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Found 16 results

  1. The witchling handler looked back and forth between the older child who'd thought she'd hidden herself well among the rolling stock and the younger one in mechanic's overalls walking alongside the hunter. After several seconds the handler cleared her throat and muttered something to Hoffman about a misunderstanding. The construct handler didn't say anything--she was on duty, after all, and it was his duty to speak not hers--but 'told you so' flashed across her expression. But they were at the scene now, and the handler pressed them into service regardless before hurrying off to report the train's outbreak of magic to her superiors. The austringer's raptor passed over the rolling stock, making note of the avenues of escape. Witchling stalkers crept around the shacks of the train yards and half-unloaded cars, swifter and smaller than was typical for the breed, along with the hunter and the younger child, blocking all paths except for the one broad enough to accommodate a collared catch from a previous train, the Guild's pet abomination, and Hoffman his handler. Well. All visible, human paths. Lilith let Nekima and the mature nephilim fly on ahead. Better to keep pace with Barbaros and to keep him happy. One treacherous lieutenant on the field was quite enough to manage, though she could be managed just as easily as letting her be the first of the nephilim to break from cover and assault the vermin. She couldn't suppress a grin as Hoffman looked away from the surprise of Nekima, to the older child and then to the younger one as no doppelganger presented itself. Lilith raised her eyes to Ryle's blank mask, and sought to draw him on, but energies from the collared catch swelled outward like heat, breaking eye contact. She frowned. All the same, the heat did not reach very far. Not quite far enough to cloak the austringer, for one. As the perpetual enemies of Malifaux squabbled, a witchling stalker slipped under the upraised knife of a shaman, grabbing hold of the arm of the older girl, and pulling her out from under the falling blade. She stumbled after him, only less puzzled about why his grasp was green than why they were fighting over her in the first place. "Who--" she began, but he forestalled her with a wink and a whisper of "Francois".... [We didn't have enough witchling stalker models and substituted with bayou gremlins and moon shinobi. Later in week one, a different Child encounter did not have a Francois LaCroix, and proxied him with a witchling stalker. Clearly, gremlins had been raiding more closets than just Perdita Ortega's these days. Series 2 of the battle narratives: The Constructs' Apprentice Series 3 of the battle narratives: Making of a Mechromancer]
  2. [It was too delicious a prompt to go unused.] Never. No good. Not any use. What were books? Civilization in paper wrappers. What'd they have to say about shucking off civilization and restraint and tearing them all to shreds? He slumped over the reading desk and rested his head in his hands. Even that felt different-- He felt another hand stroke the back of his, stroke his sideburns, and heard a voice coo in surprise. A sweet voice, high-pitched and honeyed. "Why, it's like pettin' a hound!" The self-righteous man shuddered, and stifled a sob. Unauthorized physical devolution. Permanent. Coarse wolf's fur on his face, on his hands, instead of human hair. Was it the beast that made his heart spill over with emotion, or just the drink? Maybe beasts couldn't hold their liquor. But he had to drink now, before the beast took over and he fled from all the sweetness in the life of men-- "Why, I could just pet you all day..." Hope surged back into him, as uncontrollable as everything else he felt now. "You..." He swallowed, hard. "You do that, and I may just want to go on living." "Why, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me," she purred. Then, after a beat, her hand went slack on his, and she let out a cry of woe. "Ever!" Those uncivilized tears he had been ready to shed a minute ago fell, now, and she started kissing them away from the backs of his hands. She was less human than he was. Green skin. Pointed ears. Pointed teeth. But smiling. She smiled, at him, and blushed deep dark green when he showed her how much fur had grown on him. "Never! Not once in all my days." She was sitting on his knees, sidesaddle, as he sat on a stump at the roadside. He couldn't remember leaving the library, but here they were. "Oh, they'd tell me I had buns like ripenin' tomatoes--" "They're prettier than that." "--or how it was real pretty I'd throw my head back chugging and they could see clear down to my belly button--" "And a treasure of a belly button it is." "--but never, do you hear me? Never said word number one about me." He tipped the mug between them so she could take a fortifying swig out of it. "Not 'til you