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Found 2 results

  1. In the small rule book Pg. 42 it reads: Does this rule only go one way or can enemy models ignore the ledge when drawing LoS? Practical example: Two opposing models are standing in a ruined building. One of the models is standing on a Ht:3 ledge inside the building and is within it's Ht of the ledge so it may ignore the ledge when it draws LoS. the enemy model is exactly and directly below the model standing on the ground floor. according to the rules the model standing on the 3rd story, (vantage point Ht:3) would be able to ignore the ledge and draw a sight line to the model directly below it. however, would the model below be able to ignore the ledge and draw a LoS back to the above model? if the rule only goes one way then this would not be the case.
  2. So the concept that I do not see clearly defined in the rules is whether or not model bases can hang/protrude off of a ledge. So I have played many games, both for and against, all depending on my opponent’s wishes. Here are the rules I've played with and I would love to have the community's thoughts on the matter. Pro-bass hanging: A model can have their base protruding off of the ledge as long as it's not over 50% of the base and can support itself by staying balanced. Anti-base hanging: as soon as a model breaks the defined ledge, the model falls immediately. Somewhere in between: I've also played where models can protrude off a ledge as long as it's not a vantage point, (2" or more) but if it's a ledge greater than 2 inches the model falls as soon as it breaks the defined ledge. Slope vs. ledge: This is further complicated when non/right-angles are involved. It is very easy to define ledges based on 90-degree angles but as soon as slopes are involved, I've gotten into some debates. What this all means to me. Pro-bass hanging makes for easier, somewhat sloppy, casual play. In addition, there are fewer headaches with pragmatic miniature shenanigans. For example; you have a 1 inch box that a 40mm base model wishes to stand on. It's quite annoying when Nimble Mr. Langston can't stand on a freaking box. Anti-base hanging makes for less practical but clear-cut, rules-lawyer tournament play. However, it complicates things in one significant way. You have a walk bonus as soon as you fall by breaking the ledge with your base. If I have a 50mm Teddy with Dreams of Darkness which gives him flying, he only has a wk:5 but could theoretically fly over 2" crate, break the ledge, fall for free, and keep doing it theoretically moving Teddy almost 13 inches "legally" if the conditions were perfect. In addition, heaven forbid you found yourself in a "shipping yard" terrain set-up where all the crates are 49mm square and spaced 49 mm apart. What do you do then, teleport Teddy anywhere you wish?
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