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Found 5 results

  1. During our time at many different cons we have had many folks tell us that the XCase is better suited to WYRD miniatures due to the intricate details which sometimes are portrayed with very fine parts that do not always fair well when put in foam containers. The XCase is an Expandable display case that can fit most minis 3.5 tall by 2.74 inches deep and can also transport your painstakenly painted Wyrd Minis to your local games store without requiring them to touch anything but the base which is held in by a magnetic insert when using a thin flexible iron attached to the bottom. We know that protecting your very cool minis is important and hope that it is OK to let you know that there is an opportunity to back a product that can do that all while showing them off as well with the ability to grow. XCase Enhanced and Insert Live Now!
  2. I'm assuming this is the correct forum for this question, so here goes. Lately I've taken to constructing dioramas to display my crews at tournaments. I'm still new to this of course, so there are many things I don't yet know. For instance, how to present the display neatly and tidily on the outside. When building mine, I tend to use black foam-core. This means I end up with horrible strips of visible foam along the edges that shows up no matter what I do to cover it. So, I was wondering, for those who do, how do you achieve the lovely solid black on your diorama's outside walls? For reference, the blacked edges on this marvelous piece is what I'm talking about:
  3. Hello all I've recently added the Dark Carnival to my collection and run into a problem: I can't fit all the stat cards in the box I had been using! What do other people do with their card collections once they get a bit bigger? I've managed to restrain myself and only collect 1 faction (Arcanists) but have still pokemon'd most of them so my stack of cards quite high! I've already culled duplicate minion cards (I'm making additional damage grids to slip onto the 1 card) and was trying to think of a way I would be able to view & sort them all while I'm building the crew, as well as using them once the game starts. I used to use card binders & sheets when I Warmahorded but I haven't found one of those that was in landscape orientation, though I suppose indiviual sheets might work - business card folders would work but they all seem to be for smaller sized cards. At the moment I have them all vaguely sorted by which master they are thought to go with (frozen hearts with Raspy, beasts with Marcus etc) but recently I increased my M&SU substantially (albeit with minimal game time so far) which is why I've recently had trouble with the sorting.
  4. Hey guys, I took an extended break for awhile but I'm back into the swing of things. I found these inexpensive model car display units for around 10-15 each. I put down strips of magnets and stuck the other end on the bottom of the miniatures to hold them in place. These stack really nice too. The magnets aren't super strong but I imagine these could be used to transport your mini's if you aren't going far; maybe to a friend's house. I finally found a use for all those model boxes I was saving too. Take a look. and here are a couple singles, I need to buy more display boxes and here is what the whole shelf looks like. The bottom row is all comics I'm currently reading and collecting. The 2nd row are Graphic Novels and Trade paperbacks of various comics. There is a boatload of models that I own but haven't painted yet, as you can see by the empty slots, lol. As Mako says, we all collect an army of grey plastic that goes unpainted.
  5. Hi all! This is my first proper post on the forum, so I'll also make it a quick introduction. I've been wargaming since I was 8 years old, mainly playing Warhammer Fantasy. I've dabbled in 40k, WarmaHordes, Mordheim, Necromunda, Magic and many other games, but it's always been Warhammer thats my favourite..... though since my discovery of Malifaux it seems like thats about to change! Painting and modelling comes second to gaming for me, and thats what I enjoy most. I run a commision painting service called Clan Kerr Miniatures to pay for me to live while I'm studying at University (ok, so it pays for plenty of beer too....) I became captured by Malifaux immeadiately after hearing the back-story for The Dreamer. I fell in love with that crew completely- but then I found the Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy Bits, and my heart was broken. I simply don't have the money to pick up that beautiful model off eBay at the £200 mark its selling for, but I also couldn't possibly do a Dreamer crew without him.... Thankfully, I also got hooked onto another model- Lucius Matheson! So, after my huge essay about myself, this blog will be about my journey through painting up my Lucius crew, and also building a pretty display board for these beautiful models to sit on- a small section from Lucius' mansion. Maybe in my next post I'll also try and talk less..... so here's some pictures of the humble beginnings.
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