came along." She sniffled, and tipped her head back as he tilted the mug, until she'd drained it and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. "You sure you mean it, sugar?" she repeated, and waved at the gremlins sulking nearby for another refill. "Trixiebelle. I never meant it more in my life. You're the only woman for me. Marry me." She snatched up the proffered liquor with a reflexive "for me?", then lifted it up to his lips. "Oh, sugar! I always wanted to marry a human! Yes!" He shook the liquor off, somewhat, sometimes, as the city dwindled behind them. This time when he surfaced, it was night, he was lying under huge leaves on something soggy, and somehow his lovely bride-to-be had put on forty years and forty pounds. On her teeny, charming frame, forty pounds hung heavier than it should. A woeful whine rose in his throat, but the gremlin matron smacked him sharpish in the Adam's apple with something with the reach to get underneath the underbrush. "Guards're all knocked flat," she barked at him. "Now you're gonna get up, turn yerself around, step along on out over 'em--" He started to nod along with the string of prepositions until the matron reversed the giant spoon with adder-like speed. "--And you're not going to stop stepping along. Not for nothing. I won't see my girl wrecking her life getting hitched too young." "Trixie..." he wheezed, through a fractured larynx. "Won't leave you, honey-bug..." Mah Tucket rolled her eyes, and then her knuckles. The spoon's bowl seemed to expand until it filled the sky, and then he knew no more. Armed gremlins crowded him on all sides. Every so often the crowd would heave too hard, and a gremlin or two at the edge would slide off of the hillock and splash, twice: once for the gremlin, and once for the gator. He couldn't seem to hear them properly. Nerves, that's why he only heard a drone from the crowd. He didn't like turning his back to it, but there was nothing and nobody to brace his back against but his honey-bug, and he'd never turn his back on her, not ever. Maybe he had taken a fortifying sip or five too many because there were even gremlins in the sky. The maid of honor swooped down, grabbing daisies out of her decolletage and tossing them at the crowd below. Underneath Merris' flight path, it opened up a skinny snaky aisle to let his bride though. She had her finger on the trigger, of course, of that big ol' gun with the daises etched on the barrel. But she wouldn't shoot him...would she? The man who had taken the train to Malifaux with fur-lined swagger reached out with his cane and lightly, oh so gently, lifted the hat off of Trixiebelle's head and transferred it to his own. Noise hammered his ears then. They should've been cheering them on as gremlin and wife, and a few were, but most of them were still muttering low in their throats. Bullets clinked as they slid into chambers. He growled but forced words out past his changing vocal cords. "Trixie! Run! Fly if you can!" He caught Merris diving out of the corner of his eye, as the first of the bullets struck the ground at his paws, behind his paws as he leaped into the hostilities.
  3. 50 SS lists, fixed faction. 2 Hours per round, 3 Rounds. This event will be a Divergent Paths event! You'll be helping to decide the fate of three characters in Malifaux with your games. It is a player's choice to report a game for Divergent Paths - if you or your opponent have already played and reported the encounter for a given round, you have no obligation to report. Schemes and Strategies will be as follows: Round 1: The Trickster's Divergent Paths Encounter will be the Strategy. Schemes: Convict Labor, Leave Your Mark, Show of Force, Neutralize the Leader, A Quick Murder. Round 2: The Self-Righteous Man's Divergent Paths Encounter will be the Strategy. Schemes: Convict Labor, Leave Your Mark, Hunting Party, Mark for Death, Covert Breakthrough. Round 3: The Inquisitive Child's Divergent Path's Encounter will be the Strategy. Schemes: Convict Labor, Exhaust their Forces, Take Prisoner, Detonate the Charges, Catch and Release. We will be following the Gaining Grounds rules for this tournament, but we will be using the Divergent Paths Strategies and waiving the painting requirements. $10 Entry Fee, to be returned as prize support. Location: Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr Bel Air, Maryland 21014 You can pre-reg for the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/346565909068172/
