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Found 1 result

  1. Isolated or codependent mechanics? So I have never had any difficulty when determining melee range and whether I could legally make an attack. usually with engagement ranges typically being 1"-2" its rare that conditions or restrictions would intervene the engaged models and cause problems. However, there are some cases that arise which I would love to clarify. The relationship of Melee range and Engagement is somewhat ambiguous. Is engagement an individual mechanic and wholly distinct unto itself, or is it one of the many attributes of melee and just a slick term of being within range of close melee. The idiosyncrasy of engagement is that it acts like a condition, (but is not a condition to be clear) for the purposed of determining things like: disengaging strikes, shooting into engagement, interact action limitations. On the other hand engagement seems dependent on melee and simple a quality of melee, nothing more. This being important because I cannot find melee restrictions or conditions in the rules, at least not in the clarity that shooting and casting rules and restrictions have. it's odd that I cannot find something to the effect of, "A model may make a melee attack action if: X,Y,Z" Thankfully I don't see a malfunction in the rules that would need the clarification but the question still stands, Can a model make a melee attack action if: The model is within it's range The model is engaged So one possible logic loops might be: A.) Models have engagement range equal to their longest range Close (y) Attack B.) Model A cannot place a scheme marker because he is engaged with enemy Model B C.) However, Model B becomes Paralyzed which paralyzed models cannot engage enemy models, (unless in base to base contact with an enemy as per question 25 in the FAQ's ) ~.) Can Model A now place a scheme marker? Yes, Model B has been paralyzed and can no longer engage Model A No, Model B has an engagement of 0" but Model A is still within his close range and therefore is still engaged because engagement "goes both ways"
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