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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! A friend of mine managed to lure me into this game now that the third edition is starting (I failed the WIP roll miserabily... to be fair I relented that roll :P). I've never played Malifaux before, but I have played a lot of other skirmish games. I've been browsing through some factions and masters (Neverborn, TT and Outcast, but I want to check all factions before making my choice), and I'm really liking what I'm seeying; the models are gorgeus and the thematic creed and different mechanics are cool. However I have some doubts about how I should plan my purchases and choose my Masters/Faction. Obviously getting more than 1 Master of the same Faction seem optimal; they can share some models, create mixed creeds and not disclosure so much information or even set up a double master creed when I say I'm going to play that faction (which would equal to X master if I only own that one from that faction). However how do you guys planned it? Do you invest heavy in 1 faction or is it viable to get more than 1 faction to be able to play your favourite Masters from different factions? How many masters of 1 particular Faction are enough to have a decen array of creed choices? 2,3,4? About playstiles, I know all depend on the schemes and strategies of that particular game. But is it important to have at least 1 creed mastered with an strongh ranged play, bubble play (I guess this is the clasical deathball, slow but able to tear appart something that get close) and scheme play (creeds with high mobility or scheme markers shenanigans who focus in objetives and try to ignore the other creed)? Or if you are good enough with 1 or 2 creeds you are able to play all schemes and strategies versus most enemy creeds? Should I plan to build specific creeds versus powerful mechanics? Creeds like Tormented with so many debbufs and strongh static play seem scary to engage with a random crew not tailored versus that for example. For example, Neverborn catched my eye, but browsing their creeds I see them very focused in close combat with only Lucius being able to do scheme shenanigans (maybe Zoraida could play that game well for being able to scatter her team well); and I don't know if ranged creeds or stronger bubble creeds could abuse that versus them. Their mechanic seem strongh and fun outside of being so CC focused tho: Dreamer can field 2 summoners (or even 3!) and overrun the table or focus in supporting elite models, plus his rigging deck mechanic seem awesome; Titania terrain manipulation seem annoying and her creed is tough as nails; Nephillims seem also dangerous in close combat and the grow mechanic can be used to outscale an adversary; Pandora is very annoying with all her debuffs and might play well in 2 masters creeds; Zoraida seem tricky and powerful with so many stealth and her being able to attack from every angle thanks to the other models. I'm a bit cold about Marcus... he seems versatile but very CC focused and a bit glassy so they are maybe hard countered for other bubble creeds? (And maybe I'm wrong her but the "beast shape" targets for Myranda when playing her from the Neverborn side seem a bit worse...), maybe I could see a niche for him as a second master for a Zoraida creed... Outcast on the other hand seem to be a more diverse faction, they got the ranged powerhouses (Freikorps/Bandit), the strongh bubble play (Tormented/Amalgam) and the scheme shenanigans (Bandits, maybe mercenaries too?) covered, with a few extra unique playstiles, the glass cannon and high mobility style of mercenaries, plus Leveticus and Hamelin with their models transforming in others or Tara and her time manipulation and bury shenanigans (this one seem very cool, but a I'm not sure how good/easy to play it would be); plus. However I don't know if outcast having more different playstiles would be a good reason to set up for them instead of Neverborn (this is just an example, I still have to check all the other factions) or if it could be a legit choice (thinking also in future tournaments) to pick my 2 favourite masters from each faction. Some last questions out of the top of my head, how the tournaments of this game are usually played? You have to go with 1 faction only? With up to a number of Masters regardless of the faction? With a trailer full of models because you can pick whatever you want in each game XD? And how would you rate Misaki's creed (LastBlossom)? My buddy got me that creed at a discounted price so I can start playing the game right away (he got Misaki, shang, ototo, 3 torakage, 3 thunder archers and 3 (versatile) Samurai. They seem versatile (decent ranged and CC, able to split if needed), but maybe a bit glassy. I do like the Japanesse theme, but I want to consider all options before settle for any faction/master. Are low damage and high control creed viable in this game, or are there more optimal/safer choices? Ty in advance for the answers, I guess I'll come up with more questions when I check the rest of the factions...
  2. So, I'm trying to get the hubby into Malifaux. He's not a miniatures guy, nor does wargaming, all his stuff's online. He likes looking at my models and that's about it. I'm trying to help him pick a faction for Malifaux, so he can play with me, at least at home, if not at the FLGS (he has a bad back). I play Gremlins. And really, that's about all I know about, I'm not good with the other factions. I've read a few threads here, but they got really technical, really fast, and I just couldn't follow them. Online games, aside from like Kerbal Space program, he tends to play the shooty, DPS (mage/archer) types. Not much into tank n spank. In strategy games (like Warcraft III, Dune, Command and Conquer) he liked to base build and then go all out. Assuming any of this helps ^^ what might be a good general match for him? I'm looking to buy him a crew box to try out, if he doesn't like it, we're not all in and can try something else. Normally I personally go by looks first and gameplay second but he's a bit reversed. Appreciate any help!
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