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Found 18 results

  1. Easter sale yielded me alt Hannah finally. It's one of the models I've wanted since i got into the game years ago. Now I begun building.... However, there are no instuctions for this version, and I have nerve damage in both hands, and I kind of suck at building models in general... it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. HIT IT!
  2. Hi all, I have a Through The Breach Alt Hannah still new on sprue, with card(s) and packaging and everything! Based in the UK so would prefer UK/Europe buyers, but will post worldwide (with appropriate postage costs incurred). I'm looking for £120 + postage, which will be tracked and insured.
  3. I've got Hannah sitting in my paint queue, and I recently reviewed her card, and I have a rules question that springs from the phrasing of Nether Flux. For reference, the wording of Nether Flux is as follows: Nether Flux: Enemy models within 4 of Hannah ignore any suits associated with their Ca, Sh, and Ml stats. By contrast, the wording on Counterspell specifies that enemy models lose all suits printed in the Ca. That got me wondering, is there a practical difference between the two that impacts gameplay? Does "associated with" carry certain baggage that "printed" doesn't? On one hand, I don't want to be a dillweed, but on the other hand, I want to benefit from the full extent of her ability, within the rules of the game. This ability is also found on the Freikorps Librarian, so it's not exactly limited. The questions are as follows: 1) Does this affect suits which are printed in the text of the ability? (e.g. Ca 6) 2) Does this affect suits which are added to Ca/Sh/Ml actions? 3) Does this affect suits which are added to duels arising from Ca/Sh/Ml actions? 4) Does this affect suits which are added to generic duels? Before I go on to each one, I would imagine that flipped, cheated and soulstoned suits are not impacted by the wording of Nether Flux, because those additions are not tied to the presence of Ca/Sh/Ml. 1) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are printed in the text of the ability? I would argue this is a YES. I don't think you can get much closer to "associated with" than having the suits literally printed within the action. 2) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are specifically added to Ca/Sh/Ml actions? This is where it gets tricky. Some models can get suits added to specific actions either through their own abilities or through those of others. I would specifically cite the Daydream's ability to sacrifice itself to give The Dreamer "Lucid: This model gains + to Ca actions". Does this count as "associated" with a Ca action? It's a big difference between the Dreamer having to spend a high Mask and a SS versus one of either if he's in Hannah's aura while benefiting from Lucid. 3) Does Nether Flux affect suits which are added to duels arising from Ca/Sh/Ml actions? My example here would be Perdita's Point Blank ability, which reads: "While engaged, this model gains to all Sh duels". Does this qualify as "associated", if you perform a Sh duel which arises from performing a Sh action? 4) Does this affect suits which are added to generic duels? I kind of want to say...no, based on the soulstone/flipped/cheated card reasoning. It needs to specifically call out a Ca/Sh/Ml action as in 2, in my opinion. This would leave alone stuff like the Nurse's Illegible Prescription, Som'ner's Do It Like Dis, so on and so forth.
  4. If I take Talos and bury an enemy model, than friendly Lazarus copy Talos's bury action and bury second enemy model, first buried model still buried? And than Hannah copy Lazarus assimilate and copy Talos's bury action and bury third model. This is legal? And Talos would be heal and damage only for the first model which he bury by himself?
  5. So this is my first real foray into painting, and I'm painting Hannah. I'm painfully, incredibly, stupidly slow - so I'm trying to keep my workload at a minimum. I'm happy with 'tabletop standard' - I'm not going to be trying to win points at any tournament painting competition The power armour suit is dark purple - so far I've done a base coat with Vallejo Heavy Violet, using Chainmail (citadel metallics - the old name, their lighter coloured one) on the silver parts, and so far using Heavy Red to base coat a couple of the pieces behind her as an accent. Intending on keeping the armour a fairly deep purple, with the red accents going to a more vibrant red. So, I figure washing with Badab Black will help with the shadows - I figure Black will give a cleaner look than Devlin Mud (or 'Miracle in a pot') this time. I figure I'd wash the entire thing - some people promote using the same colour as the paint (eg paint over the purple with purple wash), but I'm concernd this may not give enough depth in the recesses. However, given that the wash invariably leaves some black on the raised areas where I don't want it, I was considering doing a thin purple wash over the black. Not sure if that will do anything. I've watered down the black somewhere between 50-50 or 70-30 (wash-water). But there are plenty of areas without recesses - such as the shoulder pads. I was thinking of washing over those anyway just for consistency in appearance and texture, but there's nothing really for the wash to hold into there. The feet/lower legs have a number of lines in them, like plate joins in the armour - the wash isn't filling those as deeply as I thought it would so I was thinking of using a micron pen in those lines. So, thoughts on my plan so far? I figure the closest online that I can see in terms of tutorials on how to paint her fast is in space marine tutorials, but given all of their armour has recessed or raised edges (like the shoulder pads), there's also some big differences. So, assuming I go ahead with my plan - what next? I know I'll need to go over the armour again with some purple over where the wash left black, not sure if a drybrush or just a thin but controlled layer will be best here.Will the same purple suffice? I'm concerned about going to a lighter one in case the difference is too evident and it looks stupid. From there, will I need to do anything to shade the armour? I was thinking of edge highlighting with some warlord purple, only in some areas - but her top shoulder pads, for instance, will have nothing. So what will I need to do in order to highlight areas like this? I know layering/blending is quite time consuming so my concern is unless I'm spending a very long time on the one part, the transitions will just be too 'sudden' and look stupid, and I'm trying to reduce my time on this. Also, I chose to go for a cleaner look rather than a weathered one. I figured the metal joins, bolts and things wil just need a tiny dab of chainmail again on the highest parts. Because the metallic is so thick I probably won't worry about painting over the flatter join parts as I'd just end up pushing paint into the recessed areas - and this way it just looks well oiled anyway. tl;dr: Inexperienced painter with limited time/skills. Base coated Hannah with dark purple washing with badab black, might use micron pen too Seeking advice on whether I need to wash with purple as well And how to highlight/shade the armour without risking it looking stupid and block with severe tone transitions, and without spending way too much time. Thanks brains trust!!
