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Found 8 results

  1. Iron Painter - Round 05 Critters (ELIM) "Fluffy and Lil'Joe" 3D Printed Dog Kennel; modified with hollow opening, available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1311604
  2. Here are my YouTube videos showcasing three Malifaux models that I just finished. I have the Jackalope and a pair of Malifaux Raptors. Here are a few pictures: I am hoping to use these as part of a Marcus crew. We will see how that goes as I start playing games. Best wishes to all you Malifaux gamers.
  3. I just finished assembly of my Malifaux Raptors and my Jackalope. I used greenstuff, Citadel liquid greenstuff, some Gale Force 9 basing rocks and a super glue accelerator. They look alright to me so far...
  4. I would guess that all of this has come up before, but I cannot find it (I do not see eye to eye with the search function on this forum..). Please reference me to a thread if you know one, so we're not just re-discussing the use of the wheel. First off is the Jackalope. His Multiply rule states that if he was previously removed from play he can be placed into base contact with a beast before it is removed and gain slow. Now, does this allow him to activate in the same turn, the same as summon does? or is it dependant on if he activated in this turn already or not (if he dies and returns in the same turn)? Second is terrain and spell effects (and I know I've read threads about this with Rasputina but can't remember seeing a definite answere). Waldgeists can target a forest within 2" and Place it completely within 5". Does this allow him to place it on top of a model, counter and/or objective marker? or even on top of other terrain (say a water feature for example) Same question with things like AvatarSonnia and her Pyre Markers. She must place them 1" away from any model, but then she can use (1) Pyre Command to Place a marker 2" in any direction. Can she move them on top of models, counters and/or objective markers? And other terrain?
  5. Was reading through Avatar Marcus again and had a couple of questions pop out at me. I'm not sure if they've been answered on another thread yet, or not. If so, please point me in the right direction, thanks. Manifesting vs Jackalope Due to the Jackalope's Ability of Multiply (from book one, since I don't see a v2 version on the pdf), it'll still be able to return to play at some point later, right? The wording in the book is: Multiply: When a non-Jackalope Beast is killed or sacrificed, before it is removed from play, you may push this model into base contact with the Beast. If this model was previously removed from play and is currently not in play, you may summon it to the Beast before that beast is removed from play. As other avatars, such as Colette and the Dreamer can still summon new copies of their totems after manifesting, and Leveticus still gets his Waifs, pseudo-totems that they are, I'd say the Jackalope still gets to come back. That is, if anyone even plays with it. Only one of our local players even has Marcus, so I've yet to even see him in action. Second question, regarding Instinctive Behavior. It reads: (1) Instinctive Behavior Target non-Master model with the Beast Characteristic receives +0/+2 Wk/Cg, -2 Df, and its melee Attack and Damage Flips receive until the start of the Start Closing Phase. Target then immediately performs a (1) Action or a Charge controlled by this model's Controller. The Action selected may not cause the model to be killed or sacrificed as part of the Action. This spell may be cast only once per activation by this model. Now, this isn't quite the same as chess where your King cannot move into check, and there are a quite a few situations that will cause a model to be killed or sacrificed due to a (1) Action or a Charge indirectly. It doesn't preclude any of those circumstances from happening, correct? Just a few examples: I have any ol' non-Master model that has the Beast Characteristic, or that Marcus has given the Beast Characteristic to, while low on wounds perform a melee attack / charge on a model with Black Blood, it's still going to die from those wounds. Same goes for any other defensive damage or wound ability. If we use a model like Desolation Engine with only one wound left, that due to Unstable Creation suffers 1 Wd when it performs any Action Costing 1 AP or more other than Pass. It'll die. Examples like this are perfectly fine, as we're not killing or sacking the model as part of the cost of the action, right? But with, say, the Hollow Waif's version of Magical Extension, (*) Empty Being, in which it can Cast one of Leveticus' spells. This model may use a Soulstone to change its starting total when casting this spell. Sacrifice this model, we cannot do it because it would directly kill or sacrifice it, correct? Those were just some examples that came to mind. I'm sure there are countless others.
  6. At the end of Jackalope's Multiply ability it mentions that it gets Slow if it is placed. Does the Slow effect last for one activation or the rest of the game? Also does the Jackalope regain (or even retain) Harmless after he is placed?
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