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Found 2 results

  1. Check out the new Gaining Grounds 2016 Tournament Pack in this 35SS Rumble! Venue is Lords of War Games in Oakville, ON, Canada, March 5th 2016. Check the Facebook Event for updates! https://www.facebook.com/events/102813026772551/ 35SS 3-4 Rounds depending on number of players! $10 Entry, all proceeds into a Raffle Pool for prizes. Raffle tickets for: - Each game you win - Overall GG Points - Playing fully painted crews - Getting 'Favourite Army' votes from your opponents. Hope to see lots of folks there!
  2. It's the feel-good event of the Summer! The Lords of War weekend will now host a Malifaux Gaining Grounds tournament, Sunday the 16th of August 2015. As this will be the GTAs first major Malifaux event we will be using a Model Pool format so that players of all levels, even those with smaller Malifaux collections, can feel like they can compete on a level field. Gaining Grounds 2015, the official Wyrd Miniatures Tournament Format, will be in use (http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/52-gaining-grounds/). Games will be 50 Soulstones. In addition, the following rules will be in place: Players are restricted to a single Faction. Players may select up to three Masters from that Faction as part of their Pool. Players may select up to 100 SoulStones worth of additional models and upgrades which will form their ‘Pool’ to select from throughout the Tournament. Each round, they may only select Masters, Upgrades and additional Crew members from this pool. The pool may include out-of-Faction models provided there is an Upgrade or Master or other rules make them available to the player. A list of these Models, Upgrades and Masters should be handed-in to the TO at registration. In order to include multiples of the same type of model in a crew, they must exist multiple times in the Pool. During a game, models which may Summon may only summon models included in the Pool, though they may summon as many as the player has available models. Number of rounds for the event will be determined by the number of players as per Gaining Grounds 2015, up to a maximum of 4. Each Round will be 90 minutes long. Strategies and Deployment will be as per Classic Rotation from Gaining Grounds 2015, for reference that is; ROUND 1 - Reckoning, Standard Deployment ROUND 2 - Reconnoiter, Flank Deployment ROUND 3 - Turf War, Close Deployment ROUND 4 - Stake a Claim, Standard Deployment Scheme Pools will be generated randomly each round for the entire event by the TO and distributed to the players with pairings for the round. REGISTRATION: : 9:00am ROUND 1: 9:30am - Cards-down at 11:00am ROUND 2: 11:30am - Cards down at 1:00pm LUNCH ROUND 3: 2:00pm - Cards-down at 3:30pm ROUND 4: 4:00pm - Cards-down at 5:30pm AWARDS: 6:00pm TOP TABLE The highest ranked players at the beginning of the final round may be asked to have their game filmed for promotional purposes. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!!! - $70CAD for two Tournaments and the Weekend - $40 for Malifaux only on Sunday. All tournament info can be downloaded as part of the Players Pack HERE There will be a Best Crew Painting Contest hosted at lunch that day as well. If you're interested in the prep-league Lords of War and I will be running, check it out HERE. See you all in August!
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