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Found 11 results

  1. Howdy all! This post is to let folks in the greater Atlanta Area know about the regular gaming and demos available at Gig-Bites Cafe in Marietta, Georgia in the month of August. The shop is located at 1803 Roswell Rd #1851, Marietta, GA 30062 and carries the full line of Malifaux products, as well as having a kitchen which serves sandwiches and smoothies. Regular gaming and demos are held on Wednesdays, usually after 6 PM. If you interested in our events, demos, or tournaments the local community also maintains a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/georgiamalifaux/
  2. Disclaimer: This thread will almost certainly contain images of miniatures that may or may not have all their clothing on or may or may not be deemed appropriate by any of you softy-softs out there. If you are easy to offend, this isn't the place for you and I will be making no attempt what-so-ever to facilitate to the more sensitive people within the community. Welcome to my insanity! ----------- Well I finally did it and took the plunge. I started a WIP thread in the Iron Painter 2015 forums and I was surprised at the number of views I got (over 2700 during the entire competition). I'm not sure if people looked because they were really interested or just wanted a laugh, but they viewed all the stuff I did, regardless. As such, I decided to make a large thread dedicated to all of the new projects or single minis I complete or even what I am currently working on. I will be including only Malifaux projects, for relevance sake. If any other miniatures or projects pop up chances are they are proxies or of a similar style. In other words, I'm not going to bombard you with post after post of Chaos Dwarves because chances are you're not viewing a Malifaux forum to see Chaos Dwarves. The only things I don't share are my major projects. I do one a year and I keep them a secret until they are done. As soon as it is done, though, it will show up here. My approach to miniature painting is achieving what I call "premium tabletop" standard - the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in an issue of Warhammer Visions or on the front of packaging/cards promoting the game. What you should not expect to see is fancy schmancy plinth pieces - I want to be able to use what I paint so most of my stuff will have a little utility in place of being completely artsy-fartsy. Do not expect NMM - unless I am painting a giant Japanese robot or a bunch of pretty elves (fat chance). Do not expect OSL - I feel that it was innovative 10 years ago but now it is gimmicky an usually out of place. If you want to see someone who uses OSL as an actual creative style rather than just a convenient gimmick - check out Spiraling Cadaver's stuff on the forums here - that's how it should be used! What you should expect to see in this thread is gritty realism - I try to make my minis look natural and dark - for the most part. The spectrum for me is somewhere between gritty realism and grim-dark. I know, I know - they don't "pop" like the currently popular style of overly saturated super bright and pretty cartoony looking models - but then, not all of us want Dreamer crews that incorporate lime green, baby blue, hot pink, and yellow-as-fuck into them. I want my models to look tough and realistic - not like the little tiny toys they actually are. You will, however, probably see a lot of layering/blending/wash (glaze) techniques, battle damage, micro-painting, weathering, creative base design, and enough free-hand to keep you entertained. My hope is that this thread helps to keep me regular and interested in submitting pictures of my work as much, if not more, than my IP 2015 WIP Thread did. As a side note - the first post will be a collection of all my WIP posts for IP 2015 so that you can quickly skim them, but mostly because they will need a home once the Iron Painter sub-forum goes bye-bye. After that, I believe I owe zFiend a Zombie Pig - from that point on, though, the sky's the limit. Enjoy! I am fully open to comments and critique or even throwing ideas at me to bring to realization. Assuming that they are appropriately explicit - I just might prioritize it from within my hobby queue, which I can assure you, is long and distinguished. Thanks for looking - expect regular updates - I am a fairly consistent hobbyist and like to keep busy all the time. As such, feel free to follow this thread, if you so desire.
