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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone. it's time to put your skills to the test. come scheme, kill, and fight your way to the top of this month's tournament. this even happens the first Saturday of every month at The Complex 717 US Route 1 Scarborough, ME 04074 T: 207-219-8197. for more information or questions check us out on facebook at The Maine Malifaux Page. Date: 1st Saturday of the month Time: sign up at noon. Rounds start at 1pm. Fee: 10 $ Prize support: tournament kits, gilders, and store credit. THE MORE PEOPLE THE BIGGER THE PAYOUT! Rounds: variable See you there
  2. Meeplefaux II - 50ss Tournament November 5, 2016 Meeplemart 247 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON M5T 3A8 www.meeplemart.com (647) 503-1236 Registration begins at 11.00AM. First round starts at 11.30AM. $10 entry fee. Prizes : First Place: Large Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit (8+ players) Second Place: Mystery Box. Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models. Guilders for the first 16 players to register. Additional prizes including store credit TBA depending on turn out. Tournament will be run using Wyrd’s Gaining Grounds 2016 format with 50 soul stone crews. Rounds will be 2 hours in length. Round 1 – Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment Round 2– Interference, Flank Deployment Round 3 –Stake a Claim, Corner Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.
  3. Saturday October 15, 50SS Tournament at Brothers Grim Games in Selden, NY Gaining Grounds 2016 10:30AM gather, 11:00AM start time. 15 minute setup time, 2 hr rounds. 3 rounds. Round 1 Deployment:Standard Strategy: Collect the Bounty Schemes: (2 Masks, 5 Masks) - Convict Labor - Take Prisoner - Exhaust Their Forces - Undercover Entourage - Frame for Murder Round 2 Deployment:Flank Strategy: Interference Schemes: (10 Crows, 12 Tomes) - Convict Labor - Hunting Party - Leave Your Mark - Public Demonstration - A Quick Murder Round 3 Deployment:Corner Strategy: Stake A Claim Schemes: (6 Ram, 11 Crow) - Convict Labor - Show of Force - Hunting Party - Detonate the Charges - Inspection Painting not required. This will be best painted model as voted by the players in the tournament. Must be a model you have the possiblity of hiring in your crew. Proxies allowed for unreleased models as long as they can be recognized as what they should be. Held at: Brothers Grim Games 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden, NY 11784 Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1105041202865827/ PM me or post here if you have any questions.
  4. It's time for the next GG'16 tournament in Rochester! I once again have a 16 player prize kit and the prize breakdown will look like this: 1st: Large Mystery Box + First Place Guilder 2nd: Two Small Mystery Boxes 3rd: One Small Mystery Box Best Painted: Special edition Stat card and a 5 Scrip Guilder! (Enough for a special edition model by itself) All Players will receive a 1 scrip guilder just for participating. Players will have the option to "sell" their prize back for store credit if they so desire. Any store credit unclaimed at the end of the prize ceremony will go into the Terrain fund. The Important Stuff: Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date: Saturday, September 17th 2016 Time: 12pm-8pm (12-12:30 Signups, start at 12:30, will try to have a food hour) Format: 50ss GG2016 3/4 rounds Rnd 1: Flank/Turf War, Rnd 2: Standard/Squatters Rights, Rnd 3: Corners/Interference (If Necessary) Rnd 4: Standard/Guard The Stash Cost: $10 Hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  5. Hi chaps. I am trying to play only dreamer at the casual games or tournaments i go. I can't understandhow to play dreamer at the 'collect the boundy (jokers)' strat. It apears to be standart in every tournament as the 3rd game. They usually combine it with killing schemes. Any ideas how to equip that earthside kid to fight against the murderers of this strat? I tried to focus on schemes and tie the strat 0-0 but always something dies and i lose vital VPs from the strat. Anyone tried to do the start with restless dreams upgrade? (I play almost exclusively with the dreams of pain upgrade)
  6. Join us August 13th, at Wizard's Asylum Comics and Game in Wichita KS, as we take a trip through the breach for a summer Malifaux Tournament! The tournament will use Gaining Grounds 2016 rules, which are available on Wyrd's website, http://www.wyrd-games.net/resources under the Organized Play option. We will use the Gaining Grounds strategies and schemes. Painting is not required for this event.Each Round will be 50SS and last the regulation time of 105 minutes (1hr 45 min).The entry fee will be $5 and will be paid back in prize support. We will also have a tournament kit containing limited edition models! We hope to see you there!
