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Found 1 result

  1. I'm looking to clear out my backstock of never-to-be-completed minis projects, in exchange for more never-to-be-completed minis projects. E-mail me at stretch_ink@yahoo.com, or PM me here to work something out. I entertain all offers. Here's what I've got. Pictures available upon request. 40K: --2x Catachan Imperial Guard batallions, cleaned and assembled, except for the two Sentinels, which are still on the sprue, a weapon team, and the bits to make a homebrew Marbo. Will throw in a 40K figure case for the lot if the offer is good enough. --Gunnery Sgt. Harker, partially assembled (gun left off for ease of painting). --"Iron Hand" Straken, fully assembled. --1x metal Tallarn weapon crew (can't remember which ATM, can find out), partially stripped. Warmachine: NOTE: All models come with MkI cards. Cryx: "Classic" Pirate Queen Skarre, assembled and painted, w/custom deck base. Epic Skarre, unassembled. 1x full unit of Satyxis Raiders w/UA. Tabs have been cut off so they can be pinned to scenic bases. 1x full unit of Revenant Pirates, with extra models for Rengrave's conscrption, as well as duplicates of third grunt sculpt for variety. Unassembled, so all kinds of arm/head swaps are possible. All tabs have been cut off, and homemade scenic deck bases are included. Khador: 1x Kodiak, unassembled. 2x Berserker, mostly assembled (heads left off for ease of painting). 1x painted. MOW Kovnik, painted. MOW Drakhun, painted. Alt. Sculpt Sorscha, painted. Alt. Sculpt Vlad, painted. Karchev the Terrible, mostly assembled ("basket case" and skirt left off for ease of painting) and primed, w/custom clifftop base. Some base colors applied, but not too much. Behemoth, painted, w/custom snowy cliff base, chasing and stomping Darius's Halfjacks. Hordes All models come with MkII cards Skorne: 1x Basilisk Krea, unassembled. 1x Cyclops Brute, unassembled. 2x Cyclops Savages, stripped. Trollbloods: 1x Dire Troll Slugger, mostly assembled (crates on back have been left off for ease of painting) Wants (preferably unassembled): Kaeris box, when released Rasputina box, Cult of December goodies. Marcus box, Beasts of all stripes Brass Arachnid Joss Renegade Steamfitter Johan McMourning box, associated goodies (Canine Remains, Guild Autopsies, Rogue Necromancy, Zombie Chihuahua, etc.) Leveticus box and friends (SPAboms, Desolation engine, etc.) Lady Justice box Lucius box, various Guardsmen Von Schill box, Freikorps Abuela Ortega Enslaved Nephilim Will also take cash, as I find it always comes in handy.
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