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Found 5 results

  1. Is Huggy a valid selection for framed for murder? If so does it matter if you bring him back after the fact? Also if you flip the Ace of Masks for intiative does that counted as a 1 or a Red Joker. I had this happen twice in 1 game.
  2. When using Cheatin' Bastard, you always go last when cheating in a duel. Can this ability be used to force drain someone's fate hand? Let's say I flip a 7 and my enemy flips a 9 in a duel. So, I announce I'm cheating. Because I always go last in a duel, my enemy cheats first and cheats in a 13. Well, the highest card in my hand is a 10. To conserve that high card, can I just cheat in a 1 or do I have to play that 10? As well, I want to make sure that this applies only to duels that Jakob Lynch is involved in.
  3. Does anyone have any tips and tricks for dealing with Jakob Lynch and the Hungering Darkness? Any thoughts to share? i've played them two times now and the hungering darkness is pretty damn scary The first time things went ok and i mostly avoided the crew and focused on my strategy and schemes that didn't require killing with my showgirls. The second time i played a smaller game (so didnt have the duet) and dediced to engage and kill the hungering darkness. After a black joker hiccup i did manage to kill it but then it just reappeared and terror bombed me, and then things went south from there ^^' Its scary damage output and ability to come back to life and cause a big terrifying pulse are tough to deal with. i'm not sure how to deal with them yet. i suppose it would be ideal to try and kill Jakob early because HD can be brought back after being killed? but killing a master isn't exactly super easy i guess. Hmmm... i mostly play Colette but i've got Rasputina and Kaeris too and any thoughts on Arcanists vs Lynch & c:o would be appreciated
  4. I'm a fairly new player and I'm running the Dark Debts crew. I know what the Brilliance Condition can do For me, but I'm unclear on what effect it has on models it's been inflicted to and how long the conditions lasts.
  5. Hey all, Need some clarification on a few abilities. First: For Jakob's Slave to Darkness ability, must the cards be of equal value to be discarded (two 3's, two 8's, etc.)? It says the "same value," but then it goes on to say that Hungering Darkness will get wounds equal to half of one discarded card, suggesting they can be different. Second: For Jakob's The Source spell, does the absence of "next" before activation mean that the spell cannot be cast and give a friendly model +1 Wk in the next turn? Must the +1 Wk be used in the current turn's activation phase? Thanks!
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