades anyway. on Zipp: ive been taking gift of the gab and rambling diatribe as standard and varying the last upgrade. In that last slot I've gone with hovering airship once, do over once and dirty cheater twice. Gift of the gab has had no effect because I've not had Zipp in the right parts of the board or I've forgotten about it. It has given me free upgrades though, so it's worth it for that. rambling diatribe has been great. I tend to target my own crew with this to get rid of rubbish from my hand and recharge it (and get a scrap marker). Of the others, do over has some synergy with diatribe but I'm not sure about it yet. Dirty cheater has healed a couple of wounds in one game, and I'd consider it if neutralise the leader is in the pool. The airship was good on him as he's mobile enough to put out multiple pianos a turn, something the skeeters do a lot less well when they carry it. I want to try this on him more - it's never going to be dropped from the crew, it's just a question of who carries it. on First Mate: ive used him in all my games, and always with the upgrades treasure map and where the captain can't see. when opponents drop scheme markers, he's golden. Otherwise, these upgrades feel like a waste, not so much that I'd feel like dropping him from the list, but I may have found a carrier for dirty cheater if Zipp isn't using it. the combo of abilities, and his own ability, make for a potent mix. on skeeters: ive used spotlight once, when I used 3 skeeters in my first game. In the event yesterday, I used 2 skeeters in all 3 games and took airship on one and explosives on the other. I have dropped pianos and enjoyed it, but want to drop more! I've not used any action on either of the other two, but I found myself missing the spotlight one in 2 games yesterday. I think whichever one I drop I'll suddenly see a need for in the next game I play. other upgrades: ive used dirty cheater on Burt 3 times. It's been good on him, topping him up above hard to kill and I think I'd always give him a copy if I ran him. I've not upgraded anything else to date. thats all I've got time for right now as I need to get ready for the event - I'll get back to you with an update this evening. Joel
  12. As a newer player I’ve found that a lot of fantastic ideas can be found on the forums, PullMyFinger, Podcasts and several different blogs. However to make live a bit easier for newer players I decided to make a Compendium for the Guild. It covers all models we have now and will continue to be updated with further releases and obviously synergies. This Compendium acts as: - An oversight of all the Guild models (including exclusives) with links to the models - An small summery of all functionalities the Guild models have - An oversight of all the Guild cards with (including exclusives) links to the cards - A list of several sources you can use for you tactical advantage as a Guild player Note: If you are a Guild veteran this Compendium might be less of an interesting topic to look into. However feel free to add your experiences, synergy ideas and other tactical opinions used. - BOX SETS - The Guild’s Judgement - Lady Justice - The Judge - Scales of Justice - 3x Death Marshal Lady Justice’s boxed set gives you a melee orientated Master that synergizes very well with Death Marshals and are known as the Ressurrectionist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of melee hitting power plus possible ranged support and a fast way for Death Marshals to go up the board. The Latigo Posse - Perdita Ortega - Francsico Ortega - Santiago Ortega - Nino Ortega - Papa Loco - Enslaved Nephilim Perdita Ortega’s boxed set gives you a ranged orientated Master that synergizes very well with Family models and are known as the Neverborn hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of ranged power plus great push synergizes and melee power to threaten your opponent very quick. The Torch and the Blade - Sonnia Criid - Samael Hopkins - Purifying Flame - 3x Witchling Stalker Sonnia Criid’s boxed set gives you a caster orientated Master that is very capable of clearing the board of swarms of miniatures by melee, ranged and burning attacks. They are known as the Arcanist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers fantastic casting power from Sonnia plus great melee power in melee thanks to the Witchling Stalkers. Body of Evidence - Douglas McMourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua - Flesh Construct - Canine Remains - 2x Nurse McMourning’s boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Ressurrectionists melee Master that is extremely hard hitting in melee and uses poison attacks to clear the board very quickly. He offers you the option to go deeper into Ressurrectionists or act as a Guild Master with a good grip of Ressurrectionist models available to your Guild crew. Of Metal and Flesh - Charles Hoffman - Mechanical Attendant - 2x Hunter - Guardian - Watcher C. Hoffman’s boxed set gives you a construct orientated caster Master that is capable of synergizing with a lot of construct models and as a result can have a limited acces to Arcanist Construct models. He offers you great upgrade support for your crew’s constructs. Bound by Law - Lucius Matheson - Captain Dashel - The Scribe - 2x Guild Lawyer - 2x Guild Guard Lucius’ boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Neverborn support orientated Master that is capable of letting your Guardsmen perform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has a limited acces to Mimic Neverborn models. He offers allround casting support for your crew. Relic Hunters - Lucas McCabe (on foot and mounted) - Sidir Alchibal - Luna - 3x Wastrel McCabe’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Luna. He offers great allround upgrade support for your crew. The Pen is Mightier - Nellie Cochrane - Phiona Gage - The Printing Press - 3x Field Reporter Nellie’s boxed set gives you a support orientated Master that is capable of supporting your other crew models thanks to evidence. Her boxed set is scheme orientated and allows you to build pressure with casting attacks, melee attacks and scheme’s. She offers great allround casting support for your crew. Wild Ones (Nightmare Edition) - Rollins Black (alternate Lucas McCabe on foot and mounted) - Cherri Bomb (alternate Sidir Alchibal) - Iggy Pup (alternate Luna) - Elli Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) - Patti Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) Rollin’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Iggy Pup. He offers great allround support for your crew. Crossroad Seven (Story Encounter) - Greed - Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust and Gluttony The Crossroad Seven’s boxes gives you a very cool story encounter and allows you to pick and choose from a very wide selection of Mercenaries with Greed being a Guild Enforcer herself based around taking and giving away Soulstones. - MASTERS - Lady Justice - Melee Master, high damage and self sufficient, Guild Marshal Perdita Ortega - Ranged Master, hard to hit and Family synergy, Family Sonnia Criid - Casting Master, Blasts and Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Douglas McMourning - Guild/Ressurrectionist, Melee Master, Poison synergy Charles Hoffman - Casting Master, fantastic Construct support, MS&U Lucius Matheson - Guild/Neverborn, Casting Master, Minion support, Mimic Lucas McCabe - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Master, fantastic Minion support, Black Sheep Nellie Cochrane - Casting Master, fantastic Minion support, Journalist - HENCHMAN - Captain Dashel - Combined arms Henchman, Minion support, Guardsman Dr. Grimwell - Melee Henchman, Witch Hunter Francisco Ortega - Melee Henchman, fantastic defensive support, Family Master Queeg - Combined arms Henchman, allround Support, Black Sheep, Guardsman Phiona Gage - Melee Henchman, Terrain creator, Journalist Ryle Hoffman - Combined arms Henchman, Construct, MS&U Samael Hopkins - Ranged Henchman, Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Sidir Alchibal - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Henchman, Black Sheep The Judge - Combined arms Henchman, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal - ENFORCER - Abuela Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, non-Leader support, Family Allison Dade - Casting Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Journalist Brutal Emissary - Combined arms Enforcer, Buried attack, forces Wk duel, different Upgrade linked to Master Death Marshal Recruiter (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal support, Buried synergy, Guild Marshal Executioner (2) - Melee Enforcer, enemy Scheme marker synergy Exorcist (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal Greed - Casting Enforcer, Soulstone synergy, Crossroad Seven Guild Sergeant (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Guardsman Nino Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, Family synergy, Family Nurse Heartsbane - Combined arms Enforcer, Witch Hunter Pale Rider - Combined arms Enforcer, gaining stronger triggers as the turns continue Papa Loco - Combined arms Enforcer, fantastic offensive support, explosive death, Family Peacekeeper - Combined arms Enforcer, difficult to destroy, Construct Santiago Ortega - Combined arms Enforcer, Family The Lone Marshal - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal Witchling Handler (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Witchling Stalker synergy, Witch Hunter - MINION - Brutal Effigy - Ranged Minion, Leader support Death Marshal (3) - Combined arms Minion, Buried attack, Guild Marshal Field Reporter (3) - Casting Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Journalist, Woe Guardian - Melee Minion, fantastic defensive support, Construct Guild Austringer (2) - Ranged Minion, no LoS requirement, Scheme marker synergy, Guardsman Guild Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Guardsman Guild Hound (4) - Melee Minion, enemy Scheme marker synergy Guild Lawyer (2) - Casting Minion, non-Leader support, Mimic Guild Pathfinder (1) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Minion, Clockwork Trap Summoner and synergy, Guardsman Guild Rifleman (3) - Ranged Minion, Guardsman Hunter (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct Mounted Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Place synergy with Cg 7 models, Guardsman Orderly (2) - Melee Minion, Heal support, Witch Hunter Pistolero De Latigo (3) - Combined arms Minion, defensive support, Family Sanctioned Spellcaster (3) - Casting Minion, Push protection, Academic Warden (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct, Guardsman Wastrel (3) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Minion, offensive support, Black Sheep Watcher - Scheme Minion, Cover ignoring, Construct Witchling Stalker (3) - Combined arms Minion, explosive death, Witch Hunter Witchling Thrall (2) - Combined arms Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Witch Hunter - TOTEM - Enslaved Nephilim (Perdita Ortega) - Push and Influence support, Nephilim Governor’s Proxy - Suit removal, Healing Mechanical Attendant (Charles Hoffman) - Ranged Totem, Support, Construct Purifying Flame (Sonnia Criid) - Burning missle, Spirit Scales of Justice (Lady Justice) - Support, Card daw The Printing Press (Nellie Cochrane) - Evidence and Card support, Construct, Journalist The Scribe (Lucius Matheson) - Guild/Neverborn, Melee Totem, Support, Mimic Luna (McCabe) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Totem, fantastic Support - PEON - Clockwork Trap (4) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Peon, forces Wk duel - MERCENARIES - Angel Eyes Bloodwretch Scion of Black Blood Wrath Envy Performer Anna Lovelace Sloth Aionus Big Jake Bishop Convict Gunslinger Desperate Mercenary Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Specialist Freikorps Trapper Frekorpsmann Hannah Hans Johan Killjoy Malifaux Child Pride Ronin Strongarm Suit Sue Taelor Burt Jebsen Gluttony Gracie Hog Whisperer McTavish Ama No Zako Lust Oiran Torakage -M2E ALTERNATES - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Sonnia Criid (Vintage) Douglas McMourning (Vintage) Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Dufresne counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope counts as Wastrel - GENERAL UPGRADES - All Upgrades can also be found in: Generalist Upgrade Deck 1 (Wave 1 and Wave 2) Generalist Upgrade Deck 2 (Wave 3 and Wave 4) Flames of the Pit - Guild Marshal, Rare 1 Tormenta de Plomo - Family, Rare 1 Diestro - Non-Master, Family, Rare 1 Hermanos De Armas - Family, Rare 1 Hair Trigger - Enforcer, Family, Rare 1 Disrupt Magic - Witch Hunter, Rare 1 Plant Evidence - Rare 3, Scheme synergy Vengeance Bullet - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Ranged boost The Thalarian Stone - Leader, Soulstone synergy, single Heal Badge of Office - Leader, Limited, single Damage reduction Lead Lined Coat - Henchman, Enforcer, Rare 3, Armor Useless Duplications - Mimic, Rare 1 Promises - Black Sheep, Rare 1 Dampening Field - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Heal stop, Aura stop Expert Sleuth - Rare 3, single Initiative flip boost, enemy Scheme synergy Tessellating Magnet - Construct, Rare 1, Construct synergy Transparency - Journalist, Rare 1 Curfew - Rare 1, single Slow spread on un-activated oppossing models if last friendly to activate Numb to the World - Non-Master, Rare 1, enemy Condition "immunity", enemy Control "immunity" A Debt to the Guild - Non-Master, Rare 3, single Soulstone, Card and Damage boost - SPECIFIC UPGRADES - Lady Justice - Implacable - Justice Unleashed - Last Stand - Vendetta The Judge - Unrelenting Leader Perdita Ortega - Os Veo - Trick Shooting - Aura Ancestral Francisco Ortega - Wade In Sonnia Criid - Cherufe's Imprint - Reincarnation - The Mask - Counterspell Aura Samael Hopkins - Witch Hunt Douglas McMourning - Plastic Surgery - Evidence Tampering - On the Clock - Unknowable Pain Dr. Grimwell - Research Grant Charles Hoffman - Arcanist Assets - On Site Assimiliation - Field Mechanic - Remote Mines Ryle Hoffman - Pieces of Myself Lucius Matheson - Surprisingly Loyal - Secret Objectives - Legalese - Secret Assets Captain Dashel - Watch My Back - Arrest Him Lucas McCabe - Badge of Speed - Glowing Saber - Elixir of Life - Strangemetal Shirt - Barbs Sidir Alchibal - By Your Side Nellie Cochrane - Guild Funds - Embedded - Misleading Headlines - Delegation Phiona Gage - Wrath of the Guild Brutal Emissary - Brutal Conflux - Conflux of Judgment - Conflux of Incineration - Conflux of the Hunt - Conflux of Amalgamation - Conflux of Tyranny - Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge - Conflux of Exploration Executioner - Ready to Work -ALTERNATE CARDS - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Durfesse counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope count as Wastrel - SOURCES - https://www.wyrd--games.net/ http://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/ https://www.wargamevault.com/ - TACTICAL SOURCES - https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/
