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Found 11 results

  1. We will be meeting regularly for Tyrant Thursdays at Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA. All experience levels are welcome! Games begin at 5:30pm. For additional information, check the Los Angeles Malifaux Facebook group (link below). https://www.facebook.com/groups/losangelesmalifauxplayers/
  2. Come down to Lost Planet Games in Torrance CA for our inaugural Malifaux Tournament! This Halloween themed event features official Wyrd Prize Support and some extra spooky goodies for the attendees! The 35 point 3-round event is aimed for new players to come in and meet other Wyrd enthusiasts and to easily wade into the foreign into organized play. (Future events will likely be at more standard/higher SS levels). Come on down and meet the community and have some fun with us! Soulstone Cap - 35 When - October 6th, 12PM Where - Lost Planet Games, 4626 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance CA More information call the store: 310-504-0518 or feel free to PM me! ~Shannon
  3. Come down to Lost Planet Games in Torrance for our Thursday Night Malifaux meets! I will be available to Demo games and Open-Play tables (with incredible terrain!) will be available each week on Thursday after 5pm and running late into the night! (10-11ish). If you are in the area and looking to get a game in or learn to play at another time just ask and we can set up a time that might work best for you! Call Lost Planet for any other information and make sure to bug Mike when ya do (the store owner is a great dude that is eager to help everyone he can!). ~Shannon The Lost Planet 4626 Del Amo blvd Torrance, CA 90503 310-504-0518
  4. Emerald Knights Comics and Games will be hosting demos Thursday nights from 6:00pm to close. Saturdays, and Sundays as scheduled. Please contact myself regarding scheduling demos. For general information, here is the store's website: Emerald Knights Comics and Games The store address is 4116 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. Hello Los Angeles Wargamers and table top adventurers. We are having Malifaux Demos at Emerald Knights on Thursday nights and Saturdays if scheduled. Please feel free to come on down and join. If you are interested in a demo of Malifaux shoot us a message. We have several tables set up and are eager to give demo's. There are 5 scenarios in the demo which will take you step-by-step through every mechanic of the game. Each scenario will take about 20 minutes and you can play as many or as few as you wish. Also Check out our Facebook group: Malifaux Knights If you're not close to Burbank but want to stay in touch with the community, Check out these links below: Los Angeles Malifaux Players Malifaux - California
  5. Hey everyone! We have heard some rumbling that there may have been too many tournaments going on recently, and that the competitive vibe is leaving people feeling burnt out. This is a valid point, and as Henchman we kinda missed the fact, because we only actually play in every second or third one. Thanks for letting us know! So in an attempt to do something a little different I am teaming up with Josh Gill, henchman from Burbank, up in LA to run an achievement league! The details on how everything will be scored will be released when the league launches on August 6th, but I wanted to make this announcement to let everyone know it is coming. We will essentially be running a big, dual city league, with the northern players reporting to Josh, and the southern players reporting to myself. The scoring will come in a variety of ways, allowing everyone a chance to participate. Scores will be gained by doing hobby activities, showing up to play, supporting your FLGS’s and even things like bringing new players! Most importantly the majority of the scores are based on things coming from just participating, the more you do, the more you can score. No need to dominate on the table in the league! At the end of the 10 week (? roughly, we are still scheduling) league we will host a tournament here in SD, since the last one was up in LA. This will be chance for us to give our a ton of prizes from both the tournament and from the league. So there will be categories for playing a lot in the league, doing lots of hobby stuff in the league, and of course for doing well in the tournament… Everyone Gets A Chance To Win! One more thing to note is that we want to try and have a little fun with the tournament at the end. Rather than running the standard GG2017 Schemes and Strats we will be coming up with a selection of the story encounters that have been created for malifaux. Since this will likely be in October these will be spooky ones! If you don’t show up due to being too scared that’s ok, you’ll only be mocked a little *wink*. If you are interested in playing in the league please contact either Josh, or myself and we would be happy to get you some more information. If you are going to be in LA more contact Josh, if in SD more talk to me. There is no entry fee to playing in the league, we are just hoping to get more games going! There will be a standard fee for the tournament, more on that once have connected with the store more. We look forward to seeing more of you playing Malifaux! Josh Gill Facebook: Joshua Martin Gill Wyrd Forums: Thimblesage Email:josh.m.gill@gmail.com John Meyer Facebook: John Meyer Email: jmeyer4862@gmail.com Wyrd Forums: Flinroz
  6. Emerald Knights Comics and Games will be hosting demos Thursday nights from 6pm to close, Saturdays, and Sundays as scheduled. Please contact myself regarding scheduling demos. For general information, here is the store's website: http://www.ekcomicsandgames.com/ The store address is 4116 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. I mainly play rezzers, but I have a Rasputina and Perdita crew to demo with if you'd like to see different factions and play styles. We're building the community and so many of our players are new--great for getting into the game!
