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Found 3 results

  1. I started this because I haven't seen any other threads started like this, and it's a place where new players can talk about they're thoughts on their first crew. ---------- Post added at 05:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ---------- My friend has a 5-model Sonnia crew that he has painted (exquisitely) with character stat cards included. All I need is a fate deck and a rule book. He says I can have it for £25 (around $37). Should I get it?
  2. My friend and I finally got our first match in, with another first timer referencing the manual in a frenzy for basic game rules. Before going onto the match, a question came up during the match that we wanted to resolve. My Guardian was basically stuck in between two enemy models. It was in the 2-inch melee range of a flesh construct (base-to-base contact). The other enemy model, Sebastian, was 2 inches away. Flesh construct has a melee range of 2" but Sebastian only 1". If I physically move 1 inch to melee Sebastian BUT STILL STAY WITHIN the flesh construct's 2-inch melee range, do I trigger a disengaging strike from the flesh construct, despite the fact that I am just moving WITHIN his 2-inch melee range (even if it is away from him)? (Note: once I moved away from him, I could no longer melee Flesh Construct because my Guardian only has a melee range of 1".) Technically speaking, I don't believe it does. However, my friends believe that in the spirit of the action, it should allow for a strike. Match summary: I played box set Hoffman vs box set McMourning We flipped badlands with forest terrain. My strategy was reconnoiter, and his was assassinate. We decided to hold on schemes as it was a bit too much for our first game. It was a very long match with several redone activations to make up for our mistakes. Needless to say, with the scenario and match-up, it was going to be a difficult match. I learned the utility of the watcher fairly quickly, and guardian seems like a must have for all my matches with Hoffman. However, I also learned the devastation of McMournings surgical precision against my armor. Being unable to utilize my ranged attacks, mitigate damage, and separate due to Hoffman's dependency on his constructs, I was quickly destroyed in melee. I still have faith in Hoffman, and know when I have a few more models, I will be more of a force in melee. Thanks for giving it a read. Any and all advice/rulings/comments are appreciated.
  3. I got into Malifaux after Auscon in Brisbane earlier this year, when myself and three others from the Queensland University Games Society (QUGS) ordered crews from Phoenix Forge. My showgirls sat unpainted for a long time until I was issued a challenge by one of the other players - If I finish my crew before he finishes his second (The Dreamer) I would win a Desperate Mercenary. The prospect of prizes got me going, and I finally attempted to paint the models. As a forewarning, I have barely painted anything before these, and my camera decided to act up whilst taking the photos. http://imgur.com/a/pRZYQ#qIap0 A few of the photos: (Sadly he has withdrawn the challenge because he has not even received his crew from Maelstrom yet, so he gets to keep the Desperate Mercenary. I was so looking forward to making him the bouncer of Collette's club as well!)
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