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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to Malifaux, having only started 6 months ago, and I thought I'd share my first WIP crew with you all! I got into the game through a local beginner tournament with the Rasputina crew starter box and fell in love with the setting and the figures. Once I started playing I needed more models to get to 50 SS also as I found out very quickly the Raspy starter box is... lets say, less than mobile. But being the crazy person I am (and a poor Uni student) I decided to sculpt my own figures! so a wee bit of time has passed and I have a full crew, 3 Hoarcats (kinda) are currently in the works, so I'll update you all once I get them done. but for now, here is my raspy crew box, + my version of a Blessed of december, my Snow Storm created and painted in a 24h painting comp, and my two Silent Ones.
  2. Qualat

    Ice Golem and Ice Gamin

    The start of my Rasputina Crew. Started with the Children of December box, going to add some December Acolytes in due course.
  3. From the album: Painting

    First completed crew.
  4. Here are my first two completed models from Malifaux. For both of them I've tested basing techniques I had never used before. The Sorrow has paved base sculpted in greenstuff after gluing model to base. I'm not very pleased, the sculpting looks lots rougher than I thought, luckily, some time has passed since I've made this base and my skill with greenstuff is hopefully improved... Anyway I'll try a smoother finish on next ones. The Ice Gamin is my first test in snow making. In spite of using simple and cheap materials (pva glue and backing soda) I'm quite happy with the final result. I don't like very much how I have divided it in two "ponds" that don't looks natural at all, but the overall effect looks good to me. Also, I'll have to revise the Gamins paint scheme: I've tried to give it a lighter/whiter skin tone on the chest/belly and the palms of the hands but I can barely see the difference. Need a stronger contrast on the next two. Critics and advice will be welcome
  5. Ok, I have proxied Raspy for four games and I think am getting used to her playstyle and I might be ready to move the relationship to next level. All you Rasputina lovers out there, I need your wisdom. I am not interested in the starter box for two reasons: I really like the energy of the alt. sculpt and I think the ice golem is way too expensive considering I usually only play 25 soulstone games with occasional 35 soulstone scraps. I am in love with the ice gamin and mole men and that mix is devestating with Raspy's December's Curse. Bouncing blasts off of 3 and 4 soulstone minions is a bit cold-hearted but it fits her. With the Dug-in/December's Curse, I feel a little bad about doing it but when Lilith charges me and kills me in one activation ( Def 3, really?), I forget how bad I felt just destroying 2 young neph, 1 terror tot , and forcing Lilith to burn through her four soulstones to survive the blasts. So, Alt. Rspy, one blister of mole men, one blister of ice gamin...........and what else? What is missing that would make her a better Master. I have read the PullMyFinger wiki and it suggests the Silent One: one, two, or pass? I am not taking a totem, I prefer the soulstones. Is that a better way to go: not having to worry about protecting it and getting two soulstones for Overpower buffing? How about the Hoarcat and Rattler? Are they going to be terrible or could they be fun to change the line-up a bit? Looking foward to the Blessed coming out, is she any good? Who else? Remember, I do not want to spend more than 8 soulstones on a minion, but probably want minions that cost 6 soulstones or less. All thoughts and experiences welcome.
  6. Hey everyone, Been working on these guys for a while now, but I got them finished last week. Didn't get a chance to post them earlier because of lots of last minute painting for Australian Golden Demons, but here is my Rasputina and Cult of December Crew in all their glory: Rasputina (Front and Back) Ice Golem (Front and Back) The Ice Gamin So I've got a Snow Storm, Wendigo and Essence of Power sitting on my table to be finished (not to mention I got my Dead Justice and Teddy last week in the mail...). Anyway, there are some more photos and larger versions of these ones on my blog, along with links to all the Work In Progress photos: http://arrch.blogspot.com/2011/09/cult-of-december-rasputina-finished.html
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