  4. Divergent Paths League Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq When: Sept 17-Nov 19 Malifaux Open Play and/or Divergent Paths League Times: Saturdays 6:00pm to Close Registration Show up at the store Saturday ready to play or contact Dan Lesko on the Wyrd Forum or via PM ResserProfessor or Twitter @ResserProfessor for more information. No Entry Fee: Free to Play! I will provide any special tokens for Divergent Paths and the store has plenty of tables and terrain. Just show up with your crew and a good attitude to be ready to play. Note that several of our players are still fairly new to the game. Please be good sports and supportive of new players. I’m always around if you have any questions about Malifaux, Divergent Paths, or if you just want to get in a game. Schedule Play anytime you like against anyone you like following the rules of the Divergent Paths event. Games can be at the store. I am at the store every Saturday, typically from 1p.m until close. I also come up more Thursdays in case any one can’t make it Saturday. New Story Encounters are released every two weeks on Mondays. See http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths for details, story encounters, and rules. Reporting The winner of each game is responsible for reporting the following information to the organizer (Dan @ResserProfessor) or documenting the game on Wyrd’s website at http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths. The following information is needed to report wins: Your Name (first and last) What Faction You Played Your Opponent’s Name (first and last) What Faction Your Opponent Played What Scenario you played. You may only play and submit each story encounter once. For example, if you played Breakout week 1. You cannot play Breakout week 2, but you can play any of the other two story encounters. Please be courteous and open to which story encounter you are willing to play. And remember, we are playing for fun and to continue learning this great game together! Malifaux Demos Where: Otherside Games 231 N Main St, Edwardsville, IL 62025 Phone: (618) 692-5525 facebook.com/othesidegameshq Where: Red Raccoon Games: (309) 828-9196, 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701 When: Saturdays 1pm to 5pm, for September 2016 through December 2016 No previous experience, game knowledge, or materials necessary. Everything can be provided. Just show up and have some fun. I am at Otherside Games every Saturday from 1 to Close, and I always have my Malifaux crews and am ready to give a demo of this fun and exciting skirmish game. I am also often up at Otherside Games Thursday nights from 6p.m. until Close if that night works best for you. Hit me up on the forum ResserProfessor or on Twitter @ResserProfessor or just show up ready and look for ask for Dan.
  5. Hi guys, a Malifaux League is going to start in Chiaravalle (Marche, Italy). We will meet the first time on October 10 for a Rapid Growth 2015 play format league with the rules of Divergent Paths event. After that we will meet four more times every monday from 21:00 to 24:00 at Refugium Lusoris, via Giordano Bruno 1, Chiaravalle (Ancona). If you're a Malifaux player consider yourself invited! 50ss lists! For questions, doubts, concerns or anything else please write me.
  6. Wyrd has posted the official announcement for their new Divergent Paths event.(http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths) Official prize support from Wyrd will be sent to Giga-Bites, thanks to the awesome David T. Finn. What is required to get special goodies from Wyrd is to: 1) Play a MINIMUM of one game using the Divergent Paths story encounters in every one of the 5 two week periods. The first period begins September 12th. This means a total of 5 games between September 12th and November 20th. 2) One of the players from each game need to report results (winner and loser, final score) to me. You can also report your results to Wyrd through the link provided if you want to be a part of the global event, but this isn't strictly necessary to participate in our local league. 3) Profit! In addition to Wyrd's special goodies, I will be offering prizes for the most wins, best painted crew and single model, and anyone who manages to play at least ten of the story encounters. If you have any questions please let me know.
  7. I figured if no one else started it, I might as well. So we know that there are at least 3 personalities up for grab. We do not know how they will progress, why or what else they will gain. So I want wild and cool speculation here, just this shy of crazy enough not to happen. Example: The Trickster becoming an Ortega, specializing in derringers but is shot and killed by Hopkins only to be resurrected by Seamus to which she shot wounding him. Now she hides amongst the arcanists and works on a derringers armed constructs. So we have a female undead Ortega model that works with the arcanists with here own type of constructs. I also hope that these personalities become henchmen or enforcers and get a story encounter box like Amphibious Assault or Brotherhood of the Rat. I do not think they posted what the winning factions get at the end or did I miss that.
  8. Secret Door Games at 215 S. Main st Elkhart In 46514 is going to be taking part of the divergent paths week 5&6 at 1 P.M on Oct 9th. Hope to see you there!