  13. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing die rather brutally, from just about anywhere on the board. While maintaining a lot of the same flavour in 2E Collodi is not going to fly across the board with his entire crew, that said he has never felt more like a PuppetMaster in my opinion, and I'd like to show people why, especially if theyre having trouble transitioning. StatBlock First off Collodi is a Low-Wound Master. His Df is average at 5, with good WP at 6. 5Wk makes him a little faster than average, but is going to leave some players missing his old 40" moves. However, he can push 3" after any Df targeting attack, so if youve got some low cards to toss you can attack him with your own models to push him up the board. We've also got Accomplice so he can always have a friend go after him and Puppet Friends, which gives him access to any out of faction Puppet model, which is currently Mannequins, Coryphee and the Effigies. The 6" Bubble Collodi's abilities and buffs all center around a 6" bubble around him. This makes him more vulnerable to blast-heavy crews, but also makes it much easier to buff your entire crew at once. Of note is that Collodi's buffs do not require you to STAY in this bubble. Learning when to venture from the bubble is going to be an important skill for 2e Collodi players. Personal Puppet This is one of Collodi's (0) actions and marks a friendly Minion as the Personal Puppet until he uses the ability again. This grants the PP a (1) action any time Collodi suffers damage from an enemy model while within THE BUBBLE, so long as they take 1 damage themselves. It also grants Collodi the ability to kill (not sacrifice, so it will drop Corpse/Scrap) the Personal Puppet to negate all damage from whatever just hit him. This gives us 2 courses of action with PP. 1) We can throw it on something menacing, like an Illuminated, Young Neph or Ronin, and furiously punish things for hitting Collodi (or stalk the PP closer to priority targets and mark something else PP on out next turn. Nothing says dont hit my Master like a magical crack addict clawing your opponent's Master's face off.) 2) We throw it on something throw away, most notable the Marionette totem, and kill them when a Seamus Flintlock RJ dmg flip appears. The nice thing about the Marionettes is that when they die they may transfer positive conditions off to other minions. So you can face-tank a number of hit equal to your marionettes +1 before taking any damage. Assuming they are all in THE BUBBLE. Ideally you will get a chance to gauge your opponent and pick a tactic that most messes up their gameplan. I usually start off now by putting it on something big unless I guess my opponent is a "kill the master at all costs!!!" kind of player. Beater tends to deter pot shots, chaff tends to deter people from concentrated efforts. Collodi Hates Mind Bullets Ok, so Collodi has Df 5 and WP 6, why does he hate WP duels more? Well, first off you'll only usually only be taking one hit from a Df duel due to the auto-triggered Run Away Home; letting you push 3" in any direction, usually good enough to push out of melee or into cover/out of LoS against shooting attacks. Against WP? He's a sitting duck if the attack makes it past his WP6. So prioritize those nasty WP targets, or just avoid them if you can. But Hates His Opponents More Lets talk about what Collodi does to your Opponent's crew before we get into what he can do for his own. Collodi's lone offensive skill is Pull The Strings. It is highly accurate, extending 4" past THE BUBBLE and best of all, isnt actually a ranged attack, so does not scatter and does not care about cover. The attack itself has a... poor damage profile for a master: 2/3/4, but comes with a positive twist to damage, so you can cheat in those middle of the road cards if you want the 3 damage. But no, where this attack shines is in its triggers. SO first of all we have a build in Mask. That Mask gives the opponent slow. A crow lets us damage AND obey the opponent's non-Leader model, as many times a turn as we have AP and fancy crows to throw at them. The last trigger; Idle Hands, requires a second maske. On that model's activation, you control one of it's AP, and spend it. Now, that on its own is great, but you can shut down nearly any model in the game with 2AP and some good cards. Slapping a model once for slow and then a second time for Idle Hands means they are Paralyzed, without being able to Frozen Heart Immunity their way out of it. They lose 1 AP and you're spending the other. Even models with specific AP like Nekima can be forced to move out of position so they can't make use of their extra AP. Or just stab away with them, your pick. Nasty Ability. Collodi Loves His Children Collodi has two more actions on his -base- card, both of which are for helping his wonderful friends out. Collodi has a deep affinity, like many buffing masters, for Minion and -Keyword- models. His keyword characteristic is of course, Puppets. The first, My Will, allows him to transfer some AP out to his minions/puppets giving them a positive twist to any DUEL they make during the action. So this allows for more easily passed Horror/Manipulative duels, as well as just flatly being more likely to hit. Often you'll be better off attacking with your own strings, but this ability should not be overlooked. It doesnt work on Collodi so dont try. Second, he can summon back his totem, the marionette, or wicked dolls from scrap left lying around from killing all your decoy personal puppets or killing whatever mechanical beasties your opponent brought. This requires a 9 of Masks, making it one of the worst return-on-investment summoning powers in the game. But only by a TN difference of 1 so, its not the end of the world. This ability is one of the reasons you might pause on taking some of the NB minions I mentioned because they will all be dropping corpses, save the Coryphee. But you should have plenty of scrap from marionettes dying and effigies getting taken out. Fated VS Props Collodi's two Limited upgrades are going to change how you're playing with him. Both provide Creep, a handy little 3" push (0) action, good for getting out of engagements and moving up the board. What they differ on is key though: Do you want to Buff Your Crew or do you want to Buff Your Master? Fated was my go-to during the playtest. Effigy buffs are very powerful and will be covered in more detail in their own section. But suffice to say, being able to grant your Puppinions healing on causing damage, burning on every attack unless your opponent discards, etc and being able to do so -without activating Collodi- is very powerful indeed. When Collodi activates he can also grant a second buff to the crew by taking an action. This is usually defensive stance or more notably: Focus. If you have been reading game dev Justin's blog, you'll know how valuable AP is as a resource and I found myself on average granting it to 4-7 Puppinions, which is a heck of a lot of AP saved. Props is the contrast. It allows Collodi to sap off Defensive Stances and Focus conditions from friendlies as required. Now on the surface this seems much less useful, but having Out of Position models ending their turn on a Defensive Stance or Focus can free up a LOT of Collodi's AP, let him stand a higher chance of drawing suits he needs and just generally let him be more effective while chaff models secure you activations and are no less effective at being in your opponents way. If you find yourself thinking Marionettes are not useful, this may be the upgrade to try. Especially with Avatar Collodi's attacks (covered in the third post) You'll also get the option to summon Effigies! You dont get their buff across your whole Puppinion base, but if there's scrap around they can be more useful than a Wicked Doll and Collodi certainly does still get to benefit from the Effigy buffs! I Heard There Are Other Upgrades? Right you are title! My favourite/always taking of the remaining upgrades is Strum The Threads. This allows Puppinions Puppets-Only in THE BUBBLE to take 2 unavoidable damage to gain fast. Now Puppets tend to have low wounds high defences, so if you dont have a way of healing (which you do! See: Effigies) you can quickly wipe yourself off the board, but Illuminated could heal that back same turn. And now they are FAST magical crack addicts. It should be noted this is NOT an action, its just an ability so you cant spread Fast to your Puppinions with Fated. Stop doing so, take your 2 damage like a... man puppet? Like a muppet. Breathe Life exists! Its another option for a (0), letting you toss 2 wounds back on a model, but it can't be you, so probably pass? Pushing Puppinions 2" is actually more useful than it sounds. You can unlock a lot of models from combat or manage some extra distance. If you're hitting 8 models with it, it is 16" of free movement? I dunno, I still haven't got it to be as useful as I think it COULD be. Threads of Fate. Not to be confused with Fated, this makes Collodi immune to forced movement, which is pretty dang super. You also get a (1) to give yourself Armor. Now, aside from the obvious interaction with Fated and giving that armor to your Puppinions, did you consider making yourself Fast with Strum, giving yourself Armor +4 and then not caring so much about the Beatstick in your face? Especially since that 1 minimum damage still lets your PP get free AP. Im sure I can do more with the Collodadillo. Next we'll be discussing Collodi's best pals the doll friends, followed by some Avatar Collodi pondering!
  14. Hey guys, seeing as how there's already a Collodi and Dreamer Tactica, how about trying to get the other Masters up? In the Arcanist section, they already have 4 Masters' Tactica as stickies, we could certainly catch up to them. This is a good time too, since Wave 5 would add to every Master's repertoire, generating more interest and questions about each Master. I could start the ball rolling for Pandora and let the other more experienced players chip in. Pandora Quick Rundown: The Good High Wp Excellent control through Paralyse and Activation order Kills through death by a thousand cuts, getting around Armor, HtW, HtK Can be deceptively mobile thanks to pushes on winning Wp duels from defending with Wp and attacking with Incite Highly survivable against normal attack actions since she can use her high Wp to defend and push out of engagement The Bad Low Df Moderate Wd, can fold quickly to beaters that get around her defensive tricks Vulnerable to simple duels, pulses and blasts Low Wk, has trouble getting to the middle of the board initially Small cache Can be rendered toothless by a Crew that ignores pulses and auras Main Builds by Limited Upgrades The Box Opens - Commonly known as Melee Pandora, Box gives Pandora Terrifying 13 and makes targeting her even more dangerous. This allows her to sit in the middle of the field and tie down models with her 3" engagement. Fears Given Form and Aether Connection are often taken with this build, the former to give her more passive threat, the latter to increase her survivability. Best taken in a pool that has heavy bunching in the middle of the board. Voices - A more control oriented Pandora that hands out Paralyse and dictates Activation order, this is the Pandora that gives her the NPE rep. Upgrades that will go well with this are Depression to add a reliable suite and another way to dictate activation order, and Fugue State to limit interactions. I do not play this build, so any additional input will be appreciated. Woe is Me - The new Wave 5 upgrade that gives Pandora summoning and Woe Infiltration. As of now, the only out of faction Woe is the Guild Reporter, but she brings some decent utility and control for her price. Summoning allows Pandora to bring in Sorrows right in the thick of the action, circumventing issues of their squishiness and allowing for a more aggressive Misery aggro build. Coupled with the Poltergeist summon on death of a model via Misery, Pandora can bring a whole lot of Misery pain to the enemy Crew even when they don't want to move towards it. Pandora in detail: Stats Pandora has the characteristics of Living and Woe. That means she is affected by Terrifying (Living) and she benefits from Woe interactions such as Martyr (on Iggy) and Depression (when attached to another model). She has 10 Wd, the average for the Neverborn faction. With a lowly Df 3, it seems like she’ll crumple to any heavy hitter targeting Df. Fortunately, this is negated in most cases with her ability Expose Fears, which allows her to use her respectable Wp 7 stat in place of her Df in an opposed duel. She is however, vulnerable to simple Df duels, so be careful not to park a model with Fears Given Form anywhere near her. The duel will require her to pitch a high card or take a likely 3 damage. She’s also on the slow side, with a Wk 4 and Cg 4, but she has some movement tricks up her sleeve to push her along. Abilities Misery: Her signature ability, Pandora pings an enemy model for 1 damage whenever it fails a Wp duel within her 6” aura. Do note the phrasing and timing – the ability triggers when the model fails a duel, so it means that the damage still happens even if the model or Pandora pushes out of 6” due to other offensive or defensive triggers. However, the model suffers 1 damage after resolving the current Action, which means an attack action would deal all its damage first before the Misery damage kicks in. This is particularly relevant for getting around Hard to Kill. Also, Misery auras stack and are considered separate sources of damage, so a model caught in between Pandora with a Sorrow will be hit by 2 separate sources of 1 damage, getting around Armor. Finally, Misery only pings when an enemy model uses their Wp stat in a duel. If an enemy model attacks Pandora using a Ml, Sh or Ca action and Pandora defends with her Wp successfully, the enemy model would have failed the respective Ml, Sh or Ca duel, not a Wp duel. Expose Fears: This ability significantly increases Pandora’s survivability. Being able to resist every opposed duel with her high Wp means she should be able to successfully defend herself most of the time, barring some bad card flips. This combos well with her other ability, Fading Memory, allowing her to push 4” in any direction, which is practically out of almost every engagement range. Do note that Expose Fears is not a defensive trigger, so models that ignore triggers cannot get around it. Also, in situations models can choose to target either Df or Wp (such as Bishop), they have to call which stat they are targeting first, so Pandora still has the final say of using Wp. This is confirmed in the FAQ. Fading Memory: With this ability, Pandora can push 4” in any direction whenever she wins an opposed Wp duel against an enemy model. A common misconception for beginning players is what constitutes a Wp duel. In this case, it refers to duels in which Pandora uses her Wp stat, regardless of what the enemy uses. In practice, this translates to 2 scenarios only – when she’s attacked by an enemy (not friendly) model and uses her Wp stat to defend, or when she uses Incite, the only attack action she has that uses Wp as the attacking stat. In the former, she can use this defensively to push out of enemy engagement or into cover, and in the latter, she can use Incite offensively to push into engagement with more models, making it a movement trick for her as well. Martyr: This allows Pandora to take 1 damage to reduce 1 damage another Woe within 6” suffers. This allows her to keep her otherwise squishy Sorrows alive longer. This can also be combo-ed with Iggy who also has Martyr to either reduce 2 damage from a Sorrow, or extend its range by passing the damage down the line. E.g. Sorrow is 12” away from Pandora but Iggy is 6” between the two of them. Do weigh carefully when to use this ability though, as a typical Pandora crew has little options for healing unless you bring Candy. Attack Actions (1) Self Loathing: Ca 7 attack action with engagement range of 3”, resisted by Wp. Attacking an enemy model with this will trigger Misery if the attack is successful, as the enemy model essentially failed a Wp duel. The 3” range is great for tying up models and affecting them with the Fears Given Form upgrade. Being a Ca attack, it gets around Incorporeal as well. However, the attack uses the printed damage track of a 1 AP attack action of the target model, so attacks are more effective against heavy hitters and less so against scheme runners. The new Wave 5 upgrade Rile Them Up now offers Pandora her own damage track when using this attack, letting her deal with weaker models more effectively. Do note that even if the model has no damage track, both Self Loathing and Self Harm can still be used, dealing no damage but triggering Misery. (1) Self Harm: Similar to Self Loathing, it is the version with a range of 10” and Ca 6 using the target's 1 AP attack action damage track. (0) Incite: The bread and butter of Pandora, this is something to be cast almost every turn. It sports a decent range 12” and is resisted by Wp. On success, it gives the target Mood Swings, a condition that allows you to force the opponent to activate this model instead of other models if it hasn’t gone yet. The condition is important for setting up activation control, especially if Candy is around to Paralyse the first model to go in the Turn. It also allows you to compensate for losing Initiative if placed on an inconsequential model. With Wave 5, it is one way to setup for summoning Sorrows, since you need to target an enemy model with a condition to summon. Also, important to note that it is Wp 7 and not Ca 7, meaning it triggers Fading Memory for a free 4” push. I usually try to keep a high or stone for the suite to trigger Mass Hysteria on the first Turn, allowing this action to be taken twice and thus pushing Pandora into the thick of things faster. The Rile Them Up upgrade allows Pandora to further capitalise on this action by discarding a card to take Incite as a (1) AP action once per turn. While that’s potentially 4 Incites in one turn, I think that’s a bit of an overkill. I find that there is a diminishing return for Incite. Beyond 2 models with Mood Swings, it becomes less useful for activation order control as the 3rd and 4th models are unlikely to be inconsequential chaff. In those cases, beating on them with Self Loathing or Self Harm would be more AP efficient. Tactical Actions (1) Inflict: Pandora can force enemy models within pulse 4” to take