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Found 1 result

  1. As the Wyrd Community continues to grow online, so does our need for consistency from our community members in their online behavior. The following Code of Conduct applies to our Facebook Groups, Community Forums, Official Discord Server, Twitch and Youtube chatrooms, as well as any other virtual space that Wyrd Games hosts for community members. This is a living document to be updated as needed in order to best serve our community. Download as a PDF here. Be Kind and Courteous Offensive, insulting, or aggressive online behavior will not be tolerated. The online communities of Wyrd Games are to be a welcoming and inclusive place for people to come together and enjoy this hobby. As such, no discriminatory behavior will be allowed. This includes anything degrading race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Wyrd’s online communities are not a place to argue or insult another because of politics, religion, preferred metas/playstyles, or other any other differences in opinion. Discussions should focus on Wyrd’s games and the hobby, and should remain polite even during disagreements. No Advertising Third-party advertising is not allowed on our online communities. Personal trading should only happen in the specified trading forums and groups. Wyrd and group moderators accept no responsibility or liability regarding the trading / buying / selling conducted in these groups. Facebook group - Wyrd Trades and Off-topic Wyrd’s trading forum - Trading Forum Users trying to advertise through our online community will be warned and face moderation or ban for repeated incidents. Company Questions/Customer Service Customer Service issues such as mispacks or order issues should only be handled via the contact form on the Wyrd Website (https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact). While the Wyrd staff tries to be active on all Wyrd social media platforms, it is best to direct specific questions through the designated threads, channels and forms which are monitored for timely correspondences’. Reaching out to a Wyrd Staff member directly may result in a missed or delayed response. Keep our Virtual Spaces Tidy and on Topic Users should keep topics in their appropriate sections, refrain from spamming content, and avoid “necro’ing” old content. Users who are unsure if a topic is in the appropriate area should reach out to a moderator for help. The main focus of our online communities is the discussion of Wyrd and Wyrd’s product. While other games and companies may come up, the focus of discussions should remain on Wyrd. No Playtest Content Users cannot, under any circumstances, share information that was covered under an NDA (regardless of whether you signed one.) This includes the fact that you were involved in a playtest for any one of Wyrd’s product, this includes but is not limited to hinting about upcoming material or disclosing mechanics that were discussed in that playtest forum. Mature and Explicit Content While Wyrd Games' product lines contain mature content, we expect our community to act like mature adults. As such, content that could be classified as pornographic or overtly inappropriate is not allowed. Privacy and Logging Please be mindful that things you say in a virtual space may, at some point, become public. We cannot prevent people from screen capturing any activity and sharing it on an external site. Files uploaded to a virtual space can be downloaded by anyone who is part of that space. Please exercise caution and refrain from sharing sensitive information that could harm you or others should it become public. By participating in Wyrd’s online community hubs, you agree to abide by this Code of Conduct as well as those of the set platform. If you witness or are a victim of any violation of this Code of Conduct, please report the inappropriate behavior or posts to the Mod team. If you are found to be in violation of any of the rules of this Code of Conduct, the Mod team reserves the right to take action, up to and including a permanent ban from all Wyrd-hosted virtual spaces. Some Violations may require moderation for a set or indefinite period of time. Moderation means every post you make will be subject to approval by a moderator before it becomes visible. We reserve the right to increase penalties where necessary. Please also remember the guidelines for answering rules questions, and the new rules for the trading forum. Thanks in advance. - Wyrd Miniatures and The Mod Team © 2005-2021 Wyrd Miniatures, LLC WYRD-GAMES.NET Last Modified 6/30/21
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