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Found 20 results

  1. After two successful league days, we're heading onto the next. Newer players welcome! Bring your crew or buy one on site, and we'll run some smaller games. Experience players from across the country welcome for friendly meetups. Start 11AM, end 17PM, then beer and snacks in the Gamers' Tavern across the street. More information: head over to www.facebook.com/Groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  2. Continuing our league with a GameDay in the Dice & Legends in Amersfoort with a day of Malifaux, starting from 10 AM on Sat 24 February, 2018. Beer and Burgers in the D&L Tavern across the street afterwards. Bram and myself will be there for demos and other players (including several new ones) will be there as well to play a friendly game of Malifaux. www.diceandlegends.nl More information on our Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/Groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  3. Beste allemaal, We organiseren weer een event en dit keer in de Dice & Legends in Amersfoort. Deze winkel gaat vanaf 20 januari ook Malifaux verkopen! We verwachten een mooie turnout. Leer het spel kennen of speel lekker mee met ervaren en minder ervaren spelers. Ik ben er natuurlijk ook! Sebastiaan Datum: zaterdag 20 januari 2018, vanaf 10 uur Adres: Dice & Legends, Kamp 51 Amersfoort http://diceandlegends.nl/ Opgeven: www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  4. Zoals ieder jaar wil ik weer een klein evenement organiseren op de basisschool De Brug. Er zijn voldoende tafels om potjes te kunnen spelen. Er is koffie en thee. De Jumbo zit om de hoek. Helaas is er geen scenery, maar dat valt vaak wel mee te nemen. Altijd gezellig om een potje te spelen tussen Kerst en de jaarwisseling. Datum: Vr 5 januari 2018 vanaf 11 uur Locatie: Basisschool de Brug, Beverakker 19, 3994 EK Houten Opgeven: www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  5. Hi Folks! What better way to spend your Christmas break than by playing Malifaux! Bring your 50ss crew to Houten, Netherlands, where we'll be getting together with 20+ players from all over the country for our eggnog infused annual Malifaux event: Snow Faux. Location: Elementary school "De Brug", Beverakker 19, 3994 EK Houten, Nederland Dec 29 starting at 10 AM. More information: find us on Facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  6. We're back at it this summer with the Dutch Malifaux Guild (find us on Facebook) with our glorious Julifaux event! You guessed it, it's in July! Meetup at "De Dobbelsteen" in Den Bosch for two 50ss games with prizes this July 31st starting at 12 noon. I'll also be there for demo's so even if you have little or no experience in Malifaux... heck, even if you don't own a crew yet: please do come and we'll make sure that either myself or one of the other henchmen will be there to play your first game of Malifaux with! Contact me here or register through Facebook and make sure nothing bad happens to you until then!
  7. Ducosim is one of the funnest board- and wargame related events in the Netherlands taking place twice a year, in Amersfoort. I'll be there all day at the booth of Varosh Gamestore demo'ing anyone who comes by! No appointments necessary but please know it's been very, very busy in the past! So if you want to make sure you get a demo, find me first at the Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook and set up a time with me, or contact me here on the forums. We'll be there all day starting 10 AM all the way till after closing time. People who do demos with me that day get a great discount on already very affordable prices at the booth, so it's a GREAT way to get into the hobby if you're looking to start. Stop by. You won't be sorry! Sebastian
  8. Are you playing Malifaux? - Join us for a 50ss tournament/game day at Het Labyrinth in Utrecht (Oudegracht 207) as of 10 AM. Bring any crew you like! Are you a beginning player? We have smaller matches against players with as little experience as just 1 game coming out, so don't hesitate, bring any models you already have! Are you not yet playing Malifaux or don't you have a crew yet? I'll be there demo'ing new players and I'll have plenty of crews to choose from! So no excuses now. 10 AM. Sunday! Wanna get in touch with me? Find me at the Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild
  9. Feel like an afternoon of hobby fun? We have low entry level: there will be participants for whom this is only their second game(!) and more advanced players. Play at your own level and bring your 35 or 50ss army and face off with several opponents. Beer and Burgers afterwards! When? Sunday March 6, starting at 12 noon @De Dobbelsteen in Den Bosch. Entrance free, we do appreciate your custom at the gamestore if you can spare some coins for board games and other coolness! Contact me at the Dutch Malifaux Guild at www.facebook.com/groups/Dutch MalifauxGuild for more info!
