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Found 21 results

  1. Hi! I've been checking Killjoy a bit and just want to check his mechanics with you guys because it sounds quite good. In a nutsell: Unless his demise is ignored, he heals 4 and bury when he is killed. 2 Models added the Blood Sacrifice upgrade at the start of the game, so they can use Complete the Ritual to unbury him at the cost of killing themselves. So far so good. However, Complete the Ritual doesn't say it ignores the Demise abilities. Blood Sacrifice in a Demise(Eternal) model (like Serena) would let that model unbury him, kill himself and then use his Demise (Eternal) to save himse
  2. Im new to the game so still learning here. Are Killjoy and The Carver legal models to use in basic games? Someone told me that they are not legal models and only used for a story mode?
  3. I'm looking to buy : - Peacekeeper (Guild) - Valedictorian (Ressurectionists) or the box "University of transmortis" - Killjoy (Outcast) - Stongarm Suit (Outcast) - Vanessa (Outcast) - Sue (Outcast) - Malifaux Child (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Effigy (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Emissary (Outcast) - Terracotta Warrior (10T) - Obsidian Statue (10T) - Scion of the void (Outcast) Preferably plastic assembled and painted.
  4. Ok, bear with me for a minute... I am looking to make an elite killing squad to run when I don't feel like unpacking a bunch of models (Collodi). Here are my thoughts so far... Lilith with Beckon Malifaux and Wicked Mistress Nekima Barbaros Mature Nephelim which leaves me with 13 points. I can either run Killjoy (nicely painted Carver) or Hooded Rider plus Fears Given Form on Nekima. Again, keep in mind that I am looking to drop an elite killing crew on the table, preferably keeping it at 5 models. Who would you run as your fifth model, and what upgrades would you
  5. Hey all. I do love Killjoy So what are the best ways to arrange the Killjoy Bomb when playing Arcanists? Best regards, Tobi a.k.a. Frozen Feet
  6. Hello Wyrdos... I am mostly an Arcanist Player. With Colette, Raspy, Marcus and Kaeris... My next Crew will probably be: Asami Tanaka. But...... i especially like AMA NO ZAKO an KILLJOY... Somebody got any ideas to put these two Models in one List? Which Master would be the best to take the most advantage of these 2 Models? Whom to add?? Best regards Tobi aka Frozen Feet
  7. From the album: The Plague Cometh

    Hamelin Crew containing Killjoy, The Plague Cometh and The Brotherhood of the Rat box sets.

    © KugelfangStudios.com

  8. Ok, I am a fairly new player to this game, I am more in to painting than playing, so I usually pick figures I like instead of trying to find the most useful combinations. My first go to was the Viks, but alas they are always sold out in my LGS, who to be frank have no idea how to run a business. My next go to was Guild, females with pointy sticks are in my world awesome, so I bought the Lady, after a lot of swearing a snapped sword I managed to get her assembled and most of her crew. I played a couple of games with her, won vs Lynch, lost vs resser McMourning, and got completely annihilated by
  9. Ratty

    Gen Con 2015

    [color=#afeeee][size=6][b]Malifaux Releases July[/b][/size][/color] [img]http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Collodibar.png[/img] [b][color=#ffffff]In stores July 17th[/color][/b][list] [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20409[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/Ads/WYR20409-MasterofPuppets.jpg"]Master of Puppets[/url] Collodi Crew - $50.00 [*][color=#ffa500]WYR20215[/color] - [url="http://www.wyrd-games.net/mint/pepper/orderedlist/downloads/download.php?file=http%3A//www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v
  10. Judges and Viewers - If you would like to see better/more pics, please go to my Photobucket website: Direct Link: http://s1382.photobucket.com/user/SpectreEliteGaming/library/Iron%20Painter%202015/Round%203%20-%20Something%20Wicked%20This%20Way%20Comes?sort=3&page=1 ------------------------------------------------------ "Little Nathan should have heed the warning on the sign, now a yummy morsel for Strippy Butternuts to dine." This one is pretty self explanatory, I'd say. For those who don't know, there is a silly rumor running around the forums that the reason you can't
  11. Hello! I've watched this forum for a long time. I love to play puppet wars and evil baby orphanage, so I thought I would try Malifaux. I bought three starter sets on Black Friday and finally got a chance to paint one master. I assembled the rest of his crew and posted them next to him. Looks really nice. I was afraid of so many parts and how well they would turn out but it was easier than I thought with more skin intact than I thought too. This is my first miniatures game. I normally play board games. Over the last year I've been trying to improve my painting- there are a lot of amazing a
  12. So I recently picked up some new Outcast models, namely the M2E versions of Vanessa, Lazarus and Killjoy. The models themselves look fine but a few things seem off. For one, the plastics look a lot darker than the other plastic kits I have; I also thought it was a little odd that Vanessa came with one of the old slotted bases. The real oddity is in the cards. Vanessa's card looks blurrier than the others and she has blonde hair in the artwork when she's clearly a brunette on the box. Killjoy's card is also clearly made of a different stock from the others and the color contrast is super da
  13. rusty is standing in los and charge distance of killjoy. Killjoy activates and is unengaged and has to charge the nearest legal target. a friendly model is also in los and within killjoys charge range. Can i declare rusty as my charge target end the charge 3" away and therefore fail the charge (which the rulebook says you cant charge if you cant hit or something to that effect) and then take my 1 action to walk. Or is rusty not Legal target and i have to charge my friendly model? i see it both ways. Rusty is in range and can be targeted.
  14. Finally started my alternate killjoy using super sculpey http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u312/solidusix9/killjoy4_zps537c4de5.jpg http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u312/solidusix9/killjoy3_zpse9ad6b06.jpg http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u312/solidusix9/killjoy2_zps7d9a3d25.jpg http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u312/solidusix9/killjoy1_zpsb7671725.jpg
  15. FINALLY got this guy done. I got several layers into painting him as regular, before I had this epiphany. So, added a few more layers and whatnot, and lost a bit of detail (Particularly in the mouth), but hey, this piece is for fun anyway. This is the most fun I've had painting any one piece thus far, in my tiny 10-15 model painting experience. Thoughts and opinions?
  16. Ramos vs Viktoria on a long, narrow coffee table. Turns out the table is 24" by 48". We played longways, like a football field. It certainly made Ramos' Strategy of "Destroy the Evidence" and Scheme of "Power Ritual" unattainable. Poor choices, but I thought I could get Kaeris to the backfield. Ramos did manage to kill Sword Vikie and Hans with Electrical Fire but was unable to kill any models with his Clockwork Fist, so he did not achieve "Do I Have to Do Everything Myself" either. The Vikie's had the Strategy "Escape and Survive". As Killjoy was the only remaining model on her crew at
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