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Found 16 results

  1. Quick question. I tried my best to find the answer but couldn’t :( Can you “double move” through terrain if you are incorporeal? More specifically, let’s say you’re Move 5 and the terrain is 8 inches across, can you Walk twice to clear it? My reasoning was that you couldn’t because your first Walk action would end your move within the terrain but I’ve seen a batrep where the Kirai player did it with Ikiryo and wanted to make sure. Ty in advance
  2. Hello. Do the Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Smolder, Immolate, Blood Poisoning, e.t.c.? Incorporeal reduce damage suffers from Attack Actions, but Actions like Immolate or Blood Poisoning make target suffer damage from Condition, not from Attack Action.
  3. How ignoring terrain but having to physically place in the board interact? I mean, Incorporeal states the model ignores terrain (not that it may ignore terrain); so I guess placing an incorporeal model on top of a building/terrain is legal, but why can I place it on top of something it is ignoring? The alternative and non-intended reading (imo) being that a model moves ignoring that terrain which would cause it to end its movement overlaping the terrain which is an ilegal placement, so that model cannot be moved anywhere near of terrain. Can a Incorporeal model move on top of a mul
  4. Hello, wyrdfolk! So a rules question came up during my first game that we were unable to figure out at the scene. Can models with the Incorporeal ability end a move/push inside of Impassable Terrain? If no, what happens if an Incorporeal model is pushed into an Impassable piece of Terrain and the travel distance indicated on the rule that caused the push is insufficient to bring the Incorporeal model all the way through? I asked this question in a Malifaux facebook group and recieved several "No, they can not" and "That would be unreasonable" but nobody was willing to present any evid
  5. Incorporeal description states: Now, if my comprehension of English language doesn't fail me, "reduce all damage by half" means I have to subtract half damage from the damage total. Since manual states that all roundings are made rounding up to the next integer, this means that 5 damages become 2. (5/2=2.5, rounded up to 3, 5-3=2). So 1 damage becomes zero. So, in the end, an Incorporeal model would always take half damage rounded down. The only way this could not be (beside my eventual lack of comprehension of the language) is if in case of multiple math operations, rounding has to be made a
  6. Hi dudes! I usually plays vs Resus and one of my friends ALLWAYS play the Grave Spirit, and he plays It very, very well The +2 Armor it's a true pain when I play Marcus/Howard... Etc Some advices vs that? With Marcus I was thinking to hire Hans, hit with a Raptor for beast trigger and can be nice with Alpha and chant xD Thx fow answers!!!
  7. I get a lot of questions regarding Flight and Incorporeal mechanics so I constructed a somewhat comprehensive look at the two. I would love feedback. Looking for fact checking as well as any mechanics that I missed that would be good to include. Flight: This model is immune to falling damage and may ignore any terrain or models while moving. Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh: and Ml: attack actions by half. Fall Damage: • YES: Flight ignores fa
  8. It just occured to me we might be playing wrong. If a rotten belle lures an incorporeal model into hazardous terrain, we assumed it was damaged but on a closer read I see the incoporeal rule says "This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push." So does an incoporeal model never take damage from it? Or always? Or only when it activates in it?
  9. Can someone clarify the new FAQ's in previous rulings incorprial models always took falling damage. this seems to be confirmed in the new question #9 However, question #8 states that,"Models also generally fall immediately during regular movement unless they have Flight or Incorporeal) what do they mean by this?
  10. Hello All, I have been reading the rules and FAQ's and I think they are fairly clear on this topic but I wanted to ask the community and see what they think and if there is anything else that I am missing. So if two models are engaged there are several ways of breaking engagement without walking and risking a successful Disengaging Strike. to list a few there are, Push, Lure, Paralyze the opponent model, and others. But here is one that caught my eye and sounds like a fun one that I have to keep wary of. In the rules it says both models are con
  11. This seems like an elementary question and would be surprised if it hasn't been answered already but here goes: do models with Flight or Incorporeal only spend movement for vertical distance when their end point results in a change in elevation? For example, a model with Flight moves 3" plus any horizontal distance to get on a Ht 3 rock. Would the model still have to spend 3" of vertical movement if it just "flew over" the rock and ended up on the other side? I'm sure this would make more sense with a picture but i don't know how to make one, sorry.
  12. So I checked the FAQ and it did not have this and I could not find this in the rule book. If someone pushes into base with an incorporeal model can they push through the base to be on the far side of the model? I have always played it where you take the center to center line to the model stopping once you hit the base because it is not a distance push and when you hit the base accomplished the into base requirement of the push.
  13. As per the FAQ 3-01-15, we know that leap and incorporeal work the same as flying, minus the damage reduction when falling (and with incorporeal benefiting from damage reduction from sh and ml). While spirits breaking an ankle when falling might seem counterintuitive (specially when they got up there by floating in the first place!), it can be argued that they suffer damage when materializing in order to avoid going through the ground. Still, this interpretation leave me with some questions: If a spirit with Wk 6" can float up to the roof of a Ht 5" building, couldn't it float back
  14. This came up in a game a few days ago. My opponent hit an incorporeal model with a blast form a SH action and stated it takes full damage, I countered with the fact that it is from an SH action. Incorporeal reduces all damage this model suffers from an SH and MI action by half, so he relented. Later he had a model, Steam Arachnid, trigger overheat off of it MI action which causes all models with in 2 to suffer 2 damage after resolving. Once again, he clamed it ignore incorporeal as it is not MI damage. Note overheat is not a separate action. Reading the cards I believe that overheat and trig
  15. Do Incorporeal models take damage from falling, or do they just flat ignore it as falling is listed within terrain rules? Thanks in advance.
  16. If a model has the Incorporeal rule it ignores terrain and other models whilst moving, doesnt this mean they can end their movement within terrain or another model?
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