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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! Here is the complicated situation we encountered during our last game: Rat King (with 2 wounds left) charges a model which is in range of a frontiersman's Deputy ability, and triggers Onslaught during its first attack. Once the push for the charge is completed and the Rat King is in base contact with its target, its Swarm ability is also generated. We struggled for the timing of the new events generated during/after the initial charge attack. We concluded that according to timing on p.70-71, the timing should be this: 1. Deputy ability, as it happens after damaging
  2. After some games and read and re-read the keyword i wanna share wuth all of you my opinions about the full keyword and know what do you think. Keyword abilities: Home in the Range +1: I think its very good. Gives you the chance of an easy alfa strike or a good opportunity to position models in an advantageous situation. Favorable Terrain: Anoter good ability that combines great with Kick Up Dust keyword action. Keyword actions: Kick Up Dust: Very useful bonus action for all keyword, you can combined with Favorable Terrain you get a model with cover and concealing ag
  3. I'm thinking to play a HH with my new crew. I have some list but any help would be appreciate. Option A) Pool: 3 Jonathan Reichart Paul Crockett Pathfinder Frontiersman Option B) Pool: 2 Jonathan Reichart Paul Crockett Austringer Frontiersman Option C) Pool: 1 Jonathan Reichart Paul Crockett Austringer Pathfinder I like Option A because of the pool that would give to Reichart enought survival. What do you think?
  4. I haven't actually played with (or even built!) my Basse crew yet, but how are we liking the individual models of his crew? Are Frontiersmen fantastic? Is Bernadette boring? Amazed by Austringers? Captivated by Cornelius? Rekt by Reichart? Rejoice for Raptors? You get the gist! How do we like them?
  5. Good morning guys, A question came up right before a game where I was playing Conelius Basse and thr Frontiers crew. Does the +1 in the Home on the Range ability stack? If I have 6 models with this rule, do they all have +6" while deploying? As I read it I would say that's how it works, just like the stacking conditions. Because the other option is that everyone only gets +1". Thank you very much!
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