a TN 14 Wp duel or suffer 1 damage. In reality, this translates to a minimum of 2 due to Pandora’s Misery aura, possibly even higher depending on whether there are Sorrows in range. It’s a great way to burn the opponent’s hand if models are too tightly bunched up in an area. Upgrades: This section will focus on relevant Pandora upgrades, starting from the non-limited ones to understand their role, followed by the Limited ones that will determine her play style. General Neverborn Upgrades Aether Connection: A defensive upgrade for 1SS, this allows you to prevent 1 additional damage when stoning for damage prevention. Good when you anticipate a lot of beat down on Pandora and intend to use your stones heavily for keeping her alive. This is almost essential for Melee Dora. Fears Given Form: For 1 SS, this upgrade makes all models within engagement range take a Df 14 duel or suffer 3 damage. Given Pandora's 3" engagement range, she is a good option for FGF to tie down and threaten a lot of models at the same time. This ups her passive threat level to combo with Misery for increased damage output. Even if it doesn't actually deal any damage, it is good for draining cards if you throw her into the midst of 3+ models. However, it also paints a big red target on her, so be prepared for countermeasures. Important note: FGF is crew agnostic - it affects your own models too! On Wings of Darkness: Nah. Pact: Nah. Stone of Tyrant Echoes: Nah. Pandora/Woe Upgrades Cry For Me: This 2 SS upgrade gives Pandora a 1 AP Attack Action that can put the Pity condition on enemy models, making them suffer -flips on Wp duels till the end of the turn. The more important function is the double mask trigger, allowing a Blast Marker to be placed, triggering additional TN 14 Wp duels for all models except the target touched by it. On failure, they also gain the Pity condition. For 2 SS though, this upgrade feels a little too expensive for me. In Melee and Summoning Dora, her AP is usually better used for other purposes. Moreover, there are other models than can generate similar Wp debuffs in a bubble such as Insidious Madness, Tannen and Poltergeist as passive abilities. This might see more use in Control Dora, where a successful blast will make it much harder to defend against subsequent attempts to Paralyse models. It also depends on models bunching up, so perhaps a strat like Guard the Stash would be an appropriate time to consider this. Again, do note the phrasing. The blast affects ALL models, including friendly models and Pandora! So beware where you place the marker. Fugue State: Another 2 SS upgrade, this one is great for controlling the game in Interact heavy scheme pools. It gives Pandora Monotony, forcing enemy models within 8" that declare an Interact Action to take a TN 15 Wp duel or suffer 1 damage. With Misery around, this is likely to be 2 points of damage, possibly even more if there are Sorrows. It also gives a 1 AP Attack Action to make models Insignificant till the end of the game or until Pandora is killed, further shutting down enemy models from Interacting. Great way to deny your opponent from playing the game (and losing friends). Given the competing upgrade slots and its cost, I'd consider this only if I'm really playing a full control Dora. Rile Them Up: A new Wave 5 upgrade that costs 2 SS, Pandora can now discard a card to take the Incite action as a 1 AP action once a turn. With the Mass Hysteria trigger, she can potentially Incite 4 times a turn now. It also gives her a 2/3/4 damage track to her Self Loathing and Self Harm attacks, making her better able to take out scheme runners and models with weak or no damage tracks. Within a Misery bubble, this is essentially a 3/4/5 damage track or higher. I find this upgrade to be a bit too situational for consistent use. Most times, one Incite + trigger is sufficient, especially if there's Iggy supporting with additional Incite. It competes for AP use, which I often need for other purposes. Similarly, I'd rather be using other beater models or Misery to take out weak models, as Pandora's Self Loathing is most efficiently used on big beater models, which should be her primary target for the Attack in the first place. The odd exception to this is when Pandora is taking on a Master with a weak damage track, but even then, there are other ways to deal with the Master. Depression: A Woe specific, Rare 1 upgrade for 1 SS, this can be taken by Pandora, Candy, Iggy or Baby Kade. It gives a 0 Action to discard a card to add the card's suit to all duels for the rest of the Activation. It also gives all other friendly Woes within LOS a 1 AP Attack Action, Melancholy, which can give enemy models the condition Nobody Likes Me, forcing the affected model to Activate last. Used in combination with Incite in the presence of Candy's Sweets and Sours auras, it can have a devastating effect of activation order control + Paralyse and damage. This upgrade is typically taken by Baby Kade in a Dreamer crew for his trigger. In a Pandora crew where Kade is less often present, it can be taken by Candy to help with her healing action which requires a to succeed, or give her a on her Attack Action to trigger Mood Swings. It might also be worth taking on Summoning Dora if there are available slots. While the 0 Action for suits is unlikely to be taken because of the competing Incite action, it offers all the summoned Sorrows an attack that is resisted by the Wp to trigger Misery, something the Sorrows otherwise lack. Of course, this is dependent on how you play your other support models since a Candy in the middle of the action or an Iggy in the back field can play a similar role and free up Pandora's upgrade slots.
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the board. A good wound pool and great wp, his other stats are among the average mold. He however, lacks any station characterstics (living, undead, etc) which means there are quite a few abilities that don't work on him, wheter good or bad. Lastly, he starts with a meager cache of 1. Remember this when construction your crews. Defenses Hamelin has two abilities toward defense: Nihilism, and Lure of Emptiness. He doesn't have any damage migation abilities, such as Armor, or Hard to Wound. Lure of Emptiness grants backup lives with nearby stolen. When Hamelin is killed or sacrificed, he may sacrifice a nearby stolen instead and heal some wounds. An useful ability that migates a bit Hamelin's innate squishiness. However, watch out for having a lack of stolen in a critical moment, as Hamelin is easily hit and takes the full brunt of an onslaught. Nihilism, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game. It allows you to ignore any conditions as you see fit. This is entirely optional, and allows you to still gain the condition if you like it. Perfect if your opponent is handing positives mixed with negatives, as you get to ignore the negative conditions while keeping the postive ones. Don't forget to thank your opponent after that. Another thing to note is the Tyrant characterstic. This grants weaknesses towards the infamous Relic Hammers. Keep them away from Hamelin's face! (Relic Hammer bearers are Johann, The Captain, and Taelor) Blighted Blighted is the condition that Hamelin and his friends spreads out like candy. What does it do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Don't let this discourage you! While I am saying that it does nothing, it does have important tricks to consider. The most important and deadly to remember is Bleeding Disease. This nasty spell deals damage equal to the current blighted stack to an enemy. It does not remove the stack, so you can freely fire away, racking huge damage for only a few AP spend. There are also other tricks with certain models, but we'll leave that for later. Blighted increases on it's own at the end of turn. Nifty right? Rats Hamelin wouldn't be Hamelin without his little rats. One rat is an unintersting sight, but there are far more hiding right out there. Rats spawn for free when an enemy within 6 of Hamelin dies. Other models can also spawn them. Rats are weak, cheap, small, and pathetic. They think so too, so they swarm together when there are four of them close to each other. (friendly or enemy) The resulting Rat Kings are more intimidating, providing a nasty way of getting rid of scheme markers, as well as improved damage output. (it's a little better) Due to the free rats, expect to always being able to out activate enemies. Actions Hamelin has several actions open to him. First of all, the Black Staff is his basic melee attack. It has a unimpressive damage track of 1/2/4, but ml 6 is nothing to scoff at. It has always access to two basic triggers, one which hand out blighted and another which increases damage by the blighted on the target, to a maxium of +3. His second action, are the Pipes, which is basically a lure. It has an auto trigger that deals damage and moves the target further if it has blighted. Lastly, bleeding disease has been covered already. Under tactical actions, he has a Lure Malifaux Citizen, a (0) that allows him to summon a Stolen in base contact. Stolen are jeleous and murder all non-stolen totems summoned this way. If you spend a soulstone, you are capable of hitting a trigger that allows him to do it all again. (sans trigger) Upgrades Of course, there are always upgrades, and Hamelin is no exception. The Plague First of his upgrades, Virulent denies any removal of Blighted within 6 of Hamelin. Prefect for letting enemies build larger stacks of blighted. Secondly, it allows the usage of two triggers, both which trigger automaticly. The first hands out blighted, which is handy for putting blighted on ranged. The second only goes of on blighted+4, but grants the target a condition that forces the enemy to discard two cards for each interact action... Or it simpely fails. Putting blighted on range is The Piper Hamelin's near-auto-take limited upgrade grants two powerful abilities. Irresistable Dance, and Obey. Ireresistable Dance forbids enemies from ending charges within 6 of Hamelin. Protecting him and his crew from charges, it negates one of the weaknesses Hamelin has. Obey with a build in suit is a very powerful tool in any master's crew, and Hamelin is no different. Tools of the Tyrant This upgrade grants triggers to the Black Staff, as well providing even more interact denial. Unhealty pallor allows Hamelin to heal for each blighted model within 3. Blight your friends first, and then use them as health packages! Remember that blighted doesn't do anything when not forced upon you.... The second trigger puts blighted on a single target within 3" of the damaged model. It allows you to put blighted on certain elusive models hiding away from your ranges. It has it's usages whithin certain combo's, such as setting up the 1 AP charges using Drawn to Contagation. The main selling point of Tools, however, is Face The Inevitable, a 6 that let's interact actions of enemies fail unless they discard a card. Suddely delivering messages, or distracting becomes a lot harder to do. Sewer King Last of the four Hamelin restricted upgrades, Sewer King grants Infiltration (Lost) allowing you to hire up to four out of faction Lost models. Currently they are Crooligans, Baby Kade, Iggy, and Candy. More on them later. It also grants Useless Toy, a (0) that let's you sacrifice any model of choice to draw two cards. If a stolen is sacrificed, enemy models within 3 of the stolen get blighted. Of course, you wouldn't want to kill stolen off all the time, as sometimes it's better to get rid of a near-dead model that has already activated. Or you could just kill rats. Infectious Melody A Nihilist option, infectious melody allows Peons and Minions to gain fast at the start of their activation. They die at the end of that activation, going out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you just need that 1 additional AP. Survialist Not Hamelin exclusive, but deserved a special metion here. Most importantly, it grants him ridicilous levels of defense in the form of Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill works hand in hand with Lure of Emptiness, soaking attacks in tandem. First, hard to kill goes off, reducing you to 1 wound. Then, lure of emptiness goes off, healing you above Hard to Kill thresshold.. It's certainly worth the ss if you find that you die too often. Oh, it also grants on healing flips. Spreading & Utilizing Blighted Decided to make a list of sources & blighted utilities. Spreading Blighted For all intents and purposed, Rats & Rat Kings are immune to Blighted. Diseased gives blighted to enemies that activate within 3. Source: Obedient Wretch & The Stolen, ability. The Taint trigger gives Blighted +1 for each in the final duel total. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. The Decaying trigger gives Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Contagious Touch trigger gives Blighted +1 to a model within 3" and LOS of the target when damaging. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Useless Toy, when you sacrifice a Stolen with this action, all enemy models within 3 of the sacrificed Stolen gain Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin. Requires Sewer King upgrade. Feed On Anima gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Nix Rusty Trap gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat Catcher Swarm of Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat King. The Spray of Filth trigger gives Blighted +1 to all models 6 when the target is killed. Source: Rat King. Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1/+2/+3 depending on the damage flip. Source: Malifaux Rat Drink Spirit gives blighted to all within 4 unless a Wp test is passed. Nihilist models are immune Source: Nix Using Blighted Bleeding Disease deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target. Source: Hamelin, Nix, Stolen & Obedient Wretch. The Black Death deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target, to a maxium of 3. This is a seperate damage source. Source: Hamelin. Voracious Rats summons a Malifaux Rat when a model with Blighted is killed within 6. Source: Hamelin & Rat Catcher Pipes moves the target equal to it's Cg when the target is blighted. Source: Hamelin The Sick In Bed trigger gives the target the Sick In Bed condition if it's blighted condition is 4 or greater. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Unhealthy Pallor trigger heals Hamelin for each model with Blighted within 3. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Models with Blighted +4 within 6 of an activated Plague Pit can't take interact actions. Source: Nix The Quarantine trigger increases the attack damage by 2 if the target has Blighted +3 before the action is declared. Source: Rat Catcher, Rusty Trap. Models with Drawn to Contagion can charge models with Blighted as a (1) action. Source: Rat King & Nix, Hollow
