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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any way for model to take from impassable hazardous terrain marker, if the marker itself doesn't move (that interaction is covered by p. 36)? " Hazardous Terrain:After a model moves through or resolves one of its Actions while in Hazardous Terrain, it suffers the effects of the Hazardous Terrain after the current Action or Ability is resolved (Rules, p. 37)." "Impassable: Models and Markers cannot move through Impassable Terrain, which often includes solid objects, such as Ice Pillars. Objects cannot be Dropped or placed overlapping Impassable Terrain (Rules, p. 37)." "Any time a model’s base is overlapping terrain, it is said to be in that terrain. If a model’s base is touching terrain (either overlapping or directly next to the terrain), that model is within 0" of that terrain. (Rules, p. 36)" I would say RAI, yes. By moving into base to base with it. RAW ?
  2. Can a Shockwave marker be placed partially or totally under an Impassable terrain/marker? Impassable terrain say that objects cannot be dropped under it, but I'm not sure if objects include shockwave markers or just markers which will stay physically in the table like scrap or corpses. Is there any definition of object? Ty in advance!
  3. Hello, wyrdfolk! So a rules question came up during my first game that we were unable to figure out at the scene. Can models with the Incorporeal ability end a move/push inside of Impassable Terrain? If no, what happens if an Incorporeal model is pushed into an Impassable piece of Terrain and the travel distance indicated on the rule that caused the push is insufficient to bring the Incorporeal model all the way through? I asked this question in a Malifaux facebook group and recieved several "No, they can not" and "That would be unreasonable" but nobody was willing to present any evidence to back up their claims so instead I once again delved back into the rulebook and did some digging myself and believe that I may have found the answer. I'll lead by compiling a list of the relevant sources I've been looking at: "Pushes...The pushed model cannot pass through impassable objects (such as other models, or walls) or climb. If a pushed model comes into contact with an object that is impassible, the pushed model stops in base contact with the object." -pg.46 small rulebook. "Impassable - Models cannot enter impassable areas of terrain, which includes moving through the walls of a building or into other solid objects." -pg. 74 small rulebook. "Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push..."-Lady Ligeia My current theory, based on the wording of the rules for Impassable Terrain and Incorporeal, is that Incorporeal models may indeed end their move/push inside of Impassable Terrain. This is because the only part of moving into impassable terrain that is usually prohibited is entry and that occurs during the models move/push - during which Incorporeal models ignore terrain. Is there some nuance of the language that I have not comprehended or something that I have just simply missed? If I am wrong, please prove me wrong, because I too of course realize that, depending on the setup of your terrain, having a bunch of models running around in places where they cannot physically be placed can be a total gameplay nightmare.
  4. I was playing in a tournament yesterday and one of the Schemes was Search The Ruins. Pretty much in the centre of the board was a cliff which was Height 5 Impassable. It was sufficiently large and so placed as to block 6" of the board centre from 6 to 11 around a clock face. My question is: If I have a model next to the cliff, using the Practices Production upgrade on Colette, could I place a Shame Marker on top of the cliff, in a position to score for Search The Ruins?
  5. According to Pg. 46 of the small rule book: In every game I've played a model always ends there push as soon as they hit an object, (unless they are incorporeal.) however, I think according to the rules this isn't always the case. A model may bush past, through, or over an object as long as the object isn't impassable or the model doesn't have to climb. If this is true, and a model may push over or through objects, how would you play the following: A model is pushed so that he would end his push in the middle of a forest. The forest was previously agreed that models could pass through it as long as they did not end there moment in the forest.
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