  7. Hello wonderful Malifaux friends, It’s the beginning of a new year and with it comes the new Gaining Grounds 2017!! In we are hosting a fun fast-track training league called, “The League of Extraordinary Masters”. The Goal of the league, In the next four short weeks, (January 1st-31st) the league will foster a fun learning experience crafted to the new Schemes and strategies. Here’s how it works: Step 1: HAVE FUN! Why else would you hang out with the group Step 2: Play a normal game as you normally would with a friendly opponent Step 3: Report your games by posting the results on this page. (Crewfaux makes it easy with the sharing feature) Step 4: pick up or print out a League bingo sheet, (will be posted at the beginning of the new year) to help you keep track of the schemes and strategies you have completed and the one’s remaining. The good stuff, (a.k.a. Incentives, not that you guys need any) At the end of every week I will update the pinned post on this event page with your totals. As you complete more schemes and strategies you will earn more ‘trophies’. Each trophy will get you a ticket to a Large Mystery box raffle in early February!! for more info check out our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1046459635480339/?ti=icl
  8. Emerald Knights Comics and Games will be starting a slow grow league September 22, 2016. The event will be six weeks, ending the first week of November. For general information on Emerald Knights the store, here is the store's website: http://www.ekcomicsandgames.com/ The store address is 4116 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. The rules will be very simple, and distributed in paper copies to participants. Essentially, everyone will start with a crew box and every week the allowable crew size will grow by a pre-set number of Soulstones. With the exception of crew boxes that cannot be played out of the box, everyone will play with just the crew box initially in Weeks 1 and 2 with a 35 SS cap. Weeks 1 and 2 are the same 35 SS cap to allow for rolling entries and for people to get used to the slow grow league. Weeks 3 and 4 will also be capped at 35 SS, but the crews may hire any models, e.g. enforcers not included in the crew boxes. Weeks 5 and 6 will be capped at 50 SS, so normal games. All games are eligible to be Divergent Paths. Emerald Knights is registered as a Divergent Paths store, so if you can get a game in at the store at least once every reporting period during the Divergent Paths event, you'll be eligible for the store support prizes at the end of Divergent Paths! Prizes for slow grow league include upgrades for the campaign event set to start after the slow growth league ends and more!
  9. I'll be at JJ's Game Lounge this week running Malifaux 2E demos for the evening on Thursday and a Through the Breach Game Wednesday. All skill levels are welcome to come and play. Models and all relevant equipment will be provided. Look for me in the blue Henchman Shirt. Malifaux 2E Demos & Regular Game play Thursday: 6pm-10pm Through the Breach Wednesday: 6pm-10pm (2 players minimum to start) Location: JJ's Game Lounge 10174 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Store Phone Number: (818) 717-8558 Store Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JJsGameLounge?fref=ts
  10. Hey everyone! I'm coming back from a long hiatus and would love to get the local crew going again. It's been a bit off and on through the years, fluctuating with whoever happens to be into Malifaux at the time. I know there are people around but who are you and where are you? Game Empire Pasadena has some great tables and terrain and all the amenities to play some games, so message me and let's play!
  11. Steampunk. Victorian. Western. Gothic. Horror. You know what all of that describes, right? Obviously I'm talking about the Queen Mary- the world famous ocean-liner, now turned haunted hotel and historical landmark! Wait...you thought I was talking about Malifaux with those 5 words? Well guess what?!?! I am!!! Come join SoCal Malifaux at Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium, January 11th through the 13th on board the world famous Queen Mary in Long Beach California! We'll be running game demos in costume all weekend long, including the following events: Friday Night Scenario Encounters- 8PM-10:30PM Saturday 1-Day Achievement League - 1PM-6PM Plus an all-weekend open play achievement packet, that you can come in and play between the various panels, performances, and dinners that makes HRM Steampunk Symposium one of the most unique Steampunk conventions in the world! So put on a pair of goggles, break that grandfather clock for costume parts and join us on board the Queen Mary! For more details PM Ebonstar on these forums or check out HRM Steampunk Symposium at http://www.hrmsteam.com/index.php/event See you there!
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