  16. So this thread keeps popping up, I thought I'd try to write up something to help you getting started with Nicodem. At this point you have probably bought the Open Graves boxset. So you have Nicodem, Mortimer, 3x Punk Zombies and the Vulture. Let's start with that assumption. Good buy, Nicodem is absolutely the boss and you are within the righteous faction of Malifaux, good for you. Nicodem is a toolbox to no end. What you need you get. Nicodem can be played in different ways, the most obvious being the Summoner he is. Do remember though, that you have the option to summon, it's not mandatory for you to summon all the time. Giving out Fast is a superb ability. To heal your models is also amazing. Slow your enemies? That is golden. He recycles cards like no one's business. Gives out to attack, defense and to damage (with an upgrade). So simply put: he's the King for a reason. You are probably wondering where to go next? What to get for him? Well let's start breaking that apart. You might want a big beatstick? That you can support, give flips to, make it even better than it is. Very solid options are: Beatsticks: Izamu (my personal favourite). Very solid Enforcer and a good carrier for Decaying Aura in a Nicodem list. Give him fast and he goes up to 4 attacks a turn with to attack and to damage built in with ml6 that are unpreventable, that will make some seriously dead models. Rogue Necromancy. Has already built in to attack and damage. Nicodem can give even more of those for him. Also Fast for this monstrosity is quite terrifying. Also Nicodem can heal him to keep him with his Three Headed rule so he keeps on getting those flips. The Valedictorian. Our beatstick henchwoman. Sold in the University of Transmortiis boxset, which is a very solid buy for Nicodem because then you can choose to summon the exact weapon you need as all the students are tailored to counter Constructs, Living or Undead threats, so you can wait to see what your opponent brings to the table and then summon a counter, beautiful. Valedictorian hits hard, is very durable, fast on it's own. Just make it worse for your opponent by giving her Fast and keep her even longer on the table with the healing. Everybody loves flips too. These are 3 solid options for a beatstick role. You want and can afford to bring one from the get go. Remember Decaying Aura to make things worse for your opponent. Support: Then the Support models. Nicodem can afford to bring more of these than others, so let's start with a few options on this department. Nurses. I rate these models as one of the best models in the game and my Nicodem always has one. Two? Some people use two, I never use more than one. What they do is make your beaters even worse than they are with +2 to damage, they can paralyze enemies from leaders to peons, everything with a very solid ca6. They also make everyone a scheme runner when in need. Or make your opponents on :-fate on all duels. Just solid gold for 5ss. (Sold separately but they also come in the McMourning boxset, a very good buy as you get a Flesh Construct, two of these, a Canine Remains and Sebastian. Plus one of the most fun masters in the game, McMourning.) Chiaki. Removes conditions, heals, pushes enemies, is durable. Synergizes very well with Nurses as you can Full Heal and Paralyze your own models. Say Nicodem or Izamu is at very low wounds. You full heal it with a Nurse and paralyze it. Then you take Chiaki and remove that Paralyze. Voila. Full wounds. (Sold in the Yan Lo boxset. You also get Ashigarus which are good minions.) Rotten Belles. Depending on schemes and points you have to spare these are solid gold. They cost 5ss so you can hire one from the get go or summon it in game if you see fit. You should get these though, they are another model that is among the very best in the game. (Sold separately but you find these in the Seamus boxset, where you get 3 of these, Sybelle who is a very very good Henchwoman too, as well as Seamus who is one of the most fun masters again in the game). Henchmen: Well you get Mortimer with Nico and he is just solid gold, one of the best movement tricks in the game for you whole crew basically with right positioning! Chatty to prevent and disrupt enemy schemes and Corpses to fuel the Summoning engine. Corpse bloat is a great upgrade for him to get even more out of him. Sybelle is a cheap and a very solid Henchwoman. She has amazing triggers with her upgrade and she becomes even worse with Fast which Nicodem as mentioned gives out like Candy. (sold in the Seamus box set) Toshiro for even more Fast, flips and support for minions. He is quite durable too, he hits quite hard and brings even more support. A solid consideration. (sold separately) Summonable minions: Now we get to where Nicodem shines. He just brings a solid list to the game from the get go and from there he builds it even better. Good go to minions that you will most likely like to summon is: Hanged. Seriously these are absolute monsters on their own, with Fast even worse for your opponent. You won't be making friends with these bad boys but you will be wrecking face. I wouldn't ever hire these with Nicodem, ever, they cost 9ss and you can summon them very easily, solid buy. (sold separately) Punk Zombies. I wouldn't hire these either. They cost 7ss which is a lot and they are quite easy for Nicodem to summon. Also they have Hard to Kill so they won't suffer from low wounds all that much. Solid solid summons. They hit hard as well. The Students. I mentioned these already but they are very solid to counter what you see on the other side of the table. Very good. I wouldn't hire them again either, because you never know what you will be facing and they are quite easy summons again. (Sold in University of Transmortiis) Mindless Zombies. These guys will be doing a lot card cycling and activation control. You take Maniacal Laugh and Undertaker upgrade, laugh up the corpses to Zombies and then start summoning out of those Zombies, so while you summon you also draw cards. Yeah. (sold separately in a 5 box.) Flesh Constructs. They have a ton of wounds, they hit quite okay but the best thing here is Devour. Which synergizes very well with Nurses Paralyze trick as they can insta kill models with Paralyze with a Ca6 and a (sold separately, but recommend getting the McMourning boxset) Rotten Belles. Board control. Get the enemy where you want and dispose of it. Just solid minions really. I can't speak highly enough of these. (sold in a 3 pack, recommend getting the Seamus box though) Scheme runners: Now we get to one more section I'd like bring out. You can bring these from the get go if you feel like it or summon them in game. Another good thing with Nicodem. Do note that the runners you summon can not interact the turn they are summoned in. Summoning sickness and all that. Canine remains. These are solid little critters with Nicodem. They can dig up corpses, do schemes, harass the enemy and when they die, you summon something even more worse out of them. Just very solid. (sold in a 3 pack) Necropunks. These are amazing. Among the very best of scheme runners in the game. With leap and 2 AP naturally that go to 3 AP with Nicodem giving them Fast. Well they do schemes like no one's business. (sold in a 3 pack, not available in plastic atm) Crooligans. Very good scheme runners too. (Sold in a 3 pack as well as the Molly boxset, good consideration to get the boxset again) Totems: Here we have 3 options really. Vulture. Nicodem's own little totem who is very solid indeed. I don't use it that much myself actually. But he is solid. Also a fun trick is to use the Vulture as a mobile pod for Undead Crowning to have the to damage where you need it. The Eyes and Ears that the Vulture has is a really potent and cool ability. Also for fun you can use the Vulture to carry around Mindless Zombies and drop them to enemies. Graveyard Spirit. This little bugger is very good with Izamu giving it armor 4. Armor 4 is no joke on a model such as Izamu. Haven't tried this one yet with other beatsticks but I've seen it used with a Rogue Necro and it was pretty annoying to face. (sold separately) Malifaux Child. Even more Fast for your models. (sold separately) There we have it a start of a Nicodem crew what you might want to consider and get. I will be updating this a long the way and I'd appreciate feedback and thoughts how to better this. Nicodem might be a bit expensive to start with as he likes to have a lot of models. But he is an absolute blast and well worth the money and time you put into him. You can always PM me for more info and if you want to talk tactics or ask questions or post them here. Cheers for reading, it was a long read but I hope it helped a bit with your struggle!
  17. What: Malifaux M2E Demos and open gaming at the Your Hobby Place gaming block party When: Saturday, 24th of October Time: 12-4 Where: Your Hobby Place 77 Monroe Street Martinsburg WV What: Malifaux Demos When: As needed Where: Play More Games 42 Bureau Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20878 What: Malifaux M2E Demos When: As needed Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/ Demos available at these gaming spaces. Demo ID:10019810
  18. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile some notes on Yan Lo for the community and discuss some tactica for him. What does Yan Lo offer that other Masters don't? At first glance his rather basic stat line leaves a little to be desired. He has no real defensive abilities (yet) and no tricks for avoiding damage like Armor or Incorporeal (yet). He does offer some fun opportunties to watch him power up and then become quite fearsome. He is a master that makes spirits meaner, and will love the Adversary Condition. However, he does have some interesting abilities. Infiltration (Retainer) This power lets him recruit any Retainer models regardless of faction. As of right now, there are only three retainers. Ashigaru (Resser), Onryo (Resser), and Komainu (10T). So declaring Yan Lo as 10T gets you more benefit from this power in model choices, but as a Resser you can access some fun combos for Yan Lo. More on that later. Harvest Chi Any model that dies within 8” of Yan Lo that is killed by an enemy grants him the following condition “Chi +1: Increases your Ca by +1 up to a maximum of +3” This mechanic is what fuels most of Yan Lo’s powers. This also works when an enemy kills one of your models. So you are getting Chi when you kill their models and when they kill your models. More on that once we get to his attack and tactical actions. But keep that in mind, he builds up Chi to cast better. The Chi Condition lasts for the rest of the game. Focus Chi At the beginning of his activation, you may discard a card to give him Chi +1. So even if things are not dying near him, he’s at least able to build up Chi. Attack Actions Spirit Barrage (Ca 5Crow / Rst: Df / Rg: 1CC or 12Gun): This is Yan Lo’s stock standard attack. It’s a Ca action, so yes Chi will improve your effectiveness with this. It can be used as a Melee attack or a shooting attack, but stays a Ca action both ways. It’s got a fairly average damage spread of 2/3/4. The trigger on a Crow: Revitalize – after dealing Severe damage or killing a target, you gain +1 Chi. This power is alright, however, the restrictions of Severe damage or killing a target make it one you either want to choose targets wisely, or not worry about the Trigger. I’d recommend using this to finish off a handful of weak targets or those pesky Hard to kill targets. Lightning Dance (CA 5Crow / Rst: WP / Rg: 8): Place this model into base contact with target enemy model. Then, this model may place the target into base contact with any friendly model within 8” and LoS of this model. This ability helps you get around Yan Lo’s Wk of 4. It lets you teleport in and bump an enemy model somewhere else nearby. This is great for when you activate Yan Lo early and Lightning Dance him to an enemy then teleport them into a pile of your minions or heavy hitters. You can use this ability twice to pop Yan Lo amongst the enemy, rattle off a shot with Spirit Barrage, then target the same enemy you did before (who is safely in your lines) and then pop back behind the lines only to put that enemy somewhere else. Tactical Actions Trancendance: This model may lower its Chi Condition value by any amount, to a minimum of zero. For each point of Chi lowered, one friendly model in 8” pulse gains the Spirit Characteristic and Armor +2 until end of turn. At first glance this power doesn’t seem that useful. However, when you combine it with the various Resser minions that give a target the Adversary Condition: Spirit models get a + to the attack flip against this model. You suddenly have better attacking minions that have armor. This makes your Crew much more aggressive. The only issue is finding the Chi to make sure you can do this consistently. There is some synergy you can do with this, however, we’ll discuss that after the rest of Yan Lo’s abilities. Ascendence: This model may lower it’s Chi condition to value by the cost of any Upgrade with the restriction of Ascendant and attach that upgrade, ignoring all usual restrictions for attaching upgrades. Here is where Yan Lo gets all his Defensive abilities and some pretty nice offensive ones. There are 3 Ascendant Upgrades. Each has it’s uses. I’ll discuss those below. Generally you should go for the 1 and 2 SS abilities first to give Yan Lo his damage reduction and then you can focus on blasting opponents. Instill Youth (Ca 5Crow / TN: 12Crow / Rg: 8): Target other model heals an amount of damage equal to the amount that this Action's final duel total exceeded the TN of this Action, to a maximum of 4 damage. This power is the main heal for most of Yan Lo’s group. Once you get +3 to your Ca, it’s not that hard to make sure you are healing something for 4 damage every time. Just make sure you can cheat it up if you need to in dire situations. Yan Lo Only Upgrades Fortify Spirit 1 SS This model gains the following Ability: Df/Wp (Tome) Fortify the Spirit: Immediately increase this model's final duel total by an amount equal to the value of its Chi Condition, to a maximum of +3. This upgrade is a 50/50 in its usefulness. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need, othertimes it gives you no benefit. Granted it makes every Tome in your Control Hand that much stronger when you use it for Yan Lo’s defense. This could incentivize you to hang on to Tomes specifically for Yan Lo’s defense. If you’ve got the SS available it’s not a terrible choice, but if you are tight, it can be cut. Reliquary 1SS This model gains the following Tactical Action: Rebuild Corpus (Ca 5Crow / TN: 16CrowTome / Rg: 6): Name a friendly Ancestor model which was killed or sacrificed this game and which this model has not summoned into play this game. Summon the named model into base contact with target Corpse Marker, then discard the Marker. The summoned model suffers damage equal to half its Wd (rounded up) which may not be reduced. Here is one of Yan Lo’s premier upgrades. This upgrade does require some good control hands or using SS to get the Tome you need, however, this will allow you to resurrect Chiaki, Toshiro the Daimyo, Yin the Penangalan, or Izamu the Armor. Granted you have to have bought them at the beginning of the game, but it gives them a second chance to come back. If you Rebuild Corpus and then use Instill Youth on any of the Ancestors, they are almost back to full Health right away. Izamu, the Daimyo, and Yin are all the best choices for this kind of thing. This gives you the option to throw them into the meat grinder and hopefully build up some of Yan Lo’s Chi before you let them bite the dust and just come right back. Brutal Khakkhara – 1 SS This model gains the following Attack Action: Brutal Khakkhara (Ml 5Crow / Rst: Df / Rg: CC2): Target suffers 3/4/5 damage. This attack deals damage when taken as a disengaging strike. This makes Yan Lo a strong contender in Melee, it also makes him rather a pain to get away from. Now this does not benefit from his Chi, BUT it does combine beautifullly with Hunpo Assault granted from one of the Ascendent Upgrades. Ascendant Upgrades Ash Ascendant 1SS This model gains the following Ability: Impossible to Wound: Damage flips against this model suffer -. Damage flips against this model may not be cheated. This model gains the following Tactical Action: Terracotta Curse (Ca 5 / TN: 14 / Rg: 8): This Action may only be taken once per Turn. Every enemy model within range must pass a TN 15 Wp duel or gain the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Curse of Terracotta: This model suffers 2 damage when it declares a Walk or Charge Action. This damage may not be reduced." This gives Yan Lo his first defensive power. As well as a rather strong way of controlling the field. This is just one further reason that you should Activate Yan Lo early. Free damage against your opponents is always nice. This also allows you to keep your opponent bogged down so you can control the field and choose your targets. You can use Lightning Dance to teleport into a herd of enemies, drop Terracotta Curse to make it dangerous to move, then Lightning dance out. This ability allows you to control the field if your opponent bunches up too much. Spirit Ascendant 2SS This model gains the following Ability: Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh and Ml Attack Actions by half. This model gains the following Tactical Action: (2) Fury of Yomi: Up to three friendly Spirit models in 8” pulse may immediately take a (1) Action. This Upgrade also further’s Yan Lo’s beastly defenses. This will make him very hard to wound. Fury of the Yomi can be used either in conjunction with minions that are already Spirits, or ones you turned into Spirits using Transcendence. The Fury of the Yomi also then lets you have those individuals take actions again, further allowing a mobbing of attacks. For instance, you could use this to cause some Ashigaru to use their Lunge action and get two free extra attacks off on a model that they would possibly have a + against. Bone Ascendant 3SS (2) Hunpo Assault: Place this model within 8" of its current location. Then choose a CC Attack Action which this model may take and take the chosen Action against each enemy model in range. These Attack Actions gain + to the Attack and damage flip. Once Yan Lo has gathered enough Chi, he then suddenly lets loose with this beastly attack. Here is where Yan Lo becomes a combat monster. Clustered enemies had best watch out as Yan Lo goes to town on them. Pair this with the Brutal Khakkara upgrade, and you are dishing out some serious hate to a lot of targets. Next will come the other parts of his Crew box and other helpful Models!