  9. Alex Vian/TheGreatSerpent "Here in the Twin Cities Malifaux community, we’ve begun a Shifting Loyalties campaign, coinciding with the global Malifaux event Divergent Paths! My first opponent is a local guy who, because he has an infant (whom he loves?), is unable to come out to the stores. So I faced him in his lovely home in the suburbs, in a showdown which combined both the Campaign and the Divergent Paths event, as we battled over a wayward child who just came to Malifaux and was being hunted by Witchling Stalkers." Below are the lists that were brought and the following link contains the entire write-up: http://midwestwargaming.com/campaign-battle-report-parker-barrows-outcasts-v-jakob-lynch-ten-thunders-malifaux/ My list for week one of the Campaign: Parker Barrows – Highwayman Doc Mitchell Bandido Bandido Bandido Mad Dog Brackett Johan Sue Big Jake +3 scrip The Campaign has slightly different listbuilding rules, limiting me to only one faction upgrade paid for by soulstones in my first list. Up to 3 soulstones can be left for your ‘scrip’ bank. My opponent’s list: Jakob Lynch -The Rising Son Hungering Darkness (0) The Illuminated x2 (14) Mr. Graves (8) Mr. Tannen (6) Monk of High River x2 (12) Ten Thunder Brother (5) 3ss left for scrip
  10. Okay folks. I'm organizing an 8 "week" campaign for Divergent Paths. Info is available over on the "HELP WANTED: Daemon Hunter...No Experience Needed" Facebook group. If you aren't a member and want to join that group let me know. Boise's Divergent Paths Campaign. This will be run a lot like the Help Wanted tournament we had previously. I'm not going to line up pairings like we did in the previous campaign. All you really need to do is get in at least 1 game every 2 weeks. If you play more than one they will still count however, you can only earn a max of 16 scrip per "week". Depending on the total number of players we get I may end up making a rule about how many times per week you can play against the same player. Sept 30 - Oct 13 - Week 1 Oct 14 - Oct 27 - Week 2 Oct 28 - Nov 10 - Week 3 Nov 11 - Nov 24 - Week 4 Nov 25 - Dec 8 - Week 5 Dec 9 - Dec 22 - Week 6 Dec 23 - Jan 5 - Week 7 Jan 6 - Jan 20 - Week 8 At the start of the first week, each player must declare a Faction and hire their starting Arsenal. Declaring a Faction is done the same way as declaring a Faction for an Encounter, only it will last for the entire Campaign. Each player has 35 Soulstones with which to hire their starting Arsenal. This Arsenal must include one Henchman which is designated as the Leader and may not include any Masters (the Leader is paid for like any other model). Multiple Henchmen may be hired, but one must be noted as the Leader. Any models may be hired into the Arsenal which the Leader may legally hire when declaring the chosen Faction. (Note: These models cost the same as they would in a normal Crew. For example, out of Faction Mercenaries will generally cost one more, etc.) A Crew may only purchase a maximum of one Upgrade at this time; it may not have the "Campaign" trait and must be able to be attached to at least one model in the Crew. This Upgrade may open up new hiring options for the Crew which it can take advantage of at this time. Each Soulstone not spent becomes one Scrip, up to a maximum of three Scrip. I know its short notice but I would like to kick the campaign off on 30 Septempber. If we have enough players signed up, I will kick it off and post the first weekly campaign event. Don't forget any games played using the Divergent path story scenarios will include extra scrip to be earned. Zero Cost Henchman Arsenal Rule Some Henchmen have a Soulstone Cost of 0. For the purposes of the Campaign, these models are considered to have a Cost of 13 minus their Cache while Leading. For example, a Henchmen with a cost of 0 and 3 Cache would be considered to have a cost of (13-3) 10 while Leading. This is for hiring them into your Arsenal.. If you are reading this after Sept 30th and would like to get into it, contact me either here on the forums or via email to malifaux@nytecode.com. You will still be able to join after the start.
  11. We're starting the Divergent Paths event this Saturday at Demolition Games in SLC, UT! (The store is just east of West Temple on 3300 South) Right now ours players mostly meet up on Saturdays and Fridays, but that might change based according to when the majority of players are available.
