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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, I'll be posting WIP and finished crews revolving the Ten Thunders faction, and hopefully get some helpful tips and tricks from the more experienced painters out there. As an introductory, and something that will be the main focus for a week or two, I'll be posting my progress for Lucas McCabe's crew, the Relic Hunters. Just primed the whole crew white, and started on the flesh base for them. Almost done Dismounted McCabe, and its mostly just the basing for him. I'm liking painting Heroic scale, much less constrained by the tiny details of 25mils. (EDIT: Didn't even noticed he had a blotch on his chin. Fixed it!)
  2. Hi, I'm not entirely new to Malifaux as I had played 1st edition a few times with my old Lady J crew, but for 2nd edition I decided to play Ten Thunders. Admittedly, it was for the Asian themes which I love! I play Japanese Sectorial Army in Infinity and Mishima in Warzone Resurrection so you can see where my tastes lie. I've played Ten Thunders a couple of times in 2nd edition but haven't always found them easy to get to grips with. I think so far I've won two games out of about five and I know I still have a bit of learning to do. I'm also a bit of an enthusiastic collector and so far have amassed a reasonable arsenal of models! I'm looking for advice on what I have. Please stick to just this list as apart from the Rail Crew and Dark Debts (and possibly the Crossroads Seven) boxes I don't plan on getting anything too major for a while. Masters- Misaki, Lucas McCabe, The Brewmaster, Mei Feng, Jakob Lynch. Totems- Shang, Luna, Kamaitachi, Emberling, Hungering Darkness. Henchmen- Sidir Alchebal, Ototo, Yamaziko, Kang, Hungering Darkness. Enforcers- The Lone Swordsman, 3 Samurai, Yin the Penangalan. Minions- 3 Torakage, 3 Thunder Archers, 3 Tengu, 3 Wastrels, Dawn Serpent, 2 Komainu, 3 Oiran, 2 Katanaka Snipers, 3 Rail Workers, 4 Illuminated (one's purple), 3 Fermented River Monks. Not Exactly Ten Thunders Minions and Such- 3 Ronin, 2 Guild Guard, 2 Guild Austringers, 4 Guild Hounds, 3 Moon Shinobi, Apprentice Wesley, Fingers, Johan, Whiskey Golem. I was thinking of getting the Rail Crew for the more durable characters inside it (EDIT- Bought them!) and the Dark Debts (EDIT- Bought this too) boxes to try out the Illuminated.
  3. From the album: McCabe and Crew

    30mm base (original)

    © Nikko Andass

  4. From the album: McCabe and Crew

    30mm base (close-up)

    © Nikko Andass

  5. From the album: McCabe and Crew

    40mm base (original)

    © Nikko Andass

  6. From the album: McCabe and Crew

    40mm base (close-up)

    © Nikko Andass

  7. Hello all, I have been considering dipping my toes into the Malifaux water. I have been reading about masters, crews, starting threads, and the rulebook. I have learned that in this balanced game, I should pick what looks good to me and I think Ill have fun playing. This leads me to many masters, but I think I have narrowed it down to two: Lucas McCabe or Von Schill. Lucas McCabe rides a horse. Sure he has a net gun and a whip and can hand out gear. Being mobile seems fun, but his model has to be my favourite master miniature. On top of that, it would be really cool to add the Pale Rider or Lone Marshal to the mix cause they also ride horses. The guild has some definite miniatures I can get behind. The problem is that McCabe doesn't look like a very strong master. Maybe there is something I don't understand about him, but he seems to lack any real punch and doesn't seem to have enough buffs in my opinion. Nor does putting him with the guild riders seem to make his crew any better. So I love the models, but I don't know about his playstyle. It might be worth noting I like a lot of ten thunder models as well....but they aren't on horses. Von Schill, the supposed answer to everything. I like the playstyle of an adaptable military type unit that has a giant mechanical member of its team. I like that Von Schill and his team seem tough and support each other. And I like Lazarus...or at least the idea of Lazarus. But I do not like the models. I do not like von schills face, I do not like the librarian, and I really do not like the miniature of Lazarus. It just seems that, and I may have this wrong, but Von Schill buffs his team, has a team that can hand out conditions, and has good upgrades, much like McCabe....only Schill does it better. So I guess I want to ask, what are the differences in playstyle between the two and what am I missing with Mccabes rules? The only write ups Ive seen for McCabe are by people who are just trying him out cause they can while they swear by any other master as their main. Any specific information and resources on McCabe or Von schill would be nice. And please remember I have next to no experience and these are all my opinions based on first impressions.
  8. See title. I am assuming Luna (continuing with the trend of totems in-box with the masters), both McCabes (if not some way to put a dismounted McCabe onto the horse), and at least 2 Wastrels (hopefully 3). I assume Sidir Alchibal will be in his own box, and we know already that we get Guild Riflemen and Pathfinder (with Traps [assumedly 3]) in separate boxes as well. I, for one, kind of really really wish that McCabe would also come with a few Traps (again, hoping for 3), but with the assumed Wastrels, Luna, and both McCabes, that doesn't seem like a valid wish to have granted. If McCabe *does* somehow come with Sidir, this wish is further invalidated (albeit consoled fairly). That said, for $35, McCabe, Mountie McCabe, Luna, 3 Wastrels, AND Sidir would be quite a lot at the price. Of course, I wouldn't be complaining. Note that this is entirely speculatory and I'd love to know the actual answer to my query if anyone has it available to them (and isn't legally bound not to spill if the news isn't open to the public yet - if it's not spillable, I guess I'll have to be spared here...). So yeah, any news on what that box contains yet? ~Lil Kalki (PS -- If not meant for this board, please move. If illegal, please remove. Thanks, mods!)
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