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Found 3 results

  1. So if a Willow the Wisp casts the Wisps call (add the following condition until the end of the game or until This model leaves play - condition - target model cannot charge and if it declares a walk action must finish the walk as close to the model That Applied this condition, then end the condition) on a voodoo doll that has another model hemmed (say a punk zombie). who Applies the condition to the hemmed model? and if it's the voodoo doll, what happens if the doll leaves play. Can the hemmed model walk anywhere it wants as there's no doll. Or it can't walk anywhere as there's no doll to end its walk close to?
  2. A question was raised on facebook yesterday that seemed quite open to interpretation. Basically a situation had arisen where Johan had been Hemmed by the Voodoo doll and the doll (and hence Johan) given Burning 5. Now the Doll had 2 wounds left and Johan had 6 wounds left. The argument was, does the burning happen to Johan first, taking him down to 1 wound and hence negating hard to kill, and then the Hem kills him. Or does the Hem hit first and then the burning meaning that Johan survives due to hard to kill? The main point raised was that in the rule book it states that the sequence in which conditions are applied are down to the owner of the model. My point was that Hem is a reactive condition and requires the Burning to happen first meaning that it can't be applied before the burning. What are peoples thoughts?
  3. Reading doppelgänger' a mimic action it says it can't be used on actions that list a specific model. But as the Voodoo Doll is only mentioned in the condition the action gives can the doppelgänger use it to Hem a second model to the doppelgänger? Or if it is able to use it can it double up the hemmed condition on one model?
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