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Found 9 results

  1. If I take Talos and bury an enemy model, than friendly Lazarus copy Talos's bury action and bury second enemy model, first buried model still buried? And than Hannah copy Lazarus assimilate and copy Talos's bury action and bury third model. This is legal? And Talos would be heal and damage only for the first model which he bury by himself?
  2. New to the game here and had a question about Lazarus and assimilate. The card reads: Select a (1) Action printed on target Construct or one of its Upgrades that does not list a model by name. Does the target action have to be exactly 1 point action or can a 0 point action be assimilated. Also, can abilities be assimilated, for example could Lazarus use the Impossible to wound ability of Teddy? Thanks!
  3. Friend o' mine did that: Allmost finished he Said... Wish i could have done that.. .
  4. So I was doing some theory-faux, and wanted to see how many times in a single turn I could theoretically shoot Lazarus's grenade launcher (either from his own model, or someone else) I wasn't able to get over 15. I figured I would share my thoughts, see if the community could improve upon our Mk19... The List Jack Daw -Twist and Turn -Oathkeeper -Guillotine Injustice Malifaux Child Lazarus -Oathkeeper Hannah Vanessa Rusty Alice You're left with six soulstones left over, to do with as you please. How to get to 15 shots: Lazarus with fast can take 4 shots, due to Auto-Fire, Jack Daw with fast can Feel Their Torment four times, and Twist and Turn once on Lazarus. We're up to 9. Malifaux child can copy Feel Their Torment for the tenth shot. Hannah can use her make a new entry to copy Assimilate, to copy the grenade launcher. (11) Vanessa uses command construct. (12) Rusty gives Lazarus reactivate for another Auto-fire, reaching 15. Thoughts, comments, concerns?
  5. So I have two questions regarding Vanessa's Command Construct ability. Namely, is the "(1) Action" she can force the target to take limited to the 1 AP Actions on the back of the target's card? Or does this apply to any action the target can take that costs only 1 AP (e.g., have the target walk or take an interact action)? Secondly, can she use it to make Lazarus' use Assimilate? I'd assume that since it's a 0 action you can't take it, but I was wondering if there's any errata on this that makes it a little more clear.
  6. Played two games in a row as Misaki: Game 1: Misaki (10T) vs Seamus (Res) Squater's Rights Misaki schemes: Make them Suffer and bodygaurd(Ototo) Seamus schemes: Kill Protagee(Ototo) and set trap or something to do with a scheme marker. all unrevealed. i just did her box crew Seamus took 2 belles, Cybell, 1 Nurse, 1 Flesh Construct also it should be noted that we had a Ancient Monument (+2 Ca to any model within 2") that i placed near me. Basically I expect Ototo to be a very durable heavy hitter, confident enough to give Bodyguard and charge in and claim a squat maker. But Seamus was there waiting with his big gun and silly hat. 6 damage 1st turn and hard to kill saved me the 2nd. I then run back to heal at my shrine because needing a 6 is better than an 8. Ototo spends a turn or two just healing. I got back up to 5 Wd so i still got enrage. My friend really wanting the VP for Ototo he bring his flesh construct in just in time for me to strike and kill the flesh construct with Ototo. One classic Malifaux turn for the worst and Seamus' big gun was back with his stupid hat and got me down to 1 when i was slapped by a belle and died. Game 2: Misaki(Out) vs McMourning (Res) Turf War Misaki schemes: Assassinate and Break Through McMourning schemes: Distract and set trap or something to do with a scheme marker. all unrevealed. I went outcast taking Shang, Lazarus, 3 Torakaga, 2 void wretchling McMourning took Yippy Totem, Sabastine, 1 Nurse, 1 Flesh Construct, and 1 Belle, he focused on summoning it was brutal. So i don't care what you say "Scramble" (+1Wk/+1Cg,cost 2SS) is the best general upgrade Lazarus took it and Misaki. It gave Lazarus the speed boost to keep up with the action (the only thing i was kinda worried with him) and Misaki, whom i love, got a 6 Wk and a 9 Cg! with diving strike and next target... lets just say Break Through. So not only did Lazarus also kill the Flesh construct single handedly he did it at a distance and also hit Mcmourning with a blast. He also never once went under 9 Wd (out of 10). His Heal flip doesn't have a Cast required. The whole idea behind the enrage champs like Ototo and SRM look great on paper but the high Wds and hard to kill just don't give you the same sustain as Armor. But i save the best for last, last turn Lazarus kills the ratdog but also a nurse and a belle with 2 Ml attacks at moderate with them both flip/cheating a ram. Lazarus is everything i want Ototo to be but better. Same SS cost, and even though i lost out on a upgrade slot by taking an enforcer instead of a henchman was worth it to get Scramble.
  7. Ok so I'm fairly new to Malifaux, but I've played enough games to know I hate playing against Collodi. I've bought Lazarus, with the thought that his blasts could be particularly handy against a group of marionettes. But just looking at Collodis info in the book I noticed his (1) action A Puppets Soul doesn't specify "friendly". Am I right in saying that Collodi's "Perfect Machine" means that my opponent can stop me assimilating "A Puppets Soul" and sacrificing his dolls for my own gain? I know I'm probably answering my own question, but just wanted to make sure before I ruled it out as a tactic. Cheers
  8. I like Laz in theme. I don't like some of Laz mechanics. My Revisions I would make if able. Give opinions. Maybe Eric and the Rules guys see something. //Disclaimer - All ideas presented here offered without ownership and maybe used without permission. 1. Removed Constant Upgrades and replaced the Assimilate Action with the Ability. Assimilation: Before Target Construct within 6” is killed and would leave scrap counters: this model gains one Talent, Weapon, or Spell possessed by the target until the end of the encounter. Effects that reference a model by name cannot be copied. No Scrap Counters are left by the killed Model. (If playing a league, the copied Talent/Spell may be carried over, increasing his SS Cost by 1 for each effect retained.) It bugs me that atm, I can walk up to teddy and be hard to wound 2, but when teddy goes, I can no longer be. 2. Removed Evasive 2 Reinforced Patchwork Armor: Armor 1 This Armor cannot be reduced or Ignored. This model is immune to damage from Pulse, Blast or Aura effects. One set of armor and the reason why he uses grenades Point Blank without hesitation. 3. Removed Melee Expert, (+1) Instinctual and (0) Trudge: Push this Model up to its Walk in any direction. Allows him to ignore some terrain and bust out of combat. He does have Inteligence, Inverse Leg structure. How does a little man or some rubble stop him dead? 4. Removed Blasts from the Dg curve of the Grenade Launcher and gave it the weapon rule. Indirect Blast – When firing the grenade launcher Place a 3”/75mm firing marker with the center up to the range and in an unblocked LOS of the Weapon. Perform a Strike against each Model touched by the firing marker ignoring Cover. Unless the models base is under the center of the Firing Marker it treats the damage as Blast Damage. Proper Grenade Launcher 5. Adjusted Automatic Fire. Place a Firing Marker, and up to 2 more firing markers within 2". Just to fit the Revised GL 6. Unload Ordnance: Place a firing marker centered on the targets base and make a strike against all models touched as if the shot was placed there. The Original target has Df0 for this strike. Stupid how teddy suffers full damage with Hard to Wound. This makes it fairer.
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