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Found 4 results

  1. I've been making tutorial videos on how to build and paint models. The first three are live. I'd love some feedback in the YouTube comments! Box to Tabletop Video Tutorials
  2. Hi guys. I bought a sweet mat with malifaux deploy zone. Forest moss themed. I also painted some superb citadel woods and some brilliant resin rocks i found on ebay. I also converted one excellent resin rock (11"x4") with citadel trees to fit in the "deep forest". I don't have a table to host on my favourite toys and scenery yet, but i will buy one soon. I sas thinking after the table to buy lights and a camera to start some battle reports with my battle brother here. Do you have any advice how to do it? Pros, Cons? One of my problems is that i am not native English speaker and i sound too wierd when i speak. My friend is a native speaker though.
  3. I've search YouTube for hours plenty of times. I just cannot find any demo vids showing how to play 2e. Sure there are a few intro videos but nothing that shows how to fully play Malifaux 2e. I would have thought someone would have video recorded a Henchman demoing 2e at a game store somewhere. It would be amazing to have a demo series of videos!
  4. I was asked for a step by step on how I do my bricks, so I started explaining, in the chat room. That's not the best idea, so I was asked to pm it, and someone else suggested I just post it. So that is the reason you have to suffer through more bad photos from me. It wasn't my idea. First I'll start off saying I like to do things as cheap as possible. This is very cheap. The foam core I got for free from a friend who's company was throwing out old posters/adverts that were on foam core. Its also not too expensive to buy. The paints, I already had, but they did cost me something at one time. I think it was $2.79 for the Home Depot paint and about $2.50 each for the privateer press paints. The metal yardstick was the most expensive thing I bought and that was around $15. I use cheap brushes for terrain so they aren't much rather. They also don't need to be in good condition, so you can use them forever. Here are the supplies I use, minus the brushes, and a cup of water. I suppose you'll need a razor blade too. Those do need to be in good condition. The paints I use are Behr Ultra granite bolder (790D-4), P3 Bloodstone, Umbral Umber, sanguine base, and sanguine highlight. If you have the money, get a smaller metal ruler as well as the yard stick. I can only get one right now, so yardstick it is. The first step is to peel the paper off one side of the foam core. I love these free posters because the laminated side comes off in one piece! It does tend to warp a bit though, but if you paint both sides with a watered down base coat, and let it dry overnight, it will go flat (mostly). I didn't do that here though. With your ballpoint pen, mark vertically each 1/4 inch. Mark it this way along both sides and then use a straight edge and your pen to mark lines horizontally across your wall. Along the bottom of your wall mark off in 1\2" increments. The next row up repeat this, but start with a 1/4" offset. Or you can count every other row until you reach the topmost row that will have bricks in the same column and mark those off. Then use your straight edge to mage those along every other row. For the alternating rows, you can do one of two things. 1. Measure 1/4" and then 1/2" increments for precise measurements 2. Just eyeball it from the center of the brick above and below because its close enough.
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