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Found 3 results

  1. Las Vegas Open is one of the premier wargaming events in the country and Malifaux will once again be in the thick of it!!! LVO2022 takes places at the Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Friday, January 28 through Sunday, January 30 and there are Malifaux events taking place all three days: The Malifaux Friday Fun Pass features the return of the popular Double or Nothing Team Tourney and Honeypot Casino Brawl as well as Open Play for anyone who didn't get in town early enough to jump into the team event! Saturday kicks off the main event with the return of the Fiendish Gamble GT!! Five rounds of Malifaux spread over two days and played on some of the best looking tables at all of LVO! Tickets for Las Vegas Open 2022 go on sale Thursday, June 3rd at 10am PST, so get ready to grab those tickets! https://www.lasvegasopen.net/ Full event details: Friday, January 28 Double or Nothing Team Tournament--Work together with your partner in a micro-crew environment to claim victory as part of the Team Tournament. Each player needs their own 10 SS M3E Crew (plus leader and totem). While having a teammate selected ahead of the event is preferable it is not required; we will do our best to get solo players matched up with a teammate. Leaders for each half of the team can be from different factions. Rare limits on models apply to the team as a whole. This event will use the Double Rush rules from the Gaining Grounds Season Two packet. Honeypot Casino Brawl--Bring your favorite enforcer or minion to this battle royale brawl! This fun, casual play format is great for new players or players who want to socialize with a beer and a game of Malifaux. This event will use the All Out Brawl rules from the Gaining Grounds Season Two packet. Players need any one non-Master, non-Henchman model with Cost 10 or less. This may be an Enforcer or Minion and up to one upgrade may be attached as part of hiring the model. Malifaux 3rd Edition Open Play and demos--Didn’t get into town in time to take part in the other events? Come and get in a pick-up game with another one of the other stragglers at one of our lovely tables! The Friday event packet can be viewed here Saturday, January 29 and Sunday, January 30 Fiendish Gamble GT - Malifaux 3rd Edition 2 day Grand Tournament!--5 rounds of Malifaux spread over 2 days--battle it out to place on the podium, test your skills and compete in the Iron Scorpius, or HECK… go for both and prove you are the true Master of Malifaux! Fiendish Gamble is a 5 round, 50 soulstone fixed faction tournament. Players will declare their faction when they check in with the organizer on Saturday. Scoring will follow the rules outlined in the Gaining Grounds Season Two packet. The event packet for the Fiendish Gamble GT can be viewed here
  2. Come to Las Vegas and test your luck at the only Malifaux tournament held in a casino! Las Vegas Open is January 24th - 26th, 2020 at Bally's Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Tickets and hotel space are still available and it's always cheap to fly to Vegas! (Last I checked Southwest had some pretty good deals going right now!) If you've never been to LVO before let me tell you this, LVO has a fun, laid-back vibe and is an absolute blast—it's the only convention I've been to that has a bar conveniently located on the gaming floor! Another great perk to LVO is that the team from Wyrd will be there this year! That's right, the team from Wyrd will have a booth in the vendor area and there running game demos (and maybe if you bribe them with a tipple or two from the aforementioned bar you might be able to get them to let Waldo loose to spill all the secrets on what's coming up from the world of Malifaux! ) You can get your ticket now at: https://www.lasvegasopen.net/ Here are the events we'll be running at LVO this year: Friday: Double Or Nothing Team Tourney (Double Rush Team Tournament) Honeypot Casino Brawl (All Out Brawl from GG season 0) Malifaux and The Other Side Open play Saturday: Fiendish Gamble Malifaux 2 Day Grand Tournament (rounds 1-3) Sunday: Fiendish Gamble Malifaux 2 Day Grand Tournament (rounds 4-5) Malifaux and The Other Side Open play The Grand Tournament will be an official USFaux Tour event, so come and get some out of conference points! Prize support provided by Wyrd, Mats By Mars, Top Doug Design, player donations, and my awesome prize box! The player packet is available here (subject to minor changes) So come on out to Las Vegas and gamble your life at the only Malifaux tournament held in a casino! Don't worry, Jakob Lynch promised not to lace the drinks too heavily with Brilliance...
  3. There's going to be three Malifaux events at the Las Vegas Open. We'll have a Henchman Hardcore on Friday, a 50ss Gaining Grounds on Saturday, and a Story Encounter by Nicodemic on Sunday. Chrissy (asyouwish78) will be running the Sunday event. Convention badges for LVO can be found here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open-2016/lvo-2016-registration-information/ Details and registration for the Malifaux events can be found here: https://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open-2016/lvo-2016-malifaux-tournament/ Location: Ballys Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA Dates: 2/5/2016 - 2/7/2016 Special thank yous to Chrissy, Dan Miner, Mario Sudarhi, and MudgeBlack for helping with terrain.
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