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Found 1 result

  1. So this area is dead right now, but I figured its still easier having these on the forum than FB. I got the privilege to play against our FLGS owner in our first TOS demo game and it was a good time. Objective: Set Traps Standard deployment GH Team: KE Team: Stormsiren (+25scrip) Charles Edmonton (+25scrip) - Conch shell asset (-2) - Military Assistent (-1) - Ritual of Ancient Malifaux (-1) -Sturdy binoculars (-1) Striped stalker (-7) Royal Rifle Corps (-9) Striped stalker (-7) Royal Rifle Corps (-9) Karkinoi (-8) Infiltrators (-5) Because I'm bad with image uploads, you can see pictures of the board and layout here (https://imgur.com/a/Dlvt0I4) POV: GH (Most pictures will be from KE POV though) We played on a beachhead style map and set the game so I (GH) would be the attacker coming from the sea. Terrain was scattered as usual with normal rules for forests, elevated hills, buildings. We played walls as concealing (low), blocking (low) but not as hindering movement and a ruins as concealing, difficult and blocking where it made sense. There hindering movement to climb a hill. We had a big cliff/hill piece along the GH right flank but was only used as a hill with impassible, blocking areas based on common sense. GH as attacker deployed Tide pools in scouting then KE Infiltrators deployed. (I think this is correct timing) GH deployed (L to R) Striped skulkers 1 (from now on Stripe1) on the far left, Stripe2 centrally in front of the Stormsiren (now to be SS) and Krakinoi on the right, behind the hill/cliffs. KE deployed (L to R) Rifle Corp1, then Charles Edmonton, then the last RC2 on the far right across from Krakinoi. GH started with Stripe1 eating a fireteam for glory, advance order to move up into a forest and teleport (fade into surroundings) forward (1 fireteam succeeded, 1 failed) Charles activated and played a strategem (discards to put back in deck) to have Infiltrators shoot at Stripe1 and then he shot at them, removing a fireteam (1/3 remaining behind forest). Karkinoi activated and ate a Stripe2 fireteam for glory, then advanced and laid eggs. Each fireteam succeeded (first one cheated) and far right hit trigger for second egg. Chain activate into SS who ate an egg for glory (Forgot Nom nom nom rule not that SS needs reinforcement tokens). SS Casts siren call on infiltrators getting a high card and pulling them for a 7+4 inches towards her with two running into a tidepool. Hazardous nearly wipes 2 fireteams between her turn and their activation. She uses her action to use healing magic from asset to reinforce stripe 2 and moves slightly. Infiltrators move and take hazardous like previously stated and surviving member of fireteam 2 walks out of tidepool and attacks stripe 2, fireteam 3 places trap just on GH side of board, thanks to Siren's call for the free walk. Egg clutch focus for inspiration token and flip to glory RC2 shoot krakinoi Stripe2 attack infiltrators but fail Rest of eggs focus and flip glory. End T1 2-0 to KE Turn 2 KE has initiative and will for rest of game due to eggs KE and GH buy a card. KE buys same strat to let another fireteam attack. GH buys onslaught to give unit rush order for free. Egg is brought back at Left pool (conch shell) by RC1. Charles plays same strategem and targets egg from infiltators. Then shoots stripe2 himself Infiltrators (with glory from egg) chain activate with one attacking stripe2 and second placing mines. Concealing and bonus card from adaptive camo for striped stalkers keeps them much safer than they should be. SS activates and uses strat on krakinoi, they rush to infiltators and eat them. She then uses healing magic on stripe2 with trigger to cast again (Must be same target?). No good siren target so walks and creates tidepool by RC1. RC2 advance and shoots krakinoi, one places trap. Krakinoi advance attack RC2, one fire team removes trap. RC1 advance and shoot stripe2. Stripe1 focuses for reinforcement token and teleports behind RC1 Stripe2 teleport across landmines and advance to engage RC1 Egg hatchlings x3 rush order to attack RC2 but fail, cause they're hatchlings. End T2 4-1 KE Turn 3 KE and GH buy cards, KE buys same strat as always, GH buys domination (get 1vp if unit is eliminated during turn, SPOILER: doesn't happen) GH reinforces Stripe1 and Krakinoi (who gained a token from trigger) This turn was fairly ineffective damagewise from both sides, but GH progressed more up the field and had fireteams to start placing traps while SS kept healing them. Krakinoi, stripe1, and stripe 2 all place traps. Stand out damage from Hatchling who focused for second inspire token and used them both (Can you use multiple tokens together?) to get strength 2 and flipped RJ to do 2 damage to a RC2 fireteam when krakinoi were doing nothing (having been shaken against inspired RC2). End T3 7-6 GH Turn 4 Writing on the wall. GH buys domination strat again. Charles rushes forward to place a trap and summons infiltrators behind SS who discards tactics token and flips asset to live. RC1 is devoured between Stripe1 and 2 with one fireteam of stripe2 removing Charles' trap. SS walks forwad and removes the trap that has been scoring points all game, then pulls RC2 fireteam into tidepool near krakinoi. (I assume this doesn't cause disengaging strikes) Krakinoi and RC2 are tied up. Hatchlings do nothing. End T4 15-6 GH Game is called due to time and obvious conclusion. Thoughts: Being on the winning side is fun of course but it went a bit more one-way than I would have liked. After playing the game, I feel like we have a better idea of terrain to use to help balance it out. In our setup almost all terrain had concealing, which gave -2AV all the time to the KE. (Question: Does elevated remove concealing low debuff or just allow vision behind blocking (low) with no effect to concealing. We played it that it did not remove the -2AV.) I think if KE had more access to elevated terrain and perhaps we used more blocking and less concealing terrain it would help. (Question: Can Stormsiren when gloried use both banner actions (Siren's call and create a tidepool) since she gets a banner action free or are banner actions exclusive like malifaux (0/fast)?) (Question: Can each fireteam use the banner action or only 1?) This was a thought for both creating eggs and for the striped skulker teleporting. Both seemed pretty strong although I admit I got ridiculously lucky with my cards the whole game. With 1 fireteam of striped skulkers, being able to teleport anywhere is really powerful for set traps. My opponent admitted he probably helped me more than hurt when he killed off the second fireteam I had of the left side, letting the last one place in the backfield. Please let us know if we did things wrong. We tried to be methodical and looked up a lot, but it was our first go. Next playthrough we'll switch terrain up a bit and swap armies. But for now, proud of my seafiends. Back to painting!
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