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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Please could you tell me if this map is ok? I played Guild vs Neverborn melee and seems this map set up i can't win. I cannot use my pushes on this map properly and seems like i cannot use Perdita's range too. My opponent is playing Lilith and casting Illusionary forests on the top of that. Best regards,
  2. New player here. Settled on Sonnia and Hoffman for now. I understand that lists will vary depending on objectives, but I want to throw out my core and solicit opinions on modifications both to the core, and for swap ins on the various strategies and schemes: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsEggHDlaA4FTdUUAKu_eazZuQkdVy2TQyu-iZc3GYI/edit#gid=0 Idea with Sonnia is to obliterate the enemy crew by hiding behind terrain/flame walls and abusing Visions of Flame + Austringers for cover/LoS ignoring massed fire. Deliver Orders for Scheme placement/mobility. Hoffman is deathball + mobility as needed by granting Peacekeeper or Brutal Emissary Nimble, buffing Howard, and teleporting models via Brutal Emissary cage then + Malifaux Child > Cage on Brutal Emissary via OSA duplicated off Hoffman.
  3. An offshoot of Iron Quill, that focuses on flash fiction and hardcore editing. Flash fiction is short fiction (<900 words), usually written over one or three sessions, and tends to focus on impressionism instead of telling a full story. Flash fiction is often incorporated into larger bodies of work; I encourage all writers to revisit their flash fiction when in need of inspiration. "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain Prevalent writing advice says to write ten thousand words and edit them into a thousand. I disagree. Your pen is a scalpel, the ink is your lifeblood, and you are going to write the very pulse of your soul. I want one hundred good words, no more, no less. A story, a person, an impression, captured forever in one. hundred. words. Make me proud.
  4. Great night last night. I set up for my demo at 6:00 pm and stayed until Midnight. Met 3 people who were interested in playing the game. I wonder what length is appropriate to use in a demo game? Only completing 1 round does not seem like it gives an interested party a good feel for the game, but 5 rounds keeps you tied up for an extended period of time and you may miss an opportunity to introduce the game to other people. What do you guys think? I would love to get your opinion on this matter. http://wyrd-games.net/images/smilies/Lucius.gifhttp://wyrd-games.net/images/smilies/guildguardcaptian.gif
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