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Found 6 results

  1. What do you all think on allowing a player to use the location immuto with say raise the dead magia? Would it work like that it does it need the inanimate immuto added? Or does it not work at all?
  2. 2 questions 1) in 2e Core it doesnt state that you are limited to 1 elemental immuto when casting a spell, Can you add more than one or are you limited to one elemental immuto per spell cast? 2) How would you conclude the effects of a elemental bolt or strike that would have the Natural and the Wind immuto? reason for this is if Natural goes off first then the target is rooted then pushed, or is the target pushed then rooted.
  3. I just started playing through the breach with a tinker, and when it comes to combat my magic seems far more powerful than a lot of the other players attacks. So I wanted to check we weren't doing things wrong. First off, the pertinent character information. - My character is a tinker, with intellect 3, and sorcery 3. - My theory is Tradition magic, specialising in Sorcery with the paired skill of necromancy. - I have the specialised skill talent to add Tomes to Sorcery. - I have the Animate Construct and Elemental Strike Magia. - For immutos i have Fire, Reduce AP and Focus Object. - M
  4. I've alluded to this problem before, but when crafting a grimoire for your players (or for NPCs whom the players can kill or steal from) how do you force the use of the Focus immuto? Effectively, if you want spells from said grimoire to require a focus (especially a specific one) is there a technical way to prevent players from just not applying Focus immuto to a magia when they create a spell? Similarly, what is the use of chaining a Genus immuto? Well... I know one use is to chain it to only one target type so that AOE spells won't affect other targets (ie: chaining undead on an Elemen
  5. Much and more has been said about potential changes to Magic and the Magical Theories- most notably by Zeeblee, KJR, and Kadeton. I wanted to throw my hat into the ring and socialize the House Rules I plan on using in my TtB game. Criticism/Comments always welcome. Magic and Magical Theory House Rules The following rules clarify or replace the rules in the Fated Almanac: ยท Magical Theory is considered a General Talent. It may be gained at any time a character could gain a General Talent, including Pursuit steps and Character Creation. A fated may only have one Magi
  6. Similar to other FMs and players here, my group has encountered some issues which I've figured out some fixes for. But there is one issue I'm still mulling over. To start, the issues which I've found "fixes" for (there are definitely limitations, but they generally fit with theme) Darlin Theories being unappealing due to breaking focus: Since this theory is sold as a crafting theory, the easiest fix to nuke TNs down is to take the Increase AP immuto. Since I rarely see people animating constructs or limbs in the middle of combat, there really isn't much of a problem with those spell
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