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Found 19 results

  1. Heya all, just wondering if anyone has seen these Sewers tiles yet? They are 3"x3" and 2" in height and fit Malifaux miniatures perfectly.
  2. Hello people, My first experience using Kickstarter has been to support TOS, so I am clueless about the process here and was hoping some of you would help me understand... 1. I was charged 300.00 by Kickstarter.com on 01/21/2017. When shipping charges are announced, will the shipping transaction also be completed through Kickstarter? 2. How can I look at the selections I made when I received the original backerkit email? It seems like I can look through TOS options in the backerkit but am unable to see my account or the actual selections I made. Should I have a backerkit account I can log into? 3. When a goal is reached and an item is unlocked, does that mean unlocked for purchase? Or are these items being added in addition to what I am guaranteed at my pledge level? I don't want to buy something that otherwise would have already been included for free... Is there any way to see a list of the physical items I'll be receiving so that this doesn't happen? Thanks!
  3. Faction decks! I'd drop cash in an instant if I could an Outcast deck and a Gibbering Horde deck. Also, first non-admin thread
  4. Hi Wyrdo's! Wamp is abuot to end its Fusion Kickstarter. This is for a nifty display basing system that allows you to mix and match various floors, walls and plinths to easily create great display bases. We have just a few hours left to go but we have fully funded and are unlocking various things as we go inlcuding FREE stuff! If you haven't already feel free to check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wamp/fusion-bases
  5. A review of the co-op game based on the famous Journey Into the West: review article.
  6. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "Cthulhu Statue - Preliminary Sketch: Behold, the Great Cthulhu… I simply love this rendition. Our original concepts had taken us down a more menacing route, arms outstretched as if to lunge forward or held aloft as if summoning forth the power of the cosmos. However thanks to the brain trust of Rod and Aurelio we somehow stumbled onto this wonderful accident. It is a lovely mix of horrific sacrifice and death juxtaposed his Zen like state. We wanted to bring forth that outer-world quality so richly brought out by Lovecraft’s writings and I think we hit the spot in this piece." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  7. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "The first work to build the rites with which to summon the Great Cthulhu. This initial sketch is just to do what Cthulhu does, evoke the feeling of “badassery”. Continuing work from the original Cthulhu Idol we thought it was important to show the Great Cthulhu as a being wise beyond our comprehension. Thus you will clearly see the evolution from simply working on Cthulhu’s form to the invocations in their final state." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  8. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "Working on the Lovecraft Nightmares Kick Starter campaign has been a very rewarding and creative experience. The wealth of conceptual art alone has been staggering. So many fantastic ideas and so little time and money. Here you will see one of the original ideas behind the Cult Collectors edition. A centerpiece to go with the pentagram. Perhaps this fine piece will find its way to release at another time." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  9. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "This work is the original penciled version from the Archeologist’s diary upon the finding of “The Idol”. We are of course heavily influenced by the Cthulhu mythos and because of this we wish to build from it our own “canon”. The story here is of the discovery of the Idol in the deserts of Egypt far away from the Nile of any other source of water. It is not the first Idol to be gathered by the scholars of Miskatonic University, nor will it be the last…" For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  10. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "On of the initial sketches to bring to life our own version of Shub-niggurath we decided that, as the black goat of the woods with a thousand young, we wanted to bring out those defining traits. A twisted, skull faced, mother figure birthing its horrifying young. Naturally our mind took us here first..." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  11. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "Cthulhu Discovered is an initial conceptual rendering of the digital wallpaper Aurelio Lecis spent quite a bit of time working on the perfect sketch for our vision. This image is meant to evoke a feeling of dread and awe." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  12. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "Hello and welcome to our first sneak peak into Kabuki Models: Lovecraft Nightmares. Lovecraft Nightmares is Kabuki Models first venture into the exciting world of Kick Starter. As our first campaign we strive for a worthy cause. And what better…what more noble goal is there then bringing to life the Great Old One’s likeness!? Bow before the preprinted urethane resin greatness of Cthulhu! We here at Kabuki Models aspire for the creation of many artifacts in one of fictions best worlds. It is a world full of intrigue and horror. A world that once released could end our civilization, as we know it today. Join us, no, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and please, covert all of your friends today! Because with your help, Cthulhu is coming…. Are you ready? As the days slowly drop from the calendar we’ll be releasing new and progressive pictures" For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  13. KabukiModels


