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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Recent FAQ has an interesting answer regarding to scheme markers and LOS. 49) Q: If a model on a 30mm base is positioned perfectly on top of a 30mm Scheme Marker such that the Marker is completely covered, can other models draw LoS to the Scheme Marker? A: No. Note that in the case multiple Scheme Markers are stacked on top of each other (with nothing else on top of/ blocking them) models may draw LoS to all Markers in the stack because Scheme Markers are not blocking. (9/1/15) Regarding Aura and Pulse LoS, the rulebook states that "a model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LoS". So, my opponent has his 30mm model perfectly aligned on his scheme marker, covering its LoS. I bring my tengu 3 inches nearby and try to cast Still the Earth (which is a pulse), targeting that s. marker under the model. But I do not have any LoS (according to FAQ). And because "a model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LoS", can i cast still the earth still, presuming markers count as models? Thank you
  2. Hey guys, I think I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but I just wanted to get this cleared up. The molemen have tunneling, which makes them insignificant until the spell ends. The spell ends when they take an action other than pass or walk. Now take an example like the strategy "Destroy the Evidence", where insignificant models cannot take the interact action to do this. What's the deal? Can molemen just "choose" to stop tunneling? Or can they start taking the interact which immediately ends their tunneling so they can complete it? That seems unlikely per RAW. My only other option is that I'd need to take a separate action just to end tunneling, like wasting a 0 action to dig in before interacting. That's why I'm thinking they must be able to just choose to drop the spell, but I can't find any backing for that, and my internet searches have turned up fruitless. Thoughts?
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