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Found 21 results

  1. Hey gang, Was talking to my local hench the other day about how RatJoy wasn't a huge issue the models weren't released..even though the rules have been out for a while. I started along the lines of 'well thats silly as one could convert..." is where he cut me off and sort of said people aren't as into converting as I am..and in general in Malifaux(and Infinity), people aren't as conversion crazy as your more 'classical' hobbists. Coming from a 40k and Fantasy background, where back in the day GW loved to push conversion ideas and thinking outside of the box and everything, and in a fair few tournaments that I attended there was always a large portion of overall score put toward your hobby and softscores (Sportsmanship, Hobby (painting, conversions, freehand work etc)). If you also looked back into the golden age of White Dwarf there were always large amounts of bibs and bobs showing off cool armies, conversions etc which (as a younger modeller then) always sort of gave you something to strive for. As an aside I reckon it would be amazing (and surely not too much work) for Wyrd to maybe have a model showcase each month stuffed into the back of the Wyrd Chronicles, as besides that, they've almost got all the boxes ticked from the 'golden-era' White Dwarf check list. Cruising the forums over here (and vulturing around AWP) I've seen some of the truly most stunning paint jobs known to man..but I've noticed (when compared to say a 40k or Fantasy hobby forum) the amount of conversions and showing off of odd ideas etc are quite minimal. The conversions that are out there are quite bloody brilliant, it's just that there isn't a huge amount of them (by comparison). So my question, and discussion point I suppose, is two-fold: 1. Why isn't converting as big in Malifaux (and 'younger' wargames) as it was in others? 2. Why does the Gaining Grounds pack not reward 'extra' effort for hobby scores as well as sports scores (saying in the pack 'don't be a dick' doesn't really cut it haha..) Discuss and flame away gang!!
  2. Does anyone else need music in the background when they're painting or playing? I do. So I made this Malifaux playlist, months ago. Thought I'd share it with the group.
  3. Wyrd makes the best, most flavorful models in the game. And they do some of the most interesting stuff in terms of limited editions and alternate color ways. Curious if there's ever been a discussion about making more models like Lazarus that combine the translucent grey plastic and some decorative colored plastics for key bits? E.g. The base Lynch box would be awesome if his skeleton/Hungering Darkness was translucent purple by default. Likewise with Kareis' wings. Some figures don't lend themselves well to the translucent treatment, e.g. Perdita, but would anyone else be interested in seeing some multi-color kits that provided some flexibility for hobbyists? Traditionalists could always paint over the colored plastic and completionists could buy the fully-colored kits. If nothing else, it might be an interesting way to do the "bonus models" for the retail promotions. Instead of a fig for a random faction you get something that spruces up the kit you're buying.
  4. TLDR: Date: 3/24/2016 Time: 1pm - 9pm Place: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA Events: Shifting Loyalties Campaign, Casual Campaign Day: Finale! Howdy ho Malifolks! Come one and come all to Games of Berkeley!! We're right across the street from the downtown Berkeley BART station! We'll be there this upcoming Thursday(3/24) at 1pm all the way to closing. We are going through the Shifting Loyalties Campaign, though that is nearly done as this will be the last week. However you are more then free to come on in and a get a casual game in or learn to play if you don't already know how to. Want to grow your collection? Well that's a silly question, of course you do. We've got the best stock in the San Francisco Bay Area! Come on down and get whatever you want and order anything that's not already there.
