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Found 8 results

  1. So I went up a tier after my last adventure. My guy has ZERO social skills and it hurt..Alot...I have 1xp can I learn a new skill? If so how?. Thanks in advance
  2. I will be running demos and casual play on Tuesday evenings from 5-9 at Arcana Hobbies and Games in Plainville CT. Bring a friend to learn the game or come down for some casual games. Leagues/Tournaments will be scheduled on a regular basis. Arcana Hobbies & Games 17 Farmington Ave Unit BB1, Plainville, CT 06062
  3. Want to learn the game? We have a small group of about 6 people who are interested already in learning the game - so come on out here to Amersfoort. I'll be demo'ing as Henchman and member of the Dutch Malifaux Guild. Meet some other friendly folks who just bought their first crew OR are completely new and will be borrowing one of mine. No experience necessary. We are coming together in the old bakery at St. Bonifaciusstraat 1 in Amersfoort and are starting at 10 and going until about 5 or 6. I'm trying to give everyone their own time slot, so if you are interested individually or as a couple, it would be helpful if you drop me a line here first. Snacks and drinks are free! Can't come but want to find a game or activity someplace else? Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  4. Hey guys, Ever wanted to learn how to play Malifaux? As of 6pm I will be at the Fallen Angels Gaming Club in Amersfoort (Weberstraat 2 @Het Klokhuis) teaching everyone the basics and showing you a few of the many crews you can play. No sign up required, no $$ or tools needed. Just show up and join in the fun! Two Malifaux tables available, so come and have some fun! Sebastian
  5. This Saturday, February 21st, we'll be having an all day painting and play event! All levels of experience welcome, will have some painting tools to share, come out and have fun Location is Magic Stronghold Games on Boundary and Kingsway. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/856835901048016/
  6. Magic Stronghold Games in Vancouver, British Columbia will be hosting Malifaux play nights at least twice a month, starting this December! The planned events for December are currently: Play Night - December 13th at 6:00pm Painting Afternoon - December 20th at 11:00am Play Night - December 20th at 6:00 pm All levels of experience are welcome! Feel free to check us out on facebook =) https://www.facebook.com/groups/313354688868343/
  7. Malifaux Community Day Come and meet other local players of your favorite miniatures game, Malifaux. Learn to build crews and play the game with the new edition. Whether your a seasoned veteran or a first timer, this event is the perfect place to learn the ropes of M2E. Having trouble building or painting your new models. Get advice from your henchman and the community on better building/painting techniques. Sunday December 8th, 2013 12-6p Games and Stuff 7385g Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410.863.7418 INFO@GAMESANDSTUFFONLINE.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GAMESANDSTUFF WWW.TWITTER.COM/GLENBURNIEGAMES please comment on this thread, contact the store or inbox me if you have any questions.
  8. I actually posted this as a response to someone asking for help on how to learn the game in a month before moving to college. This is a few things I picked up when I started playing, and things I really wish I had known when I started. Feel free to add to what I’ve said, and correct me where I’m wrong. I hope this helps a few people out at least! I can tell you that it will be more than helpful to go over the downloadables here. Read all the stat cards a few times. You don't need to memorize them all, but it helps to have seen the abilities that are common and that you can expect to see in games. Try to pick out some of them and note that you need to cross-reference the effect a certain rule has ie: "What does poison do?". Those are the things that I really found I needed to know when playing my first games as they weren't necessarily written on the cards in every case and I would have to ask or open my rules book (don't be afraid to do this!). That being said, it's a little bit irritating now to see someone searching through the original rules book. Grab the new-compact version. Buy 2 copies, keep one in your car and read it whenever you have downtime instead of playing a cell-phone game. Also, be sure to go on your local store’s forum if they have one, introduce yourself, let them know that you’d like to start playing there, and I’m sure you’ll be welcomed into the group, if not forced into the store by gamers anxious to have new models to fight against! A List of Recommended Items to Purchase to Begin Malifaux: · Two Decks of Malifaux Cards, One Puppet, one normal colored deck of your choice · At least 2 Box Sets of the same Faction (ie: Arcanists: Rasputina and Marcus) · The Totems for each of the masters you purchased. (ie: Essence of Power and Jackalope) Thanks to Sephiroa for this description of Totems: a totem is a small minion connected to a master, every master has a specific totem for him/her rasputina = wendigo justice = scales of justice mcmourning = zombie chihuahua etc... In addition to Master Specific Totems, there are also faction totems: arcanists = essence of power ressers = grave spirit etc... if the master dies, so does the totem · Glass Beads to use as Soulstones (really helps with the feel of the game, and there is no question about what they are on the table for) · The Rules Manual (compact version) Some Nice Things to Have if You Can Afford Them: · A Carrying Case of some sort. I use a Pack-Mini from BattleFoam. It holds 2 full crews plus some extra models for variance, my cards, and beads no problem. · A second copy of the rules manual to keep in your car or backpack all the time. · I recommend buying the 2 core rulebooks, however it isn’t essential, but if you can afford it, these are great things to have for so many reasons. Here are a few things I would really recommend doing out of the gate to make learning the actual game easier: · Keep a copy of the short rules with you at every game. · Study your own cards to the point where you have them memorized completely. · Have your cards laminated – removes the need for HP counters · Have some form of carrying bag or tray – don’t want to stress over transporting stuff · Keep laminated copies of the common talents download with you for quick reference · Keep 2 decks of malifaux cards with you and be acquainted with the artwork so you aren’t distracted by the gorgeous artwork on them. And be sure you can identify what card is what. I struggled with the puppet cards for a bit, they aren’t too clear what they are at first glance. · If the models aren’t standing up really sturdy, add weights (coins) to the underside of the bases to avoid models falling over on terrain and possibly snapping staves or arms off during the game. · Following the last point, keep a small tube of model glue with you that you’ve used before and are familiar with for field repairs ·Be sure to go into a game with an open mind and humble attitude. You will encounter rules you do not know, and see abilities that seem OP and wreck your face. That said, most people are generally nice and helpful if you’re willing to accept their help and not be argumentative. · With the above being said, do not be afraid to question a rule or ability. Ask to see your opponents’ cards if you aren’t sure, or even just are curious of their abilities before the game starts, or even mid-game. It’s totally acceptable. Refer to your rules book as you need. Don’t be embarrassed, none of us have every rule memorized (excluding some OCD players I’m sure). Players won’t fault you for being sure you’re playing by the rules. · Shuffle your cards very, very well, and always offer your opponent the chance to cut your deck every shuffle. Cut theirs every time. This removes any question of counting or cheating in any fashion with the cards. · Keep obvious markers for special abilities. It’s paramount to know what status effects are out, what counters are on the table, etc.… If you play a Ressurectionist, you probably want to keep a few corpse counters. That sort of thing.
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