  3. HEYLO everyone! On behalf of the Dutch Malifaux Guild I'm proud to announce our next Hobby and Gaming meetup, this time in central south Holland: the beautiful Den Bosch! I have some Malifaux and want to play Bring it. We got about 7 people confirmed coming and enough space to play. I want to get into Malifaux Awesome! We have stuff you can borrow and I'm actually not so bad at explaining the game. I have one new recruit joining us already that day, so you won't need to face Paul, who's like the Teddy of Malifaux: terrifying, but he gives good hugs! We're at De Dobbelsteen, Vughterstraat 56 in Den Bosch starting 12 noon. You can message me here --OR-- please go find the Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook. You'll find Tim (our Alphen a/d Rijn henchman) and myself there, as well as about 40 other Dutch Malifaux players you can chat with or set up games with. SO COME OUT AND PLAY Cheers ~Seb
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted everyone to know that we're still running Malifaux through June at the Coliseum of Comics in the Fashion Square Mall. Many of our dedicated players are still really new at the game, so this is still an opportunity to get to know everyone and try out some new crews. The general reaction to running this game has been really positive, so we're hoping to see more growth as things move along. If anyone is looking for a great group of players and plenty of space, we hope to see you here! 3201 E. Colonial Drive M-11 Orlando, FL 32803 407-228-1210 coliseumofcomics.com facebook.com/coliseumofcomicsfsm
  5. Hey guys, For those of you in the UK down in the south/south east/london area, there is a new gaming club that has recently just started and it's the Croydon Gaming Club. Here's a link to our facebook group if anyone is interested: https://www.facebook.com/Croydongamingclub?fref=ts The next meet up is this Sunday - 23rd November 2014. Based in West Wickham, Croydon Rugby club. £5 entry, loads of gaming tables, plenty of terrain, bar, bathrooms, kitchen, chairs, free car park as well! You can rock up and play whatever you want, no matter the system, no matter the game. come along and take a look! Everyone is welcome! once the new year rolls in we'll be looking to start running tournaments and other events. I personally have been making loads of malifaux terrain for the club so come along, bring your games, have a pint. I look forward to seeing you guys there
  6. I hope to make this a more common thing since the last few have been messed up because of work but I will be hosting demo and gaming meetup Wednesday Sept 24, 2014 at Gamers Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 6pm Startup
  7. Join Sitting Ducky and Dunni at the C4 Comic Con at the Ventura County Fairgrounds! We will be demoing games of Malifaux in support of our LFGS Hypno Comics. When: Saturday Sept 13th Where: Avengers Tower (Gaming Hall) Ventura County Fairgrounds 10 W. Harbor Blvd. Ventura, Ca. 93001 More info: Www.venturacomiccon.com
  8. I wanted to announce here for anyone in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada region that All Star in Bonnie Doon Centre is now hosting weekly gaming for Malifaux every Wednesday starting around 6:00 PM. The store also is carrying more and more stock for the game and is always trying to find better and better ways to support the Malifaux game and Wyrd miniatures.
  9. Come down to Fantasy Games in South Bend, IN for Malifaux Thursdays. We meet at 6:30pm. We tend to follow a league structure, so points are tallied from week to week to determine who's the current king of the hill. Entry is free and because we have a permanent ringer available nobody will never go home without flipping some fate cards. You can even join a league in progress! The atmosphere is relaxed and fun with an emphasis on having a good time. Fantasy Games is located at: 52025 State Route 933 South Bend, IN 46637 Store Phone: 574-277-1133 Any questions please feel free to contact Kevin at Abysmas@aol.com
  10. Good evening Malifans! My name is Jamie an I'm from sunny Stoke-on-Trent in the UK (although I'm originally from Nottingham, home of Robin Hood!). Back when I was 13 (half my life ago) me and my friends were introduced by some spotty, nerdy types to a miniature wargame called Warhammer 40k. We swiftly built and rather choppily painted models (Blood Angels for me, thanks!) for about a year until we got distracted by other facets of teen-age such as growing mustaches and kissing girls. But in those 12 months, me, and one of my closest friends James, really developed something of a passion for the hobby which would lay dormant in both of us until we moved into our late twenties. About four months ago we started up armies again (Tau this time!) and have been painting and modelling away since with a view to getting some serious games on. We went to Warhammer World (about 5 minutes away from James' house, which is odd because the first time we were into 40k we lived 5 minutes from the old Citadel factory in Eastwood, Notts!) last week and battled for hours on end, loving every second! While looking around for other ways of getting my hobby geek on (namely browsing iTunes for some good 40k podcasts (I'm loving 40k radio at the mo)) I stumbled across the D6 Generation. I joined the D6G fanbase on their 50th show when they reviewed and talked (at some length!) about Malifaux. The second they began talking about the game they became so excited that I wanted to play before I'd heard more than the name and that it was a steampunk/Victorian horror melange of pure awesome. I've bugged my girlfriend into letting me order the rule book and I can't tear my eyes away from the pictures of the minis. I've not worked out what faction or crew I want to play, but I'm already recruiting my friends and making them as excited about this as I am! In other news, I'm a huge lover of movies, books, comics, videogames and just about anything sci-fi. I also do a bit of writing, fantasy/sci-fi world creation, and make films (I have a ba (hons) in media production and worked for four years in a production company in Stoke as an editor, producer, writer and director). I'd love to have a go at being a DM, and have tried to find a decent Firefly game to play (incidentally, I think that the Malifaux mechanics and some of the characters would fit in well with Firefly, so I'm going to try and work something out once I've gotten the hang of it!). My girlfriend is in love with the USA so we might be looking to move there in the future. We have a mental cat called Walter (the missus tells people that he's named after Mr Disney, but I tell folks he's named after the awesome Walter Bishop!) and a rabbit called Goliath. I think I've said enough for one day! If you are a bit of an information freak, ask me for more and I'll probably tell you! I look forwards to meeting all of you and hearing more of your travels in the wonderful world of Malifaux! Toodleoo! Jamie
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