  6. If I play against Sandeep and he has his upgrade to summon minions Or versus Molly, and just use her "The one left behind ability"
  7. Friend o' mine did that: Allmost finished he Said... Wish i could have done that.. .
  8. So, just curious if anyone has seen a Hannah conversion where she would be inside the suit as opposed to being on the outside in that semi-awkward set-up? I kind of imagine her being limbless, essentially encased in this magically-sealed and controlled armor. Her head and torso of course being functional, but she is essentially entombed within. Thoughts?
  9. Hi guys Recently i was taking a "run" trought my stat cards and found something that made me re-read it twice. Can Hannah copy a Death Marshall "Pine box" action with her "Make an new entry" action? If YES, if the model will stay buried until her next activation will he face Hannah in a Wp/Wp duel to check if he's going to unbury? Looking forward for any reply, and my apologies if this thread was already on the forum.
  10. I'm starting to play Von Schill and already had Tara from Ressers (my first take on outcasts) and have several games lined up for 35 SS. I want to play with all the new toys of course but alas at 35 SS it's very difficult and Outcasts are spoiled for 10 SS entries. So Hannah is one of my favorites and would be a staple in every list be it Von or Tara. But at 35SS Tara is already difficult because of upgrades and 2 10SS models is a bit too much. I have Hannah, Bishop, Strongarm, Aionus, killjoy on the 10+SS Range and then, Joahn, Convicts and Von Schill's and Tara's crew boxes on the lowest SS costs. In what situations, Strategy and schemes would you use which? I already have some lights on the matter but wanted to read about actual experience. Because I really want to try them all! Is hannah benificial at 35pts or are they better spent somewhere else? (I used to play ressers, and played 1 game with Von's box)
  11. Hi there fellow 'Fauxers. I have come to the conclusion that I NEED MORE MODELS!! , so I'm looking to you for help, so search your lockers, attics and old musty creawlspaces. I like the old metal models better than the new, flimsy plastic models, so at the moment my wishlist is: ~ Outcast Freikorps Trapper ~ Outcast Freikorps TTB Hannah (Is she metal? No; Is she M1E? Not really; Do I wantz her? YES, please) ~ Guild Austringer (preferable one of each of the old models) ~ Guild Guards I'm located in Denmark (EU), so I prefer EU trades as P&P from outside EU is a deal killer . Good gaming /Chris
  12. Hello As in topic, have anyone used her in Hoffman, Perdita, Sonia? In Hoffman, nimble fast Hannah, can be really scary (as Peacekepper). In Dita and Sonnia we have one more card, that can be used. On paper, it sounds great, but in real?
  13. When Hannah buries stuff with her void record, places the void marker (30mm) and then walks on top of the void marker with her 50mm base... what happens at the end of the turn? "Place a 30mm Void marker in base contact with target model. The target is then buried. At the end of the Turn, unbury the target in base contact with the Void Marker, then remove the void marker from play. This Action cannot be taken while a Void Marker is in play" So... what happens? 1, Target just unburies in base contact with hannah because shes blocking the Void Marker and the target cant unbury in base contact with the Void marker? 2. poor dude has to w8 another turn to get unburied? 3. the unbury effect doesnt come to effect but the void marker gets removed anyways? burying the target permanently?
  14. So my TTB package finally arrived, with all of its bits and bobs. Lovely as all this stuff is, some of these crews I just don't play. So I'm selling three of the four limited edition models that came with it. - Hannah, Freikorps Archivist - Santana Ortega - Miss Terious Feel free to PM me if you're interested, or better yet email me at aleisterburgun@gmail.com Cheers!
  15. So I just recently got into Malifaux and I fell in love with the Freikorps. So firstly does anyone have any idea when Wyrd will release a plastic Freikorps crew? Is it worth waiting or should I just go for the metal models? Normally I wouldn't mind a mix of new and old models but Freikorps is supposed to be uniform in appearance so that doesn't really work. Secondly does anyone know if there will be a general release Hannah? She seems to be prominently featured in 2e artwork but the "Through the Breach" kickstarter say: "Special Edition Malifaux Sculpt - Hannah, Chief Freikorps Archivist: We haven't even released the rules for this model yet, but we are already giving you the opportunity to get an exclusive sculpt of her." Does this mean she will only be released for kickstarter backers or are they referring to an exclusive sculpt not an exclusive model?
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