  19. Introduction Resurrectionists (or Ressers if you don't like typing/saying big words) are the faction associated most closely with Undead and summoning. Likely that's why you came to this forum, because you want to play with those kinds of models. This guide is aimed at taking you, the novice, through the interesting choices ahead - which Master to start with, what models to buy to support them, and why. As with everything in Malifaux, there are no absolutely right answers. This guide is one person's opinion, based on trial and error (because this guide didn't exist until I wrote it). Take it or leave it. I'm not the best player in the world, not even the best player in my local game store. However, all the information here is reasonably well researched and checked by smarter people than me, and will no doubt evolve over time. If you notice any errors (rather than you just disagree with my opinion) please let me know via PM! If you disagree with my opinion, great! Leave some comments and let's make this a really good guide for all beginning Resurrectionists. What Ressers Do Well Survival. That's the name of the game, people. Ressers are more likely to have models on the board at the end of the game compared to any other faction. That's because we bring more models on to the battlefield through summoning, bring them back to life or heal them effectively, or just have tough models to bring down in the first place. While we won't always win the activation control battle against other factions (seems like most factions have good summoners and cheap minions), we're certainly in the running vs anyone else. The key abilities in this area are Hard to Wound (and it's nasty big brother Impossible to Wound) and Incorporeal, with a smattering of Hard to Kill and Armor. Make sure you know how all those abilities work! Poison. Killing with conditions is a fun way to work around a lot of interesting situations that can arise in Malifaux. At the time of writing, 21 models have the Infect trigger on at least one of their attacks, which gives Poison +1 for each after SUCCEEDING (not after damaging). 15 of those models have the built into the attack. In addition, we have models that will heal from Poison and others that get extra bonuses against already Poisoned enemies. Poison, and particularly the Infect trigger, is an excellent way for us to get around Armor, Hard to Kill, Hard to Wound and many other damage reducing abilities. Summoning. Every Master in the faction has some way to summon models, although some have very roundabout ways of doing it. With the right cards, it's not unusual to double your number of starting models (in theory even triple!). In addition, we have some general upgrades that allow summoning (available to any Leader and specific Henchmen). And on top of all that, we have a half-dozen different models that summon something as a trigger or in addition to another effect. Half of those are 1 AP zombies, but every activation helps in that important battle for control, and anything that happens incidentally is a very efficient use of AP. Three of those incidental summoning models are usable across many different crew builds (and in case you're wondering, those are the Carrion Emissary, Anna Lovelace and Datsue Ba all of whom are very Soulstone efficient for what they can do). There are a bunch of other things we do well, but probably other factions do just as well or better. On that note, let's talk about what Ressers suck at. What Ressers Do Poorly Speed. We have a few fast models (or ones that push/teleport), but they are noteworthy because they are the exception rather than the norm. Many models are only Wk4, and Cg6 is also a common upper bound. Don't expect to be super maneuverable as a rule. We also have a lot of commonly seen models that have bigger (50mm and 40mm) bases, so we can easily gum up a section of the board. One key problem that newer players often have (including yours truly!) is positioning models correctly, and that problem is exacerbated by a combination of slow movement and summoning. Hit Really Hard. Again, we have a few models that do this well, but it's not our bread and butter (I'm looking at you, Guild!). Killing is usually combination of multiple attacks or from one or two key models, rather than something we take for granted. Thankfully, killing is not key to winning in this game. Long Ranged Attacks. We're not the faction of snipers, or even of pistoliers. We're an up close and personal faction - we don't kill you until you can smell the rot. The ranged attacks we do have tend to either be short range (12" is long range in Ressers) or do something other than damage (the infamous 18" range on the Rotting Belle Lure attack is a good example). If you want to make something dead as a Resser player, expect to get up nice and close first. Look Pretty. Virtually everything in the Resser range is ugly, psychotic, dead or some combination of the three. And that's how we like it. The Masters Summon Nicodem Kirai Molly Aggro Reva Seamus McMourning Mixed Yan Lo Tara I've grouped the Masters (somewhat arbitrarily) into three buckets. I've chosen these three to help you figure out what your second Master should be. I'm assuming you've already chosen your first, but if you haven't, see the section below on your first Master. Assuming you've already got someone in one of the buckets, choose a Master from one of the other buckets as a complementary second Master. The Summon bucket is for the three Masters who have a 1 AP action on their card that allows them to summon a minion of some sort onto the battlefield and then provide a range of buffs to help them along. These Masters typically have crews that help provide resources to enable that, e.g. drawing extra cards, putting down more corpse markers etc. Often your starting crew is balanced between making your summoning more effective and winning the game on their own. Usually they don't take models who are dedicated scheme runners because those tend to be summoned instead. Crew builds with these Masters tend to vary less from scheme pool to scheme pool because many of the tools to win are (again) summoned during play. The Aggro bucket is for the Masters who primarily attack directly, and for whom summoning is a more limited or secondary action. Each of these Masters have a way of dealing a lot of damage directly, combined with special movement tricks to help them get where they need to be. Their crews tend to be built in a way to support their style of attack in some way, as well as to score points. As I mentioned earlier, hitting hard is not a key strong point, but these are the Masters who are most likely to be able to do so. The Mixed bucket contains the two Masters whom I consider to be not an obvious fit in either bucket. Tara doesn't summon directly (her Totem does) and Yan Lo only summons back key models that have already died. Both Masters can get quite aggressive, but not in a straightforward way. Both of these Masters have unique playstyles not only in the faction, but in the Malifaux game as a whole. Your First Resser Master In order of preference, I'd recommend this: Seamus McMourning (Reva - not yet released) Yan Lo Nicodem Molly Kirai Tara Why this order? It's a combination of how reusable the models in the boxed set are with other Resser crews and how complicated the Master is to use. Tara is a pretty complex Master to use, with a bunch of mechanics around burying that are fairly unique, and her models are only usable with her as they are all Outcasts who come into Ressers with Infiltration. Kirai is probably the most complex of the summoners, and her boxed set includes models that either must be summoned or just wouldn't make a starting crew anyway, so that's why she's down there. The Masters in the bottom half of the pile are going to require you to purchase a lot more additional models to be used as summons. Seamus, on the other hand, is a pretty easy to use Master, his crews can quite happily include all the models in his boxed set and be very effective, and you'll likely use all those models (not counting Totem obviously) in other crews. McMourning takes a bit more awareness of auras and positioning, but has a pretty straightforward play style, and a crew box that has a lot of utility models in it. The middle of the table is probably the most arbitrary part. I'd use this part of the guide as a way to help you choose between two or three that you already had your eye on - pick the one closer to the top. Ultimately, I urge people to pick the Master they are excited to assemble and paint because every single one is good in its own way. Top Tools Before talking too much about the crews for the various masters, I want to first talk about three models that you will likely end up using a lot over the course of your games as a Resser player - the Rotten Belle, the Nurse and the Carrion Emissary. That's because they fit into virtually any crew and offer a toolbox of options to go in that crew. If you find you don't like using Nurses or Belles, there are plenty of other options in the 4-5SS range - Necropunks/Crooligans for scheme running and Ashigaru to help hold points, to name a few of my favorites - so don't feel like you're being locked in to anything: that's just not how Malifaux works :-) Rotten Belles come with Seamus, and Nurses come with McMourning. Both boxes give you a bunch of other useful models so if you're not too budget constrained that's a good way to go. Otherwise, they both come separately in their own boxes, just like the Carrion Emissary. Anyway, here's the info on these Top Tools: Rotten Belle Probably the quintessential Resser minion, the Rotten Belle is 5SS and gives you a lot for that cheap cost. While the low Df/Wp might seem like a big weakness, having Hard to Wound and a high number of wounds means they are incredibly survivable. They also have Wk 5 which helps make them good for schemes. They have a very long range Lure (18") that is among the highest Ca values in the game, and with the right suit will force your opponent to discard a card. They also will give out Slow - it's a little trickier to have it go off, but gives just as much utility. Consider that you're trading 1 AP from a 5SS model for 1 Master AP or 1 Henchman AP. You can use their Pounce attack to Lure and enemy scheme runner away from wherever it wants to be scoring and into attack range, then take an attack all for 1 AP - with the right trigger, you'll even keep them from walking away. Finally, they even have Companion so can Chain Activate when you need them to. As a beginner, I advice ignoring this ability to start - knowing when to use takes time, and it's better just to not think about it until you have your head around all the other things going on in the game. Nurse Another 5SS minion, the Nurse is a great toolbox for accomplishing a lot of different objectives. She's got a higher Df and a trigger to push up to 4" whether she's attacked vs Df or Wp, and with Wd 6 she is survivable enough to require a significant investment of resources in order to kill. She has two other abilities, both of which are important to how she functions. The first allows her to discard a card at the start of her action to add the suit to her duel total, and the second is Accomplice, allowing a model within 6" to activate as a Chain Activation after she's done. These are both important because they tie in with her primary attack action, Take Your Meds. Take Your Meds is Ca that you have to declare a Trigger for. Each trigger gives a paired set of bonus and penalty, allowing you to use each one on both your models and your opponent's. Briefly, they are paralyze/heal all wounds, +2 Ml damage/only declare Ml actions, Wk +2/only declare Walk and Interact, and to all duels/Armor +2. All of these can be used to help you strongly influence an area of the board. A simple example is that you discard a card to give you the right suit, then you Paralyze one of your opponent's models that's already at full Wounds (trading 1AP for 2 or 3AP), or you can use the same trigger to heal one of your slow, summoned models. Being only able to declare Ml actions is a lot like being paralyzed if you aren't in range of something, so that can also be effective if you want to buff your own model with the extra damage for 1AP and then pseudo-paralyze with the other AP. Just make sure they have no movement tricks in their crew! You'll see a lot of crews below I've included a Nurse and/or a Rotten Belle (or two). If you don't have these models, they are worth getting because of their sheer utility for virtually any scheme pool. Carrion Emissary The Carrion Emissary is arguably the best of all the Emissaries, even without its Master-specific upgrades, and it's so good with particular Masters that it makes the cut into multiple starter lists. Briefly, it's an Enforcer with a stat line of mostly 6s, it can fly and has Hard to Kill but no other real defenses (it has a limited self heal) - this means it often works better with crews who can heal it (but as you just read, Nurses can heal everyone!). It also gives all your minions within 6" +1 Wk, which is really good for a faction not known for being fast. Where it starts to shine more is on the back of its card. It has one Ca attack that is both ranged and :melee, but only 6" and 1" respectively. However, it does min damage 3 and can blast, as well as having a bunch of useful triggers. The Emissary also has a zero action that you will likely use a lot, Shards of Kythera. This lays down two blast markers that count as Ht 4 impassable, blocking terrain. They disappear at the end of the turn and out pops a Mindless Zombie. The zombie is good for a lot of reasons - it's another activation, it's very easy to hit (so you can blast off it!) and it counts as a corpse marker for anything you want to use a corpse marker for. It even leaves a corpse marker when it dies. Just don't expect to ever hit anything with it! The Emissary for 1AP can turn corpse markers into scheme markers at range, and later in the game if you've score VP from the strategy you can summon any non-totem Resser Undead model up to 6SS. Those are currently all Minions (Crooligan, Guild Autopsy, Canine Remains, Ashigaru, Crooked Man, Necropunk, Rotten Belle, Dead Doxy, Flesh Construct, The Drowned) and the earliest you'll be summoning is turn 4, so you're likely to only get 3AP out of the summon - choose wisely! Mostly, you will move, attack and drop Shard markers with this guy, helping to prevent charge/firing lanes while you maneuver your forces into position. Malifaux, as other authors have stated multiple times, is primarily a game about movement. The Emissary has lots of flexibility in its movement, gives more movement to your other models and helps prevent your opponent from moving into areas you want to control. I'll talk more about Master-specific Emissary actions below, where I've included it into the beginner list for a given Master. Starting Crews and Tactics I've provided some starting crews for each Master below. This is to try to answer the question that is often asked "OK, I've got Master X, now what do I do to get to a good crew at 50SS". By no means is this a silver bullet for winning all your games! I've aimed at creating lists that use a good amount of models from the boxed sets (I've stuck to at least 4 and more if warranted), and supplemented those with models that both fit into a good list and are as easy as