  5. Disclaimer: This thread will almost certainly contain images of miniatures that may or may not have all their clothing on or may or may not be deemed appropriate by any of you softy-softs out there. If you are easy to offend, this isn't the place for you and I will be making no attempt what-so-ever to facilitate to the more sensitive people within the community. Welcome to my insanity! ----------- Well I finally did it and took the plunge. I started a WIP thread in the Iron Painter 2015 forums and I was surprised at the number of views I got (over 2700 during the entire competition). I'm not sure if people looked because they were really interested or just wanted a laugh, but they viewed all the stuff I did, regardless. As such, I decided to make a large thread dedicated to all of the new projects or single minis I complete or even what I am currently working on. I will be including only Malifaux projects, for relevance sake. If any other miniatures or projects pop up chances are they are proxies or of a similar style. In other words, I'm not going to bombard you with post after post of Chaos Dwarves because chances are you're not viewing a Malifaux forum to see Chaos Dwarves. The only things I don't share are my major projects. I do one a year and I keep them a secret until they are done. As soon as it is done, though, it will show up here. My approach to miniature painting is achieving what I call "premium tabletop" standard - the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in an issue of Warhammer Visions or on the front of packaging/cards promoting the game. What you should not expect to see is fancy schmancy plinth pieces - I want to be able to use what I paint so most of my stuff will have a little utility in place of being completely artsy-fartsy. Do not expect NMM - unless I am painting a giant Japanese robot or a bunch of pretty elves (fat chance). Do not expect OSL - I feel that it was innovative 10 years ago but now it is gimmicky an usually out of place. If you want to see someone who uses OSL as an actual creative style rather than just a convenient gimmick - check out Spiraling Cadaver's stuff on the forums here - that's how it should be used! What you should expect to see in this thread is gritty realism - I try to make my minis look natural and dark - for the most part. The spectrum for me is somewhere between gritty realism and grim-dark. I know, I know - they don't "pop" like the currently popular style of overly saturated super bright and pretty cartoony looking models - but then, not all of us want Dreamer crews that incorporate lime green, baby blue, hot pink, and yellow-as-fuck into them. I want my models to look tough and realistic - not like the little tiny toys they actually are. You will, however, probably see a lot of layering/blending/wash (glaze) techniques, battle damage, micro-painting, weathering, creative base design, and enough free-hand to keep you entertained. My hope is that this thread helps to keep me regular and interested in submitting pictures of my work as much, if not more, than my IP 2015 WIP Thread did. As a side note - the first post will be a collection of all my WIP posts for IP 2015 so that you can quickly skim them, but mostly because they will need a home once the Iron Painter sub-forum goes bye-bye. After that, I believe I owe zFiend a Zombie Pig - from that point on, though, the sky's the limit. Enjoy! I am fully open to comments and critique or even throwing ideas at me to bring to realization. Assuming that they are appropriately explicit - I just might prioritize it from within my hobby queue, which I can assure you, is long and distinguished. Thanks for looking - expect regular updates - I am a fairly consistent hobbyist and like to keep busy all the time. As such, feel free to follow this thread, if you so desire.
  6. Although not an official event by Wyrd standards, I am still posting here for those on the forums. Got some plastics that are giving you trouble? Got a crew that has been lacking paint for far too long? Then Fresh Paint is the event for you! Bring in your minis and paints and get that crew table ready in no time! You can also get in some games if you like, a little practice, but the focus will be the hobby side of things. And if you need some focus, you can always get a crew ready for the Henchmen Hardcore event in February! So come on down and have some fun. Where: The Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, NE 68116 (402) 991-8699 Time: 6pm to 9pm Dates: Jan 11th to 25th Cost: None
  7. I am probably about to start sculpting an emissary to match Colodi but I am looking for some inspiration. anyone have any ideas? I will basically using sticks and greenstuff as this point. Also suggestions on posing and thematics are very welcome at this stage.
