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Found 8 results

  1. I was trying to figure out all the math with the Lucius firing line and was wondering how the math broke down and what was the most efficient or best play in this complex combo. I am only looking at the offensive and how to optimize attacks and am not taking into account the good strategy of leaving focus on a couple Rifleman for there Hold/Stand and Fire ability. So the three models that have synergies to create the combo are: If I have three Rifleman in my crew I would get a total of 6 Guard Rifle attacks per their AP and another 3 if Lucius take Issue Command on each of them. a total of 9 attacks, not bad. The trick is how card intensive this is. specifically how many TN and Rams everything needs. Theoretically every Guard Rifle 'needs' a ram for it's Critical Strike so that's 9 rams. Then if Issue Command gains rams the rifleman gain another focus. this is another three rams, specifically 7 or higher. So to live the dream you would need 12 rams and three of them would have to be specifically 7 or higher. Realistically how would the efficiency break down if you don't live the dream? Rifleman can gain 3 focus if they wish. From Take Aim (7) "Ready! Aim!" (0) If they take a focus action themselves. (0) So it probably isn't the most effective AP efficiency taking a focus themselves but taking a (0) focus is good. So they're base stat for Guard Rifle is 1/2/4 damage, if they have focus they gain + for a Critical Strike bumping it to 2/3/5, if another Guardsman has activated, another + for 3/4/6 So if Captain Dashel has activated then Lucius activates and spends a ram to give them focus they would get a 3/4/6, then they could take a (0) to gain focus and another potential 3/4/6, then the last attack would be 2/3/5. All these attacks would potentially bump +1 if they flipped a ram. Now the question is whether it is more effective giving a Rifleman Critical Strike or Focus with a ram in-hand? How do you guys break down the efficiency. It becomes a little easier to calculate depending whether you have a swarm of pewny targets or tanky armor/beefy Df triggers. Still, I would love your help and thoughts.
  2. This is my first post. If it belongs elsewhere please let me know. Now that that's outta the way, I'd like clarification. This is a Guild Rifleman: Do you see that gun? I have looked through gun databases, firearms collection galleries, and watched more than a fair number of Forgotten Weapons vids trying to find a single repeating rifle that could match up to what is being held there. There are none. That gun has a ramrod, heavy furniture clamps, and a flintlock mechanism. It is for all appearances a wheellock rifle. A this: It's not a question of looks; personally I think wheellocks look bad-ase. It's a question of mechanics and firepower. You see, they carried these things on the Mayflower. They are old guns. They take a long time to load. And it might just be me, but two shots a minute just doesn't seem to line up with the shoot-every turn riflemen. Now there have been guns with an apparent wheel-lock mechanism that use cartridges in fiction, the pistol from Dishonored for instance, but that runs on whale-oil and I haven't found a similar analogue. So, what's the idea? Don't tell me the Guild can't afford "modern" guns for their soldiers? How do they manage a five-second reload (the length of a turn)? I love this model but it leaves me confused.
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