  10. Interested in learning Malifaux? Starting 5pm, Friday March 4, we'll be present at Gameforce in Eindhoven for small demo games. Swing by, I'll bring everything you need. Wanna get a hold of me? Join the Dutch Malifaux Guild on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild) and look fro Sebastian
  11. Interested in learning Malifaux? Starting 5pm, Friday March 4, we'll be present at Gameforce in Eindhoven for small demo games. Swing by, I'll bring everything you need. Wanna get a hold of me? Join the Dutch Malifaux Guild on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild) and look fro Sebastian
  12. Happy days are here again - Poldercon is just around the corner. I'll be there with a beautiful table and many painted crews, ready to introduce you to your first game of 'Faux. In the morning I'm all booked up but I still have a few slots after lunch, so stop by for fun filled first game against myself of another opponent! More info at Poldercon.nl ~Sebastian
  13. Hey Wyrdo's! Every two months at the Dutch Malifaux Guild (120+ players!) we're organizing a painting competition. The theme this month is "Masters of Malifaux". So join us on our facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/dutchmalifauxguild) and submit your entry. The winner gets a limited edition miniature! Your friendly (most of the time) henchman, Sebastian
  14. Hello peeps, the Dutch Malifaux Guild under the auspices of yours truly is organizing a fun end-of-the-year tournament in Houten, near Utrecht. Date: Dec 28. Time: starting at 10AM. We're at a local school ( Basisschool de Brug, Beverakker 19, Houten ), which we have all to ourselves. We've currently got about 10 people coming, but more are welcome. Some people will actually be playing their first game and we'll have a mini tournament for them. Bring a 50ss (or 30ss if you're beginning) crew - it's a fixed crew, so you're playing the same master every round. If you want to sign up, drop me a line here, or visit us on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild and check the FauX-mas event we put up there. Eggnog provided by the Guild (rationed). Sebastian
  15. Hi all, I am ttsgosadow (Tim), The Henching Dutchman from Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. We got a thriving Malifaux community with a couple of 'oude rotten', and lots of new people! If you would like to visit us in the local game stores Hoge Ogen, E-Sports Game Arena, Games Guild, or on one of our meetings through the Dutch Malifaux Guild (Facebook) I am more than willing to demo the game for you! For demo's just visit one of the events. I am always at the Games Guild on the Alphen Games Guild (AGG) meetings (every other saturday). Got quite a few crews you can try as well. Anyways, you can contact me through PM on the forums, through the Dutch Malifaux Guild Facebook group. The coming period these are the times demo's are possible: - Hoge Ogen: saturday first of september. - E-Sports Game Arena: every other thursday evening following this schedule: Thursday 23 augustus 19:30 - 22:00 Thursday 6 september 19:30 - 22:00 Thursday 20 september 19:30 - 22:00 Thursday 4 oktober 19:30 - 22:00 Hope to see you soon!
  16. The Dutch Malifaux Guild is proud to present our third game day. We've got about 70 members and 15+ have already confirmed with us. Never before have we seen such a large group come together! These include veterans from first edition, but also people who have just bought their first crew. So don't hesitate to come down there. Henchman Tim and myself will be available all day to play a game with, even if it's your first game ever! Believe me, there will be several new people and we're going to have cartloads of fun! Bring your crew if you have one, or else borrow one of mine! Date: September 20th, starting at 10:00. Where: The Games Guild, Concordiastraat 29, Alphen aan den Rijn. Want to get to know us? Can't come but want to find a game in Holland somewhere else? Come find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  17. Want to learn the game? Can't come but want to find a game or activity someplace else? Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  18. Ducosim - one of the oldest, largest and best known cons in Holland is once again being held in Amersfoort. Date: Saturday, September 19 starting at 10:00 Location: De Flint, Amersfoort I'll be there demo'ing as Henchman and member of the Dutch Malifaux Guild, so if you want to learn the game, come see me there! If you want to buy stuff, there will be two retailers there as well who carry Wyrd products. Varosh Gamestore will be near my table and will have special conference discounts on almost everything Malifaux, so this is great time to come out, meet some friendly folks and get loads and loads of models! More information: www.ducosim.nl Find us as Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook and find a game somewhere near you: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360545410806520/
  19. HEYLO everyone! On behalf of the Dutch Malifaux Guild I'm proud to announce our next Hobby and Gaming meetup, this time in central south Holland: the beautiful Den Bosch! I have some Malifaux and want to play Bring it. We got about 7 people confirmed coming and enough space to play. I want to get into Malifaux Awesome! We have stuff you can borrow and I'm actually not so bad at explaining the game. I have one new recruit joining us already that day, so you won't need to face Paul, who's like the Teddy of Malifaux: terrifying, but he gives good hugs! We're at De Dobbelsteen, Vughterstraat 56 in Den Bosch starting 12 noon. You can message me here --OR-- please go find the Dutch Malifaux Guild on Facebook. You'll find Tim (our Alphen a/d Rijn henchman) and myself there, as well as about 40 other Dutch Malifaux players you can chat with or set up games with. SO COME OUT AND PLAY Cheers ~Seb
  20. Dear friends, On behalf of the Dutch Malifaux Guild I'd like to welcome everyone who wants to get back into the hobby, everyone who wants to get acquainted and everyone who wants to have some fun to our Demo Day in Utrecht. Date: Sunday, July 19 Time: From 12:00 to 17:00 Where: Labyrinth Gaming, Oude Gracht 207, Utrecht Bring your own crew or borrow one of ours! Main event organizer is my friend Paul Wiggers and I'll be there all day to assist and help with all playing/hobby needs you guys might have. Come one, come all! CHEERS! Sebastian
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