  8. What colour and brand of primer do you use? thanks in advance
  9. Get those miniatures painted before Gen Con! Join us for a Saturday afternoon paint-fest at The Sage's Shoppe in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. I will have paints and basing materials to use, just bring some miniatures that need work. If you have questions just PM me. Time-space coordinates: Saturday, July 18, 2015, 2 -- 5 PM The Sage's Shoppe 1009 Sagamore Parkway West West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
  10. Intermountain Malifaux is proud to present Paint Away the Night, a monthly hobby night to be held at HaJoMaJe. This month we'll be joined by The Geek Garage, a local hobby group who are excellent painters and hobbyists. This month we'll be learning about creating molds to make your own terrain pieces or bits for your models. You won't want to miss this! Hajomaje 12 S Main St Kaysville, Utah (801) 544-2899
  11. Another hobby afternoon at the The Sage's Shoppe in West Lafayette, IN, USA Bring your mini's or terrain, or just show up to join in or discuss the game. Want a demo? --- just ask! Sunday, Feb. 9, 2015, noon -- 3:00 PM EST
  12. As usual, we'll be holding our Malifaux Hobby Sunday this week at 1pm on Sunday, 9/21! As our community continues to grow, we are always excited to see new faces! We usually hang out and paint, talk about the game, speculate like crazy, and everything else that makes it fun to be a fan! We usually squeeze in some games and demos too, so it's a good time for all! Here's the store info! Gaming Grounds 416 Stinaff Street Kent, OH 44240 330-677-8075 www.facebook.com/gamingxgrounds
  13. Come on down to the Game Cave for Wyrd Wednesday! 4PM-10PM I'm going to be painting up a storm in an effort to dig myself out of the Mountains of Malifaux Madness I have accumulated. I'll be offering tips, tutorials, and demos of painting, so if you want to learn how to paint your minis or just want to chat it up while you do so, come on down! The Game Cave 5751 Old Hickory Blvd., Hermitage, TN 37076 (615) 678-5768 David P. (615)-828-1512
  14. Malifaux hobby afternoon at The Sage's Shoppe, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA Sunday, Aug. 10, noon -- 3 PM Painting, basing, assembling, terrain Will have some materials to use, just bring some minis or terrain starts Send questions, or just show up and join in
  15. Hey everyone, Regular Sunday Demos and Hobby Day every Sunday at the 13th Dimension, Albury. Starting from about 11am, demos after lunch (2-2.30 onwards). The 13th Dimension Albury NSW 2640 Ph 02 6041 5525 All welcome, it's part of their Wargames Sundays.
  16. Card Empire will be hosting their monthly hobby day on Sunday, April 27th! Where: Card Empire, 634 Migeon Avenue,Torrington, CT 06790 (860) 618-5354 When: Starts Sunday, 4/27 1pm - 5:00pm-ish Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/315206561965667/?context=create We will be having open painting and all skill level painting demos on the last Sunday of April! Bring your models and paints or use the supplies offered here. Further information to come! Different demos being offered: Color Scheme choosing Basing your models How to add shadows and depth Assembly Line Painting Come on out, slap some paint on your models, and talk gaming with the locals! We might even get some Evil Baby Orphanage in!
  17. So you just got a new box to start playing malifaux? worried about starting it without someone to help you? Come by this Wednesday April, 16 2014 at 6pm where I will be on site helping new players build there new crews. There is paint on hand to help you start you out painting your awesome miniatures and also some awesome painters to help you choose what your right colors. Come on by and have some fun. Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377
  18. For some of you who just want a place to build I will be hosting a hobby night over at Gamer's Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ. I will be there from 6-10pm helping people out in demoing but also building models or just want to paint. Come on down the store has a lot of stuff available to help get your models built. Lazlo
  19. It's that time of the month again. No, not that time, its time for the monthly hobby night at Hobby Town Fort Collins. This Saturday, March 1st, starting a 7PM, we will be downstairs painting out little eyes out. Feel free to drop by, paint a model or two, get tips from our two award winning painters, shoot the breeze, and just discuss general painting, conversions, and basing. We may even get into terrain if anyone brings it up. Just be warned, we are like a freight train, and once we get started... We look forward to see as many of you there as can grab a chair and pull up to the table(and that is a lot, let me tell you).
  20. Malifaux Community Day Come and meet other local players of your favorite miniatures game, Malifaux. Learn to build crews and play the game with the new edition. Whether your a seasoned veteran or a first timer, this event is the perfect place to learn the ropes of M2E. Having trouble building or painting your new models. Get advice from your henchman and the community on better building/painting techniques. Sunday December 8th, 2013 12-6p Games and Stuff 7385g Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard Glen Burnie, MD 21061 410.863.7418 INFO@GAMESANDSTUFFONLINE.COM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GAMESANDSTUFF WWW.TWITTER.COM/GLENBURNIEGAMES please comment on this thread, contact the store or inbox me if you have any questions.
  21. Come visit us for our monthly hobby night! We start at around 7PM and run until we can't see our brushes(usually midnight). We run the whole thing in the Hobby Town down stairs game area. If you come after 7, use the door down the stairs on the South East corner. If its shut, just bang. We work on all models, Wyrd, GW, anything. We have award winning painters on hand to answer questions and give advice. There are plenty of tables, plenty of light, and plenty of friends. And for those in the Achievement league, coming down and working on your Malifaux models if worth 4 achievement points! http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?46917-Fort-Collins-CO-M2E-Achievement-League
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