  12. Hi all! We're starting a league as of the first week of October at Kapow Comics in Jackson, MO to help get a local community growing and started. There's a few changes from the norm: 1) No painting requirement. These players have had their boxes for less than a month, and want to get used to the game first before they have to paint their stuff. 2) The first game of the League will be a Henchman Hardcore, rather than the standard 26 stone start. The last game will have the option of being the Carver Story Encounter (It'll be Halloween the next week!) but that's up to the two players to decide if they want to try it. Carver and a themed board should be available at the store. 3) There's a Facebook group available to help schedule games and such, so feel free to message me (Aaron Eem on Facebook) to get added to the group. That should cover the basics. Prize support will include one of the Small Mystery boxes, and maybe others at a later date (still working out details with the store.) Feel free to message me here or on Facebook for more details!
  13. Start date: 10/01/16 End date: 11/26/16 Entry Fee: $5 Prizes will be based on participation as well as achievements earned during the league. Where: Legions Hobbies and Games 1130 Perry Highway Pines Plaza Shopping Center Pittsburgh, PA 15237 p: 412.366.3725 info@legionsgames.com This is an Achievement League using the Malifaux achievement listings in the Rapid Growth document. A copy of the rules along with achievement list will be provided at the start of the league. Players are encouraged to score as many achievements as possible during the 4 week period. Players are encouraged to use the weekly Divergent Paths story encounters following the rule of the Divergent Paths event. If you have any questions PM lostnemesis or contact us through the Legions Hobbies and Games website. A sign up sheet is located at Legions Hobbies and Games.
  14. Divergent Paths League Where: Red Raccoon Games (309) 828-9196, 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701 redraccoongames.com When: Sept 21-Nov 20 Official League Store Times: Wednesdays 5:00pm to 9:00pm, Demo Day Saturdays (See below) Other times available at the store whenever tables are open and people want to meet-up Registration Sign-up sheet in the store or contact: James Kroesch, Forum PM JSKrush or email james.kroesch@gmail.com Entry Fee $2 and gets you a Wyrd Guilder Schedule Play anytime you like against anyone you like following the rules of the Divergent Paths event. Games can be at the store, homes, or using Vassel. Section 1 – Sep 21 – Sep 25 Section 2 – Sep 26 – Oct 9 Section 3 – Oct 10 – Oct 23 Section 4 – Oct 24 – Nov 6 Section 5 – Nov 7 – Nov 20 Reporting The winner of each game is responsible for reporting the following information to the organizer (James) or documenting on the record sheet in the store. Please also report the game online for the Divergent Path Event at http://www.wyrd-games.net/divergent-paths Your Name (first and last) Your Opponents Name (first and last) VP for both players. What Section and Scenario you played. Where you played your game. Achievements Achievement points can be earned per each game, round, and over the course of the whole league. Each player will get an achievement sheet to track them when they play their entry fee. Prizes Players can trade points into Guilders or Mystery Boxes at the end of the league. Additional spot prizes and another awards may be available based on participation numbers. Demo Days Where: Red Raccoon Games: (309) 828-9196, 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701 When: Wednesdays during the league and the following Saturdays 10am to 1pm 9/24/2016 10/8/2016 10/15/2016 11/5/2016 11/19/2016 No previous experience, game knowledge, or materials necessary. Everything can be provided. Just show up and have some fun.
  15. 5 Weeks Achievement League Monday, September 26th Through Sunday, October 30th @ at Serenity Games (9253 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL 33772) (727) 317-2951 or Serenitygames.com $5 Buy in, Prizes in Store Credit at the end of the league in addition to Raffle Prizes League achievement details are available to each player at the store. League games must be played at the store to count. Divergent Paths scenario games are encouraged and awarded extra points during this league. Please feel free to message me with any questions.
  16. Location: The Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th St Omaha, NE 68116 (402) 991-8699 Date: October 3rd until the end of the Divergent Paths Times: Mondays 6pm till 10pm and Saturdays 12pm till 4pm Cost: Nothing Come out and join in the world wide event called Divergent Paths at an official game shop. Get in your games and help shape the fate of the 3 newest people to Malifaux. We will be doing open gaming for the event. Come in and play any size game and try out all three story encounters. It is all free and will get you on the list for the free minis.
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