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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Wyrdos!! 😁 Me and my friends have played like this since M2E, but recently have been asked a question about triggers. So there it is "how can I have +2 dmg on critical strike or +2 poison on infect on minions since they don't always have the built in triggers?" Maybe I'm not understanding it right but there was my answer : with fate modifier (+ or - flip) you will have multiple card in the action's final duel. Wich possibly add a new suit in the duel so it is possible to have a +2 dmg on critical strike or infect that way. For exemple if a flesh construct use a melee action and for X reason he have a - flip on the attack and he's declaring a trigger (infect wich give poison +x where x is the number of crow in the action's final duel total). Now I have 2 card in the final duel (wich are crows for the situation) so I take the lowest cause of the - flip but the other suit is still there in the "action final duel total". So after the other model receive +2 poison cause of that. Or am I obligate to choose the suit of the card final duel and only that one? It is my interpretation of the rule so correct me if we are wrong 🤓
  2. Hi there, I'm currently a newcomer to the game and as I was learning how the game works I saw that you needed these decks called fate decks. I later learned that instead of the usual types (hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades); they use rams, tomes, crows and masks. So I've been looking for good custom decks with those specific types and I stumbled upon this deck: https://www.amazon.com/WYRD-Classic-Fate-Deck-SW/dp/B01LZEXXDL Sadly these no longer appear to be available in amazon, and all the other places I've looked for at least, so my question is: Does anyone know of where I can get this deck? (P.S. I know that you can use a normal poker deck but I rather use one with the actual symbols, that way I won't be confused and know the type it is at a glance, besides it can also be used as a poker deck without too much confusion.)
  3. Hi, all. I was just browsing through Some Malifaux related items online. I can't seem to find a faction specific deck for each faction? I believe the 2 player starter box has both a Guild pack and Neverborn pack but I can't see these sold separately? My main online game store has a couple of non-faction fate decks on preorder but I don't see any other faction represented, apart from the Arcane Deck?
  4. Clawz


    Malifaux Art Nouveau deck spread, with link to further information Here rendered at last is a final mockup of the Malifaux Art Nouveau deck. All 54 cards lovingly rendered, with all their damage indicators subtly aligned (top right of each card), all 'royals' depicted with faction-appropriate renders, and custom-made jokers echoing the feel one has upon pulling them. For the first time shown online, a new back more in line with poker decks intrigues the eye with many art nouveau arabesques, and also some creepy elements. This deck is intentionally designed to be immediately useful to Malifaux players, and also to function as a viable deck for any other card game involving a 54-card poker deck. The light texturing of the card's "paper" is meant to suggest a paper making process that is perhaps not quite as refined as ours. Similarly, the deck itself is intended to be an "In-World" deck; one that any resident of Malifaux, or Terra in the Wyrd universe would be able to go into a store, purchase, crack open, and start gambling or passing the time with. Vote this deck, and you too could go into a store to purchase it!
  5. virtualonmars


    All HAIL the Effigies! If you want to see the close up for all cards, please visit: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_u693nYALwiX2lrRV90Ml9TaHM&usp=sharing
  6. There is a fate deck I've seen pics of but never encountered or found for purchase. It has pictures of the primary Malifaux personalities drawn on them, usually Masters. The art is lovely and I would very much like to get my hands on one. Does anyone know where they are sold, or even the deck's proper name for more efficient searching? I fully expect it to be some sort of limited run thing, possibly hand done with Eric and Nathan's own blood, but I'm borderline obsessed with finding one.
  7. If you're going to cheat fate, after all, why not go all the way with a tarot deck. Use the Minor Arcana (minus the Pages) and two of the Major Arcana as your Jokers. I found this Steampunk Tarot deck at Books a Million the other day: Before opening it, I'd considered using the Fool as the Black Joker, and finding another suitable choice for the Red. But after seeing the cards, I went with Death as the Black Joker (far more appropriate, really), and Temperance as the Red. The artwork is stunning and the book with it is the size of a novel. As far as suit alignments go, for Malifaux and traditional cards (with a few mnemonic devices): Wands are Tomes are Clubs (Magic). Swords (to plowshares) are Spades are Crows. Pentacles (sometimes Coins) are Diamonds (riches) are Masks. Cups are Hearts (both overflowing) are Rams. The conversions between suits were much easier to picture thanks to the Retro Fate Deck's merged suits. Thank you once again, Xander.
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