possible to learn. In addition, I've tried to avoid models that can only be purchased in some other crew box. I've also leaned on only suggesting upgrades that are either essential, easy to use (or both!). Each list leaves a few stones for upgrades or personal tweaks based on your model collection. You're only beginning, so it's a good idea to avoid upgrades that provide extra actions unless strictly needed. I give a quick walk through on how to use the crew and what types of situations they excel in. Again, apply a healthy dash of salt to this all - I'm not an expert in every model, crew, scheme and strategy, but this should at least help get you started. Seamus Seamus, Sinister Reputation, Red Chapel Killer - 6 Soulstone cache Copycat Killer Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue The Hanged Yin the Penangalan Rotten Belle x2 Nurse Purchases: The Hanged, Yin I've listed Seamus as the easiest Master to use, primarily because you usually do the same three things in each of his activations, and the only things that vary are the order and what (0) action you take. Seamus will focus, Back Alley (teleport) and shoot his .50 Flintlock. Then the Copycat Killer does pretty much the same thing. Seamus' upgrades are to enable the rest of the crew to function very effectively. Sinister Reputation gives a Wp reducing bubble and everyone else has some kind of Wp-based attack, which consequently will heal Seamus when your opponent fails a duel. His zero action will either be to summon a Belle or to enable him to teleport while still in line of sight. Madame Sybelle, The Hanged and Yin all have ranged attacks against Wp and (importantly) are Terrifying All 12 or more, just like Seamus. You'll quickly get into the habit of telling your opponents to take these checks (and usually at -2 Wp!). Yin's Gnawing Fears can put models on a flip for Wp duels, and then The Hanged will take off half their wounds! Madame Sybelle can force people to target her, even if the action is out of range - combined with Yin's Gnawing Fears, this can very effectively lock down a model for most of two turns. Yin is great at taking and holding a point on her own, although vulnerable against anything with built in flips. Using Whispers From Beyond with The Hanged will take off half of any model's wounds - great for big beaters - and prevent them from healing the rest of the game. Hanged also remove most immunity to Horror duels within a 4" The Belles are durable scheme runners who can hand out Slow or Lure other models away from where they want to be (or both!). These are a common faction toolbox model, so you'll end up using them a bunch. The Nurse works to help burn cards from your opponent's hand even more - they'll generally try to avoid having their key models paralyzed. She can also rescue Seamus if he gets stuck in combat: He's Ml 7 with a trigger to attack again, but min damage 1. Hitting him with Hallucinogens means an unsuspecting assailant can be staring down the barrel of 6 min damage 3 attacks at Ml7! Upgrades to consider include Not Too Banged Up on Sybelle for extra walk on Rotten Belle Lures, and Unnerving Aura on Yin, forcing people to take damage if they stay too close to her. What do I use the Red Joker for? Seamus damage is the obvious one, because it's 12 which kills virtually everything in the game that doesn't have some form of reduction. Copycat Killer is a hefty 11, so he's the obvious second choice. Some possible next steps Swap out Datsue Ba for a Hanged. The Hanged is a better choice in Collect the Bounty and is much simpler to use (if not in range, move and then Whisper, otherwise Whisper!) whereas Datsue Ba (+ Spirit Whispers) takes a bit more practice to get used to, and requires some extra models that she summons from a trigger. Build Seamus with Bag o' Tools. This means you're not getting as much mileage out of the passive Wp duels really draining the hand, but Seamus is able to effective in combat on his own. This one works better when you need Seamus more in the thick of things (I never play this build, but that's my preference). Add in the Carrion Emissary. You'll find that the Emissary will be targeted a lot because it doesn't have Terrifying, but it does heal when things nearby fail Wp duels if you use Seamus' specific Conflux. Combined with Madame Sybelle, your Belles will be Wk 7! Good if you have to get them to key points on the board. McMourning McMourning, Moonlighting, Plastic Surgery - 6 Soulstone cache Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian, Transfusion Carrion Emissary, Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge Rafkin Nurse Rotten Belle x2 Carrion Effigy Purchases: Carrion Effigy, Rafkin, Mindless Zombie You can maybe trade for: Rafkin, because there's a limited edition alternate, Mindless Zombie because people don't always use all five in the box To briefly touch on the auras in this crew: McMourning and Sebastian both have Catalyst which will cause models to take Poison damage when they activate, not just at the end of turn (this doesn't stack). In addition, Sebastian's Induction aura means that a model taking 1 poison damage actually takes 3. Rafkin's My Own Concoction aura works inversely, meaning that any regular attacks against a model already poisoned results in them taking 1 extra damage. So, you'll want to Lure the key model into the bubbles, dealing sufficient damage with attacks to allow McMourning to Expunge and summon a Flesh Construct. The Zombie Chihuahua is a cheap activation who can also Expunge (without the summoning, obviously!) to finish off a model in a different area of the board. Being only Ht 1, he can be quite easy to protect, and the Expunge is a (0) action so you can walk out, Expunge and then go hide. The Carrion Effigy helps eliminate those pesky immunities to Poison - it can really help against things with complete Condition immunity like Lenny or Ashes and Dust. Absent the need for that, he's a solid scheme runner who is not easily killed. The Nurse will help with overall board control, and healing your Wounded models in a pinch. Rafkin is very squishy, having no real defenses to speak of, so you need to protect him. Only bring him into combat if you have a high degree of confidence that he will kill what he's facing. He has a zero action that does min damage 1, which can sometimes be helpful in finishing off that Hard to Kill model before it activates ... however, you're better off just making sure the same model is inside a Catalyst aura instead. A simple tactic you'll be able to employ is to drop the Shards of Kythera with your Emissary on turn one, and at the end of the turn summon a Mindless Zombie. In turn 2, you can use the Emissary's and/or Rafkin's blasts to blast off the Df 2 Zombie and lay down a bunch of poison on your opponent's models. Depending on how they've placed, you could easily give half your opponent's crew Poison +1 before you've engaged with them. The Emissary is a good way to help protect your more vulnerable models - the Shards can help prevent charges and Hard to Kill gives it an opportunity to be healed by a Nurse (or Rafkin). Importantly, it gets to all attacks against poisoned models which means you're much more likely to hit the trigger you want on its main attack. What do I use the Red Joker for? McMourning's Surgical Implements will 8 damage + 1 Poison (or 9 damage if Rafkin is nearby, and 2 Poison if you flip/cheat a or stone for it), which is enough to kill most things, especially if you Expunge straight after to turn them into a Flesh Construct. Some possible next steps Rogue Necromancy. This happy critter can easily fit in where the Emissary is, if you want a more aggressive list, but it also likes to have Belles draw things to it (because it's pretty slow, even with Stalk). It's Ml7 with infect built-in and min damage 3, so if it's near Rafkin, that's min damage 4 + 1 Poison, and with a built-in plus flip to attack and damage, you're likely hitting 6 damage pretty easily. It just dies really easily to high min damage models, so be wary. Shikome get 1AP charges against things that are poisoned, have triggers to ignore armor and also have built-in poison trigger in melee. Good choices for Collect the Bounty because they are hard hitting Minions. Embalmed. Guild Autopsy and Flesh Construct both come with Poison +5, so summoning them (Autopsy can be summoned with Spare Parts) or hiring them enables Sebastian to use Transfusion (or any other model you put it on) to quickly put 5 Poison on another model to enable an early Expunge for instance. Or the Carrion Emissary can more easily blast off them because they are both low Df and it would get flips to the attack. Reva Reva, Guises of Death - 6 Soulstone cache Vincent St. Clair, Deal With Death Carrion Emissary, Carrion Conflux Bete Noire Shieldbearer Rotten Belle Nurse Crooligan Purchases: Bete Noire, Crooligan (or possibly trade) I'll start this miniscule section with a caveat: Reva is not yet available for general release and so she's not had the test of time that the rest of the Masters have had, so this is effectively a placeholder. I'll expand this area as she starts to see more play time (including by me!). Reva is arguably easier to use than McMourning, but I pushed her down the list a little, again due to newness. The idea behind this list is that Bete Noire can take advantage of the ranged killing of Reva and Vincent to pop out down the board and wreak havoc. The Carrion Emissary and Reva can create remote corpse markers through Mindless Zombies and Corpse Candles, so that Reva can attack through those markers. The Crooligan is a gambit to encourage an early attack and thereby pull Bete out early, but a second Shieldbearer works in that spot too (thus saving the money on Crooligans). Something to note is that From the Shadows can be a bit of a trap. I recommend only deploying within 6-9" of your deployment zone until you have a very strong grasp of how to use the ability. Much further forward than that and you're probably over extending and will lose the model. With a 4SS Crooligan who "turns into" Bete Noire, that's not the end of the world, but you don't want to lose Vincent that early. His upgrade is more for the push out of combat than the deployment tricks anyway. What do I use the Red Joker for? All the 6+SS models have a good enough damage spread to use the Joker with, and the Shieldbearer can give itself damage flips in order to make the cheat easier. Possible next steps will have to wait for now! Yan Lo Yan Lo, Fortify The Spirit, Brutal Khakkhara, Reliquary - 6 Soulstone cache Soul Porter Izamu The Armor Carrion Emissary, Ancestral Conflux Chiaki The Neice, Pull of the Grave Ashigaru Rotten Belle Nurse Purchases: Izamu The Armor Maybe you can trade for: Izamu, because Genbu was released in the Tortoise and the Hare box, sometimes people want the Hare for their Arcanists but not Genbu, or they replaced their Izamu with the Genbu. Yan Lo is a bit like playing two different Masters. He gets stronger as he generates Chi (either from discarding cards or from models dying nearby), and he can spend his Chi to do a lot of things, primarily adding it to all his Ca values and attaching more upgrades. Those upgrades in turn give him more things he can do with his Chi - this is why he's not high up the list of easy Masters to play! Astute readers will notice that this is the only master who gets all three upgrades in the starter list. There are very specific reasons for this. The Khakkhara gives Yan Lo a Ml range of 2" rather than 1", so you can engage more models when you need to (typically late game), as well as getting a much better damage track (3/4/5 vs 2/3/4) - the Emissary gives him Ml 6. Fortify the Spirit gives him a trigger to add his Chi to any Df or Wp duel (but it needs a suit) - the value of this is more that having it will mean your opponent is less likely to TRY targeting Yan Lo because attacking an effective stat of 8 is often not worth it. Finally, the Reliquary allows Yan Lo to resurrect any Ancestor onto half wounds - Izamu, the Emissary (who gets Ancestor from his conflux) and Chiaki are the Ancestors in this starting list. There are a few key interactions in this crew that you will get mileage out of. The obvious ones are that the Soul Porter can give any Ancestor an extra move, especially useful for the Wk 4 Izamu to get into the key position. The Porter is also Incorporeal, Wk 6 so he can easily keep up with everyone else, and has a 3" engagement range - he's probably my favorite totem in Ressers, and learning how to use him well will seriously improve your Yan Lo game. I rarely sacrifice him for the extra Chi - he provides too much other value. The Carrion Emissary shines in this crew more than any other, in my humble opinion. The simple reason is that it gets Fast ever time a model within 6" attaches an upgrade, so usually 3 times per game thanks to Yan Lo. Make sure you have Yan Lo within 6" of him when you're going to attach an upgrade in order to get the bonus - it can also give Yan Lo +1 Wk for his activation as an added bonus. Using the Emissary's Shards of Kythera action turn 1 will summon a mindless Zombie - Yan Lo (or anyone else) can then kill the Zombie in turn 2 to gain two Chi - one off the Revitalize trigger and one from Focus Chi. Note that Harvest Chi only works when enemies are being killed, so killing your own Zombie won't get you more Chi! In general, Chiaki can be used with her upgrade to hand out Slow and as a scheme runner. She has a zero action which is great for taking out opposing scheme runners by making them Insignificant - with the right suit it can even generate Chi for her, which she adds to her Ca just like Yan Lo. She can then hand out her Chi to other Ancestors to make their Ca better. In this case, it's either Yan Lo or the Emissary - giving Izamu a bonus to Ca only affects his self-heal and in Yan Lo crews you shouldn't really need to use that as Yan Lo has a very effective heal himself. Full heals from the Nurse also Paralyze their victim, but Paralyzed is a condition that can easily be removed by Chiaki. This is particularly useful on Yan Lo, who cannot heal himself. The upgrades he attaches to himself will (in total) give him 9 possible actions to take and give him Impossible to Wound and Incorporeal. I've taken attacks from an entire crew with a fully powered-up Yan Lo and have him survived to tell the tale, albeit only on one wound ("Helloooooooo, Nurse!"). However, he needs to have a full +3 Chi in order to really pull this off. You also don't need to attach Bone Ascendant every game, but you'll know you'll need it - it's very useful in situations where a lot of enemies are comparatively bunched up and you can hit them all at once, and it's definitely the time when you want to have the Brutal Khakkhara. Generally turns 1, 2 and 3 are spent getting ready and turns 4 and 5 are where Yan Lo really shines - resurrecting the big guys who might have died, handing out Armor +2 (so good on the Emissary!) and even getting stuck in and attacking himself. Don't overextend him in those early turns and you should do fine. The Ashigaru is useful to hold a point and keep enemy models out of engagement range of Yan Lo or anyone else you want - their 1 AP charge is often effective against scheme runners, and their 1 AP Brace deters pretty much everyone from charging. The Rotten Belle can easily be a second Ashigaru, but the value in having the