  7. This will be the first GG2016 tournament held in Rochester so we are going to try to kick things off right. Guaranteed Prize support: 1st: Dark Carnival Box Set 2nd: 2x Small Mystery boxes 3rd: Small Mystery box Best Painted: Something Sweet. >8 Players: 1st: Dark Carnival + Small Box 2nd: Large Mystery Box 3rd: 2x Small Mystery Best Painted: Idk if I can do something better than Sweet, but it's a maybe! If we break 12 players more prize support will be added. The listed prizes are in addition to Store Credit based on attendance. We will have some door prizes as well, which will include Guilders(which I hear buy alternate sculpt masters) The Important Stuff: Store: Just Games Location: 1601 Penfield Rd, Suite 750, Rochester, NY 14625 Date: Sunday, May 22nd 2016 Time: 12pm-6pm (12-12:30 Signups, start at 12:30) Format: 50ss GG2016 3 rounds (Rnd 1: Corners/Reconnoiter, Rnd 2: Flank/Extraction, Rnd 3: Standard/Collect The Bounty) Cost: $10 Hope to see you there. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  8. OCTOBER 29th, 2016 Hello and welcome to the next Crossroad Games malifaux tournament. With prize support from wyrd, we will be handing our cool prizes and having a blast.The format: Location: Crossroad games, Standish maine 04084, # (207) 642-2612 Registration starts at 10. Rounds start 11 am. Size: 50 ss Rounds: 3 (maybe 4) S&S: announced at the event Prizes: 8 player prize kit, unique markers Entry fee: 5 dollas (procedes going to buy mats by mars)
  9. This came up in a game last week and I'm curious as to what the proper action is here as it's similar to the situation of Flat vs. Impossible to Wound. Bad Juju has an upgrade that when he is reduced to 0 wounds, he is buried, healed back to full and all conditions are to be removed from him. 9: Mark For Death This Scheme may not start revealed. All non-Peon models in this Crew may target a non-Peon enemy model they are engaged with with a (1) Interact Action to give the target the following Condition for the rest of the game: “Marked: This condition may not be removed or ended.” Reveal this Scheme once an enemy model gains the Marked condition. When an enemy model with the Marked Condition is reduced to 0 Wounds or leaves play, gain 1 VP *note that it does not mention removing the condition after you score. I know in most cases, Model Card takes priority, but we were unsure of how this actually plays out legally as to which trumps which. Thoughts?
  10. So how do we feel we fared under the new schemes as a faction? Which masters won/lost? My view, based on masters I know; Ramos - takes a hit from Hunting Party being in the suits, summoning low wound spiders is easy points for the enemy. Makes up some ground on Exhaust Their Forces and Show of Force. Kaeris - Grab and Drop takes a hit on scheme marker placement rules and the loss of scheme marker schemes near the DZ. Other than that looks fairly neutral for her. Marcus - Hunting party is good for Marcus, plenty of hard hitting models to score this with coupled with his buffs / de-buffs. Also his wide hiring pool that lets him adapt more to these objectives. Rasputina - Feel like she looses out a bit here, Hunting Party, Quick Murder and Exhaust don't look like they work in her favor. The need to get more done further up the board will hurt most ranged masters. More generally the Mech Rider may be reined in a bit by Hunting Party, and the need to have scheme markers away from other markers and enemy models in several schemes (Mark and Convict Labor). What's everyone else thinking?
  11. I've seen similar threads in the other forums and thought: hey why not here? So as the title suggests, what are the rest of you doing differently for the new schemes? what have you found that works, what schemes are you avoiding, are you still going for the 10 VP finish, or is it more about denial now. In addition to the standard discussions, I would like to hear more of the outcast communities thoughts on the suited schemes (including 'Take Prisoner') as they will be showing up most often, and will therefore have a greater effect on our play stiles. For example, I think that the 'Leave Your Mark' scheme is going to be very hard to get more than 1-2 points out of; The reason being that unless your opponent is playing an elite crew, they will have ample opportunity to both remove scheme markers and simply move their minions within 4" of one or more markers. We could probably get the first point without trying but after the 'surprise' first point, the next one is going to be tough unless you start killing in droves with the vicks, or have great placement with the emissary. I also realize that we have some of the most... diversely specialized masters in the game, and that each of us play very different lists most of the time; even so, I would love to hear about how your results have been for any given master under the new schemes. Also, how has "Inspection", "Occupy Their Turf", and "Public Demonstration" been for the rest of you? Right now I think that Misaki is the only one that really likes the second two no that list, but I just don't know about "Inspection", although that might just be me. Other than that, I have a few random master related thoughts I'd like to leave you with: Since all of the new schemes are now tougher to get the 3VP on, Have your games started to focus more on denial than just "get to ten and try to deny one or two points along the way"? I ask because my thoughts on this are shifting more towards "deny the likely face down schemes, and after they flip them for the first point don't let them get the second." Given the above, does this make Jack Daw stronger in certain situations? He seems to be one of the most scheme dependent masters that I have ever attempted to play. If faced with multiple scheme marker based goals, then Greed seems like gold. same for Lust in 'turf war'/'show of strength' games. Before GG 2016 dropped, I was having trouble figuring him out. Even now I am not great with him, but I would like to be able to see him hit the table more over the coming months and I am hoping that GG 2016 helps because of the "denial" mindset that comes with playing him. (deep and meaningful thoughts would be nice. lol.) Is Hamelin the factions new go to guy on more of the "non killing" and interact dependent schemes? between the obey, and the activation control that he can get things into position and interact/deny areas/drop markers better than most. 'Take Prisoner" is also easier with him than with some others. Thoughts? Assuming that "Neutralize the Leader" DID NOT come up in your scheme pool, what Schemes does Leveticus Like to see? what are you hiring to do those schemes? What If anything has changed? Has anyone/Is anyone planning to play pubic demonstration/occupy their turf with Misaki? How did it go? Can they be accomplished reliably with another master? And finally, where does Tara fit in with the new scheme pool? I don't have any experience playing with her (only against), and I am a little confused as to when I would want to take her for a given scheme pool or even which ones she likes in general nowadays. I think that covers all my questions and thinly veiled conversation starters. so let me know what you think and where you disagree. -Proxy
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