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Found 10 results

  1. I have found an interaction with a javk daw crew i was running a few days ago and am wondering how it works: if i use the dead outlaws collier revolver on my own guilty and cheat in the drop it trigger, counting the guilty as a enemy model for the action, which side will the sceme marker belong to. From a fluff perspective, it doesn't make much sense that it is an enemy sceme marker, but if it is, then i can use this combo to move the dead outlaw 8 inches turn 1 (shoot, push 3 charge, shoot again, get a prospector into base contact with the marker, double interact with both markers and gain 3
  2. So i have kind of a stupid question here: i often use guilty and hanged together and port the hanged to the enemy side first turn by using his horrifying whispers attack on the guilty with the on your heels trigger. So my question is this: is it possible for me to declare the guilty as non enemy, after having declared the attack and flipped for it, thus not attaching the upgrade, but resolving the trigger? I don't think so but i am confused by how freely i can use the "may" in the guilty as charged ability.
  3. So i was playing a game of 50 ss with jack, running amongst others 2 guilty. My opponent was running an ashes and dust. In the first round, his ashes killed my guilty, therefore attaching the punish the wicked upgrade to it. So far so good. However, as i then killed his ashes, we noticed, that both demise abilities would go off. However, the demise of the ashes and dust would replace the model with the ashen core, wich would keep the upgrade on it, while the punish the wicked just summons the guilty and doesn't remove the upgrade itself. When i then killed the core in the same activation,
  4. A quick nosey of the chronicles showed a stat card for the Guilty included in the scenario is 40mm. Couple that with the Artwork, do you think we could be seeing 40mm Guilty as standard? Gamewise do you think this will have an impact? I'm wondering if they will end up blocking LoS for Jack and Ligiea and all the auras you want emanating from them. minor annoyance: all my proxies are on 30mm bases!
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