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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, quite knew to Malifaux, so maybe you could help me out with my two noob questions: Scenario - 1'' ht Elevation I stumbled across the elevation rules for LoS, see the attached picture. To my understanding there is line of sight between the left model (ht 3'') and the target model. But there seems to be no line of sight between the right model - The blocking object's height is NOT lower than the attacker or target's height. Even though you would think otherwise as both attackers practically reach the same height level. Therefore it seems like the 1'' ht elevation of the right model gets totally ignored for LoS, correct? Or do people actually measure from ground level instead? Scenario B - Elevated Markers When a marker gets placed on a small obstacle (ht 1'') like in the picture attached - What are my options on interacting with that marker? I assume models cannot interact from ground level, even with base contact to the obstacle. So to my understanding it is mandatory to climb up, stand on the marker to provide actual base contact and then interact, right?
  2. Hello folks, so yesterday we had a pretty intense, long and exhausting game and there were some questions that came up, we couldn't answer or were to tired to resolve. I will post the situation and after that what i think the resolution would be. Situation 1: Engagement A War Pig is within 3'' of "The Thorn" which has a melee attack of 3''. The War Pig has a attack of 1'' but is further away than this 1''. Question: What is the War Pig allowed to do? And may it even charge "The Thorn"? Resolution: The War Pig is engaged with the Thorn, but cannot attack "The Thorn". Still both count as "engaged" and the War Pig is not allowed to take the Charge Action against this model. It can walk towards Thorn and take a melee Action, as it doesnt leave the engagement. It may use a disengaging stike to walk away and charge her than (given all other factors allow it). Situation 2: Charging A Piglet is forced to charge as an action, because Ulix was killed by a charge of that Piglet with its first AP. The Piglet then chooses to charge a model that is about 7'' away. With the 1''left to charge, the liglet decides to go the extra 1'' to land directly beneath her target (on the right side) allowing the piglet to "bind" another model, that is now directly in front of it. Question: Is the piglet allowed to do so? Resolution: The piglet is allowed to do so, because it is still charging in a straight line and ends its activation within melee range of her original target, fulfilling all necessary requirements. Situation 3: Drawing LoS A HT2 Model wants to cast a a Height 1 model. In the middle between them there is another HT1/2/3 model. No Line of sight can be drawn, without crossing the one model in the model. There is no elevation and it all is happening on normal ground (HT0). Question: When is it possible for the HT2 modle to take any action that requires LoS? Resolution: In no case there is such an option, because there cannot be drawn a LoS between the activated model and its target without crossing the other models base, no matter its HT, because the rules state, that those Lines are drawn from a "top down" view. Thanks for the help and i hope we resolved it correctly.
  3. A model with ht2 and rg 3 (a) stand behind a frendly with ht 1(b) and b is in base contact with an enemy model ht2 and rg 3(c). In this case can a attack c and c attack a ? Hope u can read it and thank u for your answer
  4. A scenario occurred in a game last night and I would love clarification and the thoughts of the community. Prefix: (taken from the Large rule-book and online FAQ) • Engagement range: equal to the distance of its longest range Close (y) Attack. • Models are engaged with each other if either model is: 1. Within the engagement range of the other 2. At least one of the models has LoS to the other. • Disengaging strikes occur before moving – “If a model wishes to leave an enemy model's engagement, it must declare that it wishes to do so before moving. • Models may take walk actions if they do not leave engagement range • Models may take a walk action while engaged and walk out of LoS while staying within engagement range which will not evoke a disengaging strike. “Disengaging strikes only occur if the model intends to leave the engagement range. Although the models will no longer be engaged once their LoS to each other is broken, no disengaging strike occurs unless the model is also leaving the engagement range.” Here’s what happened last night: A ht:1 Watcher was engaged with an enemy model. Both were on top a Ht:5 building. Inside the building there was a 2nd floor level at Ht:3. There was a theory that since the Watcher has Flight, he can ignore the ground he was standing on and sink to the Ht:3 floor immediately below him; thus not invoking a disengaging strike. “Flight: This model is immune to falling damage and may ignore any terrain or models while moving.” Seems cheesy and definitely not how the game is supposed to be played. I would love to know how to support my claim that this isn’t in good taste but don’t know how to.
  5. In the upper picture, the model to the left is trying to shoot the model to the right. The cover comes into play as it obscures some of the LoS lines drawn between models. All is fine. In the other picture the player who intends to shoot, first moves a friendly model between the shooter and the cover. When the shooter activates there can not be drawn any LoS lines through the cover to the target (friendly model blocks LoS lines) and therefore no cover comes into play. [EDIT: This is not correct. See Solkans answer to question for correct explaination.] The lower situation would be more tricky in real life, both cover and pal between me and target but in the game it's suddenly much more easy to pick the enemy off if my friendly model obscures LoS to covering terrain (or if I place the shooter so that other terrain blocks LoS to the cover before I shoot). This can not be intended. How would you play it out? Is there any errata about this?
  6. A Ht1 model (e.g. guild hound) is hidden behind a Ht2 terrain. An enemy ht1 model (e.g. Burt Jebsen) is standing on a ht2 cliff (vantage point), and another Ht3 enemy model (e.g. Lucas McCabe) on the ground, same level as the guild hound in question. Based on the elevation and vantage point rules, it seems to me that McCabe can draw LoS to guild hound, while Jebsen can't. Is that so?
  7. Howdy, I'm a new player in malifaux and I have a few questions about line of sign and ranged attacks, I also have can't find some rules another player referenced. I picked up the smaller rulebook and it doesn't cover a few things in a way where I understand them. Are there any important rules missing from the smaller rulebook? Where can I find the following rules, if they exist * I can replace an opponents Scheme Marker with my own for 1 AP * All walls can be climbed for 1 inch of movement up to that models height Also, in the following situation how is cover determined, if at all? I have one of my models(green) shooting at an opponents model(red) with a ranged attack. Less than 1 inch away from the target model is another of my opponents models partially blocking my line of sight to my target. Does this grant the target model any cover? If so would the cover bonus continue once they are more than 1 inch apart? EDIT: One last question, on this forum where would be the best place to post questions about modelling? I am putting together the Dark Debts box and I'm having a really tough time with the Illuminated guy who looks like he's floating.
  8. Loads of questions today. Probably should have saved them for one thread, but at least they're easily searchable for Those Who Walk Behind. So the part of Back Alley I have a question about is: So does that 'anywhere' require LOS from where Seamus is? I'm guessing not, but I'm getting it combined in my head with what I've read here a time or three when explaining to other new players, which is "all abilities require los unless specifically stated otherwise." Thanks again, -M
  9. Apologies if this is covered somewhere - I couldn't see it in the FAQ or Errata but it seems simple enough that it must have been covered before. Can I charge up a vertical object that is climbable? Example: Lady Justice has the Blindfighter rule which means she can ignore line-of-sight when charging. There is a simple 1Ht wall between her and Von Schill. Von Schill cannot charge her as he does not have line-of-sight. Lady J can charge with her blindfighter rule but must move in a straight line. Is the straight line measured as if looking down on the table? So Lady J can charge up the wall and down the other side ? Thanks
  10. I apologize, I dropped this thread in the wrong place. If a Ref or Mod sees this, feel free to delete it. I've moved the thread here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=176922#post176922
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