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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I saw that a lot of people have problem with LJ and making on her good crew against other faction than Ressers. So let's start from my crew. Lady Justice 7 SS pool -Vendetta 2 SS -Implacable 1SS Scales of Justice 3 SS Fransisco Ortega 8 SS . -Wade In 1 SS The Lone Marshal / Greed 8 SS Hunter 7 SS Hunter 7 SS Death Marshal 6 SS Brutal Effigy 4SS So there is my 50 SS Crew. Tactics from the Malifofo. - Fransisco give LJ "El Mayor". After it DM get Fransisco to the box and make LJ almost all the time Df 7, Wp 9 and 14 Wd. That make her the thouthest Lady in the Malifaux. Also her Df trigger Riposte () very dangerous. Of course you still need to trigger it but, You can burn one of her SS to deal atleast 3 damage to enemy. This is realy easy and powerful. Noone can escape her engagament 'cause of her ability on Implacable. Enemies can still push out from her but not everyone have it. She don't have to be scared of some tough guys or Massive Firepower. Just make her (0) that give her soft cover from in 12". And even if the Enemy will have range and to attack she still have Df 7 and 14 Wd. Even if the enemy will hit her. He can heal up from Juggernaut 1/2/4, Greed (After spending a SS but you have 7 of them + little mine on Greed) 1/2/3 and 1 on every time she damage an Enemy with her Atrack Actions by the way She have Onslaugth on . That give her another Attack which can heal her. Ok, we might have bad hand and maybe one or two 11's. Our Totem. Scales of Justice can give us up to 2 cards. And giving everyone in (6) +1 Wp. He is not realy strong like Luna or Enslaved Nephilim but he give in theory 2 cards after our assault or defence. Fransisco have be a realy good savior. For example if our LJ could take a lot of damage and she need to run out. DM can release him catch up LJ and activate Fransisco with Companion. Then he do his (1) teleport which push out his allies. Pretty strong Defence Mechanic, isn't it? Hunter pull to your Crew potencial Enemies and They are pretty strong Mille Models which can be ever boostet by LJ with "Inspiring Swordplay" which give our Minions within' (8) to the Attack Flip. They are here to protect your 2 Scheme Runners and eliminate enemies. The Lone Marshal is here bcs he can make your targets softy. Greed don't do it as good as The Lone Marshal but she has Healing and and SS mine. Your choice on what you wanna play. Our Scheme Runners are Brutal Effigy, Death Marshal and Hunters (only if their job is done or not neccesarry to be done right now. So I think my job here is done. If something is not clear just write in comments I'll answear them as fast as I can. See ya soon.
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