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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! Here is the complicated situation we encountered during our last game: Rat King (with 2 wounds left) charges a model which is in range of a frontiersman's Deputy ability, and triggers Onslaught during its first attack. Once the push for the charge is completed and the Rat King is in base contact with its target, its Swarm ability is also generated. We struggled for the timing of the new events generated during/after the initial charge attack. We concluded that according to timing on p.70-71, the timing should be this: 1. Deputy ability, as it happens after damaging
  2. I'm wondering why Hamlin ranks so highly amongst players, both outcast and opponent? Ive never played as him or against him, but have his thematic crew as I love the back story to him as well as the models. Is it his obey style combined with out activation with relative ease?
  3. I have a friend who wants to get into Hamlin. They want to pick up his box and expand from there, but she had a question about the rats... How many rats does Hammy need in a typical game? Less of a monsterous filth list, and more of a good average to have on hand.
  4. Just started playing Hamlin the Plagued, and had a question about the stolen, basicly when they die 3 things happen - - Horribal Realization When this model is killed or sacrificed ... model that killed / sacrificed must win a wp -> 13 dule or be paralized - Inevitable Fate When this model is killed or sacrificed ... summons a rat into base contact before it is removed from play - No Humanity When this model is killed or sacrificed ... -2 wp to everyone within 6" simplified the text a bit as I dident want to type it all out what order do these happen in? Not sure if there is s
  5. well I think Hamlins got into the christmas spirit a bit too early. This is my almost finnished mini but its turned out a bit red faced (too much brandy), i'm chuffed with the dog and the shoes, most of it really but I just couldn't get the face right. Any comments on improvements would be nice.
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