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Found 10 results

  1. So I bought a Doppelganger for my Neverborn crew and its (0) Action ability called Mimic let's you use a 1 AP from another model as if it were printed on its own card. My question is about the trigger for that ability called "Perfect Blend" which states "After succeeding, immediately take the selected action" This confuses me because isnt that what your doing in the first place? What point does the trigger have if your planning on using the ability after Mimic succeeds? Does perfect blend make it a free action?
  2. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere and often, but I'm still pretty new to Malifaux, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I've graduated from the basic Lucius set (still lining up the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony) and I'm looking to make a few additions. I'm pretty certain that riflemen & austringers are must haves, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know. I would also like to add a mimic (I'm taking this slowly, a few models at a time): which would be a better choice - Mr. Graves, a doppelganger, or beckoners? I also have the starter set, which works nicely with Lucius as it comes with both Guild & Neverborn models all with mercenary attributes. This allows Lucius (AKA "The Heir to Prince's Wardrobe") to have access to fast scheme runners, enforcers, and ranged attacks. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, ran into this while thinking of a crew for a game. If I have say Barbaros who has Obsidian Talons. Then I have Mature Nephalim on the board and a Doppelganger. I decide to mimic Mature Nephalims Monsterous Talons attack to use. Does the mimiced ability have Flay? In Raw I have a feeling it would. Obsidian Talon adds the Flay trigger to every Nephalims every Ml attack. As such the Monsterous Talons of Mature Nephalim has Charge Through, Rip in Half and Flay triggers on it. And even though Doppelganger isn't a nephalim it mimics the attack gaining all the triggers with it. Am I not seeing something or is this how the cards interact with each other.
  4. Reading doppelgänger' a mimic action it says it can't be used on actions that list a specific model. But as the Voodoo Doll is only mentioned in the condition the action gives can the doppelgänger use it to Hem a second model to the doppelgänger? Or if it is able to use it can it double up the hemmed condition on one model?
  5. This came up in a game of mine last week, we got into a discussion, but nothing was ever settled. I remember a beta post about this with Changelings, but since the Wave 3 beta forums are gone no way I can confirm the ruling. The setup is as follows: A Doppelganger copies the Death Marshal's action to Pine Box a Model and buries the Death Marshal.Now because the Doppelganger no longer loses the action does it still have to follow the text of the Pine Box action? Here are some the arguments that came up: Death Marshal is stuck buried, because Doppelganger no longer has the action and the action dictates that the WP duel occurs.Death Marshal is stuck buried, because the buried condition is on the Death Marshal. There is no condition on Doppelganger that dictates it was the originator of a pine box actionOpposed WP duel occurs, because the Pine Box action is what is keeping the Death Marshal buried.Opposed WP duel occurs, because when a model is buried by the Pine Box action the acting model has to perform an opposed duel when it activates.(i.e. even though Doppelganger loses access to Pine Box it is still restricted by Pine Box's rules)Death Marshal is immediately unburied because Doppelganger loses the pine box action.These aren't the word for word arguments, but I think this is close to the original discussion I had. The only thing we all agreed on was that it was a jerk move if the model can never get out. What do you guys think?
  6. Hey all, An interesting conundrum reared its head tonight. Can the Doppelganger Mimic the Guild Pathfinder's Hunting Musket attack action? I read the cards and Hunting Musket references Clockwork Traps by name, thus referencing a model by name. My opponent posited that in the spirit of intent, Mimic should still be able to work on the Musket because it doesn't reference the model which owns that action natively, but refers to the Traps passively. Thank you for any and all help here. This got us a bit heated and while I'm okay with whichever outcome, we played it with the ruling that the Doppelganger could not copy Hunting Musket. That said, this is purely curiosity. ~Lil Kalki
  7. 1) Doppelganger copy's Reconnect spell from the voodoo Doll. 2) Doppelganger casts Reconnect. Reconnect says: Target model is now affected by Conduit. Do I need to have the Doppelganger, have the Ability Conduit for the Voodoo doll or would the Target model be affected by Conduit because the Voodoo doll has it? Question 2: The Doppelganger's Ability, Mimic says: "This lasts until the End Closing Phase" The Voodoo doll's Ability Conduit says: "The nominated model suffers Poison 2 at the end of the Closing Phase" Would the target model suffers Poison 2?
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