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  1. I'm fairly new to Malifaux - I played a demo game at GenCon 2013 and picked up the rules and the new Children of December, but it's not been until recently that I got back into painting after a downturn. I managed to finish up an Ice Golem for GenCon 2014 and was able to get him into the painting competition, but this was without a base (he's also not been sealed or anything) - since then I've been in the process of moving and haven't had a hobby area or had a photo booth set up to take halfway decent pictures of him until just this past week or so. I've won awards for painting figures before, but my goal with Rasputina and crew ideally would be to just paint them up to a standard I'm happy with - I'm not sinking in 30+ hours like I would for a competition figure, but I don't want to just slap on paint and not like the finished piece either. This Ice Golem is the first Malifaux figure I've done and I'm trying to acclimate myself to the different scale (I'm used to painting heroic scale figures, mostly), and my first attempt at painting "ice" and I'm using the Golem as the color test for the rest of the crew. I really like the scheme of the box art, so I'm trying to duplicate it with a minimum of effort. I'm basing Rasputina's crew on Secret Weapon bases and have a SW Snow Effects set I'm going to try out as well, so for all intents and purposes these are both work-in-progress pics although I've probably put in as much work into the Golem as I'm going to do. I picked up some other boxed sets at the last GenCon and I plan on spending more time on those - ideally I'd like to finish Rasputina and company soon so I'll actually be able to play with painted figures. Feedback, suggestions, and comments appreciated - don't really know a lot about the game world so I hope I'm on the right track...
  2. When using the book 3 campaign rules, can I use Lord Chompy Bits as my henchmen leader even though he manifest from the dreamer?
  3. Hey guys. I have an assembled, gap filled and grey primed Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy Bits, umprimed and unattached Dreamer (to go on his shoulder) and a painted little Dreamer. I'm mainly wondering what would the going rate for these guys be these days? I'm mainly interested in either £'s or a bunch of trade - Malifaux arsenal boxes aside from Ten Thunders, scheme and strategy deck, various plastic Neverborn etc. I also have a bunch of unassembled metals for sale/trade - Rasputina crew box (metal) 2 Silent Ones (metal) Lelu (metal) Miss Demeanor (metal) I'm based in the UK and accept paypal, and for trades we'd cover our own postage etc. Pictures upon request.
  4. Like the title suggests, I question: Can Lord Chompy Bits be given upgrades? I would assume that because he is summoned he can't be given any upgrades prior to the game.
  5. Just finished up painting the new plastic Lord Chompy Bits! Check out some other angles of this tyrant over at my blog! I hope you all like this guy, he was a ton of fun to paint!
  6. Hello! I've watched this forum for a long time. I love to play puppet wars and evil baby orphanage, so I thought I would try Malifaux. I bought three starter sets on Black Friday and finally got a chance to paint one master. I assembled the rest of his crew and posted them next to him. Looks really nice. I was afraid of so many parts and how well they would turn out but it was easier than I thought with more skin intact than I thought too. This is my first miniatures game. I normally play board games. Over the last year I've been trying to improve my painting- there are a lot of amazing artists on this forum and I love to look at your pictures. I really have enjoyed all the tidbits of information and tips that you all leave here and there. Mako's guides are really awesome and helped me understand a lot of subtle ideas/concepts. Please, C&C welcome. I love to learn what would make something better. I wanted to keep the colors on the mini close to the box art. I like the box art a lot. Basing is something I have never done. So I think for now I want to keep it simple. I got "green stuff"-like stuff and then used a stamp to make the tile flooring. My mom is a scrapbooker so I stole some ideas from her for Ramos's and Lynch's bases. They are plumber's tape rolled through this thing that imprints a design. I sculpted Seamus's bases from a tutorial I found here! http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/159382/my-painted-games-wip-pic-heavy :Here is my journal of painting as I try to learn more and improve my painting if anyone is interested/would like to give me some pointers. Thanks for looking!
  7. From the album: The Dreamer

