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Found 10 results

  1. My group and I are new to TTB and we're still learning the rules. We understand the abstract concept of the Height aspect, but a lot of us are really detail oriented and would like to know just how tall is a height 1 or 2 character? Is height based on yards like all other measurements in the game? If so does that mean a height 1 gremlin is maxed out at only 3 feet and a height 2 human is maxed out at 6 feet? Again, we understand the abstract nature of it for actual game play, we're just wanting to know some general ranges for the flavor of our characters.
  2. I have been reading the rules for shadows and line of sight several times and there is one thing I don't quite understand. Page 54 (18 in the PDF) in the rulebook says: "When drawing sight lines from one model to another, if either model is in the Shadow of terrain with Height equal to or greater than the Size of that model (even partially), any sight lines that pass through the terrain generating that Shadow are blocked (even if the terrain is being ignored du to its Height, as per the Line of Sight and Size rules on pg. 53)." So, let's say we have a Changeling (Size 1) standing in the Shadow of a Height 1 Blocking terrain and a Peacekeeper (Size 3) is looking at the Changeling. All lines of sight pass through the blocking terrain. Following the quote above, the Peacekeeper would according to my interpretation not be able to see the Changeling since the Changeling is in the Shadow of terrain with Height equal to its Size. That means that any sight line passing through the terrain is blocked even though the Peacekeeper ignores the terrain. A change from M2E, but still quite clear. But then I read the example on page 55. It says: "The Guard patrol is entirely within the terrain's Shadow and the terrain's Height is greater than the Size of both Parker (Size 2) and the Guard Patrol (Size 2), so any sight lines that pass through the terrain are blocked." and "The Guild Hound is entirely within the terrain’s Shadow, and the terrain’s Height is greater than the Size of both Parker and the Guild Hound (Size 1), so any sight lines that pass through the terrain are blocked." (my underlining). In this case it doesn't talk about either of the models in the Shadow, but rather both of the models. And if the requirement was for the Height to be greater than the Size of both models, the Peacekeeper would be able to see the Changeling. So which is correct? Is it enough that the Height of the terrain is equal to or greater than either model in the Shadow or does it have to be equal to or greater than both models? I assume that the rules on page 54 (either) is correct and that the example is just poorly worded. (It is correct that the Height is greater than the Size of both models, even though that is completely irrellevant in that case.)
  3. Hi guys, quite knew to Malifaux, so maybe you could help me out with my two noob questions: Scenario - 1'' ht Elevation I stumbled across the elevation rules for LoS, see the attached picture. To my understanding there is line of sight between the left model (ht 3'') and the target model. But there seems to be no line of sight between the right model - The blocking object's height is NOT lower than the attacker or target's height. Even though you would think otherwise as both attackers practically reach the same height level. Therefore it seems like the 1'' ht elevation of the right model gets totally ignored for LoS, correct? Or do people actually measure from ground level instead? Scenario B - Elevated Markers When a marker gets placed on a small obstacle (ht 1'') like in the picture attached - What are my options on interacting with that marker? I assume models cannot interact from ground level, even with base contact to the obstacle. So to my understanding it is mandatory to climb up, stand on the marker to provide actual base contact and then interact, right?
  4. I'm building some custom modular terrain and I'm stymied on what height to make my walls. Initially I was going to make them 2" because that's the size of the World Works Games Terrain Linx patterns I'm using, Then I realized that many models are physically taller than 2". 4" feels too high for the rules as too many models would have to start in base contact to climb 8". Then I started thinking about the Emissaries. How tall are they? Anyone with experience please weigh in. I realize I am overthinking this but with the amount of time I've already invested I'd rather not have walls that aren't really useable. And worse, then have to do the work twice.
  5. Ok, I understand that a height 2 model will emitt a height 2 aura. My question is if an enemy model is standing on ht 2 terrain, is it still affected? LOS can be made.
  6. A Ht1 model (e.g. guild hound) is hidden behind a Ht2 terrain. An enemy ht1 model (e.g. Burt Jebsen) is standing on a ht2 cliff (vantage point), and another Ht3 enemy model (e.g. Lucas McCabe) on the ground, same level as the guild hound in question. Based on the elevation and vantage point rules, it seems to me that McCabe can draw LoS to guild hound, while Jebsen can't. Is that so?
  7. Hello everyone! I have some questions regarding Line of Sight (LOS) and Height... For now, I'm eliminating any talk regarding elevated terrain. This is all based on a flat gaming table. I have a model who is height 1" (Model A) I have a terrain piece (say a cobblestone wall), that is also 1" high. I have a model B, that is also 1" height. 1) If the wall is in between Model A and B, so that a LOS from their bases can not be drawn, then neither model can see one another - regardless of how close or far away from the wall they are? Next... same scenario as above, but now the second model C, is a HT 2" model. 2) Can a Ht 2" model see OVER a Ht 1" terrain piece, so that they can still see a HT 1" model? 2a) Does proximity to the 1" high wall matter at all? ie: only if the Ht 1 model is within 1" of the wall, then LOS can NOT be drawn... but if he's farther away from the wall, then he CAN be seen by a taller model? 2b) Does proximity to the wall matter at all for the Attacker? ie: if the HT 2" model is right up against the wall, can he still see a Ht 1" directly on the other side of the wall? Next... Now, we have two models that are each HT 2" and yet still a 1" wall between them. 3) Each model can draw LOS (in spite of the bases being blocked) so each model has LOS to one another... BUT in order to claim (Hard or Soft) Cover... the target would have to be within 1" of the wall? I may have more follow-up questions depending on the answers Thanks!
  8. Apologies if this is covered somewhere - I couldn't see it in the FAQ or Errata but it seems simple enough that it must have been covered before. Can I charge up a vertical object that is climbable? Example: Lady Justice has the Blindfighter rule which means she can ignore line-of-sight when charging. There is a simple 1Ht wall between her and Von Schill. Von Schill cannot charge her as he does not have line-of-sight. Lady J can charge with her blindfighter rule but must move in a straight line. Is the straight line measured as if looking down on the table? So Lady J can charge up the wall and down the other side ? Thanks
  9. Hi folks, First let me say hello, I'm new here so I'm just learning the ropes. Now to my question... As each character has a Height stat which is used for LoS, does that mean that it makes no difference how tall the actually mini is ? In some other games the LoS is done with the physical mini size and I find that seriously limits the type of base etc that can be used as tall models are actually a disadvantage during play. My apologies if this has been answered a million times before, but like I said, I'm new. Stubby.
  10. I apologize, I dropped this thread in the wrong place. If a Ref or Mod sees this, feel free to delete it. I've moved the thread here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=176922#post176922
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