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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I have a Through The Breach Alt Hannah still new on sprue, with card(s) and packaging and everything! Based in the UK so would prefer UK/Europe buyers, but will post worldwide (with appropriate postage costs incurred). I'm looking for £120 + postage, which will be tracked and insured.
  2. Will trade Kirai's LE Foil card for any of the following LE Foil cards or 5 guilders. Mysterious Emissary Reva McMourning Parker Barrows Asami
  3. Preface: US only please I just won my first LE stat card(McCabe) today at our local tournament and I'm looking to get the ones for the masters and henchmen I play the most. I'd prefer to trade new product for the stat cards since it helps the FLGS I play at and I don't really want to be trading the LE card I got(for sentimental reasons). I may also be interested in any Arcanist, Guild, Ten Thunders, or Outcast LE cards but these are the ones I really want. I could also probably be persuaded into outright buying some. Wants: Rasputina LE Stat Card Snow Storm LE Stat Card Ramos LE Stat Card Haves: Most Current M2E Models NIB Translucent Firestarter
  4. Does anyone know if they are planning on making a translucent Ice Dancer? perhaps as a monthly promo, or a special sale? cause that would be dope
  5. I have a brand new, on sprue Limited Edition Katanaka Sniper that I would like to trade for a new on sprue Miss Anne Thrope.
  6. Hey guys! I'm trying to save up for an airbrush compressor, so I'm looking at selling a few LE Resins Kingdom Death: Pinup Savior: $40 OBO Flower Knight: $120 OBO Pinup White Speaker Nico: $120 OBO Gone! Studio McVey: Y'Sala and the Darkness: $200 OBO Ruby: $60 OBO Please PM me with questions or if you'd like pictures of anything. Each one is still in its original packaging, on the original sprues and unpainted. Thank you so much!
  7. Attempting to clean house just a bit while possibly completing my collection of 1.5 models. All models are New In Box, or, in the case of Miss Pack and Miss Demeanor, New In Baggie, unless otherwise noted. All prices listed are a starting point. Or Best Offer applies. Going to leave this post up for another week or so before putting models on ebay (will link auctions here when I do). [Have] Misses: Miss Pack (Nurse) Miss Demeanor (Convict Gunslinger) Miss Terious (Death Marshal) Miss Step (Howard Langston, Steamborg Executioner) (x2) $35 each Henchman Exclusive: Santana Ortega (Santiago Ortega) [box flattened for shipping, model still New on Sprue] $75 Nightmare Edition: Lord Chompy Bits & Dreamer $250 Teddy $75 Dead Justice Hanging Trees Tara & Co. New In Box Tara & Co. (Assembled but not yet Based) Assorted Models: Yan Lo, Chiaki & Soul Porter (Assembled and Primed) $25 Sebastian (Assembled and Primed) $5 Jack Daw & the Hanged $18 Non-Malifaux: Privateer Press Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Prime Axiom (Gencon Gold Card Included) ------------------------------------ [Wanted] By faction (value of each based on Miniatures Market regular low prices): Ressers: The Drowned Dead Doxies Guild Autopsies (gotta double check) Avatar McMourning / Simulacrum 29 Alt McMourning Alt Nicodem Alt Seamus Outcasts: Malifaux Child (Yeah, really) Avatar Levi Avatar Hamelin Master Hamelin Nix Rat Catchers Gremlins: Gremlinette Egg Hauler War Rooster Arcanists: Mechanical Rider Alt Ramos Slate Ridge Mauler Molemen Hoarcat Pride Snowstorm Wendigo Silent Ones Blessed of December Gunsmith Male Gunsmith Female Guild: Perdita & Co. (all box models) Alt Perdita Avatar Perdita Abuela Pistoleros Enslaved Nephilim Governor's Proxy Drill Sergeant Warden Avatar Hoffman Sonnia Alt Guild Hounds Lucius & Co. (all box models except Ryle) Pale Rider [Found a painted one for the price of NIB] Neverborn: Hooded Rider Gupps Waldgeists Regular Zoraida Alt Pandora Twisted: All models except Donna the Cauldron Witch (already got her as a stand in for Zoraida): Carver Bowling Vampire (I know, these two are longshots) Imps Apparitions The Dwead Piwate Wubbwecht Dire Mushrooms The Living Impaired If I think of anything else, I'll edit this list accordingly. Other games: Warmachine: I'd like to get into the Convergence of Cyriss, so models for them. Wild West Exodus: Might want to start picking up their models. Deep Wars: Very intrigued by their models. Cash: Cash, via Paypal, is king, but mutually beneficial trades can be just as good.
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