Belle is to pull key models into Yan Lo's lightning dance range, allowing him to teleport in more safely, and place the enemy model into range of Izamu, the (fast) Emissary or both! Yan Lo has a lot of tricks, but he's hard to use and it's easy to get disheartened with him. That's why he's mid-pack for beginners. What do I use the Red Joker for? Izamu or Carrion Emissary damage are the primary targets. The crew is pretty consistent and with a low variance on numbers so there's really not too many obvious choices. Some possible next steps Using other Ancestors. Yin the Penangalan is a natural fit with this crew, and between Yin (especially with Unnerving Aura) and Izamu, you can Lightning Dance something into a whole world of pain. Toshiro is the other Ancestor, and he can summon 5SS minions off corpse and scrap markers: however, he's a little trickier to use and protect, which is why he didn't make the beginner list. Just don't take ALL the ancestors at once! Three is a reasonable max, not counting Yan Lo. Anna Lovelace. Lightning Dance and Lures are great ways to get models where you need them, but everyone knows that Malifaux is all about extra movement shenanigans, and Anna helps shut down those of your opponent. With a massive 8" that stops anyone from placing or pushing into, you can have a much higher degree of confidence that things will stay where you put them. She can also shoot into combat without randomizing, meaning she can partake in your "kill zone" between Izamu and whomever else. Finally, if she's able to hit moderate or severe on her casting attack, she can summon a zombie or a seishin, which makes for easy meat for Yan Lo to get some emergency Chi if he needs to. No Ancestors. At which point, you can obviously drop the Reliquary. Yan Lo is a Master who can support pretty much any crew (because who doesn't want Armor +2 and healing?) so you can just pick your favorite models and slap them on the table with Yan Lo (and I frequently do). He's also great to add in a model that you want to test with, for exactly the same reason. Sure, it won't have the world's best synergy, but it's probably the most forgiving way to be able to test something out. I'd still recommend the Soul Porter tho, but this is the one place where you might consider the Grave Spirit - woohoo Armor +4! Nicodem Nicodem, Undertaker, Maniacal Laugh - 6SS Cache Vulture Mortimer, Corpse Bloat Carrion Emissary, Carrion Conflux Bete Noire Crooligan Crooligan Nurse Purchases: Crooligans, Bete Noire (The Hanged, The Drowned, Mindless Zombies) Nicodem is the most flexible summoner in the game. He has access to a whopping 17 different Minions, meaning he has a tool at his disposal for pretty much any situation. However, as a beginner choosing between so many possible summons is pretty intimidating! I'm going to assume you already have Rotten Belles, so you can probably get by with just getting a box of The Hanged and a box of The Drowned. Combined with Crooligans, Rotten Belles and the Punk Zombies you get in the boxed set, these minions will give you a lot of flexibility to deal with most scheme pools and opponents. The Hanged are arguably the most feared Minion in the game (for good reason!) and can easily swing games on their own. The Drowned are tough minions who can hold points and drop Scheme Markers when they die. Punk Zombies are solid all-round combat minions, and I've already written a whole section on Belles (see Top Tools above in case you skipped!). Crooligans are excellent scheme runners, and surprisingly survivable. So, what about the other 12 models he can summon? They all do something similar to the five minions I've already talked about, but will do it marginally better or worse, depending on the opponent and situation. These five summons are very solid for all situations and are great for getting started. Once you've got a good handle on how the crew plays and what/when to summon, you'll be able to cast a critical eye at other possible options and buy them as appropriate. Now, how does this crew work? Nicodem has a 6" to give to Df and Ml for any Undead. This can stack with the Conflux on the Emissary, which is a 4" to give to friendly Minion Attack duels. However, the stack isn't necessary - think more that the Emissary and Nicodem give you two focal points for your models so that you can do more things. If they happen to converge then great! A 6" bubble + 4" bubble + 30mm base means they can be ~11" apart and still have a model get both benefits. Just be aware that The Hanged generally wants to be near the Emissary more than Nicodem, because it's using a Ca attack. When you draw your hand each turn, you're going to need to mentally set aside the cards you're going to summon with. If you get a 13 of any suit, turn it into The Hanged (unless you have two on the board already, in which case try to hold on to it to summon The Hanged later). You'll need to spend a Soulstone for the unless you're lucky enough to draw the 13 in that suit. Beyond the Hanged, you'll need an 11 for Punk Zombies, 10 for Drowned, 9 for a Belle and 8 for a Crooligan. You only have six or seven stones, so ideally keep your 9+ for summoning. Keeping a 10 in hand is also good for saving Bete Noir, so if she's out or likely to come out in a turn, keep that 10. Aim to summon at least once per turn, but don't burn too many resources in summoning. You can use up corpse markers to get +1 Ca, but only do that if it's necessary and efficient - everything to do with summoning is some kind of resource trade off. e.g. if I have the 12 of Tomes, I could burn a corpse marker and Soulstone to summon The Hanged, or I could just burn the Soulstone to summon a Punk Zombie - unless I really need The Hanged, the Punk Zombie is likely a better choice. If I have two 12s and one is the 12 of , then maybe burning that Corpse Marker *IS* a good idea because then I can summon two of The Hanged. The summoning action Re-animator has a Range of 10" but you're going to want to keep to 6" where possible (or within 6" of the Vulture), so that the summoned model comes in immune to Slow. However, you can also move Nicodem or the Vulture to be closer to that model before it activates because Slow is a Condition, and once you become immune to that Condition you immediately lose it (BRB page 39, in case you need to show someone later). Muwahahahah, which turns corpse markers into Zombies, is something you want to do when you have a few corpse markers nearby - it only needs a 7 of any suit. Once you use a Zombie within 6" for summoning, don't forget to draw a card from Undertaker's I Can Use That ability. Activate your Zombie before killing it, remembering that it's Immune to Slow inside the Nicodem/Vulture bubble. Nicodem also likes to give out Fast - he only needs a four to do it, so it's likely you'll be able to just flip it off the top of the deck, but worth remembering that a 4 or 5 in your hand still has a use. Don't forget it's ANY friendly Undead model so while it's primarily for your summons, it's also good for Bete Noir. Finally he can group heal on an 8, and potentially damage enemies at the same time with a :blast. The Crooligans serve two purposes in this crew. Firstly, they can be deployed From the Shadows which gives you some extra flexibility in where you place them. This can enable much deeper, early game scheme marker placement (great for Leave Your Mark among others). Secondly, when you place them relatively close to the opponent's crew, your opponent needs to make the choice about whether to kill the Crooligan (and risk having Bete Noire pop out) or leave the Crooligan alone and let you run the schemes you want. Mortimer can make corpse markers for you, either up close and personal against an enemy with his Dismember trigger on his shovel attack (or even against your own model if you happen to have a very low in hand), or just by popping out his spleen with Corpse Bloat. He can also make use of Corpse Markers that have been freshly created near the enemy (e.g. because they killed your Crooligan or because the Emissary just had some Shards there) to throw a stink bomb - Unforgiving Stench from Corpse Bloat. The Vulture can also help with placing Corpse Markers where you want them. Don't forget about Mortimer's Chatty aura: stopping people from interacting is a simple but effective game changer. What do I use the Red Joker for? Summoning The Hanged. Some possible next steps Other Beaters. There are a number of Undead models that you can't summon that are good for Nicodem crews. Izamu The Armor and Datsue Ba are both possibilities and Killjoy as a (somewhat dangerous) Mercenary can all benefit from Nicodem's flips. Adding in Necrotic King upgrade to Nicodem can potentially make all the Undead things even nastier, giving them to damage as well. Once you get the Transmortis set, the Valedictorian really likes flips, especially to damage, and Nicodem is able to keep a Rogue Necromancy healthy enough to keep it's built in to attack and damage for most of the game. Other Summons. Here's my suggested order for all the boxes of things you could possibly summon. The Hanged, The Drowned, Necropunks, Shikome, University of Transmortis, Guild Autopsies, Dead Doxies. Draugr haven't been released yet, and I'm assuming you already have Crooligans and both Seamus and McMourning boxes so you've got Rotten Belles, Canine Remains and a Flesh Construct (and your Nurses!) - otherwise buy Rotten Belles first (maybe second after Hanged), Flesh Construct after the University box and Canine Remains toward the end. Ashigaru I wouldn't buy seperately, but get them from Yan Lo's box (you'll also get Chiaki who is a good model). If you don't want Yan Lo (why not?!), I'd buy the Ashigaru last because they compete with BOTH Rotten Belles and Necropunks as 5SS summons. Molly Molly Squidpiddge, Forgotten Life, Tear of The Gorgon - 7 Soulstone cache The Valedictorian Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue Philip and the Nanny, Haunting Cries, Take Back The Night Nurse Rotten Belle Crooligan Purchases: Seamus' crew box, University of Transmortis (The Drowned, Punk Zombies) Molly's unique trait is that she summons Belles (like Seamus) but also either Spirits (like Kirai) or Horrors (unique to Molly, but similar to Nicodem). This choice is determined by a 1SS Limited upgrade that she will bring that also gives her a zero action to make either Spirits or Horrors take a 1 AP action. I've written the list for Horror Molly for a few reasons, partially because being effective with it requires less purchases and also because it's more unique than the Spirit version, where the list of summons is virtually the same as Kirai's. Tear of the Gorgon gives the ability to take two zero actions, one of which grants Molly Terrifying. In this build (much like Seamus' above) the key models are all Terrifying or Manipulative apart from Molly, so I consider it worthwhile to give her the upgrade so that if your opponent wants to target a key model, it is potentially burning resources to do so. It can also really help in a clutch time in the game, allowing you to give out both an extra AP AND Reactivate. The Valedictorian comes in the University of Transmortis box, which I think is a must-buy for Horror Molly. It gives her access to a toolkit of Students which make for great summons vs particular model types, as well as each having a zero to remove Triggers (very annoying for a lot of models who rely on built-in triggers to accomplish certain effects). Read through each one and it's pretty clear when you're going to summon each. Keep your Rams for giving the Valedictorian to damage flips and hand out 5 or 6 damage with regularity! Sybelle can use her Call Belle action to move Molly around, preserving your Master AP for summoning and other fun activities. Arguably, Molly is not as much about summoning as she is about denial. Using her Whispered Secret action puts an enemy model in for all duels - without being able to cheat vs attacks, it's very easy to get to cheating range for damage. Revelation is her Ca attack that does medium damage but will hand out Slow or Paralyzed (more denial) and give you some minor benefit on most suit triggers. The Drowned and Punk Zombies I talk about in Nicodem above, and they fill a similar role here, but with some added benefits due to how Molly summons. Her boxed set comes with Crooligans for scheme running, and you can even summon her totem on a 6+ of . The totem has a lot of good synergy with the crew so don't be afraid to summon it back if it dies. It can move a lot of models at once with its (0) action Brethren. This can be great to bring a Punk Zombie or Student into Flurry range. Note that it has a 1/1/6 damage track and built in Infect - with Ml 5, opponents actually have to defend against this because cheating in Severe for 6 from a Peon is hilarious! It can also be summoned 10" away to help make the Brethren action even more useful. Molly's summon mechanic is unique - she summons a minion within 6" and it immediately takes an amount of damage equal to its wounds, preventing 1 for each enemy within 3". Those enemies all then take a TN 15 Wp Duel or take 1 damage. She also gives Black Blood to Horrors and Belles within 6" - this can lead to an interesting tactic nicknamed the Punk Zombie Bomb. Summon a Punk Zombie near at least two enemies (so that it retains Hard to Kill). Each of those enemies will take 1 damage from the summon action (The Ones Left Behind). If you have another model inside the Black Blood aura (e.g. the Valedictorian), then you can use Molly's (0) Whispers of Future Flesh to have the Punk Zombie take Slice & Dice (which does 3 to all models within 3). This will wound the Valedictorian, forcing out another 1 damage due to Black Blood. So for the cost of summoning the Punk Zombie and a zero action, you've potentially done 5 damage to at least 2 models, or burned through a lot of their good cards to prevent it. The Punk Zombie can then chain activate due to Molly's Accomplice and either Slice & Dice again if there are enough good targets, or just attack directly. (Thanks to Adam from Cheated Fates Radio for that tip!) Given that the model suffers damage equal to its wounds, you can summon a Drowned away from any enemy models and it will come onto the table and then immediately die and leave a scheme marker. You can also summon something in a couple of models on just one wound and have a Nurse completely heal them as a chain activation. This crew more than any other will use all the you draw - low crows will get discarded by the Nurse (1-5) for heal/paralyze, Rotten Belles can use middling crows for Lure to force your opponent to discard a card (4-8), Molly will use all the high crows for summoning (6-13) and the Necrotic Machine wants a 7 or 8 for Brethren. Philip and the Nanny allows you to turn scheme markers into cards, so you can easily turn Crooligan or other AP into cards with their ability. They also have a 10" with the Take Back the Night upgrade so that any Spirit or Horror you have that kills a model within the aura gets to draw a card (once per turn, per model). Philip can also be moved very effectively by other models. Luring with a Belle gives Philip an 8" walk, and if you take the optional Not Too Banged Up upgrade on Sybelle, it goes to 10"! Great for that late game Undercover Entourage, or other scheme running. What do I use the Red Joker for? Most of the models in this crew have weak damage 2 and severe 5 (6 for Valedictorian) so take your pick! You may also want to use it for Molly's Whispered Secret to get past Wp 7 (losing that duel would require them to use their Red Joker too, so not a bad trade) Possible Next Steps More Horrors. Dead Doxies, Guild Autopsies and the new Draugr all have interesting potential roles to play in a Horror Molly crew. In addition, Yin, the Rogue Necromancy and Killjoy also have the Horror characteristic and so can be targeted with Molly's Whispers of Future Flesh to give them a 1 AP action - with Killjoy that could even be a charge! More Spirits. Then there's the whole Spirit build for Molly. See Kirai for some info on what that might look like, but it's a whole different way to play the same Master. 