    From the album: Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign

    "Awakening Soon..." For more infos about this kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out our facebook page and/or our website!
  14. An interlocking, hexagonal terrain system. They're paintable, highly textured, and tend towards fantasy and natural environments. I particularly like the lava and waterfall tiles. There's 13 days to go, and they're shooting for an April 2015 fulfillment date. Take a look; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yetimilitiagames/hyground-3d-terrain-tiles
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, Imps and Alps, In the event that you have missed the scattered images that are lurking about ye olde Inter-Webs, here is an image of a WICKED DOLL from the TtB KICKSTARTER. Note that each doll is truly unique and that features may vary...wildly... Also, as a reminder, please read the included instructions and legal disclaimer that is included with your doll. (We don't want another Amityville situation, now do we?) Enjoy, Noxweiler
  16. So I just recently got into Malifaux and I fell in love with the Freikorps. So firstly does anyone have any idea when Wyrd will release a plastic Freikorps crew? Is it worth waiting or should I just go for the metal models? Normally I wouldn't mind a mix of new and old models but Freikorps is supposed to be uniform in appearance so that doesn't really work. Secondly does anyone know if there will be a general release Hannah? She seems to be prominently featured in 2e artwork but the "Through the Breach" kickstarter say: "Special Edition Malifaux Sculpt - Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist: We haven't even released the rules for this model yet, but we are already giving you the opportunity to get an exclusive sculpt of her." Does this mean she will only be released for kickstarter backers or are they referring to an exclusive sculpt not an exclusive model?
  17. I wouldn't normally plug a kickstarter, but, well, this one has already reached its funding goal, and I figure the folks around here would appreciate the product being offered. It's a stamp for molding your own basing terrain. They are a bit on the pricy side to back (particularly since this is based in the UK) but a very cool concept! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/bake-your-own-basius-base-pads-for-wargames-and-mi?ref=live
  18. Hey I thought these buildings would be perfect for all you 10Thunders players out there to for terrain. The buildings are very nice and it includes a seven story flagship pagoda! "The goal of this project is to kick start our "East Asian Village" effort. Sure, these models buildings look good, but they are also highly functional. Built for 28mm gamers, these are modular units - so you can pull them apart and reassemble them into different buildings. You can remove the roof to see inside the upper floor, remove the upper floor to see the ground floor. We're aware that a village is a lot more than just buildings - so we're gradually creating a strong line of accessories - anything you might find in a typical village." They also are going to open up their webstore for there Medieval Village line that was their first KS. I've gotten many building form that set and it has been confirmed that they are compatible with this new set so you can mix and match roofs and walls. Oops I forgot the links (thanks Tokaji) East Asian Village for 28mm Gamers KS Renaissance Miniatures Oh and there is going to be burnt out sections too that would work well with Malfaux, once the webstore launches. -ape2020
  19. I´ll copy the first paragraph of the KS page: BattleCON captures the fast-paced head-to-head intensity of a 2Dfighting video game and tempers it with the strategic decision-makingof a card game. Imagine Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat,or King of Fighters for your kitchen table! BattleCON brings thisvision to life with a gorgeous cast of diverse characters and solidgameplay. This is a standalone game with everything in the box. There are nopacks to collect or rares to chase! Get the whole game right here! Check out an extended preview with Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower! And now the great news to all Malifaux fans (like me): RAMOS IS IN IT!!! Ramos will appear as a promotional boss in every copy of the game, with a deck of cards for his attacks, so you can make a team to fight against him or use him to crash your opponents with your mechanical spiders! Her's the link to the announcement (and some previews of the game): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/level99games/battlecon-devastation-of-indines-a-dueling-card-ga/posts/387571 An here's a link to the Kickstarter project itself: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/level99games/battlecon-devastation-of-indines-a-dueling-card-ga See ya! PS: Sorry for my bad English, by the way.
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