    This really is his best angle.
  8. wicked_lady


    From the album: The Dreamer

    In case you are wondering why he is orange... he is supposed to be painted like War Greymon from Digimon.
  9. Crappy Iphone pic. These are huge and awesome. Very awesome. Chompy bits is super sharp-if my fingers were not coated with super glue from piecing together the swinging hillbilly like an idiot- he woulda drawn blood.
  10. Hey all, since I've been playing Malifaux, not once have I played a neverborn crew. However I'm going to be picking up the Dreamer crew from the webstore during Gencon. So here's the list I've come up with, it's mostly designed around just summoning everything I need to the table from the word go. If people could please offer tips, thoughts or suggestions that would be great. The Dreamer - cashe 7 -Otherworldly 2 -Dreams of Pain 5 3 DayDreams 6 Coppelius 8 Mr Tannen 6 Stitched Together 6 Lilu 7 Lilutu 7
  11. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    Just to show how big LCB is. He's nearly 4" tall from base to claw.
  12. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    LCB before he was painted.
  13. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    I kept The Dreamer more subdued and simple, to better contrast LCB and his oversized base.
  14. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    Several elements were pulled together. Elements of nightmares; eyeballs, mouths, hands coming out of the walls and things under the bed. Stuff that would be common for a child to be frightened of.
  15. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    Cutting through LCB was surprisingly easy. All it took was a set of metal cutting shears and a little elbow grease. Pinning him to the top was a bit tricky, but with some apoxy sculpt and patience I got him to stay balanced and sturdy.
  16. From the album: Lord Chompy Bits

    LCB is build primarily with plasticard, greenstuff, and apoxy sculpt. The majority of the work is just GS, sculpted over several layers.
  17. So I'm just starting The Dreamer and have a few questions on Shared Actions and One Master: 1) Does this work? I'm still trying to understand the shared action pool... Activate The Dreamer: (0) "I Can Fly!", (1) walk 7", (0) Nightmare Friend Chompy activates because of One Master: (+1) Melee Expert Strike, (1) Regular Strike with All Done trigger The Dreamer activates because of One Master: (1) walk 7" away (because "I Can Fly!" is still in effect?) 2) Say a Daydream then uses (1) Call Nightmares later in my turn to bring Chompy back out. Does Chompy reactivate with AP via One Master, or does he "activate," realizes he has no AP left, and then move on? 3) Say instead of the action chain listed above in part 1), Chompy only takes his Melee Expert Strike. So Dreamer and Chompy only use 2 of their 3 shared AP. Then part 2) happens (a Daydream unburies Chompy). Does Chompy still have that 1 AP saved, or was it gone at the end of their activation? I really dig the ideas behind the shared activation pool, just need some help wrapping my head around it. Thanks so much for the help!
  18. ***UPDATE*** PAINTED PICS ADDED, 6 Oct 11 Greetings, all! Amid a number of commissions, I've been slowly working on a conversion I've been milling around ever since I saw the LCB and Dreamer avatar art. I have it all sculpted up and ready to prime- It is inspired by the Avatar art (obviously), but also a little bit of Where the Wild Things Are, and The Neverending Story. I never liked the fact that the non-nightmare Lord Chompy Bits did not have the Dreamer with him, so I wanted to rectify that. For the record, I did not make the Dreamer Asian- he just kind of looks like that in these pics. He is actually squinting as he yells, which should look more natural once painted. I have some big plans for the back wall, in order to spice it up a little bit too. In addition to this model, I will be adding two Nightmare Teddies, Coppelius, some Alps, some Daydreams, and some Stiched Togethers. I have some fun basing ideas for them that I will reveal as I build them. Anyway, lemme know what you think, and I'll post progress shots as they come (which might be a while- I have a lot on my plate right now). ***UPDATE*** I know I said no updated for a few weeks, but while the primer was setting on my commission pieces I got a little more construction work done... Dreamer- I primed the Dreamer just so he would be ready to paint when I get the chance, but I left the back because there is going to be a Daydream perched on the headboard (and I still need to buy them). The bed magnetizes together for display. Coppelius- In case the picture is too dark, Coppelius is stanging near/on a dresser, with the drawer filled with eyeballs (made from lead buckshot). I will probably have some toys or something on top of the dresser in the finished product. ***UPDATE*** The first painted crew member-
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