7 different boxed sets of Spirits to consider, plus you'd want to change up your main beater to Izamu (or maybe even Datsue Ba). Kirai Kirai, Unforgiven - 7 Soulstone cache Lost Love Datsue Ba, Spirit Whispers, My Little Helper Izamu the Armor, Wronged Spirits Flesh Construct Rotten Belle Nurse Carrion Effigy Purchases: Izamu the Armor, McMourning box (Flesh Construct + Nurse), Datsue Ba, Carrion Effigy (The Hanged, Shikome, The Drowned, Gaki) Ah, Kirai. The reason that so many players hate facing Ressers. She is an incredibly powerful model and there are a lot of synergies with her crew, but like many things that are very powerful, it requires a lot of coordination to use correctly. This build is the build that I eventually settled on as the combination of simplest to use in order to learn how best to use her. But she's still tricky and you'll likely lose to an equally skilled player a lot in the early stages of learning how to use her. Kirai summons Spirits, including her own special spirit, Ikiryo. If a friendly model within 6" Malevolence of Kirai or Lost Love takes damage from an enemy attack action, you can discard a card or stone to summon Ikiryo in base contact with the enemy model. Ikiryo can then attack (she's quite the beatstick) and sacrifice herself ready to be summoned again - she's Immune to Slow and Paralyzed. Anything she's summoned into base contact with gains Adversary, so all Spirits get to attack it, including Ikiryo herself. Preventing multiple ranged attacks is a key function for Ikiryo. Kirai's main summoning action damages her own models and the spirit itself, equal to half the summoned model's wounds. The Flesh Construct is there to provide 13+ wounds worth of summoning - it heals itself and can easily be 'refreshed' by the Nurse. Other than having spirits ripped out of him, his main job is as a bit of a bodyguard for Kirai. Lost Love works to extend your Malevolence aura and LoS for summoning Ikiryo. The Rotten Belle can lure things closer for being attacked, or even function as a secondary summoning battery. Datsue Ba is the workhorse of this crew. She can move other Spirits for a zero, or summon a Seishin (Kirai can sac these to get casting bonuses, or put damage on them as a Df trigger, so you often want one or two within 2" of Kirai). Her attacks ignore armor, but the really key thing about her is her Weigh Sins action. You can either cast this (needs a 9 or higher to go off) or hit it as a trigger on her Ml attack. This action has a 1/2/6 damage spread, so it's unlikely to kill something without cheating. However, it can plink off that last damage on a Hard to Kill model and has a built in trigger to summon a Gaki when you kill something - that can upgrade to an Onryo with a (which is why Izamu carries the 0SS upgrade for buffing Onryo). Kirai can use her Swirling Spirits action to help move spirits around, and often this is Izamu who is quite slow and on a big base. However, placing him 12" away and ideally within 3" of something you want to kill is amazing! Do that and live the dream of having the Nurse give him Hallucinogens (+2 Ml damage!) and watch your opponent weep as they suffer 3 Min damage 5 attacks with built in flips to damage! She also has a Ca attack that doesn't randomize in combat and does min damage 3 with the Unforgiven upgrade - another good way to spend your AP when the summoning options are low due to what's in your hand. So, what are you summoning? Your go to models are of course The Hanged and the The Drowned, but you'll also get mileage out of Shikome (both for attacking and scheme running) and Goryo (not released yet, but they fill a similar attack role to Punk Zombies). The cheaper minions (Onryo, Gaki) are best summoned from Datsue Ba's attacks, but if you need a minion somewhere and you've only got an 8 or 9 of then do it! Night Terrors (the 3SS insignificant minion) are good for Interference and Extraction, when you need bodies to count for the scheme. They are fast moving and survivable (with Incorporeal and Hard to Kill). But primarily you'll summon the top 4 minions. Again, like with Nicodem, you have the option to increase your Ca value, this time by sacrificing a Seishin - only do this if you really must in order to score points, because keeping the Seishin around is usually a better idea (for Kirai's Df/Wp trigger for instance). What do I use the Red Joker for? Datsue Ba damage on Weigh Sins is awesome - 7 damage kills many models and turns them into one of yours. This is a swing of 4 AP, which can't be overstated! Also, a Red Joker also can be used to summon a Hanged, so pick which you need more :-) Possible Next Steps Kirai Upgrades. This list only gives her one upgrade. She has multiple others to choose from, all of which give her different actions and abilities that end up creating a more powerful but trickier Master to use. Experiment and see what works for you. The Lovelace Sisters. Combining Anna Lovelace and Hannah gives you a lot more card draw which results in more summons. Both of these models can be protected by Malevolence and give you a lot of control possibilities. However, as a pair they are 20SS base and again they take some finesse to use correctly. Tara Tara, Knowledge of Eternity, Obliteration Symbiote - 7 Soulstone cache Karina, The Faces Of Oblivion Scion of the Void The Nothing Beast, Void Shield Rotten Belle Nurse Void Wretch x2 Purchases: Anna Lovelace, Scion of the Void A big caveat for this section: if you're starting out with Ressers, you probably shouldn't start with Tara. Her boxed set is only usable by her in-faction, which means if you buy a second master, you're literally starting from scratch. Subsequently, I'm assuming you're choosing Tara as a second or subsequent Master. Her mechanics revolve thematically around manipulating time and the void, so she and her crew give out Fast (and Slow) even to enemy models, bury/unbury them, and then get advantages when attacking those models (even while buried!). She also pitches cards and her Nothing Beast and Void Wretches want to have an empty hand in order to have a high Df, so I've avoided models that are going to want to cheat a lot. This crew wants Tara to activate first so that she can also activate last. Second will be Karina, who will use any high she has to summon Horrors - Punk Zombies and Drowned are the easy go-to models here, but Crooligans or Guild Autopsies are available on a lower card. Karina is an Enforcer so can't spend a stone, which is why it's only crows. Having her go second means you're getting rid of cards to keep the Nothing Beast and Void Wretch's Df as high as possible. If you can activate the Nurse third, you can pitch a card for her to have a suit, meaning you're likely on only 1 or 2 cards at this point (3 from Tara, hopefully 1 for Karina, potentially 1 for the Nurse). Going to zero this early in the turn is probably not what you want to do, but different triggers on the models in the crew will allow you to draw a card or two during the turn so it's not awful (you often need to keep at least one for Horror duels or to get you out of some kind of jam). You can bury models in this crew and unbury them using the Scion of the Void - that can be very helpful for positioning models exactly where you want them. Likewise, Obliteration Symbiote on Tara, particularly during her second activation in the turn, will allow you accomplish other fun shenanigans by unburying a previously buried enemy model and taking a full activation with them. Knowledge of Eternity gives Tara a Ca7 with a built in trigger to bury enemy models, so you should be able to pick and choose which model you want to use. Be aware that if the model you bury hasn't activated and then you unbury it, it will get to activate once your turn is done. What do I use the Red Joker for? Primarily you'll use it for the big damage spread on these models - the Scion or the Nothing Beast. However, if you think you're going to lose a living model (Nurse, Anna) near Karina in the turn you have it in hand, you can keep it to summon a Death Marshal. However, you'll maybe only do this once. Ever. So don't sweat it too much :-) Possible next steps Corpse bombing. If you take Tara with Spare Parts and put Corpse Bloat on a survivable model, you can often summon a Rogue Necromancy as early as Turn 2 (or Turn 1 if you get lucky), and again on turn 3 or 4. Summoning such a big model, especially with Fast, can really swing the game in your favor. All the Wretches. Void Wretches are excellent scheme runners, and very survivable. Using 3 (or more) for Interference, when combined with schemes like Leave Your Mark or Covert Breakthrough and all the bury mechanics in the crew can lead to a very difficult game for your opponent. Thanks! Thanks for reading through the guide, or even just the parts you did read! If you have any feedback, please leave it below. Thanks to Matt Beasley and Tom Weber for providing a lot of feedback as I wrote each crew list - neither of them play Ressers, so it was great to see how easy/difficult the list was for someone to understand and play. And thanks to the folks on the various Malifaux chat channels who have helped keep me sane while I wrote and provided ideas and feedback on the lists. Thanks also to the commenters in the thread below who have found some nits that I overlooked - these have now been picked!
  20. Hey all, I know these have been done a couple of times before, but I've just finished some M2E scheme cards. They are designed to be printing at 100% on A4 paper, cut, folded, and then popped into 2.5" x 3.5" card sleeves. "Classic" Rulebook schemes and strategies, (including cheatsheet): http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/CrikeymilesSchemeCards.pdf (39 MB) NEW! Gaining Grounds 2017 schemes and strategies: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf (1.3MB) EDIT (02 Jan 2014): fixed errors in the text. EDIT (04 Jan 2014): added "noted model" boxes. EDIT (31 Jan 2015): added Gaining Grounds 2015 strategies EDIT (17 Sep 2016): added Gaining Grounds 2016 version EDIT (15 Jan 2017): added Gaining Grounds 2017 version Cheers.
  21. Demos for the month of June Starting 6/13/17 Come in on Wyrd Wednesday to learn about Malifaux!
  22. I will be hosting my next Tournament, Behold My Glory, on May 13th, 2017 at Astral Games of Medford OR! I'm intending this tourney to be a "practice" tourney for those intending to do Califaux 2017 the following month. I will be mimicking Crissy's usual Qualifier Strat choices as best I can guess them. Hopefully with the location in Southern Oregon, I can interest players from the Portland area and the Sacramento/Bay Area to meet at my humble LGS for a practice throw-down. I'll make it worth your while with lots of prizes and loot that everyone has a chance at claiming in the end! Come on up/down, and see how you measure up before Califaux! Be wary, I'll only be accepting the first 16 players in our medium-sized space, so be sure to contact me (either through PM here or on FB in our Community Page) to preregister ASAP! For more information, visit us at my store's Malifaux Community Page, or find more information on the tournament page here!
  23. Hey all, For those who don't know, I'm a high school teacher, and one of the clubs I manage is the school's gaming club. Our yearly "big event" is Extra Life, a 25 hour gaming marathon where donors sponsor me, my students, and close friends/family to play and raise money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. This will be the FOURTH YEAR we've put this shindig on, averaging over $2,000 each year to our local children hospital in Medford, OR. This year, we've gone though a bit of an upgrade. Normally we play in my classroom (and at a local gaming store when they open a little later), but last year has shown we've outgrown the space. In response, one of my seniors has successfully booked the Best Western Convention Center in Yreka,CA from 8am Nov. 5th to 8am Nov. 6th. While most of my students will be on consoles or doing card games, my small M2E-meta outside of school will be completing our Shifting Loyalties League throughout the 25 hours. If you would like to join us for this great celebration of gaming for a great cause, I'll try to host additional small Wyrd events during the day like demos, open tables, painting sessions, Henchmen Hardcores, or Enforcer Brawls (depending on demand). I can't guarantee a full fledged tourney (again since our League is concluding), but if you and friends come to play Wyrd products with us, I'll have some Guilders jingling in my pocket ready to hand out. No entry fee or anything; all that I request is if you would like to visit us anytime throughout the 25 hours (or if you want to contribute to our efforts), donate and sponsor myself or one of my students. All proceeds are #FTK For updates on this event and others we host in the Southern Oregon/Northern California region, follow our M2E meta at Jefferson State Malifaux Facebook. You can find event itself at it's Facebook Event Page. Cheers!
  24. For all those budding Necromancers out there a little something to help you keep your cadavers nicely sorted. Thought I would post these up in the Downloads for people to use. http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/77-resurrectionist-summoning-cards/ For those that don't play summoners, here is a brief rundown of what these cards are for Each of the masters I have done cards for can summon a collection of models and the TN of their summon is based on the cost of the model summoned. These cards show what models these summoner can create and what card you have to cheat in or flip to summon them. Molly has two cards as she has 2 different limited upgrades one which allows her to summon Horror Minions and one which allows her to summon Spirit Minions. So for example I'm playing Nicodem, the highest card in my hand is a 12 and I also have a 9 of Crows. I could choose to summon a Rotten Belle, knowing that if I fail to flip a 9+ of crows I can just cheat in my 9 of Crows, or I could spend a soulstone to get an extra Crow and go after a Student of Viscera, knowing I can cheat in a 12 and I have the crow from the soulstone.
  25. What: Malifaux M2E demo When: last Monday of the month starting on the 15 Time: 7 to 10 p.m. Where: The club is located at Akora Community Building, 7 Roebling Street, Modbury Heights https://www.facebook.com/GarrisonWargamingClub/ I frequent most of the local gaming stores so if you can’t come Monday nights free to contact me and we see if can meet up somewhere else And if you’re looking at a specific crews let me know and I’ll see if I can bring it
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