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Found 6 results

  1. Discussion came up at a tournament whether models can block LoS to markers specifically when a 40mm Ht:2 model stood on top a corpse marker to block Reva from drawing LoS. I was in favor that it does block LoS until someone laid out a good argument against. FAQ #45 often gets quoted to support that a <30mm models can block LoS to 30mm markers however, I now believe this FAQ was only discussing base size mechanics and not addressing Ht: mechanics at all. According to the Elevation mechanics on PG:43 of the big, if the intervening models has a Ht: lower than the attacker, then the blocking model is ignored for LoS quality. This means that in Reva's case only Ht:3 models can block corpse markers while on top of the marker. Is this correct? what do you think?
  2. Hello Wyrdos! 1.) Can you focus and then take the bacon bomb action with a stuffed piglet? 2.) One punk zombie stands on the ground, 2" from ht 2 building, on top of that building stand Zoraida, can the punk zombie with 2 hit Zoraida? If no, can the punk zombie hit Zoraida if he stands right below Zoraida, in "base-to-base" so to speak, but on different hight (ground vs. ht2). Please refer to pages in the small or big rulebook. Thanks!
  3. In our club we've just ran our first tournament and had some LoS issues. after discussion (actually, after tournament) we've found that rules said nothing in regards "from which point terrain height should be measured when drawing LoS". Looks like rules assumed measuring height of terrain on start of the game. And nothing in rules said about "relative" height of different terrain piece (except case when 2 models standing on terrain of equal height, but this rule looks bizzare too) For our local meta we've decided to measure terrain height from point where lower model is standing. Here is why: 1) It's a popular case from forums: By RAW - G1 and G2 cannot see each other. But if we measure terrain height from point where lower model is standing we are fixing these two Gamins 2) Another popular case: By RAW - G1 and G2 doesn't see each other again. Since "If the acting model and the target model are both on vantage point terrain with the same Height, LoS is drawn normally." And normally - Ht2 terrain blocking LoS between Ht1 and Ht1 models. But, if we are measuring terrain Height from point where Lower model is standing - there is actually no terrain between these 2 models 3) Not popular, but possible situation. Blue square on this image is a "river", on bottom of which models can stand, 2" deep: By RAW - in Malifaux there are no such deep rivers. Ht cannot be "below 0". And there are 2 possible conclusions, both of them are actually bad/contr-intuitive: 1) Ignore such terrain feature either by banning tables with rivers/holes/etc. on it, or let models stand on top of this terrain (put something inside of this "hole", make a "bridges"), or not allow model to be pushed/moved inside. 2) Measure terrain from bottom of this "river", effectively making all terrain around river Vantage Points, 2ht (which is... bizzare, no one can shoot) If we are measuring terrain height from point where lower terain stands - this river have Ht0. Which is perfect. 4) It's a new scenario, that I haven't found anywhere on forums/faq/etc. By RAW Rasputina can't see Snowstorm (and vice versa), because all LoS from base to base are passing through Blocking terrain. (Snowstorm is HT3 model, so they can always ignore terrain lower than HT3, and when measuring LoS for Vantage point - it's equal or lower, but HT4 is higher, hence HT4 terrain cannot be ignored) But if we measure terrain Height from point where SnowStorm standing - elevation of Rasputina became Ht2 - and Ht2 will be ignored (it will be Hard Cover anyway) So, basically there are two questions: 1) Is my RAW is correct, and by RAW all heights are broken if both acting model and target stand on Vantage Point / Elevation 2) Is our "home rule" actually a homerule, and if yes - does it make sense to you?
  4. Hello all, 1) Imagine a Fire Gamin is on top of a flat topped Ht 4 building. and drops a scheme marker so half of the markers is on the roof (Ht4) and half is hanging over the roof (Ht0). At what Ht is the marker at? I've always imagined a 30mm column of light shining down. Where it touches the terrain is where it is placed. So in this example half of the scheme marker would be at Ht4 and half would be at Ht0. I think this is right, but I'm not 100% happy with this answer. 2) Image a Fire Gamin standing in base to base with Ht5 impassable terrain and dropping a scheme marker on that terrain. The marker would be sitting on top of the terrain at Ht5 so no one would be able to be in base to base (since base to base means physically touching according to the FAQ) with that marker to remove it. Or would the Gamin not be able to place the marker since it must be placed in base to base. If the Gamin was 1/8 inch away from the terrain would a small portion of the marker be at Ht0 and the rest at Ht 5 on top of the Impassable terrain? I'm basing this all on pg 56 of the small rulebook:
  5. Hello all, Could not find this (but I am sure it is out there somewhere so sorry in advance). If I have a Ht 2 model standing on a Ht 1 box, can I see over the Ht 2 wall? I will not spoil the opinions with what was decided in our tournament. Thanks, Steven
  6. A Ht1 model (e.g. guild hound) is hidden behind a Ht2 terrain. An enemy ht1 model (e.g. Burt Jebsen) is standing on a ht2 cliff (vantage point), and another Ht3 enemy model (e.g. Lucas McCabe) on the ground, same level as the guild hound in question. Based on the elevation and vantage point rules, it seems to me that McCabe can draw LoS to guild hound, while Jebsen can't. Is that so?
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