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Found 3 results

  1. Don't know if there is any Berserk fans here but I just read the latest chapter and got a funny idea for a new totem for Guild marshals. In the latest chapter the main character Guts is symbolized in a dream as a hound dragging a coffin tied to his neck. with the grim nature of the manga plus the coffin I couldn't ignore the fit as a guild marshal totem. and while writing this I came up with some stat ideas Start Marshal's Hound totem (guild marshal) Keywords: hound, guild marshal Cost: 3 Df 3 Wp 5 Wd 4 Wk 4 Cg 4 Ht 1 abilities Martyr: other friendly models within aura 6 gains +1 Wp (same as made an example) Insignificant Sight beyond the veil: (see Death marshal recruiter) Attack actions (1) Snapping jaws: (look guild hounds) Tactical actions: Martyrs coffin (0) unbury a buried model in base contact with this model then sacrifice this model. (possibly add: spend 1 soulstone while declaring this action to not sacrifice this model) end This would make him a strategic and decent damage dealer though I spend no time balancing it. Sorry for rant I just want loved this idea of tribute from berserk as soon as I came up with it! Please tell me what you think of it. are you a fan too or do you think this is idiotic as f*ck
  2. So I was wondering if Nellie is any good with Death Marshals + Recruiters? Now that Dade is out I was wondering if there are any synergy between Marshals and Guardsman? Or, are there any fun synergies that might work well with Nellie and Marshals? Would love to hear your thoughts. So Phiona with her Ch:8 works with mounted guards cavalry charge. Also if Cap. Dash takes his Guild Guard summoning upgrade than Phiona might get some fun interactions with her "Look Out" Sadly Guild Marshals, (Death and Recruiters) are not Guardsman so Dade doesn't get her buff from them. But are there other more clever combo's out there that are not intuitive? Would love to hear your ideas.
  3. Recently I took the Death Marshal Recruiter as part of a Lady J list and I got to say I was not disappointed at all. The List: Lady J Last Stand Judge Unrelenting Leader Brutal Emissary Conflux of Judgement Lone Marshal Debt to the Guild Death Marshal Recruiter Death Marshal Death Marshal Not only did the Death Marshal Recruiter make it impossible for my opponent to kill Lady J it forced him to focus his Lures on the DMR instead of other more important models. Because Marked for Death was in the pool I was able to Mark and then get the Glimpse the Void trigger off at one point. But THE BEST PART was the Into the Fray + Give 'em Hell trigger. All it needs is a 6 or greater and you can give Lady J a free extra attack action. Here is the actual text of the trigger to further show how good this action is. Also take note that this is a simple TN action, there is no opposed check by the opponent: Again note that this is a (1) attack action. Not an Ml action, not a action, this is any attack action. This could be the Sh on the Brutal Emissary, this could be a Ca on Greed, this could be any number of attack actions that can be used while a model is engaged. Granted it needs a 6 of to go off, but even with the Judge's "Bullets and Blades" and Lady J's defense trigger middling s won't be need by them and can be saved for DMR. What do you think? Is the Death Marshal Recruiter the 7ss enforcer that Guild needed?
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