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Found 18 results

  1. So, I checked that Crew on Dashel, played against Yan Lo. Guild(Cache: 4😞 - Dashel - Dispatcher - Francis Quegg - 2x Executionier - 2x Mounted Guard - Brutal Effigy Opening is a real prep before the bloodshed, with Dashel we are making Sergant, Everything goes straight to the enemy(Executioniers got Ride with Me so we are at the end of the turn withing charge engagment). New Round starts, I go first, summoned 2 Guild Patrols to be the shield, some boring shooting and Executioniers with enemy markers around(Dispatcher + Yan Los), fast, +1 to AA, Focus, 6 mv, free 3" push. The Frontline was devasted in like quater of the turn (Izamu, Yin and Toshiro). When I lost a Executionier, it wasn't even a problem for me because of summoning and overactivation. Dashel as Master is not a big threat, but combo potenial of Guard is astounding. Don't you think we should cut off some staff from them?
  2. Can i get some feedback for the below list? i'm looking to build a bit of a "beat-y" lineup, focusing on victory though fire power. my thought is to keep enough mini's on the table through the two death marshals, then focus on debuffing via Jury and killing through Executioner. I havn't played much Lady Justice, prefering Zipp, but want to diversify to keep things interesting. Any suggestions? should i swap out a death marshal, or use different upgrades? Crew Name: Lady J 50 point, JJ&ELeader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Vendetta 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss The Judge 9ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss The Jury 8ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Executioner 9ss Plant Evidence 1ss Death Marshal 6ss Death Marshal 6ss
  3. Hello. I do love the sculpting of the Butcher Executioner. Here is my question: In which crews can I field him to gain the maximum performance? Where are the meanest synergies hidden? And which dirty tricks do u use on him to get the best afford? Best regards, Tobi
  4. Last time thinking about Executioner, this model has uniq stats, one of the best df for his damage(all beatsticks like Teddy, Kiljoy, Peacekeeper, etc. have low df - 3-4), Love the job is a great ability and Certain Death is insane vs rasputina, nicodim, dreamer and other models with hard df triggers. And after all - "assasinate" trigger, only MI6 stop me to call him the HtH monster. But, low mobility and no shooting decrease his chances stay alive enough to kill someone. I'm thinking about how use him(and how use him twice a game as he Rare 2). And cant to invent some good combo. Yes, I can take Abuela to add some mobility, or Francisco to add some defence, or even MacCabe to add and mobility and defence. But... I dont know, it's not enough synergy as for me. That why I want to ask how do you use Executioner? )
  5. Sininen Symbion Iron Painter 2016; Round 04 ELIM - "Armed & Dangerous" Steamborg: Executioner Trying for a blue lobster effect with some pearlescent airbrush paints...
  6. Hi, guys! Having collected a large force of Outcasts, I have decided to move away from laser-shooting steampunk necromancers and mercenary Hulk Hogan-lookalikes and venture into the world of big moustaches, big knockers and big six-shooters that is the Latigo Posse. I’m not big on the gaming-aspect of Malifaux but it’s still fun to play once in a blue moon, and in those few instances it’s also fun to have a crew that is actually half-decent as well as awesome-looking. One of my favorite models in the Guild’s arsenal is that lovable tub-o’-lard, the Executioner – however, I’m starved for ideas about how to use him to best effect. The main problem, as far as I can see, is his slow speed compounded with his average (although not abysmal) Defense and Willpower as well as lack of defensive triggers. Being new to the Guild’s own (Oath Keeper-less) way of doing things, I don’t feel informed enough to make a decent enough crew-list (and, subsequently, a to-buy list). Therefore I turn to your collective wisdom, in order to shamelessly plagiarize any good idea you might have. What are you guy’s and gal’s thoughts on how to get your blubbery butcherer across the table in the time and condition to wreak sufficient magnitudes of face to justify his price? Preferably using Perdita Ortega as Master, but for sake of discussion it would be fun to hear any ideas you might have with any of the Guild’s Masters. "The Executioner's coming to get you... eventually..." Cheers! /Werner
  7. Hi all, I've finally got round to photographing my Guild crew and since I have posted it on Facebook, I though I'd share it with the community here aswell. Hope you like it. Sadly her Sword is broken, It came in the box like that, I've fixed it a couple of times but it breaks when ever I catch it so It's staying like this while I play with it and till I can get round to making a new one. The Goveners Proxy is almost finished and after that next in line is some Guild Guard and Riflemen along with Captain Dashel. If the Guild Austringers don't hurry up and come out, I'll have to resort to making a couple.
  8. Hey guys, I think I might have lost all my marbles now, or at least I'm playing with half a deck (some kind of insane comparison) I distinctly remember a while ago there was some artwork floating around for a female executioner. Am I really just going crazy or was this actually a thing? I'd love to know I'm not crazy and if someone has it please post it so I can prove I have at least 1 soul stone left in my cache!
  9. I just picked up the new alternate Executioner sculpt, and I really like the model, but I've run into a major problem with assembly: Where the heck does the cable for his left arm go? I cannot find any configuration of either cable where it can sensibly attach to his backpack and his left arm. Image searches have turned up no photos of the assembled model - can anyone here with an assembled model post a picture so I can have some idea of how he is supposed to fit together? At this point I'm about ready to replace the supplied cables with parts from my bits box.
  10. A question came up yesterday regarding order of applying triggers and I wanted other opinions. Do I have this correct? Executioner attacks Electrical Creation. Electrical Creation falls to 0 Wds. Electrical Creation triggers Unstable "before being removed from play". Executioner takes 2 Wds from Unstable and drops to 0 Wds. Electrical Creation is removed from play. Executioner triggers Love the Job "when" killed model is "removed from play". Executioner heals all wounds. Does this sounds correct? Thanks
  11. So I have searched and have been unable to locate an answer for this specific situation. I have read plenty of threads about slow to die and the executioner's ability to overcome death, however my concern is if the following happened... Executioner A kills Executioner B, B then during his slow to die action kills A, who then gains slow to die and "kills" B again because of wounds...and so on... Is this an infinite loop? Not that it is exploitable, but more of a nuisance if it ever happened... I know that if one of them successfully uses Decapitate it would end it, but if not... Thank you for any insight. Later I might try to use the official order of operations to break it down more, but that will take time I don't currently have. Eisen
  12. Hi Folks, I was asked in another thread if I could write a tutorial on how I paint denim, so here it is. I'm not saying this is the best way of doing it, as I'm sure there are a million and one better ways, but this is how I do it. Any tips for improving it or constructive criticism is welcome as always! Colours you will need (all GW): Mordian Blue Foundation, Regal Blue, Asurmen Blue wash and Codex Grey Step One Firstly paint the area you want to be denim using Mordian Blue. I don't really want to plug the foundation paints, but they are great for covering over a black undercoat. I personally prefer a black undercoat for my models, as mistakes and missed areas don't show up quite to much. Step Two Next paint the denim area with the Regal Blue paint. You should get a good covering with one thin coat over the foundation. Step Three Wash the blue with the Asurmen blue wash. There is no need to thin this down at all. Step Four Repaint the raised areas with Regal Blue, leaving the darker areas on creases and any areas in the shade. The great thing about denim is the way it wears, so if you do mess this up a little bit the appearance isn't so bad because the area just looks a bit more worn. Step Five Onwards Now slowly add Codex grey to Regal blue and paint the raised areas and anywhere that you want to look a bit more worn. Try to focus on places that denim tends to fade like the thighs. Thanks for reading and I hope that a couple of people can find this useful for inspiration!
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