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Found 6 results

  1. Type: 50ss tournament using DMH models. Location and Time: Hard Knox Games Elizabethtown KY. Registration starts at 10:30 first round at 11:00 Entry Fee: $10 Prize Support: Store Credit based off of entry fees. Requirements and Proxies: Painted Models are not required. Proxies will be allowed for models that are not yet released. Number of Rounds: 3 rounds, 4 if we get more than 15 players. Hope to see you there.
  2. ( NOTE this should have gone up on monday but due to a missfire on my computer it clearlly did not so here it is again) Location: Louisville game shop 925 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 Starting date: September 30th - December 23 Entry: $5 Prize support: Currently prizzes will go to Best painted, Most vp, and best Hideout Who should play: New players and old this is to help kick off Malifaux in the area again and get some new bodies in the seats, as well as some old ones back in them. Info: Shifting Loyalties campaign Greetings all and welcome to the first day of the Shifting Loyalties Campain at the Louisville Game shop! So here are the starting rules and things for the campain. There are Arsenal Sheets at the Game shop which will go in to a binder along with campain cards for this campain along with my coppy of shifting loyalties all for use with this campaign. each week there will be an over arching event that players can try to acheive during their games on top of schemes. When you sign up with the shop, you must choose your faction and hire your starting Arsenal. (NOTE: Ten Thunders players must choose to play for Ten thunders or the dual faction and stick to that faction.) (NOTE: You can proxy a few things but not a whole army.) Our campain will have a starting buy of 35 soulstones. you must include one HENCHMAN which is the designated leader of your crew for the start of the campain. You may have more than one Henchman in your arsenal at start BUT you must designate one as the leader who remains so till you get a master or the campain ends. Masters will become available for purchass at week six, Avatars are an option in this campaign. You may hire any models that your Henchman can hire as per the standard rules of buying modles, such as Mercs, and in faction models or out of faction models bassed on their subtype. Crews may purchass one upgrade at this time and it can not be a campain upgrade any soulpoints that are not spent on your arsenal at the end of this point become Script at a one to one rate. More info will come out as it becomes relevent in the following weeks. Games for week one cap out at 35 soul stones. Games after week one Follow the rules of cp progressing and deferance. We will be playing with Hideout rules as well so consider all your options for the following weeks when trying to decied how ya win. The Max amount of script you can earn a week is 16. If you are unable to play any games in a week you will still earn 5 script so as not to fall to far behind in the runnings. Good luck and we hope to see you all soon. If you have any questions or need more information you can Contact me on Facebook at Braden McCampbell or reach me by email at Djbriddin AT Gmail.com I will be updating this post in the weeks following with the events that have ben flipped but you can also go to Malifaux at the Louisville game shop facebook group for both info on when people will meet up, OR info about the weekly event and special rules. Shifting Loyalties WEEK 1 EVENT! We got Red Joker flip again, and Eight of Mask. Red Joked is THE EVENT! meaning that every one adds one avatar available to them to their arsenal as soon as masters become available. The redraw( or rather the one drawn at the shop) is THE LONELY TRAVELER. A Lonely Traveler joins every Encounter This Week. Place a 30 mm Traveler Marker in the center of the table ( Or as close as possible) Any model within 1 inch of the Traveler make make a (1) interact action targetting it to ask it for guidance, when this happens make a flip on the chart in the shifting loyalties Book on page 9 Good luck every one!
  3. Hello, I will be running a 50ss single master tournament on March 19th at 12:30PM at Hard Knox Games and Hobbies in Elizabethtown Ky. using Gaining Grounds 2016 There will be some door prizes in addition the the prize support for placing. This will be a single master event but you will be allowed to switch out the rest of the crew between rounds. The following strategies will be used Round 1 - Interference - Standard Deployment Round 2 - Squatters Rights - Corner Deployment Round 3 - Headhunter - Standard Deployment If you have any questions regarding this event please feel free to contact me. Scott Asbell kaos976@gmail.com
  4. [h=5]Hey guys, I just wanted to invite everyone out for a fixed faction 35 point Malifaux tourney at the Louisville Game Shop on 3/24/2013 at 1pm. There will be a $5 entry fee for prize support. The Tourney will be single faction and will be three 105 minute rounds, this includes 10 minutes for crew selection and set up. The strategies will be Shared Master of the Hill, Shared Line in the Sand and Shared Contain Power. Each Scheme can only be taken once. The Strategies being used are from the Gaining Grounds 2013 Organinzed Play guidelines that can be found here http://www.malifaux.com/Downloads/Gaining_Ground_2013.pdf. Unpainted models are allowed, proxies are not allowed and all crews should have the most up to date stat cards.[/h]Location of event: The Louisville Game Shop is located at 925 Baxter Avenue, in Louisville, Ky, in the 40204 Zip code. Phone: (502) 456-2734
  5. The Louisville Game Shop will be hosting a 5 week achievement league and painting competition from 1/26/2013-2/23/2013. The league is designed to be fun and challenging for players of all experience levels and will be a great way to learn the game for new players. The cost is free, but we have plenty of prize support. Models must be painted during the League in order to entered into the painting contest. I've attached the info sheet and achievements. Please PM me with any questions. Malifaux Achievement league Jan 26 thru Feb 23..doc
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