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Found 5 results

  1. I just finished my Guild Guards (Blister pack - I also have the female Guild Guard from the Lucius box set) and I also worked on the Drill Sergeant. Guild Guards: The Drill Sergeant: I went with the red coats theme (I'll post the full Guild Guard unit photo later) and was really happy on how they turned out... Awesome red coat Guild Guard under the leadership of Lucius. As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed.
  2. Samuel Howe hated the "night shift". Most of the other guards hated it too, but in Samuel's eyes, they had no real right to - after all, most guardsmen only got the pleasure of the night shift once or twice a week. Samuel, however, had the dubious privilege of being a 'favourite' of Secretary Lucius. He got the night shift *every* night. Night-time was not really the best time to be a Guild Guard in Malifaux. In addition to the usual violent thugs and drunken wastrels that had to be dealt with in the daytime, it seemed that most of the unnatural and sinister inhabitants of this unnatural and sinister world saw sundown as their cue to jump out of their holes and cause as much trouble as they could. "The Malifaux Moonlit Monster and Maniac Extravaganza", was what an old comrade of Samuel's had dubbed the hellish, nightmare-ridden experience of the average nightshift. "Neverborn and Resurrectionists go free," Samuel muttered to himself as he kept his gloomy vigil. "Wassat you sayin', Sammy?" his partner asked. Jack was a rookie, new on the job and it would be obvious to anyone who looked at him that he hadn't much real combat experience. But Samuel had seen the boy fight, and knew that if he could survive a few nights, he'd do fine. "Nothing. Just an old saying." he replied. Jack grunted, amused, and turned away to continue watching his end of the street. Samuel focused his attention on his task. The street they were stationed on was Cobbin's Row, an important point between Downtown and the Industrial district. There were a few houses, but mostly the street was taken up with shops, strategically placed to catch the best of the traffic between the two districts. In daylight it was a raucous thoroughfare, but the lack of any late-night bars or other establishments meant that at night the street was quiet as the grave. Samuel was always in two minds about quiet streets. On one hand, a quiet street was a street where nobody was trying to stab him. On the other, a quiet street in Malifaux had an unavoidable air of menace. There were things in the night that were very fond of silence. Tonight at least had been relatively uneventful. Around midnight, a solitary factory worker, drunk out of his wits, had attempted to solicit the services of a lamppost opposite Katherine Hobb's Fine Jewellery Emporium, but Jack had shooed him off without much trouble. The two guards were looking forward to a few more hours quiet vigil before the morning shift team would arrive to relieve them. For Samuel, there was a promise of some decent Bayou Pig bacon waiting for him in the guard canteen, a favour from the cook (who was a personal friend of his). Just as he began to savour the imaginary taste of bacon on his tongue, Samuel saw something move in the shadows at the far end of Cobbin's Row. He cursed under his breath. So much for a quiet night, he mused. At this hour, nothing moved in Malifaux that wasn't a potential threat. Without turning his head from his target, he murmured to Jack, "Did you see that?" Jack nodded in agreement, and the two men put their hands on their pistols, watching. After about a minute, three figures became clear through the darkness. Two women in long dresses, and a man wearing an enormous top hat. He walked with a certain bounce to his step, while the women beside him practically dragged their feet along the ground. Before Samuel could make out their faces, the man cried out. "Good evening, Gentlemen! What a lovely night, don't you agree?" And then before either guard had a chance to respond, he produced a ridiculously oversized pistol from within his coat and fired it at them. The shot went wide, the man having taken almost no time to aim properly, but Samuel immediately drew his own gun and fired off a few quick rounds; Jack did the same. The man in the big hat ducked out of the way, pushing one of his companions to the ground; but the other woman was caught in the hail of bullets and fell with a grunt. With a scream of maniacal fury, the man leapt up and charged, drawing a great saw and a knife from a bag he had carried. Samuel saw his face now, and recognised it instantly from dozens of wanted posters. It was Seamus, the infamous whore-killer, terrorist and necromancer, a sworn enemy of the Guild. Just my luck, he thought bitterly, before drawing his sword and moving to intercept the enraged murderer. His blade clashed with his enemy's saw, jarring his arm and causing Seamus to stagger back. On his left, Samuel saw Jack moving to attack the other woman who, in the light from the lamppost, was evidently an undead minion of Seamus'. The mad hatter of Malifaux was a ferocious fighter, as Samuel soon realised. Although a saw hardly constituted a weapon when compared to Samuel's sword, he wielded it with rage and power behind each swipe, such force in fact that he caught Samuel off guard, knocking the sword from his hands before kicking him to the ground. "Well now," Seamus cackled as he leered down at him, "Aren't you a toughie? We'll soon see how tough that little old throat of yours is!" Samuel had no time to muster a retort before the saw plunged down and sliced his throat clean open. Seamus giggled, pausing to wipe a little of the spattered blood from his face with his sleeve, before turning to where the other guard duelled with his Belle. He could see that his girly was losing; after all, undead prostitutes are hardly the best tools for combat. Seamus like to take that duty for himself. But the girl was certainly trying, batting at the guardsman with her parasol and swiping with her vicious nails. It wasn't having much effect, but the guard was clearly unwilling to hit a woman, even a zombified one that was trying to claw his eyes out. He merely attempted to fend off her strikes with his sword, occasionally glancing in panic at where his comrade lay bleeding to death, and in terror at Seamus. Seamus toyed with the idea of letting the young guardsman dance for a little longer, but then decided that he didn't have the time. There were important things to be done, after all. He went to load his pistol for a killing shot, but just as he levelled it at his target, he registered an almighty blow to the back of his head, sending him sprawling. Rolling over, he saw the guardsman he had just killed standing above him, his throat clear of any signs that it had recently been torn open. Samuel stared down at the man who had just killed him, and grinned at the stunned look on his face. "Yeah," he said, answering the unspoken question. "That dying thing? I've never been much good at it, to be honest." He raised his fist for another punch, but Seamus kicked out, knocking him off balance, before picking himself up and hurtling off into the night. "Damn," Samuel muttered, "Would've had a decent bonus for bagging that nutter." Then he turned to help Jack with the undead whore, wincing at the slight pain in his neck as he went. Hello, Wyrd Forums I've been lurking around here for a while, quite a while in fact, and felt that it was about time to make my presence felt. I'm new to Malifaux and don't own any models as of yet, but I'll admit to being utterly entranced by the fluff and background to the world. I had this idea for a story involving a Guild Guard who cannot die, seeing as practically anything seems to be possible in Malifaux, and I've got a few notions as to where this might go, so I thought, to heck with it, I'll post it up. Feedback is most welcome, and might I say what a lovely forum you have going on here
  3. It took me a while, but I finally finished Lucius' crew box. Do you use all of the models in the box? The box is 26 ss, what would you replace in a 25 ss game? What will you add/replace for a 30 ss game? What schemes and strategies would work with the Lucius box? Any tactics? finally, here's Lucius and the gang (I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc): Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood)
  4. Here's my painted Lucius crew: Lucius (I went with the British Redcoat officer theme - Inspired by this thread ) Lawyer (I made him look like a carnival performer (or carrot top)... no offense to real lawyers out there) Guild Guard Captain (with his movie poster pose) Guild Guard [female] (again, I went with the British Red Coats theme) Ryle (Made him as pale as I can and had his bandages still soaked with dried blood) I'd appreciate comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you!
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