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Found 3 results

  1. Can i get some feedback for the below list? i'm looking to build a bit of a "beat-y" lineup, focusing on victory though fire power. my thought is to keep enough mini's on the table through the two death marshals, then focus on debuffing via Jury and killing through Executioner. I havn't played much Lady Justice, prefering Zipp, but want to diversify to keep things interesting. Any suggestions? should i swap out a death marshal, or use different upgrades? Crew Name: Lady J 50 point, JJ&ELeader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Vendetta 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss The Judge 9ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss The Jury 8ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Executioner 9ss Plant Evidence 1ss Death Marshal 6ss Death Marshal 6ss
  2. Just wanting to verify this before it gets attempted. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work due to An "honest" trial adding the mask rather than replacing the suit. Just wanting confirmation encase it comes up locally.
  3. So, I was thinking about new options with Jury. 1) The most obvious option is reliable card drain with austringers. Couple of them can drain the whole opponents hand with great success. I would love to try one with Nellie and Hannah for total card domination. 2) The return (?) of Nurse Hearthsbane. Should be a decent bodyguard for precious Jury. Though I doubt it will be this necessary. Too expensive probably. 3) McMourning "This one is ready" trigger. Clearly just a bonus, but a nice one. Double precise for any card for 1 AP, Nurses hand out pretty reliable quasi-paralyze for big opponent beaters without mask in hand, Hands Off! trigger. 4) Dita +damage trigger?.. Probably not worth it. Santiago can be worrisome, but too much a card drain without his own buff I think. And nobody takes him. 5) Sam's ricochet?... Nah, forget it. He is worthless anyway. 6) Judge's Blade's&Bullets. Can be quite a mayhem against low def targets. 7) Lady? I don't think she will be in the right place often. And she is always starved for cards. Deadly, though. 8) Guardian. Meh. 9) Guild pathfinder. Can work once in a lifetime. 10) Wastrel. Hahaha. No? 11) Dr Grimwell. Card for card. Nah. 12) Sanctioned spellcaster. This can be nice. Earthbound is pretty good. 13) DM recruiters. Obvious synergy. Free attack for a card out of activation can be really nice. 14) Lucius. Sniper needs less soulstones! WLackeysR4 made a little easier also. 15) McCabe. Slow trigger, on his own saber, 12TN (3) horror on ditched one. Pretty nice. 16) Domador de Cadaveres silly facts (other new models probably later, I don't think they will remove undead hiring, but other abilities on this and other models?... who knows, right?)): Dead Doxy's has an amazing trigger on confusing feelings Rotten belle can Lure counterspell targets (hard, but possible) Mercenaries (only worthy ones): 17) Killjoy. That's to expensive for a combo. But ok. 18) Ama No Zako. Never heard of her in guild. Trigger on attack to heal and (0) obey. I don't think this will work. 19) StrongArm. Slow on shoot. Too expensive, we have better ways to do it. 20) Sue. Amazing scrap and corpse deletion in the right conditions. 21) Aionus - shifting sands. Can work once in a blue moon. 22) Envy. Trample on mediocre close attack and silly condition on shoot? Meh. Your thoughts?
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